Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/09/2016 – Donald Faison, Matt Senreich, and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/09/2016 – Donald Faison, Matt Senreich, and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Donald Faison, Matt Senreich, and Jo Koy

Recorded 08-08-2016 – Release Date 08-09-2016

Production Number #1880

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This episode was live streamed on Facebook.

Adam opens the show to a great “gold medal person who came from a bronze medal family” intro, BB has a drop of Gina impersonating her mother talking about how funny Adam is for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show, he calls him Joy again, for reals!


Jo calls him on it and Adam tells him to just roll with it, he mixes up the history of ‘That 70’s Show’ (Teenage Wasteland) and the order of the name, but he does get some details correct.

Adam is telling Jo to go with the easier choice, Adam is saying he’s trying to figure out what’s least attractive to him in other human beings, what he doesn’t want to hang out with.

Adam says it’s bummers that he no longer wants to see, he’s now basically quoting his mom, he says his mom is this way and it’s a metaphor for life.


Adam says that it’s the same thing with employees who whine about being broke and don’t ask for a raise, Gina says these people are victims and Adam says they are chipping away at you always, they’re trying to scrape a little off your block/cheese wheel with each encounter.

Adam is now giving a Clippers game example and BB asks if these people have a scoreboard in their minds, constantly keeping track of this nonsense.

Adam says his mom does this and all it does is make him want to move to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, he’s quoting his mom, he tells her to bring a 6 pack and come over and crank the Ted Nugent, don’t send him a guilt trip message.


Adam shares how he feels that if you want something out of life, show up with your own mill and grind some cheese on their pasta, don’t try to shave off their parmesan.

Jo brings up the friend who sucks and always brings down a group, he has a hypothetical example and is trying to not get caught by said person he’s talking about.

Jo says the person wants the commercials muted during the game and he prefers to hear them, Adam says “rape” his children, the gang are riffing with him about saying raise vs. rape and he hides behind his “voice and diction” classes, hilarious bit.


Adam says “when I rape my children” again and he further brags about his psychology class at L.A. Valley college, saying they’re all hearing rape as they’re preoccupied with it.

Adam says that these people are such fractured human being that by alerting them to their patterns they will only then use that against you too.

Adam is now quoting his wife and her friend with the “he’s fast” comments and his proclamation that you got to be smarter than a dog, your way is saying the dog is better than you and there is no getting around it.


Adam is now sharing his comments and how he told them to not get defensive and he further shares Lynette’s friend who was saying she’s not that person who gets super defensive about a topic.

Adam is back to the world’s smallest violin and how it won’t get you anywhere with him.

Gina asks Adam about breaking up with a friend, oooooooh!

Gina quickly tells them about 3 different times she had to remove someone from her life, Adam is talking about scaling down a relationship, you hit it with some bullshit chemo and live with the condition.


Jo is calling Adam out on working critiques about his cast mates into today’s rants, Adam is saying he has a great respect for BB, hilarious!

Adam keeps mixing up words intentionally, funny riff.

BB says in short douches are fun, Adam says dudes who want to do shots in the right situation, you love that dude!


Adam is back to his days driving into Ensenada, through surf towns.

Adam is describing this shitfaced surfer shaking his dick all over stage, he was fully blacked out, too bad his dick wasn’t blacked out.

Adam is saying sadly he was doing the helicopter move with the tail rotor blade.


Adam is sharing how he overheard the surfer getting shit the neck day and then Adam and the boys walked by and recognized him intentionally to make his friends lose their shit, hilarious irony.


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Adam just fired up the Newman Race Car, it’s violent and he loves it!


Adam has some plugs for Joy, Jo tells Adam about his shows in Thunder Valley and wants to say something else about the downer guy or the person with bad breath who is intrusive and awful.

Jo says he will roll his window down in the car, he had a friend who would remove is crown and clean it then replace it.

Jo talks about tonsil balls and Adam jokes about it being a gay move, Gina asks Jo about his tonsil balls and BB says save it for the Koy Pond along with Adam.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

1st Tweet one decaf/one regular coffee packet in a hotel room, Adam is saying decaf people don’t need it, it’s not an imperative unlike the caffeine consuming folk who need to get their shit balanced out.

Adam says vegans on the film crew or on the road can either fuck themselves or kill themselves, stop fucking with him based on their horrible decision in life.

Adam is having Gary give the stats on decaf consumption in America, it’s about 16 out of 100 who like it.


BB is commenting on the pregnant women who avoid caffeine, he would have never thought of it before he had a kid on the way, never thought of it, really!?
Decaf – “it can wait” – BB and Adam


Q and Ace

1st Caller Shawn, he’s calling about a local governor who had a plane to shame deadbeat dads on social media.

Adam says that anytime someone makes their problem into societies’ problem, Adam says we are ignoring the initial crime or flaw that leads to someone having to make things right.

Adam says the greatest attack on this society is unwanted kids, he cites all of the lists of things society shames people about.

Adam talks about how we shame smokers much more than people who abandon their kids, we need to do all of the shaming humanly possible.


BB brings up how they put out the list of all of the local people who didn’t decrease water consumption enough during the drought.

Adam is mixing up ‘Dr. Who ‘and ‘Dr. No’ and then brings up ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ his other show, which he refers to as ‘AbFab’ and they move on.


2nd Caller Jonathan wants to know why chicks in white shorts look so much hotter, Gina brings up the anal cleft and Adam jokes about that being the worst Reggae singer of all time, gold!

Adam agrees with Jonathan, everyone is weighing in and Jo says the cut off jean shorts are masculine and the white shorts are superior.

Jo is now fake Jonathan and Adam cuts off the real Jonathan to talk to the fake version, Jo is killing it as this great character, he’s pervy and wonderful!


Fake Jonathan is asking Adam about stinky feet, telling him about his Astro van and his pet ferret, Jo does a killer white guy impression.

BB rings the school bell and Fake Jonathan is revealed to be creeping around the campus, trying to pick up kids to abuse.


3rd Caller Tom, he had better play his cards right or else Jo will become him too, Tom wants to know about the Olympics, what 3 sports would Adam remove and what would he replace them with if given the power to do so.

Adam brings up the 3 women’s sports going simultaneously, soccer and basketball, not enough sport for one stage, Adam says any sport they have to split it’s the network admitting that two eyeballs is one too many for this sport.

Adam is still 100% bored but 50% of the time, Adam is saying not the breaking away footage, the dual screen broadcasts.

Adam says he would replace the sports with missing children, ala his off day for Charles Schulz ‘Peanuts’ strip idea.


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Adam and Jo are talking about the ultimate sport/winner element of MMA and get into it about Olympic boxing, Jo has a funny idea for a new competition to see who is truly the best.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up with Jo; they head to break.


They’re back form break with a Listener Voicemail; Adam hates the “Got ___” ad campaigns ripping off the “Got Milk” ads from the 90’s.

Donald is making his triumphant return to the ACS, he previously guested on ACS #734

Matt is making his ACS debut and they joke about them being the big stars from the cast of their news show ‘Super Mansion.’


Adam is now sharing is “air hockey” cool guy’s office theory, based on Pixar and the Family Guy studios.

Gary is on mic and they’re riffing about fancy offices, Matt is telling them about the booze they have in the walls at Pixar, he asks Adam why he was there, Adam mocks him for the question.

Adam says someone was a fan or something and they worked it out, well…


Adam is telling Donald about the neighborhood that Pixar has built around it’s campus, inserting a better place into a not so nice part of town.

Adam jokes about getting ‘Heart’ to play live at your work and Donald is eager to go work there to get some cool artists to perform for him, hilarious ‘New Edition’ and ‘Boyz II Men’ references.


They’re talking about working with Bryan Cranston on ‘Super Mansion’ which then led to them getting bigger name stars for the show.

Adam says his #1 guy for getting laid by hot chicks who isn’t much is Tyga.


Adam is saying that oddly enough the ultimate star fuckers are stars, BB has the more you drop from NBC and Adam says he likes Tyga who he presumably is familiar from his nightly TMZ viewing.

BB has a drop of Gary saying “Young Money, Cash Money” and Adam is giving Donald and Matthew a lesson in his personal history and how he intersects with the Kardashians.

Adam says he’s looking at Tyga wondering if he’s attractive, if he was a shoe would be crocs, he doesn’t look good but he’s got a look.


Adam is back to Tyga’s dating history, Donald asks if they’re allowed to say which Kardashian after Gina says it with a strange inflection, Adam talks about Tyga and Kylie’s conscious uncoupling.

Adam says he moved onto a smoking “blast furnace hot chick” and he is further describing the David Spade theory where a guy can get with one hot chick and then cash it in endless times down the road with even hotter chicks.

Matthew shares how they landed the cast of ‘Scooby Doo’ and other big names for early ‘Robot Chicken’ sketches thanks to Seth Green’s various costars, he says that doing that early has led to celebrities wanting to contribute to the show.


Adam talks about the time Eminem insisted on being on ‘Crank Yankers’ and he shares how Em sprung for lunch and had them go out for Taco Bell, he jokes about the man’s range.


Adam says you get to be a cool show and it only leads to other people wanting to work with you, Matthew says that Chris Pine loves being cast in comedy which has led to ‘Super Mansion’ and their Emmy nominations.

Adam is asking about ‘Super Mansion’ and Adam says it’s never been a better time to be in entrainment, people cross pollinate from movies to TV, everyone is doing everything.

Adam says the stigma is gone and Donald says people want to work now, he says there are only 5 movie stars on earth, everyone else needs work too.


Matt shares how they ran into the cast of ‘The 100’ at Comic Con who now all have agreed to be on the show, they approached him to ask even.


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They returned Ray’s identity, he was hurting the thieves FICO score edition


Gina’s News

Donald rocks out the news theme for those who didn’t get to see the Facebook stream

1st Story is on the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Gina has the details on the American medal count and Adam asks if we have a medal GPA, Adam wants a formula to figure out what you’re rated as a country based on your medal count.

Adam says he is such a douche he was cheering for Phelps to win his 128th gold medal over his competitors who have never one, Adam says that if Michael got in the pool with half of his medals he would drown.

Adam would like to see Phelps be forced to swim with his gold medals around his neck, he would drown and vanish forever, Gina tells Adam it was his 19th gold medal.


Gina tells them about Katie Ledecky smashing her own world record, Gina has a clip of her success.

Adam is talking about the female swimmers, they always have amazing bodies but their faces are just off a bit, they have to be, they don’t have the same options.

Adam is riffing about Charlize Theron being talked into swimming at an Olympic level, hilarious Adam trying to wake her from bed to rouse her to the pool before school, solid improv scene.

BB keeps moaning and saying aw like Adam is out of line.


BB says God damn it Natalie Coughlin listens to the show, Adam says not her, BB is the one to bring her up and BB has a killer “sleep on your face for a few years” one liner, holy shit.

ACS #158 (feat. Natalie Coughlin)

Gina has the rest of the medals and information, bringing up the Williams sisters doubles match and the women’s 10-meter air rifle.


Donald’s reaction to Virginia Thrasher’s picture is priceless, quick pool joke and the move on.

BB thinks that the 10-meter air rifle would be the go to competition for someone untrained to medal in the games, it’s the one he would pick.

Gina is now impersonating Virginia; Adam is walking her through a funny improv scene where he comically mistakes what activity she medaled in.


“the target which as to be like a mouse’s taint” – Adam on the 10-meter air rifle

They’re all riffing about how unimpressive the air rifle competition is.


2nd Story is on team Refugee, she has the details and explains that Yusra Mardini is getting a lot of attention and BB reference the movie ‘The Terminal’ and Gina explains the refugee team to Adam.

Adam has a killer “got to climb the wall, smuggled in the fuel tank of a truck” and BB once again admonishes Adam then gets in an even racier joke.

Gina has the details on Yusra and her perilous escape from her country of origin, Adam reacts to her harrowing story and Adam is trying not to be a 1 upper, he says his family put him the front of the raft while white water rafting, he had just eaten food and could’ve risked cramping.


Gina’s reactions are almost too realistic, she’s too good at acting in her reply to Adam, solid!

Dam says he would get her together with the air rifle chick to see how many other refugee boats they can take out.


Gina has a clip from an interview with Yusra about overcoming adversity, BB has a telling stifled laugh noise when Yusra contradicts herself in the same sentence, BB has a drop of Sonny saying “what are you talking about” and BB has no sympathy for a bombed out pool.

Gina says noted BB, Adam jokes about the people who want to skate the pool in the off season, what all of those skater Syrians?


3rd Story is on some of the negative aspect of the games in RIO, the hardships about the team members and competitors.

Adam interrupts to talk about how bummed out he was about the conditions and how the athletes are being treated, Adam feels weird cheering them on, he feels like he’s participating in a morally bankrupt event.

Gina days the IOC seem like a criminal enterprise after seeing the Real Sports segment on the committee.


4th Story is on the political and religious disagreements between countries, she has the details on Lebanon and Israel and Adam is now riffing about tear gas and how often the canisters are thrown back at whomever fired the gas.

Adam says he would tape $20 bucks to the tears gas can and when they would send it back he would mock them for overlooking all of the free cash, his idea to better tear gas people.

Gina is telling them about Israel approaching the bus with Lebanese team who refused to let the Jewish people board the same transportation they were on.


Adam is now talking about having childhood friends who always get into trouble, which turns into the guy who often gets in a fight when he goes out, you realize that guy likes fighting, most guys avoid it at all costs, fighting ruins their day.

Adam is making a larger point and analogy about the middle east and Muslim people and how the middle east is every dickhead we all went to high school with and now they’re all in the same high school.

Adam is now riffing about how the middle easterners only want to get into it, changing the cafeteria menu will never appease them, regardless of what they say, they love to fight and nothing will quench that desire.


Gina has the details of the Israelis then being asked not to make a big deal about it, Adam wonders if we shouldn’t cut them more slack in light of the Munich games and what happened there.

Adam has a killer “when did haggling become a sport, see how man nickels you can pick up in under a minute” one liner and he learns that there were 11 deaths in Munich, cut them some slack and be nice to them.


5th Story is on a kayaker whose boat was capsized when it hit a sofa discarded in the water, BB has a funny ‘how he became the Joker” one liner and Adam says it was a bad day of the guy whose living room he kayaked into.

Adam says you can tell a lot about a people by how trey treat their old discarded sofas, BB has funny ‘Clueless’ one liner.


6th Story is on some NBA athletes “accidentally” visiting a local brothel, a famous brothel.

Gina has the names, a whole lot of D names in the group as Donald observes as well.

They’re all riffing about the players being sent home and how that would even out the games, Adam is riffing about being charged more to get massaged based on your size and height.

Adam says the NBA players cock and balls have to be confused by not getting blown after flying on airplanes, Hilarious impression of an NBA player’s cock from Adam.

Gina wraps the news with a drop from Sonny.


Adam says his daughter was explaining that her ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ comment led to a book tittle, so she has her own money generator too, neither of them will see a piece of the cash.


Bark Box Live Read

Adam cannot pick his dog up anymore, no more weighing him by holding him in his arms.


Adam plugs Bill Engvall’s ‘My Town Cents’ podcast, Adam says his buddy, have they ever hung out though?

Adam gives out the plugs and Donald puts out a plug for a ‘Walking Dead’ episode of Robot Chicken, it’s a special launching the 9th season, Adam asks if they have a date for that and Matthew says sometime next summer, Adam closes out the show.

BB has a solid Jo Koy drop “Hey Man You Suck!” that he slips in before Dawson’s closing remakrs.