Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/13/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 263

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/13/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 263

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-06-2015 – Release Date 08-13-2015

Production Number #263 – Stretch Out

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Adam opens the show with the mandate to get it on intro, he sounds like he just woke up.

Drew brings up some of the twitter criticisms, Adam says it was one tweet and tells him he’s going to the same comedic well.

Sonny is joining them in studio, Sonny says they need a ball handling trophy and Adam is talking about the participation trophies that they’ve been ranting about for years.


Adam is talking about his “most improved” trophy that he threw away, Adam asks whose studio they’re sitting in right now.

Adam is back to the 100’s of trophies that are given out to kids for just showing up.

Adam is commenting on the torture for the adults who show to watch these ceremonies and must wait for everyone to get theirs.


Sonny says he gets tired of clapping too, Adam says it’s like the worst Ramada Inn business convention in Reseda you’ve ever been to.

Adam wants to hire a falcon just snatch his son and take him away after he gets his trophy so they can leave.

Adam asks if anyone wants to factor in that we’re going to die one day or just keep wasting time.


Adam is now making a point about the importance of participation acknowledgment while explaining how the weekly trophy process works for his son.

Adam is talking about his high school football trophies and again explaining how most improved didn’t mean shit to him, it was nice but also embarrassing, Sonny asks if that is an insult as it implies the year before he sucked.

Adam is explaining the age/wait math done for the different tiers of football.


Drew is bringing up Ray Rice and how he’s supposedly healed now, Adam is bringing up Barry Crimmins and the documentary ‘Call Me Lucky’ and doesn’t think you can turn pedophilia off, Adam and Drew can’t even conjure abusing a kid, much like balling up your fist and punching a woman.


Drew is doing an E Harmony Live Read

“Want to get punched in the face, E Harmony!” – Adam


Adam is talking about abusing kids and if he would rather be the guy who punches women over putting his hands on a kid, Adam is backing out the element of how society views things, he just wants to know for the sake what is easier to cure.

Adam is not talking about a one-time mistake vs. habitual abuse and he’s now criticizing Drew for having to do another lap on this.

Adam says he’s not physically capable of hitting a woman, Drew explains how people get overcome with emotion and react, Adam says certain cultures need to be coached up on not hitting people while upset.


Adam is now asking Sonny how much Adam owes him for the ringtone sales, Sonny is now doing a few different takes of his classic ringtone ‘That’s just a Waste Of My Time’ and Adam is having Gary look into kibble for diabetic dogs.

Adam explains how he tried to feed Molly kibble over the years and how her diabetes restricts her diet.

Adam is talking about his childhood cats, Kitty and Norman.


Adam is talking about the lack of changes in pet food packaging technology over the past 50 years.

Adam is lamenting the dog food process they must endure to care for Molly, Adam is talking about the lids he had ordered for the dog food containers.

Adam is talking about the dog food ritual and how last night Olga was adding stingy chicken meat to Molly’s bowl.


Adam wants to get the dog on kibble and he wants to kick the vet in the nuts for demanding they switch to wet food.

Drew talks about using kibble and chicken breast for his dog, his understanding is that kibble is better for the dog.


Adam says that if he’s lying may a jet airplane part break off and land on his head, Adam thinks the amount of time spent on the prep for Molly vs. Adam is far greater when it comes to meals.

Sonny is confirming Adam’s story and Adam is now being fair for Olga and Lynette, Adam is recommending this for those that are health conscious.

Adam says they had a clandestine meeting in the kitchen as she was chopping up some meat, Drew has a nice joke and they reference the MTV Loveline Dr. Drew joke tote.


Adam is talking about making Molly his wife’s part time job and now Drew is segueing into a live read.


Drew is doing a Betterment Live Read


Adam is back to the dog food ritual and how it has impacted his life many times over the years, it’s a daily reminder in his face.

Adam is now talking about people submitting designs for universal shower valves and teaching that to people in high school.

Adam is making a point about the wasted water and how that would conserve millions of gallons, Adam lost his train of thought.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

“Why do you always say that’s right when I ask you a question?” – Sonny


Adam can’t recall what he was going to say, Drew can’t jog his memory and forgets to mention Olga


1st Letter is asking about the addiction risk for an adopted child, Sonny wants to know what the addiction is to, Drew stops to respond.

Adam is commenting on Sonny being ahead of the adult game as he hasn’t yet built up a defense system that causes him to repel good ideas.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is talking about being in a bad move, he’s trying to recall what movie Sonny saw last night, and it was cancelled.

Adam says Olga’s car wasn’t there when he got home, he wasn’t allowed any quiet time, Drew is hinting strongly.

Adam liked the idea of a little solitude to relax, Adam soon realized that Olga’s car battery died and Adam had to give her a jump.


Adam is back to how nice it must be for his wife to be married to someone so capable of doing things and fixing things.

Adam is talking about the process of trying to ask Olga what happened to the car, to figure out it if it was the battery.

Adam had to tear apart the trunk of the jag to get to the battery, Adam told her to follow him.


Adam describes how she backed out of her parking space instead of following forward, Adam wants to know if there needs to be a class taught on how to follow someone.

Adam wants to know where exactly the disconnect between instruction and action comes in for other people, Drew blames Adam’s driving style and Gary gets on mic to share his own take.

Drew is talking about how he and Adam would move across the freeway after Loveline, hunting for cops and talking the whole way over their cell phones.


Drew is doing a Mazda Live Read with Adam jumping in to finish it


Adam is now plugging his various projects and the latest ‘Take a Knee’ along with ‘Reasonable Doubt’ the new hit podcast he hosts with Mark Geragos.

Adam wraps up the first hour.