Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/14/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/14/2015 – Greg Fitzsimmons

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Fitzsimmons

Recorded 08-04-2015 – Release Date 08-14-2015

Production Number #1635

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Adam is opening the show with Greg Fitzsimmons returning to the ACS, Greg says he can’t believe it’s been 7 years, it hasn’t.

Adam talks about his “3 bad experiences” rule of people never returning to a restaurant, Adam says that not all of the podcasts are going to be A’s and people will live with a B-.

BB mocks the show and implies most aren’t good, really?


Greg says he’s only had one bad show that he didn’t air, it was with his father in law.

Greg wants to know if they ever didn’t air an episode, no.

Adam is talking about Greg’s father in law and his socialism, Adam jokes about not caring about the world after he’s dead.

Adam jokes about the Roman’s not worrying about us, if they didn’t care about us then fuck everyone after us.


Adam wants to be like the people hanging out in the Newport cigarette advertisements.

Greg talks about 24yr old women who get piercings and tattoos and how they’re going all in on 24 that shit doesn’t age well.

Adam is riffing about practicing trombone at the beach in response to the Newport ad they’re looking at.


Adam has some wisdom about the bucket of cash you leave your kids also putting out the fire in their bellies, Greg talks about his mugs he sells and Adam reveals the custom mugs he got for everyone in the studio.

Adam is explaining how it all came to be.

Greg says he steals coffee cups from studios, Greg has a funny line about getting mugs for people who made it into his movie, Adam just steps past that, or missed it.


Adam is talking about how ubiquitous mugs are, he jokes about the lengths people would go to drink coffee out of their hat.


Adam wants to know why people make mugs, Adam would get far more use out of a beach towel.

Greg is commenting on his mug with the guest label written in marker.


Greg says we’re at an A- right now and Adam calls his own joke a bit of a groaner, wow.

Adam is back to socialism, he explains the two sides of it, the true believers and the people who feel shame about not being able to excel in capitalism and wanting it to fail.

Adam is now bringing up the daughters of racist white guys who end up with black boyfriends and partners, BB has a quiet “disease” line that nobody catches, wow edgy.


Adam wants to know if Greg’s father in law is a stepdad because he hates his dad or because he failed at life.

Adam is now riffing about a huge black cock flag to intimidate other countries.

Adam says we now know why he’s a communist, Adam is mocking the notion of living your life trying to get back at someone, weather it means who you date or what you believe.


Adam says you never learn who you are when you spend your whole life trying to rebel against someone else.


Adam is doing a Lifelock Live Read


Adam says his tough to live with quality that is based on a reaction to his parents, he brings up his moms 3 modes of having a cold, coming on with a cold or just getting over a cold.

Adam comments on his lack of empathy for illness, he admits its’ a strange reaction and he’s learned to control his reaction.

Adam doesn’t have a lot of empathy as he lived with a mom who pretended to be sick all of the time.


Gina shares how she was always told not do something as she would get sick, Adam says his wife does that to his kids.

Greg mocks the voices in Adam’s head, Gina has her own legacy of fearing she will get sick much like her mom warned her.


Adam is now bringing up Gina’s adventurous nature

“When you go to an orgy expect a moustache” – Adam

Adam is talking about how she can obviously push through her paranoia created by her mother.


Greg is now explaining how he stopped drinking in reaction to his father, Adam forgot Greg’s dad died at 51 and Greg brings up the time Adam tried to get him to drink some booze on air back in 2012, Greg says perhaps Adam was tuning into his issue and trying to help him.

Adam says so far his is the only negative one, BB is now sharing his and explains how he grew up without AC and small items that could make for a more convenient life and now he perhaps overdoes it when buying said small items.


Adam does a Draft Kings Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joe, he’s got some kind words for everyone.

He’s bringing up a conversation between Adam and Drew on a recent episode of the ADS, he says that Drew misdirected the conversation.

He wants to know if there is any help for Drew or if he’s going to be taking this to the grave.

Adam explains how it works, Joe contributes nicely and Adam explains he’s so nervous for you he tries to finish your sentence.


Greg loves Adam’s stance that Drew isn’t good at his profession nor having a conversation, Adam is now doing a funny improv scene with BB.

Adam is explaining the “thank you” thing Drew does that persists to this day on ADS #264.

Adam is now sharing the Shawn Green story, of the time Drew re-introduced Adam to him and is now riffing about Ray being in demand for construction, that’s the state we’re living in and that’s why Dr. Drew is the TV doctor.


Adam is now riffing about Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey being the same dude with different skin tones.

Greg says America wants to hear people with a firm stance, Adam says he means stupid people and Adam is now riffing as Steve Harvey or Phil, it’s hard to tell.

Greg is busting out his own impression.


2nd Caller Lucas, he’s calling about hearing “get the fuck out of my store white boy” and being kicked out of a Walgreens, Adam is now riffing.

Greg says Lucas sounds like Badger from ‘Breaking Bad’.

Lucas reveals he wasn’t even an employee, Adam says that he’s happy to report that if this situation were reversed and we were in an all-white Walgreens with a sole black customer being abused with racism and threatened the other white people would turn on said racist white person.

Adam wants to know how this is went down.

Lucas is calling back, he’s back on the line, Lucas says the entire store went quiet and Lucas credits his drunken state for being able to push forward, Adam tells Fitzdog this is why he should drink.


Adam says he’s a victim but nobody gives a shit, Adam says he would’ve liked the other people to stand up for him and Lucas finishes the story of the racist Chicago Walgreens, BB has a new drop!

Adam talks about Greg’s father’s generation being the last generation of guys who drink at corner bars, Bryan Cranston just stuck his head in and they comment on the great magnet nature of that after Greg just mentioned his series ‘Breaking Bad’ and Adam comments on how they are recording these out of order, BB hopes we enjoy it…


Adam is doing a Nest Live read


3rd Caller Pete, he talks about Adam’s theory on people being able to get away with anything as long as they can dance, Pete tried to make it racial and Adam clarifies his theory after putting him on hold.

Pete wants to know if the white guy version was golf, Adam is sharing how golf talent can make up for some douchebag’ness, Adam thinks “he can put” is the white guy version of “he can move” and now Adam realizes he said this and thinks Pete is repeating it.

Pete confirms it is something Adam was riffing on.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Public Morals on TNT


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show to a new drop from Lucas.