Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/11/2015 – John Rhys-Davies and Peter Spencer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/11/2015 – John Rhys-Davies and Peter Spencer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest John Rhys-Davies and Peter Spencer

Recorded 08-02-2015 – Release Date 08-11-2015

Production Number #1630

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Adam explains that this is the dark week of shows, he welcomes John and Peter to the show making their ACS debuts.

Adam is asking John about his journey and tries to conjure the combined trillions (billions) his films have grossed at the box office.

Adam is asking John about his early life during WWII, Adam says the one thing he learned from all of the stuff he’s seen on the war is not to open a ball bearing factory, as they’re often targets.


Adam is sharing his take on the Anne Frank story and says he wants to find the great grandchildren of the person who dropped the dime on her.

Adam is giving his take on war criminals from WWII and has a nuanced thought process on the unwilling or victims of circumstance.

John is crushing it, he’s now bringing up the Ayatollah and the elimination of Israel, Adam is sharing his take on the Jewish people while clarifying that he isn’t of the faith, Peter is now commenting on the resentment against the Jewish people.


Adam is asking about the ability to recognize evil, Adam is now explaining how he wants to take a page out of the Jewish playbook to improve things for himself and everyone else.

Peter has some insightful comments and John is being honest about the way Christianity has been nearly wiped out across Africa, Adam says he likes judging and is making it clear he’s not a Cultural Relativist.

John is agreeing with Adam and he’s got a smart pilot using their judgement to avoid and accident.


Adam is saying he’s a hero, sarcastically and asks John about getting the sane nations on board for judging these evil cultures.

Adam has a great transition to a live read.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Post Apocalypse intro, bonding over a love of cars with John.

Adam brags about going to the Goodwood Festival and John echoes Adam’s take on the reaction seeing that many pricey cars can cause, re: loins.


Adam is asking John about what cars he owns and they’re now talking about roads and driving the UK vs. the US.

Adam tells John he’s got some cars if he’s looking, BB is now in the mix and they’re talking about the war museum.

Adam is asking John about his time in Africa as a boy, he explains his father was working there as a policeman and now Adam is making a point about how it bothers him that this country acts as if it invented racism and slavery.


Adam is asking John why American kicks the shit out of itself for this stuff and what his experiences with racism has been across the globe.

John has a few examples, he explains an almost evolutionary element of human nature, regarding tribal relationships.

Someone’s phone is going off, Johns.


Adam is now sharing his black guy vs. white guy boxing match rooting theory for the inherent “like me” quality human beings have.

Adam is now riffing about boxers and fighters having pictures of their kids on their body, he jokes about their kids being punched and hit, funny riff!

John is now sharing some more wisdom, this is great.

Gina has a solid question about Margaret Thatcher changing his political views, John is now sharing a very detailed story of how it all went down.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam has Gary get him a tweet of a Mazda car on the dyno, he explains what a dynamometer is to Gina.

Adam plugs their movie, BB asks about some stories from the set(s) of Indiana Jones, John has an anecdote, Adam interrupts and he hesitates to finish, Gina gets him to get back in, nice.

Adam is talking about the movie ‘1941’ and how it was a flop, John is telling them about being cast in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and his first reaction to ‘E.T.’ and now Adam is asking why everyone is such a dick about other projects. He shares his reaction to ‘Argo’ upon hearing about it being made by Ben.


Adam is trying to get Gary to find it, he once again says he didn’t favorite the tweet but he should be able to find it online.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on ACT and SAT scores not being required at Georgetown University… she’s interrupted for some footage of a Mazda race car on the Dyno.

Gina explains the testing requirement was dropped as they’re not as important as they used to be, Adam isn’t for this and says not everybody needs college nor would be good for it.

John ways in, Adam says he would rather have a beer with someone other than Thatcher, calling back the earlier conversation.


2nd Story is on the UV repellent paint being put outside of San Francisco to discourage public urination.

They’re all discussing it.


3rd Story is on the kosher food stand being added to Dodger Stadium

Adam is excited for a solid dog to be added, he would walk the extra length to get the superior dog.


4th Story is on a study that states men become sexist after the birth of their first baby

Gina has the details, Adam asks why it’s sexist to look at someone as a great mom, he explains it to John, why it’s considered sexist here.

Adam is talking about producer Angie at the KLSX show and how he viewed her before and after his kids were born.

Adam declares this as stupid, asks if it’s form Huffpo and moves on.


5th Story is on the new coffee vaporizer

Adam predicts some group of fanatics will be banning this shortly, after San Francisco is done with their piss-wall they’ll move onto this.

Adam is now ranting and explains that if you suck on anything there is a group that will prevent you from inhaling anything, he gets a “the more you know” sound drop.


Gina mentions a story about a bar where you inhale the alcohol ion the room.


Adam is doing a Live Read


6th Story is about a man suing ‘in and Out Burger’ after being given meth on the bottom of his soda cup, Adam is telling them about cleaning carpets, he’s sharing the ‘Russian Tea Room’ story of the time they ate some desserts and Chris smuggled the éclairs into the tank of the equipment they used.

Adam is now riffing about offering a free version of the thing that poisoned someone is not usually the best move, Adam has Gina wrap the news.


Adam is dong a Legal zoom live Read

BB closes the show with the drop of JRD saying ‘It makes your loins throb” regarding the Goodwood Festival in England.