Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/12/2015 – Charles Farrell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/12/2015 – Charles Farrell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Charles Farrell

Recorded 08-03-2015 – Release Date 08-12-2015

Production Number #1632

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Adam has the standard intro, BB plays a clip from #1630 as today’s #TopDrop and a confusing comment about it, they move past.

Adam is now talking about The Offspring, Gina asks if it’s a plug but he says it isn’t and he explains that he was with the kids at home over the weekend listening to The Offspring live.

He says he put on their music and rocked out with his wife and the kids to it, he explains the need to rock out once in a while.


Adam is asking for a different track, it’s a live album but Lynette marveled out precise and tight they sounded.


Charles is now joining them over the phone, he is calling about his most recent article about boxing, and Adam is now going in depth with him on his article’s take.

Adam has some decent follow up questions about Guillermo Rigondeaux—El Chacal, or The Jackal and his posit in this piece he wrote for Dead spin.

Adam and Charles take it back to the Tyson era of fighting and are trying to make a point about the public expectation for what’s exciting in the sport is not always the most nuanced or skilled part of it.


Adam brings up the UFC and asks about boxers possibly segueing over to MMA, Adam is trying to recall James Tony going from boxing to MMA.

Adam is asking about Triple G vs. Mayweather when it comes to walking around weight, Adam is asking about Floyd possibly dodging this fight and being too smart to jeopardize his career.

Adam is sharing how Floyd fights guys on the way up and on the way down but won’t in their prime, Adam asks Charles about the Pacquiáo fight and he says it’s a gamble that ultimately paid off for him.


Adam brings up Ronda Rousey and they talk about Dana and the UFC for a few moments.

Adam is praising the Triple G matches and wraps up with Charles.

Adam is talking about how even lightweight fighters become heavyweights when you’re watching them on TV, he talks about how most of don’t many 160lb dudes.


Adam is talking about the difference in glove manufactures and how some are punchers gloves, BB has heard this several times on air, KLSX, current ACS.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Adam riffs about his connected devices all talking smack about him, his memory foam bed communicating with the nest, hilarious rift and read.


Adam is talking about the advantage of a black glove over a something with color or stripes, Adam thinks you can pick up on the colored gloves better.

Adam says he would be arguing for the color of the gloves, BB brings up ‘Rocky’ and Adam is now riffing about the explosion between fists in ‘Rocky III’.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Sylvester Stallone auctioning off some of his memorabilia, she has all of the details.

BB asks if this was already in her news, it was.

Adam is now riffing about some sultan of Brunei buying one of the rocky robes, Adam talks about the way people buy cars and may not be driving it nor enjoying it as intended.


Adam is now offering up a cash example for why that’s bullshit, he says if he gave 310k for your car and the guy never drove it vs. 285K and drove the shit out of it, most people would take the higher amount.

Adam is talking about the way money can equal status and pride, he comments on how older rich guys keep getting richer.

Gina has some solid follow up and comments.


2nd Story is on the average pay for babysitters in 2015

Adam is now explaining how he babysat as a kid, Adam says it’s a bygone era of 11 year olds babysitting for you, Adam doesn’t think Lynette would go for it.

Adam thinks it must now be professional babysitters.

Adam got a buck an hour and would watch classic shitty TV shows of the 70s.


Adam is talking about Rivi and Ravi, the Israeli twins and is sharing how one of the guys grew up into a full on stereotype and shocked him.

Adam is telling Gina about the time he was left alone, he talks about the scary lot near his dad’s a frame house and how his mom spent most of her days yelling freak out.


3rd Story is on Alex who cannot eat do to extreme nausea.

Adam is trying to do the math on this, Gina has some of the info and Adam wonders how long it would take Ray to piss in his stomach port if he had one.


4th Story is on an MRI scan that proves dogs brains react to the scents of their owners

Adam is asking about the food source element, Gina has some wisdom about leaving a worn shirt near your dog’s bed.

Adam is now riffing about the “here’s what you do” advice people give, Adam and BB are doing a solid improv scene, Adam is telling him to walk on his hands to improve his upper body strength.


Adam is mocking about trying to socialize and train dogs, Adam says Cesar Milan can come over and talk into Molly’s one good ear.

Adam is asking about Cesar’s sexuality.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam describes car valves and how they look, he really sells the Castrol.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Corey, he brings up Adam’s “Falutin free” idea

Adam is now ranting about beer flavored beer, passion fruit has now been infused into beer.

Adam is asking if there is any other fruit that has been so infused into every beverage and culture the way passion fruit has.

Adam says the black folk need to take to the streets and rise up and stomp out the pomegranate tea, Adam asks Corey if he knows any black people.


Adam is now mocking the hotdog bun infused pizzas, he just needs pizza flavored pizza.

BB brings up a fan who sent in a tub of Gumbo, Adam needed to wet his beak and skimmed some off the top before giving it to BB.

Adam used Dexter Holland’s ‘Gringo Bandito’ hot sauce for the Gumbo, Adam says the thing about Cajun food is that it gets better as it “steeps” and explains how he left it in his trunk overnight, hilarious abducting prostitutes and runaways tangent, this is great, joking about them enjoying the ride with all of that gumbo.


5th Story is on Lobster Beer

Gina has all of the details regarding the process and Adam is now riffing about it, hilarious blowing a manatee comment.

BB is in the mix and Adam wraps it up.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

2nd Caller Vince he wants to know if Adam is going out to the Road Atlanta, Adam says screw Datsun and says they make him sick, he says he’s all about Mazda.


6th Story is on Jessica Alba coming under fire for her “Honest” brand sunscreen apparently not working

Adam is commenting on the value of her company and brings up Edmonds car testing, he asked if anything was not good.

Adam was told the smart cars are the only pieces of shits on the road now, Adam says you just name something smart or honest and you sell to all of the hand wringing morons with money to spend.


Adam brings up the “white lung story” and comments on Gary vaping outside vs. his wife spraying weaponized chemicals over his son’s head.

Adam doesn’t have to weigh those realities through his scale, no religion, no filter, just atheist logic.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam answers Vince’s question, Adam explains it to Gina and BB.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Clubber Lang edition

He buys chains with it, pays Jeff Ross to write insults about your wife – Adam



Adam is now giving out the closing plugs and wrapping up the show.