Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/16/2016 – Jay Mohr

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/16/2016 – Jay Mohr

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Guest Jay Mohr

Recorded 08-05-2016 – Release Date 08-15-2016

Production Number #1881

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Adam opens the show with a quiet tone, akin to the very first episode of the podcast, Jay Mohr is stuck in traffic and Adam is “so alone” talking to the audience.

Adam explains he’s taping Jay’s podcast after this and he needs to pre-tape this episode as he’s making his way to Willow Springs for the annual vintage races.

Adam says he would go to the races for years before he ever raced, presuming it wasn’t for him, because he never did it before, but maybe if you’re listening there is something you think isn’t for you, maybe it is.


Adam says think of what your Rolex Hisotrics race is for you and see if you can’t be doing that this time next year.

Adam is now talking about his kids going back to school and he says the atheist in him and the fact he will die 7 years before his wife makes him unable to tolerate arguments in his home about nothing, about school work that means nothing.

Adam says kids should learn how to be humans when they get out of school, do they have to be building a volcano or being dropped off at the tutor’s house.


Adam has Gary get on mic to confirm they’ve recorded #91 ‘Take a Knee’ episodes, not counting the one with him as the guest and the one that was a repurposed interview from my G.I.O. Get It On Podcast, so actually 89 different people he’s spoken to for the show.

Adam is making a point about school and how all of the people in his show didn’t benefit from it, Adam says the saddest part is he can’t talk anyone out of the school work, regardless of how logical his argument is.

Adam says his mom the “maggot, ne leach” who has never done anything for society could cancel out Bill Gates vote with her vote, it’s a scary proposition.


Gary is on mic and Adam says that nobody at his home treats him like the smart one, Adam says today is the day that Sonny returns tor school, instead of going back to that hellhole he’s going with Adam to the races in the bay area.


Adam thinks Sonny will learn a lot more about life up there on this trip, he’s going to see people following their passions and inspired, Gary says the first few days of school is meaningless at Sonny’s age.

Adam just doesn’t care about what goes on at school, the studies have come in on homework, it’s detrimental in grade school, not beneficial until high school.

Adam says it’s super selfish and kind of douchey that they demanded so much time from kids, and risk causing families to separate over dumb arguments about nonsense.


Adam has a guy working at Chipotle going home to work at Chipotle more example and he wraps up his thoughts on it.


Life Lock

They don’t outsource, no accents to learn edition


Jay Mohr is pulling up, first they’re taking a call.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Willow, she’s got several kids and their father abandoned them after 12 years, she hasn’t heard form him a while.

Adam asks if he cares about his kids, Adam says the undoing of society is dad’s not raising their kids, Adam asks if the guy is a drug addict, he is a pothead.

Adam says Willow sounds depressed and that makes him sad.


Adam says life is pretty long these days, a small investment now for 18 years would mean so much for the last 40 years of your life, he brings up his father who has a daughter who has resented him for the last 4 decades of his life.

Adam says you screw up their time now and they pay you back forever with their actions and behavior.

Willow reveals she’s Native American.


Adam jokes about American Indians being able to drive at age 6, Jay joins them in studio and he busts out the Dennis Miller impression.

Adam has a killer you’re destitute and without a man/father but the Lord Jeff’s dropped their mascot so things should be picking up real soon for Willow.

Jay is now suggesting Willow puts out with the “brother” comments that’s confusing everyone, he’s still in character as Dennis Miller.


Dennis says that the father is the big corner piece missing from the Tetris game that is her family unit.

Adam tells her to fuck her tribe and connection to that, fuck that, it doesn’t get anyone anywhere, be an individual and go from there.

Jay is now telling her to stop talking to the bothers and family members of the guy that left, she is getting a reward from the attention they give her.


Jay is making some great points about these men and their increasing desire and aggressions related to being with her.

Adam says let’s not do this to herself or her kids and he says being affiliated with tribes or heritages, it means nothing and Jay says that’s not why she called, Adam says he grafts his agenda on to everyone who calls.


Adam plugs Jay’s comedy special and Jay busts out the Randy Warwick, he was supposed to meet Ray at the mall, he missed him and they riff about his beer preference.

Adam jokes about ray not knowing you could eat at TGI Fridays on days besides Friday, Jay as Randy is now riffing about Daniel Cormier and Adam mixes it up and gets Randy Couture in the mix, Randy now says Randy Couture won’t lift weights with him anymore after he put his balls in his face while he was decline bench pressing.

Adam talks about guys named Randy being kindred spirts, Randy is telling Adam about fifi bags, Adam is unclear and Randy keeps rolling.


Randy calls Mike August a diabetic and Adam says Ray just says that but doesn’t have diabetes either.

Adam wraps up with randy Warwick and tries to do some character work like he’s walking in and just passed him.

Adam is telling Jay about filling in for Dan Patrick and Jay compliments Adam’s narrow window of sports knowledge, Jay says he’s doing it wright.


2nd Caller Matt, he’s telling him about ‘Passenger Shaming’ a website inspired by the show, Matt is unaware.


Tommy John

You’ll be Tommy John’ing for life


Matt is now getting filled in by Gary, he tells him all about Shawn Kathleen and her twitter feed that became hugely popular.

Jay is now busting out some cholo character, talking about Johnny Carson and they reference Al Fishman, Adam is talking about quarry in Carson.

Adam says they went into Carson and dug out a Quarry, they decided to put the stadium there as they already had the giant hole.


Gary asks if Adam is mistaken about where Carson is, he shares what he’s talking about and clarifies where the new stadium actually is, not in the Quarry apparently.

Jay is back in character and he’s revealing he works at Home Depot, he’s a day laborer, Gary helps and Jay is riffing up a storm while talking about Al Davis and George Lopez.

Jay says “this impression is exhausting dude!” while still in character, he says his name is Antonia Cardenas and they are reacting to Jay’s periscope that is blowing up.


They are heading to break as Adam calls Antonia Mijo, Antonio is riffing but Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. and Jeanie Buss.


Draft Kings


Jay is now telling Adam how he was motivated by Adam to write his own material for the next album, Adam doesn’t recall saying anything like that.

Jay now quotes Adam from when he guested on his podcast the last time, asking why his wife didn’t perform the material she wrote.

Jay is now sharing a real story of riding his bike near a mental hospital and he quotes the “we live in a crazy out house but we ain’t crazy” line he recalls form the incident.


Jay says he wants to perform his own thoughts and not a script like he was performing for this last special.

Jay is telling Adam about his son who wanted to know about the crucifixion and Adam asks him about his childhood and the level of religion in his life.

Adam says people always saw comedy is born from pain but if that was true then there would be far more Syrian comedians.


Jay talks about sucking kid’s dicks dry in New Jersey and riding his bike around trying to find new buddies to build forts with and play tummy sticks, yikes.

Jay is now sharing his take on comedy and how it’s not a truly competitive business, you can’t stop another guy from working and then steal their spot.

Jay has some great insights about comedians and how they can empty their crazy out on an audience and get it out of their system.


Adam is now asking Jay about the Carl’s Jr. commercial he saw where Jay was playing opposite Todd Gurley who Adam doesn’t recall saying anything, Jay says he did have a line.

Gary gets on mic to confirm it and Jay shares an anecdote about booking Todd, who his still can’t say much about, not even if he’s good on mic.



Metal on Metal Crime but not like in ‘Terminator II’ Edition


They’re playing the commercials and Adam says he saw a shorter version where Todd doesn’t talk, Adam says there must be a shorter variant, Gary apologizes and Jay says this is the only one.

Adam asks Jay if he’s excited about The Los Angeles Rams, Jay reveals he will be the local anchor for the team, he says it will be a lot of directing traffic post game.


Jay says he can do live dates but not on Saturdays, Jay is now busting out his Russell Brand impression, hilarious lines.

He talks about Adam’s wife, Katy Perry and then mentions The Dalai Lama, the impression is flawless and he asks about the missing BB and Gina with a very curious and hilarious tone.

Adam asks if he misses Katy Perry’s tits and Jay references the young Asian man who used to work there, Chris? He still works there.


Jay is crushing this impression and they are talking about the monolith in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and Adam brings up Anderson’s split pea soup, he looks up to the Fatman who splits the pea in the logo.

Adam has Gary pull up the picture of the logo of the pea splitter, Adam says he looks up to the guy on the billboard, Jay is still in character.


Blinds Galore


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Jay suggests the PodcastOne app and says they are hoarding the best shows, nice plug.

Jay tells them about his latest guests and they finally really close it out.