Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/11/2014 – Clint Howard

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/11/2014 – Clint Howard

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Clint Howard

Recorded 07-20-2014 – Release Date 08-11-2014

Production Number #1373

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Adam is opening the show with Clint Howard joining the show for hi ACS debut, Adam explains this was a pre-taped vacation week and BB has a solid #TopDrop, Adam shares some off air chatter and compliments from the great Clint Howard.

Alison tells them about her honeymoon and Adam brings up the Brady Bunch he’s been watching lately, he’s sharing how he saw an episode from 1969 and then another from the last season in 1974 and how things had changed style wise in just 5 years.

Adam is mocking the belts of the era and how insane they were, Adam is now asking when have things changed more between eras, 2009 to now not much has changed, there all commenting on the summer of love and how grunge doesn’t quote compare.


Adam is now commenting on the changes even further and what he appreciated about Alice, her role and uniform.

Adam is now asking for season 1 Greg Brady and the last season and he’s commenting on Carol Brady chopping up food for dinner in act 1, sewing in act 2 and act 3 watering plants, she needed busy work while her husband was gone all day.

Alison wants to know the context of this viewing.


Adam is bringing up all of the things about the show that made him sad about his own family and lack of options and vacations.

Adam is now doing a live read for and brings up his Dasani water, Ace don’t drink that shit they put things into it to make you not get fully hydrated, also it’s just shitty tap water, drink hose water instead!

Adam is now bringing up the Right Wing Abortion/Morning after Pill hypocrisy and he’s commenting on the photo that Gary found and Alison has a funny period one liner, Alison is calling for a dedicated Brady intern.


Adam is bringing up the left version of that is the E-Cigarette, the hypocrisy that shows it’s about an agenda of trying to keep people from activities they don’t approve of, Adam is sharing his natural gas theory on how if it was called natural wind every 4rd car would be running off of it.

Adam is now mocking “The Science isn’t in” for birth control and for water vapor.

Adam just wants honesty in their approach, Alison is explaining the abortifacient argument on the morning after pill, because of its theoretical possibility of preventing implantation, she fails to mention that many people against the medicine willingly took other non-reproductive meds that for sure prevent implantation and the hypocrisy that many of the most strident right to lifers have a thousand “mini abortions” (their logic) while trying to control others.


Adam is sharing his love of deviled eggs that he had as an appetizer when he went out recently, he compliments the use of paprika on them and how there is no better use of the spice in all of cooking.

Adam says we got rid of deviled eggs and replaced them with passion fruit and Alison mocks the invitation for him Alison being lost when BB mentions his pool party and cookout with Christy.

Adam is saying he wants to invade the secret bunker where people decide what foods stick around and which vanish.


Adam is bringing up vegetarian who hate eggs, no way man, I am a lifelong vegetarian (unwilling due to drowning and dying as an infant) I love egg salad like a motherfucker.

Adam is now advocating egg salad with cheese and egg bread for egg on egg crime, Adam is sharing how he demanded the identities of the vegetarians on set and how he demanded a head count to not over represent them.

Adam says that people on set doing the hard work are never vegetarian, he is arguing against affirmative action for vegans and vegetarians.


BB is now praising the Caprese sandwich, I hate it, it is a gigantic herb and Adam says what happens is people end up picking off the toppings and skip the bread.

Alison is talking about people ordering bagels “Scooped” and Adam jokes about us feeding Africa with our food remnants, BB brings up dabbing pizza, who are these monsters!

They’re taking a break.


They’re back from break with Clint Howard making his debut.

Adam talks about following Clint’s career over the decades and they’re talking about white belts and Adam is bringing up watching Ron Howard’s Biography special and is asking him about the Valley in the era when he was growing up.

Clint talks about his father Vance and his active work schedule, he mentions his mom’s passing and Adam brings up Gentle Ben.


Clint is telling them about his childhood acting and how Ron got into it as well, Adam is asking about their mom and her background, Dennis Weaver actually put his parents together in a scene workshop before they met again and ended up getting married.

Adam is now asking about the “Lean Years” for their careers, Clint shares that he was never on set with a welfare worker and Adam jokes about the dudes being tight, Clint gets him to stop, gold!

Adam is bringing up the evolution of Ron’s career and the relationship between Ron and Clint, how they managed to stay close for so long, he’s sharing the wisdom of his father Vance who told them to knock it off as they would want to be friends as adults.


Clint says his brother is a hall of fame director and a better big brother, awwwww!

Clint and BB have some Baseball player fun and now they’re discussing “Nightshift” and what it did for everyone’s career, Adam says it’s a funny movie that doesn’t show up on cable.

BB just had Clint list off the movies Ron has not cast him in, Clint knows them well and he explains how Ron will not hire him where he doesn’t fit and how he couldn’t use nepotism to kiss him in nor his father for some projects.


Adam is bringing up how his sister wanted a gig on his sitcom despite not being in the union and Adam says that “No one is really the boss” and Clint is now explaining how decorum does not involve ramming relatives down the throats of everyone else on set.

Adam and BB reference the Brain Tumor crying during production story of Adam’s sitcom and now Clint is asking about Adam’s relationship with his sitter.

Clint is now telling a story from the set of “Backdraft” and how Brian Grazer came around on him with a very sweet comment after he knocked it out of the park.


Clint is now telling them about working on a movie “Senior Skip Day” and the improve scene he did with Larry Miller that he still relishes today.

Clint is bringing up some character actors he thought would have really long careers but ended up giving up the dream.


Adam is now doing a live read for Blue Apron.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the death of James Garner, Adam is asking Clint about James being a contemporary of his father Vance, Clint says he was an early pioneer of movie stars moving to TV and Adam compliments his masculinity that is quite different than someone like Dwayne the Rock Johnson and how it’s an immature version of masculinity.

Alison is bringing up the Manscaping argument from her show and Adam has a killer reply to Clint misspeaking and saying tweezers.

Adam is now giving an example of the versions that men and women prefer of each other, buxom women but not big fake titties, real tan vs. orange dye on your skin.


Adam is now bringing up plastic surgery and drawing a great comparison to money, if earned we appreciate it, if it’s from mommy and daddy or a surgeon’s scalpel we don’t like it and judge people.

Clint is telling them about the nose plugs for his role in a “comedy” and Adam is trying to figure out what movie it was and is now moving on asking about the 5 best movies his brother Ron made.

They’re all singing the praises of “Parenthood” and the honest and truth in the film, Clint is telling them about how there were 0 re-writes on set and the truth was on the paper, ready to film.


Adam is praising Keanu Reeves work in the movie and BB brings up Clint’s “He’s got no business” line from the movie.

Clint is sharing how he has been considering his own career transition to directing and getting him to list the reaming favorites including Rush and Ron’s favorite “The Paper” amongst his top 3 he’s done.

Adam jokes about the next movie he’s doing that Clint isn’t in, Clint explains the possible true store behind “Moby Dick” and Adam cites “Master and Commander” and how much he loves things set at sea.


Clint is explaining how the movie rolls and he’s seen it already, he’s citing the cannibalism and work of Chris Hemsworth, they shot it under budget and under schedule, it won’t be ready until next year.

Alison is asking what happens when a movie comes in under budget and Adam is trying to figure out what it means and how it helps you, it’s for the next project.

Adam is getting Clint to guess the budget, he says he never asks Ron and now Clint is praising the podcasting industry and commenting on the evolution of the changing business of entertainment.


Adam is bringing up the bygone era of “development and holding deals” and the guys he knew who would get paid for never getting thing on air, Adam explains that someone figured it out and the industry fundamentally changed.

Adam promises to cast Clint in his next movie after Road Hard, you must!


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.

Adam is wrapping up the show, Clint has no plugs and just wanted to say Hi, got to love that dude, great guest have him back ASAP!