Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/16/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 264

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/16/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 264

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-06-2015 – Release Date 08-16-2015

Production Number #264 – Where Are They Now?

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Adam is opening up the 2nd hour with the standard intro, he thanks the fans for keeping them afloat, and he adds some refinement to the intro and emphasizes how much the fans do.

Adam explains how much he prefers the car prep part of racing vs. actually driving, he explains the way the cars need to be massaged into driving/showroom condition.

Adam thinks about wheels and the car being repainted and adjusted.


Adam is now harping on his wife not appreciating the way he can effortlessly repair the house and do 90min standup sets, Doug Benson does one or the other.

Adam is commenting on how nice it is to know someone with an area of expertise, he talks about how his wife is a great mom and that’s what she brings to the relationship.

Adam is telling Drew about bringing his dad and stepmother to see the Paul Newman museum/super garage with all of his cars.


Drew hits the mic and says thanks to the intern for bringing in his coffee, Adam asks if they have the ability to replay things from this show, he wants them to get a clip of that.

Chris confirms they can do it.

Adam is now breaking down how intern Nick was tasked with bringing Drew his coffee and hasn’t yet become accustomed with the door closing mechanism/timing for the studio door.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Gary is on mic explaining the very specific “don’t say thank you” instructions given to Drew by Adam, Adam is now having them play the clip of Drew’s offending comment and noise.

Adam shares Gary’s wish for the door not to slam, which resulted in Nick stretching out to hand them the coffee.

Adam is commenting on the career potential for the various former coworkers he had at Loveline, he is asking if anyone is starting to do a goddamn thing.

Drew is defending Anderson and his film career.


Adam is talking about how Drew would say thank you to junior producer Lauren, Adam talks about the wardrobe person from season 1 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and he recalls the time he threw his shirts out of his trailer as the tags weren’t removed, after all he only told her once.

Adam is saying he’s there to work and is back to producer Lauren and her coffee related foibles from 2002, Adam is making a larger point about how people stymie themselves with a good or bad attitude.

Adam says he doesn’t know where Matt went to college or too much about the education levels of his various employees, he says Matt Fondiler has a great attitude.


Drew is now sharing how his son has a prototype invention for his Uber car and he explains how his son was noticed by a higher up with the company.

Adam has a funny riff, Drew is now talking about people who are sick of hearing that they’re sick and tired about the situation in life.


Drew has a pro Joe Rogan Live Read

Drew is sharing how he was convinced of the efficacy of the Onnit products, very nice advertisement.


1st Caller John, he’s a Loveline listener, he listens to the podcast every day.

Drew is boring Adam by asking him about where he lives, Adam is now clipping his nails into the mic and telling them go ahead, making a point about entertainment.

John talks about loving what he does and Adam cuts him off to make a point about loving what you do vs. working your dream job.


Adam talks about the extreme jobs he had with backbreaking work and dangerous temperatures, Adam says it’s not so much about the job, it’s more about how you approach it.

Adam is talking about John’s gig as an architect and Adam is commenting on the way everyone is trying to advance to another lily pad instead of enjoying the one they already like.

Adam is back to clipping his nails, he has some funny one liners about the pressure for him to stay well-groomed and fashionable, he then gets kind of loud and has a “hubbabababub” type retort.

Drew is making a larger point about personal evolution and artistry, Adam says it’s hard to mix things up when you work on an assembly line, not all jobs have that room.


Adam says it’s not the job that makes you happy, citing the miserable celebrities, actors, band mates and people of any walk of life or career.

Adam says it’s more about how you approach the work, John is now back on mic and sharing how his concerns about the evolution of his profession.

Adam is commenting on adapting, he tells him that’s not the enemy and now it’s an opportunity, it’s only your enemy if you don’t want to adapt and change.


Adam is putting John back on hold and Drew is defending him, Drew likes John.

Drew is sharing his opinion on how people who work in construction get paid too little, he marvels at how they accomplish such feats.

Adam is commenting on the dedicated jobs for a construction project, Adam talks about the finite elements to building, he’s dropping some intense knowledge.


Adam tells him he’s way ahead of the game, he tells him to pick an age where he hopes to be a sought after architect and make it happen.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Chris has the first letter from Nick, he is asking them about his teaching job, Adam is now sharing his point on the handcuffed 8 year old and how he was hoping it was a white kid.

Adam says that if kids are throwing punches or refusing to comply they need to be restrained, Drew is sharing the piece that Adam is missing and explains these are disturbed kids.

Adam asks about the parents that are the cause 9 times out of 10.


Drew is telling Adam about a show of force and mass of people to get people to comply is commonly used over restraining someone which isn’t legal in today’s world.

Adam is now riffing about sawing children in half while talking about the things he wishes for all schools, the blowhardy demands for world class education and health care for every person on the planet.


Adam asks what are we going to do now, but the drop is never played.


Drew is doing a Betterment Live Read


Adam is back to the letter, Drew reiterates what he’s asking for, advice on what to instill in his students.

Adam tells him about not being able to punish students and Adam talks about how “talking back to the teacher” isn’t a small thing.

Adam says the Huffpo wants to solve the school to prison pipeline by making the previously negative act no longer negative, change the rules.


Adam is now making a point about the nationalities of the children punished at school for acting out, Adam is addressing some serious issues most people are too scared to bring up.

Adam is trying to offer some actual wisdom and help for these young people, he mocks himself for being a homophobic racist douchebag according to the people who mention him in articles about Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


2nd Caller Andrew, he wants some job advice and Adam says people should move forward, you won’t regret what you left behind, this is inspiring.

Andrew is filling them in on his life and job.

He explains how his relationship has been affected by this job stuff, Drew offers some advice and they wrap up the show.