Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/10/2016 – Alex Arato

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/10/2016 – Alex Arato

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alex Arato

Recorded 08-09-2016 – Release Date 08-10-2016

Production Number #1882

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Adam tells the gang about his buddy Alex Arato who is sitting in for a show, BB has a drop of Adam’s buddy Ray as today’s #TopDrop.

Alex is now sharing his side of the story of the time he bought Ray Fat burger, for the 1000th time, he was mad about not getting a double king cheese and so Ray urinated on him from the passenger seat.

Alex is confirming everything Adam ever said about this story, Alex shares how Ray couldn’t understand Alex’s rage about the situation, Adam says he remembers that Ray was indignant.


Alex says they would have better been bale to communicate if they were speaking different languages and Alex presumes Ray would still not understand what he did to deserve being kicked out.

Adam has a story of Chris and a giant beer being thrown in his face, Alex explains the differences between Ray and Chris.

BB asks if Alex thinks his experiences with Ray made him a better attorney, he thinks a better parent perhaps.


Adam is asking him about any stories he might be missing out on, Adam says Alex was one of the good ones and he didn’t dirty his hands for some of the most insidious of acts the rest of the guys engaged in.

Alex was not any part of Ray’s solid waste shenanigans; he says in reading the books he has to confirm that every word in the books in particular ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ is in fact true.

Adam is talking Alex’s house and the way they would have to ask if parents were around before they relaxed or mooched.


Adam shares the story of the time he farted over Alex’s mother who was sitting on the couch and then asked if she was around only to see a hand rise form said couch he just farted near.

Alex says Ray was the German Sheppard in a Jewish house, Alex shares the story of them hiding Danish from Ray, they had to keep moving the hiding spot which was part of the genesis of the DTR parties, Adam says it was also the inspiration for Christoph Waltz in the opening seen of ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and Adam sets up a life changing moment shared with Alex.


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Adam says this is a story he’s never shared, BB says that in a movie version of this scene an angle or fairy would appear over Alex’s shoulder and tell him he will be the 2nd most successful person in that car.

Adam is now sharing the exchange, he says that Alex and Carl both took him aside and asked him what was up, what the plan was.

Adam says they were giving him tough love and asking him about his plan, Adam was devastated by the exchange and BB asks some follow ups, Gina asks if they pulled a ‘Good Will Hunting’ on him.


Alex remembers that conversation, they joke about the Danish consumption of the Arato family once the kids went to college and Ray and the boys were no longer mooching.

Alex is sharing how he was approaching it and how Adam quitting community college seemed like giving up, there was no plan.

Alex says there was never a conversation about Adam getting into comedy, they never thought they were around “comedy gold” and Alex says he shares Adam’s story about his time in ‘The Groundlings’ and then helped launch ‘The ACME theater’ and build it.


Alex recalls Adam house sitting for him around the time of the Michael the Maintenance Man vs. Jimmy Kimmel boxing math, Alex says Adam’s roll up his sleeves initiative is what he shares with other people and has some solid logic about what could have happened had things gone differently.

Adam talks about Ray pocketing his mom’s lunch money and saving it, getting Alex to buy him lunch instead so he could have 2k spending money at the end of his senior year.

Alex shares some quotes from Ray’s mother including “I didn’t give birth to you, I squeezed you out of a bar rag” and Alex says that Adam eventually didn’t need to mooch and could afford his own lunch, Alex shares how Adam would rant about what it would take for him to give Ray free food or buy him lunch.


Alex is now quoting Adam’s “government Cheese” rant about the lengths to which the universe would have to conspire to get him to buy any food for Ray.

Adam shares the “how are the hotdogs here, I wouldn’t know” exchange from Fat burger, Adam wraps up with Alex and then lets him go, gold!

Alex is the best!


BB says he never realized that Ray was brewing onto Alex, Adam is now telling BB about The Art of Brewing as famously discussed on Classic LoveLine, his buddy Chris could go about 18-19 feet.

Adam is now sharing some of the greatest details about brewing and how Chris would soak ceilings and then watch other people use urinals as they got pissed on from the soaked ceiling.

Adam is now asking people to try and pinch dick and brew their urine to fire off some practice shots in the bathroom.


Adam is saying the guys would always go for the headshot, Adam would duck.

Adam is saying it was 19 feet that Chris was able to fire out, Gina says that was very impressive and Gina asks about the time Ray loaded up his colon with the “Jacuzzi Water Gun” move.

Adam says 0 alcohol was involved, this was during business/school hours and nobody was messed up.


Adam says whatever went on at school, on campus was nowhere as eye opening an educational as what was going on around Ray.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw ‘Suicide Squad’ and Adam interrupts and says he was watching ‘National Treasure’ last night and he talks about the grip strength of the action stars in movies and adds in the length of operating time of lit torches to his unbelievable action movie clichés list.

Adam talks about trying to light a fire with Natalia’s friends’ dad while on their river rafting adventure in Oregon and Washington state.


BB is now back to the review, he goes over David’s various projects and he says Jared Leto has only about 5 ½ minutes and Viola Davis has 5x the screen time.

Gary informs them about the lawsuit about the lack of the Joker in the movie, BB explains the plot and Adam asks if this a documentary, hilarious delivery!

BB brings up the explosive devices in the necks of the criminals in the movie, Adam reminds BB Will Smith also wore an explosive collar in ‘Wild Wild West’ and BB plays a clip of the movie.

BB is so angry at this movie, so much wasted potential, Adam says he sounds like his buddies Carl and Alex.


BB is now sharing the details of this movie, he brings up the various heroes and villains and how it doesn’t make sense, the comingling of supernatural, normal action movie tropes and superheroes.

Adam is now talking about space movies and the broken rules that don’t make sense, BB brings up the backstory of Harley Quinn, Adam is now sharing the “finger pointing exploding” powers that always ruin these films for him.

BB is now saying that every choice Jared Leto makes is wrong, he makes horrible choices and Gina asks if he’s not just comparing him to the late great Heath Ledger.

Adam tells Gary to get the Joker off the screen and asks BB for a score, BB says it’s about 40% if you make him use the Rotten Tomatoes Scale.


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Q and Ace

1st Caller Eric, he asks about Mike August’s premature baby and brings up his wife who was also born prematurely, he called into the ADS to discuss it and just wants to pass onto Mike that his child will be ok.

Adam says he will tell Mike but he’s not wired that way, so he won’t tell him as he’s not wired that way either.

Eric wants to know about Formula One and the future of motorsport with the hybrid and synthetics being used in place of normal fuel and oils.


Adam says the technology works its way down to the consumers, Adam is frantically working on Paul Newman’s 1989 car, so maybe he’s the wrong guy to ask.

Adam talks about the sound of an engine and how little that will mean to future generations.

Adam says that Natalia and Lynette are at Disneyland and Sonny announced he wants to go with Adam to record the Dan Patrick show tomorrow at 04:15 A.M.


2nd Caller Fred, he has a funny callback to AIDS butler and asks Adam about the teacher’s union in Chicago who are threatening to strike after being asked to increase their own contributions to their pensions.

Fred has the insane stats and Adam is talking about progress twisting on itself, things start out with noble ideas and the take on a life of their own and become their own political movement.

Adam is bringing up Tailhook and how the scandal evolved and innocently began.


Adam is now sharing the story of the time Alex rolled his Nissan Z car, the blowhardy paramedic then stated that if Alex had a passenger he’d be dead, their buddy Robbie came out and proudly proclaimed he was riding the car.

Adam is talking about the Purity of the Nissan Z ended up a bloated mess that didn’t’ work so well, the nimble origins were past.

Adam says Mazda came in and introduced their nimble car, Adam says the 1997 Z car was the last era, then a few years later they did some soul searching and came back into the market.


Adam is going over how Nissan was able to strip off the bloat and get back to their original mission statement, the teachers union have no Miata nipping at their heels and that’s the problem.

Gary is now trying to read some prices from the last production year 1997 Nissan Z but he says Miata, is he still checking Miata numbers, Adam never said to check that cost though, Gary should interject and clarify.


3rd Caller Joe, he bought a double occupancy cabin on the cruise, now he needs someone to fill the 2nd bed and pay help him recoup his expense.

Joe says the deadline is October 1st, Joe says they need to verify that the person is trustworthy and won’t interfere.

Adam asks if Joe will let them help pick someone for him to travel with, Adam has a great talent completion angle and suggests we look for the best Calypso singer or best Christopher Walken impression, something he could enjoy.


Gina is now bragging about Joe’s impressive resume, he artificially inseminates cows, he shares how he got out of court by mentioning Mike Rowe, BB says that is the humblest of brags.

Adam is back to the Nissan Z car turbo, Gary was looking for Miata’s still, he was giving him Miata numbers the whole time.


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Gina’s News

1st Story is on Tim Tebow’s quest to make it into the MLB, Adam is now finding out the total for a Nissan Z car from 1997 and proves his point.

BB and Adam are both predicting he could play major league baseball, Gina asks about Bo Jackson and BB is talking about Dion Sanders in comparison.

Gary is on mic with some stats and Adam jokes about the Nissan Z Car.

Gary has more stats and BB brings up Charlie Ward and his career, Gina asks more about him and Adam is talking about a physique vs. athleticism, it’s never about the muscles you can see.


2nd Story is on a woman who backed on top of a 300K Ferrari while attempting to parallel park her Mercedes, Gina has the details and says it happened a meeting of local car enthusiasts.

Adam thinks they could have the car moved by driving off of it, Adam is saying he doesn’t think she needed to get out and walk away from her mistake.

Adam is now using baseball as an analogy for the average person, Gina asks if you can’t parallel park a car why are you driving, Adam says most people have been senses and spatial relations.


3rd Story is on Delta Airlines system outage, Gina has all of the details and Adam is now explaining how the movie policy changed the day Adam ranted about the in-flight movies and the royalties from them.

Adam is talking about the grid and attacking that, what a weapon that can be and how it could f us all up, in response to Gina telling him about the power outage.

Gina has a major bank hacking cyber-attack angle and Adam jokes about putting all your money in Newman cars to protect yourself from bank fraud.


4th Story is a follow up on Clint Eastwood responding to the controversy over his pussy generation comments, Adam is in agreement and laments the lack of the America he grew up hearing about.

Adam is talking about dudes fighting in traffic and how at some point the stories changed, instead of “here’s what almost happened” it became “this guy got out of his car, I called 911, I pushed my girlfriend out of the sunroof…” and he makes a larger point about people declaring themselves pussies and such as protesting Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on their college campus.

Adam says people used to embellish their resume, he likes self-deprecating but this going to another place, Adam says at his age he can’t understand it and Clint is older and really can’t understand it.


5th Story is on new an alternative grades, non-economic factors, Grit, emotional learning and behavior.

Adam says it’s the #1 factor for success, he says that the problem with the message of systemic racism keeps people from trying, nobody tries to win a rigged game, Adam would like people to work the grit angle and focus on that to get ahead.

Adam says that Grit could get you into trouble in other countries, like if you start your own newspaper, here in this country Grit works and people should embrace it.


Adam is riffing about sandpaper, echoing back to his opening joke from the start of the story.

Gary is on mic and he uses some personal experience to inform Adam, of the varieties of sandpaper grit and BB has a telling comment that Gary tops nicely.


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Gary is back on mic and giving Adam more info on sand paper, Gina says it wasn’t until this show that she realized there were different grits of sandpaper.

Gina wraps the news.


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Rob took Phil over to the other shop so they can’t bring him into the studio as they wrap things up.

Adam is now giving out some plugs and he wraps up the show, BB has a clip of Gina impersonating every model ever.