Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/11/2016 – Todd Lamb

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/11/2016 – Todd Lamb

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Todd Lamb

Recorded 08-10-2016 – Release Date 08-11-2016

Production Number #1883

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Adam opens the show to a funny “synchronized bitching” intro and he welcomes Sonny to the show, thanking the fans for keeping him new tough skins jeans.

Adam explains that Sonny is tagging along after Adam filled in for Dan Patrick, Adam crushed it and Sonny got to see it live, BB has a cash/casino payout sound effect for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is talking about his insane hyper vigilance and how he dreads an early wakeup, he knows he’s going to wake up at 04:14 when the clock is set for 04:20 and how an early 10:30 P.M. bedtime is just not realistic.


Adam talks about the level of prep that goes on for Dan’s show that Adam can’t assist with and needn’t worry about but the part of this brain he needs for the traffic cop work when dealing with the cast of the show and the format is what goes when you’re up late watching Phelps swimming at the Olympics at 10:30 P.M. and burning up your 6 hours of sleep you had planned for.

Gina just walked and now Sonny is giving his take on the wakeup, Sonny has some funny anecdotes about his alarm clock.

Adam shares a photo of Sonny passed out at the other shop on a sofa, Gina says he looks like a chalk outline, Adam says it looks like he was thrown from a building, like a Gay Iranian, holy shit!


Adam talks about early morning wakeups for flying home after a show, in comparison those are a breeze to the ones where you got to be awake and performing.

Adam shares his hilarious conversation with Natalia at the Disneyland Hotel, about to watch a movie and eat smores, she revealed that they hired the expensive escort service, they even got the same lady as last time, hilarious riffing about Lynette making the neck slash move telling her to not reveal that.

Adam is seemingly fine with it and shares Natalia’s hilarious reaction to their early morning schedule.


Adam talks about Phil attacking and “raping” a passed out Sonny, hilarious and bizarre descriptors of the giant dog enthusiastically encountering Sonny.

Sonny gives his take and he explains what it was like to see him perform live on Dan’s show, Sonny now quotes Adam with “I woke up in Phoenix This Morning” from ‘The Martian’ screening at Phil Rosenthal’s house.

Lynette gave her take on a past episode of the great for Crying Out Loud podcast, BB is now quizzing Sonny about Disneyland trips and keeping things “fresh and sexy”, does he take his kid once per year or only every couple years.


Sonny has a funny “come on daddy with your little Jaguar” line and Adam asks Sonny about his 3 basketball games scheduled for later in the day, Adam asks Sonny if he’s feeling good and if he would willing go back to Dan’s show, BB brings up Sonny’s confidence with the 2016-2017 Warriors team.

Sonny sneaks in a great “Just a Waste of My Time” and they let him take a bow and move onto a live read.


Legal Zoom Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Brandon is calling about his first child on the way, BB has a great Christina Dolce “Don’t Be a One Upper, Like I Said Before” drop and Adam further defends his exhausted state at Phil’s house that keeps getting thrown back in his face, he did 4 Live podcasts, 2 per night and the 2nd show started at 10:30 P.M.

BB once again hammers that new “I woke up in Phoenix this morning” drop from Sonny, Adam asks Brandon about his job prospects, he would do something that involves tips like Pizza but never do fast food.

Gary says Postmates, they talk about Uber and move on.


2nd Caller Manny, he compliments how funny and sweet Sonny is and Adam shares another vending machine story, he references a podcast with Alex and Sonny as Gina mentioned earlier. Manny wants to know the gang’s take on refusing a hotel a room, what is the breaking point.

Adam, BB and Gins are mocking the “happy dance” and Adam is recalling the time he refused a hotel room.

BB has his own examples and Adam shares his willingness to accept just about anything, he just doesn’t want to make a stink.


Varidesk Live Read


3rd Caller Andy, he compliments Adam’s appearance on The Dan Patrick show and asks Adam if he would replace any of his lackeys with the Danettes, Dan’s crew of dudes who Adam knew would be sitting in front of him.

Adam could predict he would fuck up someone’s name at some point, so he had them make sure to put name tags on each guys’ desk.

Adam then noticed the labels weren’t on the desks when he arrived after he told them in advance, Adam wants to know why he’s the first person to think of this, it should be protocol.


BB references Adam’s “Zankou Chicken story” with a funny “everyone asks for that” quote and Adam jokes about trading Caelan for a stapler, he says it is nice to have a group of guys laughing at your jokes, it makes the experience a lot easier.


4th Caller Travis, he’s looking forward to seeing everyone when they come to Texas later in the year.

Adam impersonates the “yes” drop and Travis brings up Adam’s theory on how he could make a living being paid to walk through people’s homes and tells them what’s wrong.

Adam is now bringing up magnesite plaster stairs from bygone eras of construction, he has an anecdote of this little Spanish house he was touring through where he came up with the idea of people paying him to do walk-throughs.


Adam noticed the dust storm that was being worked up and the couple had an infant child who could have been exposed to asbestos.

Adam shares Lynette’s reaction to his first comment about getting paid 3k to walking through someone’s home, nobody has ever paid it to him but he would be happy to do it.

Travis is telling Adam about his foreclosed home project and Adam jokes about the meter running, he would love to comment more but he would have to charge him.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Actors from ‘Sausage Party’ edition

1st Movie ‘The Watch’ (2012)

Adam says the movie is fine by why aliens, we have this cast and this domestic setting, why go so extreme, BB brings up the history of the movie and how it coincided with the murder of Treyvon Martin.

Adam is saying that critics had to hate this thing and they learn it’s rotten.


2nd Movie ‘Dogma’ (1999)

BB loves the movie and Adam thinks Kevin was doing good with the critics around this era, he tacks on extra points for The Catholic League being pissed off.

BB recalls seeing Kevin protesting along with the catholic league, Gary is on mic telling Adam that in religious parts of the country their film critics might be offended, Adam is now trying to get Gary to see his point that he thinks most critics are of a certain political agenda/slant.

BB is further praising Kevin Smith and he recommends Adam see the film.


3rd Movie ‘I Love you Man’ (2009)

Gina mixes up ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’ with this movie, BB loves the movie they’re actually talking about and Gary has a recent viewing fresh in his mind to comment on Chuck and Larry.

They move on as BB is over the top in his celebration after sandbagging everyone.


4th Movie ‘The Green Hornet’ (2011)

Adam once again laments his guess


5th Movie ‘Pineapple Express’ (2008)

BB takes the win and he praises ‘Dogma’ and Dawson jumps in to praise it as well, no KS hate here it seems.

I wonder if Kevin’s wife, or Ralph, or Andy or Marc from his other shows tell him to see ‘The Hammer’ or ‘Road Hard’ on their podcasts, nope they don’t…


SimpliSafe Live Read

They head to break


They’re back form break

The gang listen to a great new ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ before Adam welcomes Todd to the ACS for his debut appearance, Adam reveals that Todd is an avid listener and he mentions being able to see Sonny and Olga.

Todd shares his experience working in the Bush/Cheney Whitehouse, he began on 9/10 2001, wow.

Toss shares how accurate Adam is with his points about what is needed for education in this country, he explains why he thought to contact Mike August to get booked.


Todd is now sharing some stats about children being born into single parent environments with absentee fathers, in the “negro community” as he cites some old data with historical terminology.

Adam talks about people having unlimited oxygen to argue against him, it’s like arguing against diet and exercise, Todd is sharing how Moynihan was vilified for this data/research and Todd compliments Ben Shapiro and his accurate numbers from his recent visit.

Adam is asking about duct taping problems vs. fixing them, Todd has a point about not being able to legislate culture and BB echoes his sentiment, Todd thinks people need to talk about these issues.


Todd compliments Sonny and his level of awareness, saying he’s clearly a sharp kid who is inquisitive, Adam says nobody has to worry about Sonny, he won’t punch school bus drivers, he won’t even cheat on his taxes.

Gina has a hilarious natural history museum joke aimed at Sonny’s good nature.

BB has a David Wild drop as Adam says he’s not against more libraries but they’re a back burner issue right now.


Adam asks about charter schools and why they don’t have them in more states, Todd goes over how the charter programs work and he shares how some of these students are so illiterate they don’t know that text is read from left to right.

Todd explains how his boss was too educated to teach elementary to make a point about the laws and rules that result in this broken system.

Todd is bringing up the problems that superintendents across the country are dealing with, he talks about reading and Adam jokes about arguing about the book condition before taking it home, he knew he was going to lose it and he had to haggle with the book dealer before taking it.


Adam is talking about Phil eating flip flops and how Natalia always leaves her door open and Sonny always shuts his door, Adam says that kids eventually start doing what you tell them, Todd has a “go brush your goddamn teeth” line that might get turned into a drop.

Todd is talking about giving devices to students, to allow for them to have digital resources and a window of hope to let kids learn and be encouraged to read on their own time.

Adam wishes there was an ice bucket challenge for pulling out and Cumming on the tits.


Tommy John Live Read

Adam is wearing their shirt right now, crew neck in fact edition

Adam can’t find his dick in the colder months and BB is chiming in to say perhaps he’s said too much is also in the copy, hilarious!


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Donald Trump’s insistence that he wasn’t inciting violence with his comments about the 2nd amendment and Hillary Clinton.

Adam says oh yeah he means it that way, but he doesn’t mean it, he can’t resist saying what he feels.

Adam is now using a family dinner to make a point about someone needling you and then taking it back and trying to twist it.


Adam says the left goes berserk and then he walks it back, Adam says this is just Trump and Gain suggests maybe he not suggest such things at a rally.

Nobody seems to recall Hillary’s comments regarding Obama and Senator Kennedy that she made on the campaign trail while refusing to give up back in 2008, double hypocrisy!

Adam is now talking about the sidebar that people like Hillary won’t throw in, Todd is giving his take on Trump and Adam says he’s attracted to the douchebaggery part of Trump.


Adam feels like Hillary and Trump are both bullshit artists, he feels like Trump’s lie is an unbridled majestic donkey and he appreciates it, he’s not sure either person will do something for this country.

Adam says he’s not repulsed by Trump’s douchebaggery, blatant douchebag doesn’t affect him, nor bother him.


BB says that years from now we’ll see this in a new light, BB says he’s not ok with this because he likes douchebags but because he’s able to see the long con of it all.


2nd Story is on Michael Phelps latest Gold Medal wins, Adam is complementing the physiques of the swimmers who are now super built dudes, ala the Thunder from Down Under and Adam says they make him feel badly about his dad-body.

Adam doesn’t want everyone to plays a sport to look great with their shirts off.

Todd mentions Steel Johnson the American diver and Adam jokes about him coming out of the closet, Adam says that if he came out they would just start calling him by his last name.


3rd Story is on the American Gymnastics Team, Adam is now setting up an improv scene with BB playing Michael Phelps, asking him what happened the 3 times he didn’t get a gold medal.

Adam is telling him the 3 losses will always be there and BB as Phelps is now trying to blame his partners in a relay event, Adam is now revealing he’s a cub reporter from ‘Downer Magazine’ a subsidy of Bummer Inc.

Adam says they go right to page 2, they don’t have a page 1 and they wrap up the fun interview where Phelps could give you a detailed breakdown of what happened those three times.


Gina is back to the Gymnastics story, Gina shares a clip of the uneven bars, Adam riffs about parallel and uneven bars.

Adam says the gymnastics gals are getting so striated and ripped they are veering on the side of un-bang-able, BB and Gina reminds him that they’re mostly underage, Adam is skipping past that with hilarious delivery.


4th Story is on the sudden color change of the Olympic pool, Gina has the details and Adam is telling them about his barber asking him about what kind of shampoo he uses.

Adam says not since his dentists asked him if he dipped has he been so insulted.


5th Story is on Capybaras’ taking over the golf courses in Rio, Adam and BB have a killer riff.

Adam jokes about using the special Olympics to test a new market for the Olympic games, send the special kids their first.

“those kids don’t care what color the pool is, they’re just happy to have a hug and be pushed off…” – Adam

Adam jokes about the special Olympic divers having a little trouble squeezing the trigger and needing someone to push them.


Dawson now sets up a pre-interview conversation for Brazil and The Olympics, he made a comedy bit for the show.

Adam has a few chuckles, Dawson’s delivery is flawless and the production sounds rich.

BB has a funny reaction to the bit, solid.

I hope Dawson does more of these.


Life Lock Live Read

Phil enters the studio and everyone has to pick up their keys and purses edition

Todd is asking about Phil and his pedigree, Adam comments on finding him passed out in a bathtub this morning.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show

BB has a clip of Todd talking about Steel Johnson to close things out.