Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/14/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 168

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/14/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 168

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 08-05-2014 – Release Date 08-14-2014

Production Number #168

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They are opening hour #2 with the great Brian Koppelman and Adam is asking him about his origins in screenwriting and Adam is connecting that to his own project “The Hammer” and how he brought Kevin Hench in to share the spotlight as he had the tools that Adam lacked.

Brian is talking about his work with his writing partner and how they finished the script for the terrific “Rounders” and how hard work doesn’t have a certain payoff, Adam is now waxing poetic about hard work and the benefits it can reap.

Adam says the uncertainty is what keeps most people from trying, Adam is making some grand points about “sweating things out” and how the lack of certainty is the very thing that results in such extreme success when it does come.


Brian thinks it’s a fear based reaction, Adam conjured the cast of “Rounders” and everyone is trying to tell him he got it right, he wants all of the big names though to make his point and brag about Brian’s achievement.

Adam says he loves Famke Jansen and you can hear her on #Classic Loveline right here, #369 – Famke Janssen – 02/26/1997

Drew is citing his illness and how he couldn’t get things done and didn’t realize it until after he was out of the woods, Brian is giving his experience on this Carolla Show and this show and how easy it would have been for him to bail despite his misgivings and fear of his own failure on air.


He is excellent on air, fear was unfounded.

Adam is bringing up how they haven’t improved intellectually since they were younger, their brains are only getting older and atrophying and he brings up learning through experience and his time on Dancing with the Stars and how he never asked about the money for the gig.

Adam says he was fearful and that was what motivated him, he’s done all kinds of performance and was scared shitless for that moment when it was offered.


Adam has a funny example of the show he would do, talking about Paul Newman’s race cars and bitching with the stars or home building with the stars.

This wasn’t that, this was dancing the thing he won’t even do while drunk at a wedding.

Adam made himself buckle down and do it despite his brain trying to make up excuses about why he didn’t have time and couldn’t do it.


Adam felt the tingling, the “Johnny Whitaker/Chip Randall” bully wants to meet you after class feeling.

Brian is now sharing some details about getting an agent and the process, Adam is joking about his “magical stones” used to achieve his success.

Adam is having Drew quote him about their chemistry and Adam wants to know why people would assume they were trying to mislead them, trying to fool them.


Adam wants to know why in show business you can’t own your own talent level and tell people it’s successful because of your involvement.

Brian has a knowing comment about Westwood 1 and they’re lack of faith in him, Drew wants Adam to go over the 2004 “What have you learned in radio” segment with Producer Lauren and Engineer Chris from the satellite studio for the mother station.

It was last told on Adam and Drew #9 when I guested, their very first guest.


Adam is getting into the details of the incident on air and is doing his great impression of Engineer Chris, Adam still doesn’t recall the part of the story of how it came up.

Drew is setting it up the way he always does and they both forget it happened on air too.

Adam is going in depth on what happened, you can hear it yourself on for the fan file or wait a 2 decades for it to be released in the Classic Loveline podcast feed.


Drew is praising the movie “The illusionist” and Brian invited them on his podcast, next time they’re in NYC and they both agreed, it’s on record Brian.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is taking about Drew and his driving with purpose and need to get places.


1st Caller Robert, he’s a longtime fan, a former teen listener in MSP to “The Zone” affiliate, he references the music festival where Adam had a Jägermeister bottle thrown at his head.

Robert is bringing up the topic of Grit and how he now has an 8 month old daughter and wants to know how to save her from 21yrs of wasted time and how he can install GRIT in her to make her life the best it can be.

Adam is now asking about how you install GRIT in someone and he’s now citing how people would go without smoking and eating crap if they were trapped in the Andes during a plane crash and how nobody is lazy when being chased by a Kodiak bear.


Adam is bringing up his pantry that looks like a grocery store, Drew is bringing up the adolescents who resist doing anything, and they will just lie on their back spineless without direction, much like dealing with drug addicts.

Adam says “The pain of non-accomplishment is far more painful than the hard work required to achieve it”

Drew asks about the ambient culture and Adam says that’s perpetuated by under achievers who beat that drum as it’s convenient, Adam says if he was black he would assume there was a ton of racism.


Adam is now listing his insane neighbors who targeted him and how he would view it if he were David Alan Grier and brings up the “unsanitary living conditions” for his hedge height.

#355 – High Hedges 02/06/1997 Classic Loveline

Adam brings up the crazy Israeli cunt who tortured him as well, Adam is now getting to the concept of “keeping people down” and asks who would want that let alone how would it be done.


Drew is bringing up kids and how to motivate them, Adam says his kids play a ton of video games, not realizing by getting into Gran Turismo and Forza with them he could teach them how to drive and race safely and have them learn actual skills while gaming.

Adam is now asking about how many house fires he’s had, asking who has saved by a fireman in the studio, 105 years between Adam and Drew, Adam is joking about Gary’s quarter birthday and he’s playing along nicely, hilarious one liner about a Papier-mâché chain.

250 years between everyone on staff and nobody has been saved by a fireman, Adam says we need to emphasize what is and is not important.

Adam is bringing up his teachers, they are all right up there with the fireman, and Drew says they negatively impacted him, it’s not neutral like the firemen who don’t save him.


Adam says don’t let your kids see you steal and eat grapes at the store, that’s all noted by them, whether you know it or not, they will be influenced.

Adam is bringing up how you can’t assign a gender to work anymore and is now getting to kids seeing mommy and daddy taking care of business.

Adam brings up how Lynette cares for Molly, hand feeding and insulin shots and how that imprints on his kids.


Ada brings up how he goes to earn money and the kids know why, Natalia asks and Sonny tells her that Adam leaving allows him to make money to pay for her recitals he can’t attend because he’s out of town.

Adam says fill in the blank “I Saw My Mom/Dad ____” and Adam says the teachers can be helpful, they can’t save us, turn it around at home.

Adam is bringing up the charity events and how he brought the kids to “Cinco De Mangria” and why he wanted them there to witness all of it.


Adam and Drew do a duel sniff as Adam says it’s better than any week at school they could attend.


Adam is now doing a Tommy John wear Live read, Gary is on mic confirming his take.

Drew is asking about Adam’s rope skipping “jig” he does while people are watching, he goes over his bit with Olga about being modest.


2nd Caller Ted, he addresses the grapes in the grocery store and how his dad told him bulk candy was free samples and how that bit him in the ass.

Ted says the name “Santino” is what he wants to name his son, Adam jokes about Ted’s full name and kills it.

Adam is explaining how it was an easy sell to pick that name and how “The Godfather” influenced them as well.


Adam says he doesn’t mind cultural pride, he doesn’t like people moving here and setting up their own mini country within our borders.

Drew is bringing up ethnic food and Adam is explaining his take, he doesn’t only eat Italian food and is glad he’s from that heritage but says that USA comes first, your culture of origin 2nd.

Adam wants people to prosper and is now back to the names, Adam says his name plagued him, it makes people think he’s Jewish and how is last name throws people, he never gets tagged as an Italian, it only causes confusion.


Adam has a killer point about last names being the indicator of your country of origin and Drew brings up Ellis Island name changes.

Adam shares his “Tony Carolla” theory and Adam brings up Natalia Cigliuti who guest on Loveline in the 90’s, the MTV show and maybe the radio show too, we’ll find out soon.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.