Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/12/2016 – Heather Dubrow and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/12/2016 – Heather Dubrow and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Heather Dubrow and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 08-11-2016 – Release Date 08-12-2016

Production Number #1884

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Adam opens the show to a “Real Househusband of La Cañada” intro, BB has a new drop of Sonny giving Adam the business with “I Woke Up in Phoenix this morning” as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam says he brought in some of his own nuts to keep himself from eating Gina’s stash, he’s now asking Vinnie about the best nuts, Adam says Macadamia nuts brings joy and are very expensive so therefore his mom would never buy it.

Vinnie is talking about raw almonds and the term raw when it comes to certain nuts, Vinnie likes the “What would Vinnie Do” idea and suggests a new game.


Vinnie says Peanuts are the worst nuts you can eat, he says these macadamia nuts are ok and Vinnie calls “Hobo Power” Adam’s “cat shit on a grill” ranking.

Vinnie says Macadamia nuts are at the top of the food chain and he marvels that Adam can hammer a bag of the nuts, Adam says he chips away at it though he could eat the actual bag and still not have an upset stomach.

BB says he goes through half a jar of peanut butter per week, hilarious back and forth between BB and Vinnie about BB’s cancer.


Adam says that orange juice is on the mount Rushmore for bad things mom’s do while caring for their kids, Adam is now back to the nut power rankings.

Adam says he loves beans and wants to know what the rule of thumb is, Vinnie says beans are better than rice, he comments on the Mexicans we live around and leaves the implication open, BB’s reaction is great.

Vinnie says it doesn’t matter what you are, you can’t just keep eating empty carbs, he’s Italian that doesn’t make him immune to the dietary effects of pasta.


Adam is now asking Vinnie about working with Howie Mandell and if he’s allowed to touch him when they work out and train, Adam asks if Vinnie was in attendance when they did the live show where Howie was hypnotized.

Vinnie says Howie has a weird thing and Adam and BB have a nearly simultaneous “you don’t say” inquisitive noise in reply, gold!

Adam is talking about Howie and his “condition” and Adam jokes about Howie’s family, Vinnie is telling them about Howie’s mom who works out naked in her house, even well into her 80’s.


Vinnie shares how Howie’s mom skips rope minus the actual rope, like miming it.

Adam says his family wasn’t religious as it was a calorie burner, Adam says his suspicion is that they’re against burning calories, they would be neurotic but it’s a calorie burner, they can’t follow through with the neurosis.

They would be hoarders but they don’t have anything, you first need durable goods before you can stockpile them.


Life Lock Live Read

Adam bought a bunch of stuff on the internet this week edition


Adam gives out some plugs for Vinnie’s upcoming live show


Q and Ace

1st Caller Robert, he’s calling form Munich and Adam says he loves the smart dudes travelling around and the audiences in other countries.

They just had a guy in studio and Gary gets on mic to give some more information.

Robert is bringing up parking brakes and driving, Adam is sharing how he used to make the mistake of leaving the parking brake on when taking off while he was practicing for his driver’s test.


Adam has some practical tips and riffs about Robert and his wife only have something so trivial to argue about, this wouldn’t even reach Adam’s radar.

Adam is saying he emergency brake is now just for sliding and drifting.

Robert is telling them about the 3 cars they have, including a Lamborghini Gallardo, Adam gets disappointed that they have paddle shifters, he explains that in Italy guys will put 6 speed manual transmissions on their van.


2nd Caller Tyler, he’s seeing them in Dallas in November and he’s going to be on the Carolla Cruise and he will be solo as well.

Adam jokes about American Sniper and the tragic ending of doing a solid for a fellow vet as it played out in the movie/real life.

Tyler is telling them about his first job offer post military, Adam is asking him about the multifunctional plane he might be working on.


Tyler says he’s never negotiated a salary before and doesn’t know if he’s leaving money on the table, Adam says that corporations as huge as Lockheed probably just have pay scales and it’s set in stone due to the size of the institution.

Tyler explains how he feels that he has extra skills to offer that most people don’t possess.

BB talks about being an intern for the GAP and explains how he saw their pay scale system.


Adam says there is no harm in asking but he’s presuming the pay is the pay.


Reverie Bed Live Read

Phil thaws out as he wakes up, he does a weird whimper and tongue curl edition

He’s started getting thick now, there is no pulling Phil anymore


3rd Caller Phil, he’s a teacher and completely agrees with Adam about his take on teachers and their unions/pay etc.

Adam talks about teachers having 3 months off and how he struggles to get 3 days off, Adam likes teachers and figures the more in society, the merrier.

Adam is talking about his female teachers who were “mama June” types and BB mentions his own unattractive female teacher as they joke about the hot teachers of today sleeping with male students.


Phil is bringing up Adam’s big to small “natural order” of getting things done, he says that’s just not done in the school system.

Adam is getting to douching out his other warehouse and goes back to what a mess it was when he bought it and took it over, he says there was exposed wiring and a bunch of “hey Kool-Aid” walls busted open.


Adam wants an example of a little issue that the school system puts forth, Adam says they have about 10 transgendered kids out of 2200 but they had to all attend training on how to respect and be courteous to them.

Gina says that’s a huge percentage, but she’s just shocked that there are so many trans kids in Phil’s school, Adam corrects her and makes a great point while agreeing it’s exciting that kids feels free enough to be trans in the middle of the country.

Adam says an hour doesn’t need to be dedicated to trans people, he says we don’t need to be exposed to all things all the time, he gets that trans people exist, he doesn’t need to be yacked at about it.


Adam is now saying that all of these training classes and awareness has only resulted in more lawsuits, Adam is joking about having transsexual rights being read at your funeral.

Adam is now telling them about refusing to attend his sexual harassment meeting for his sitcom.

Adam is making a point about wasting time, Vinnie says he’s never had a regular job and Vinnie shares how Gina lifted her shirt to show him her weight loss, hilarious motorboat comment.


Adam jokes about Mike August traveling with a box cutter, just to make a point.


4th Caller Dave, he listened to the Lenny Dykstra ep.

Adam says that everyone had a consensus that Adam’s political views aren’t his fault and of air everyone disagrees with him.

BB says that’s true, his tongue is partially in his cheek but not completely.


Adam is the mean guy because he has ideas that are too difficult for his cast members to deal with.

Dave wants to know what Caelan did to battle the munchies while he was taking part in the Tommy John underwear challenge.

Adam says that stoners and wake and bake people can’t afford to have the munchies, Caelan is on mic and reveals he eats his pot in brownie form, which usually kills his appetite.

Hilarious back and forth, Adam cancels “Fit or Bullshit” and gives out the plugs.


They head to break


They’re back from Break with Heather Dubrow making her ACS debut to the new Rich Banks “He’s a Podcastin’ Man” track from Rich Banks.

Heather talks about her podcast, she says that Mike August got her to start doing live shows and she shares the history of it.

Adam jokes about “Put down the net, pick up the mic” the live podcast Mike August is trying to get Adam’s pool guy to start.


Adam talks about podcasting and the lack of a need for her show to be like the ACS, it’s not standup, whatever you do, you can do it live on stage.

BB is now backing Adam up while they talk about the live shows, BB says that early on they were having trouble finding their rhythm, Adam says that was the audience who didn’t know what to expect, not the performances.

Adam is talking to Heather about her full ground up builds, Adam asks her how much she spent on tile, she reveals they spent hundreds of thousands on tile and she talks about them moving houses every few years.


Heather is telling them about anti-aging techniques and medicine, she gives him some examples of things they’ve tried including “vaginal steaming” and she says it’s not worth the money.

“so you talked to scientists and after they were done laughing” – Adam on the notion that Heather and her husband Terry talked to scientists about steaming vaginas.

Heather explains how it all goes and what the woman told her about a “discharge” she could expect, Adam is in agreement with Heather about the body naturally cleaning itself and Adam cites Dr. Drew’s frustrations over “toxins” and how nobody can ever explain what they are exactly nor where they are stored.


Heather talks about good bacteria and Adam says the body is beautiful and setup to clean itself, it would a be a cruel joke if the body needed some sort of coffee enema to run properly when it’s available to so few.

Adam brings up Nate Adams and shares how he dropped some melon a carpet square, Adam told him to eat it and he brushed it off and then ate it in front of Adam.

Adam says when he pictures the ingredients that go into a hamburger that’s being slid across to him he presumes everything has been dropped a thousand times before.


Gary is now on mic telling them about eating some taco meat that fell onto the sidewalk, Adam jokes about him eating a hotdog with his hands behind his back on Liberace’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Adam tells them about the time Kimmel ate the McDonalds Canadian bacon a year after sticking it to a cork board.

Adam asks her about further home improvement stuff, she tells them about the 22,000 square foot house, Adam says it almost becomes more work in just upkeep and work to keep it going.


Heather is explaining how her husband likes to build big places and how they want to maximize their investment by going with the normal size of home construction in any given area.

Adam explains what she’s saying and sums things up.

BB says the show ‘Botched’ freaks him out on a guttural level, Adam says he’s the same way and he couldn’t be a paramedic and help people after motorcycle accidents.

Heather is now advocating for the show ‘Botched’ and how it helps people, Heather hosts an after show for ‘Botched’ and plugs that.



Dr. Drew loves his MCT Oil, Adam takes a hit off the bottle to satiate his tummy and make his lips look kissable edition




Gina’s News

1st Story is on the guy who used industrial grade suction cups to climb Trump tower, Adam reveals he possess the same type of cups and he set the glass himself with his guys, not real brain surgery but a challenge to figure out.

Adam says the only way to lift a large 400 lbs. piece of glass you must use Suction cups with multiple guys, he tries to explains the process, saying you pull as hard as you possibly can and it never comes off, defying your presumption about it shattering the glass.

Gina has some clips about the guy’s stunt, they watch the clip of him being yanked into the building by the cops, Gina says he released what is called a manifesto and that’s why the cops had to apprehend him.


BB has a solid ‘Runaway Steve’ comment and Adam doesn’t want to give him any more attention.

Adam thinks it would be hilarious to have a climbing expert who resembled Jonah Hill at his heaviest, telling them about the climbing being akin to half dome.

Now BB is in the incredulous reporter asking him about his climbing expertise, Adam takes a beat to pay the Domino’s guy and further shares his expertise.


Hilarious back and forth, Adam thinks Domino’s has Mountain Dew but they have a deal with Coca Cola products.


2nd Story is on Trump’s comments about Obama creating ISIS and Gina plays the clip, then explains how people explained it away as metaphor and BB shares the details of him appearing on a talk show where they tried to throw him a lifeline and he doubled down, refusing to say that he didn’t mean it literally.


3rd Story is on an update on the Medal count, Gina explains how the united states continue to dominate.

Adam says there are too many medals out there now just as there are too many movies out there, it used to mean more, now everyone can have a medal, it’s just not what it once was.

Adam says it’s the same way with Super Bowl Trophies.


4th Story is on the Tinder usage among athletes in Rio, Heather was just bringing this topic up and Gina quotes an athlete about what’s going on.

Adam is now defending these athletes hooking up, making a lot of great points in the process, talking about the guys who didn’t make it into the further rounds of soccer but are now just cleaning up around Olympic Village.

Adam brings up the greased up Tongan guy, Gina has details about his charitable work and they move on.


5th Story is on the DEA’s refusal to reclassify marijuana, Adam says we’ve had Obama for 8 years and we can’t get this knocked down, then we can’t get anything done.

Adam says he would be more outraged if everyone he knew who wanted pot couldn’t get it, but that’s not the case, but it’s still wrong, they shouldn’t be controlling it this way.

Adam is now talking about society and how we’re trapped in the past while moving into the future at the same time, Adam says he doesn’t want his kids to smoke pot but that will be between him and his kids, not the government.


Adam is now talking about the slippery slope of this and the IRS, he says they force everyone who is hard working multitasker into trying to right off cars and get around the laws in order to not get raped by the government.

Adam says the government takes the decision making away from the citizens and the parents and the Whomever(s), he talks about Natalia eating an ice cream sandwich for breakfast, he took her ice cream away and put it in a Ziploc back in the freezer, he wanted to instill something in her.

Adam says you can’t legislate ice cream in the A.M. and he has a funny example of moderation as he explains how he needs his daughter to learn these lessons.


Adam wishes the government would make marijuana be legal just the same as alcohol, Adam loves In and Out burgers and on occasion he pulls in to get one, just not every day.

Adam says legalizing marijuana could usher in an ewe era of responsibility, Gina wraps the news.

Heather asks if Adam is a strict parent, he says he’s not much of an enforcer, he says Sonny is as close to maintenance free as a ten-year-old boy could be.


Adam explains his “what would a decent parent do” theory and says we could all be arsonists in our heart but if none of us ever start a fire, it doesn’t matter.



100 bucks of Adam’s handpicked system



Killer Clips edition


Adam gives out the plugs and they wrap the show to a funny drop of Heather from when she was talking about the steaming and colonic stuff earlier in the show.