Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/09/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 262

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/09/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 262

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-02-2015 – Release Date 08-09-2015

Production Number #262 – The Boner Clock

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and Drew is bringing up how hard his son is working, he addresses Adam criticizing his parenting style and his prediction of eating disorders, which Adam reminds him did come to pass.

Adam and Drew are joking about sucking cock, funny riff.

Adam is telling Drew about the experience of travel and how foreign it was for him when he first went with Jimmy to travel to NYC for KROQ.


Adam is talking about experiences and Drew makes a point about apprenticeships, Adam shares something told to him by Matt D’andria on Carcast, the most recent episode Season 7 Episode 31.

Adam is making a larger point about life lessons on getting ahead, stuff as basic as getting a credit card in order to travel, get plane tickets and a rental car etc.

Drew brings up Immanuel Kant and it leads to a funny riff from Adam, Adam is talking about the haves and the have nots, Adam says there is no difference between nothing and something if you don’t have a motor to use it.


Drew is bringing up his financial abuse, he clarifies emotional financial abuse.

Adam says he didn’t grow up around the emotional part but there was no money and being poor was the reason for everything being impossible when he was a kid.

Adam talks about being poor for most of his adult life and still being able to go out to eat if he wanted to, he could figure it out.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam and Drew are define paranoia edition


Adam is telling Drew about taking his dad to the other shop for the first, possibly last time of his life.

Adam says he showed him all of the stuff his dad was unable to achieve nor acquire, Adam explained to him how you just scrape away.


Adam is complimenting his wife and her level of energy put into the Mangria business with, he brings up how he asked her about it 3 years ago and she admitted she didn’t know what to do but now she does.

Adam says he would’ve helped her and is now making a point about society and politicians not sending the messages of hard work, education and family.

Adam says that Huffpo should pick a topic like Gravity to argue in lieu of those 3 easy solutions he knows are true and plausible.


Adam is now making a point about the Huffpo/leftist stance of trying to treat the wounded while he’s focused on preventing creating more wounded people before he wants to focus on fixing things for those already affected.

Don’t focus on the water damage while the pipe is still burst open as it were.

Adam and Drew do another lap.


Drew is doing a Live Read for


1st Caller Santino, he’s 31 and was married for one day. He lost his wife to stomach cancer.

Adam is now breaking down the beats of his story, Adam is asking him about their child and find out his wife was 39 when she died.

Adam asks where the other daughter is and Drew is now telling him about the grieving process, telling him to surround himself with people he can talk to, not people with dumb “stiff upper lip” type platitudes.


2nd Caller Cena, he just bought his first condo and Adam shares his “when you can afford it, go get it!” take on buying property.

He wants to know what kind of therapy to seek out, Adam asks about online resources.

Adam says you don’t need the best therapist, you just need an open channel of communication and to start a process with.

Drew comments on recent studies about the method of therapy being secondary to the interpersonal work.


Adam is doing a Mazda live read


Drew is commenting a tweet about their caulk episode.


3rd Caller Darren, he’s telling them about his Mustang. Adam jokes about it being six way harnessing tightening time.

Adam is asking Chris Laxamana about their experiences at the races, Adam says that he found out one tire for his Newman car is 500$.

Adam talks about the lower budget level of racing and how if you want to do this, you could even on a school teacher’s budget.

Adam mocks Darren’s shit box and jokes about his fire breathing race car.


Drew is asking about Adam’s live show and Q&A they did at Lime Rock.

Darren is asking about Drew’s car, he describes blowing out all 4 tires on his Porsche SUV, Darren gets some funny digs in.

Adam shares how he thought they were getting a mug with their pictures and names on them, he says he was fitting his earplugs and connects an idea about removing the L or R to how the mugs with pictures without names is fine.

Adam and Drew riff about Jewish wedding celebrations, broke glasses in dish towels.


Adam is doing a Betterment Live Read


4th Caller, absentee dude who must masturbate whenever he gets an erection.

Adam is giving boner killing waistband advice to the audience, Gary gets on mic to confirm its efficacy.

Adam is now breaking down the boner clock, ass to the left, dick to the right.


Adam wants Drew’s theory on the average boner angle.

Adam talks about the pushback resistance of jeans, the cockjitsu at play.

Drew is explaining how erections work.


5th Caller Linda, she’s calling about the bill to eliminate the word/title of “Boss” and Adam explains why this makes sense and breaks down the broken logic behind this, the symbolic change that does nothing.

Drew is making a point about the end of authority structure and Linda has more details about the bill.

Adam says that if there is a huge turd in the punch bowl, if we can’t call it a turd and must use another term, regardless the punch is still ruined.


Adam is breaking down undocumented worker vs. illegal alien.

Adam says you don’t need to fundamentally change the greatest country on the planet, he think it needs a nip and tuck but doesn’t think it needs to be overhauled.

Always something to be done and fixed, fundamental change means something else, he comments on the first black president proposing that level of change.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Casper

Adam mocks the notion of memory foam, he doesn’t want it reporting back on his night time activities.

Adam wraps up the show, Drew booked Marc Maron for his podcast in a few weeks.