Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/08/2016 – Ben Shapiro

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/08/2016 – Ben Shapiro

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ben Shapiro

Recorded 08-07-2016 – Release Date 08-08-2016

Production Number #1879

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Adam opens the show to a topical “opening ceremonies” intro and Adam teases the arrival of Ben Shapiro; he praises him for his ballsy stance in the face of those he disagrees with.

BB has two immediate out of context drops of Ben as the co-#TopDrop of the day, Adam welcomes both BB and Gina to the show.

Adam is talking about the banned right wing pundits like Milo and Ben, even BB agrees it’s unfair.


Adam is talking about colleges getting less money in the face of the safe spaces and trigger warnings, alumni are reconsidering the notion of funding this nonsense.

It’s not worth it for them to cut checks for it, Adam brings up a recently taped and banked Greg Fitzsimmons episode, ACS #1867 set for release later this month and tapes the day after the episode with Steve Wilkos from last week.

Adam says that Greg was known as a guy with “get out of the car” level rage, Adam used to have some of that but Mike August still has it in full effect, BB jumps in too to confirm it.


Adam is bringing up the infant CPR class Mike was attending to help care for his prematurely born baby, Adam says this is not something you advertise until everyone is home and safe.

Mike was on his way to the class, BB interrupts and says he recently attended one of these as well, Adam is talking about hospitals requiring parents to attend these classes for insurance reasons.

Adam is back to the story and his phone conversation with Mike, he overheard him yelling at a guy who was standing in front of his car.


Adam heard a thud, the guy kicked the side of his car, Mike called back 3 ½ minutes later and told the guy he picked the wrong car to kick, the guy offered up some and he grabbed him and threw him to the gourd on the freeway off-ramp, holy shit!

Gina asks if Adam’s ever experienced this before and he references the story of the time Mike chased down a guy who attempted a hit and run, Gina says she couldn’t love Mike more after hearing this.

Adam is bringing up the best shot they had in the movie ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and Adam provides some live commentary over the footage, it was recorded in the 1980’s, Adam owns that car and it was put into a different body for 25-30 years since that car had been in that old-school livery, with the original paint.


Adam says the car arrived at his shop last Friday and he’s sharing it with them, he’s describing the restoration and BB asks about the engine and Adam says it’s interesting they brought it up as the brakes are no longer made.

Adam is sharing the comedy of that car, it’s an Oldsmobile and a cutlass, if he ever tells anyone that he’s told about the person’s grandma/nana who had one too.

Adam says when you race an Oldsmobile cutlass from 1987/88 it’s a different story.


Adam says a 1988 Oldsmobile is so cheap it’s less than to replace the roof with a sheet metal square.

BB asks what you do with the remaining car, Adam says he sees it every time he goes to Bodie’s shop and doesn’t know, it’s only worth about $600 now.

Adam will donate/toenate it.


Adam has studied the decals, the pictures and promotional material, Adam says Jimmy Kimmel hates coke, he means Pepsi. Jimmy hates Pepsi and loves coke but Adam mixes them up.

Adam clarifies, he goes to a live read and promises to come back and explain things.


Audible Live Read

Adam discovers 1.5x (1.25x really) speed edition


Adam is telling a story of a lunch at El Pollo Loco, Jimmy was served Pepsi and spit the contents in Adam’s face, Adam presumed a floating mouse turd or cockroach, he says Jimmy couldn’t let it cross his palate.

Adam says he will send him a photo of himself leaning against the car with the Pepsi logo, BB asks if Jimmy would take promotional money form Pepsi, Adam says no, he’s that principled, not like Adam who gleefully takes money from Mountain Dew (Nectar of the Tards) and says he’s happy to do it, who is the joke on?


“I’m going to use all of that money and but Mellow Yellow, you don’t know what I’m doing!” – Adam


Adam has Gary setup some ballsy clips of Ben Shapiro delivering his beliefs/facts in public settings against oppositional crowds.

Ben is making a great point about the fear of racism and creating it where it needn’t exist and isn’t proven to exist, Gina asks if he’s Adam’s son and BB has a funny “your son is gay” drop.

Adam is talking about pulling ivy and how it’s quietly the worst gig on the planet, what is in that ivy is a thousand years of rat shit and soot, it only comes off with a pop and it’s brittle and sharp, you just keep going, that was Adam’s first job.


Adam says he thinks Ben is arriving at the same thoughts, it’s not about feelings nor them sitting down and plotting, it’s arriving at the same conclusion due to logic and practicality.

Adam says feelings can’t be repaired when it’s not based in fact, facts are repairable.

Adam is making a point about how one can start to make a plan, Gary has another clip of Ben discussing Black Lives Matter.


True Car Live Read

Chris got his Prius reminder edition


Adam is going to head to break to get Ben in studio but BB wants to tell them about hiring a Doula today for the upcoming delivery of his and Christie’s child.

BB is saying this is a super practical doula, no Patchouli.

Adam has a dear friend whose wife went full doula and home birth, she ended up in the hospital for 4 days and the kid was also in another location, it resulted in losing the first 4 days of bonding, your own hippy ideals can kick you in the back-sack really hard some times.


BB is sharing all of the details and the options, BB chose not to cut the cord and Adam once again tells him he cut the ceremonial already cut cord, it was a secondary cutting.

BB acts like he’s never heard this before, Gina says this sounds like a shake and bake fake out, he was just being appeased.

Adam is now talking about hallway gurney push, he references lactate ringers and says he’s seen enough St. Elsewhere and Gray’s Anatomy, say what!?

He’s seen one show and is referencing another to sound current, that’s got to be it.


BB says it’s worth the money already, Christie was frightened by this whole process, she’s now excited and feels stronger and ready to do this since hiring this woman, wow.

Gary is on mic and he shares the differing options for cutting the umbilical cord, Adam says he wants to hire a woman from the raft box, a raft model.

Adam isn’t telling them his attempt to track down the woman on the raft box of his childhood back in the classic LoveLine days, was it for a Man Show bit? Something…


Adam is going in depth on how a raft box model has to look good, nothing salacious, just simply this is your natural bikini appearance and you know how to chillax.

BB is riffing with Adam about the wholesome and hot in a bikini look for a raft box that’s not found elsewhere.

Adam says it’s often times brunette women with moderately large breasts, she knows how to chillax, country pretty and floating in your pool.


BB wants a picture Gary says Adam keeps changing it, Adam throws it back at him and he says it’s evolving and they go for another model picture.

This is a hard one to find, Adam always thinks the internet is full of this shit.

We need old Big 5 flyer scans, pdfs probably.


Castrol Live Read


No tramp-stamps on raft box models.

They head to break.


They’re back form break with a listener voicemail, asking for an Adam Carolla and Ben Shapiro ticket for political office.

This is Ben’s 3rd appearance on the podcast, he was previously on ACS #633 in 2011 and ACS #1011 from 2013.

Adam is asking Ben about unequality and inequality, he makes a point about genetic diversity and cosmic injustice, Adam says he thinks people are doing a flawed math.


Adam is making a point about world history, he says there is always someone doing better than someone else, it doesn’t mean someone had their thumb on the scale of social justice.

Ben says people mixing up inequality unequality, presuming injustice took place to make the rich guy wealthy while ensuring the poor person stays in poverty.

Adam has a Bo Jackson anecdote, he’s trying to recall the stories from the NFL hall of fame inductions, he cites Darrell Green and Ben brings up going to Walter Reed middle school in a program with geniuses, Ben quotes his dad.


Adam says if he told you the funniest guy in comedy you wouldn’t know his name, but guys like Jimmy Kimmel are the hardest working guys in Comedy, then there are unfunny guys like Jeff Foxworthy make a fortune based off an idea and hard work.

Adam says let it be known that Ben hates Donald Trump, BB asks Ben about what he dislikes about him.

“every day he’s hitting a puppy with a hammer” – Ben on Trump


Adam is asking Ben about his plans for the election, Adam listens to Ben’s radio show in the morning and Adam jokes about Ben and Dennis Prager going to war over their differing views on Donald Trump, funny.

Ben says Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person to ever run for president and he says he can’t have a democrat masquerading as a republican, he’s willing to risk 4-8 years of Hillary to prevent Trump from gaining public office.

Adam says his kids will graduate high school and will have only known a black and female president, Ben says he presumed Obama would turn against the cottage industry of convincing the American public that racism is alive and well.


Gary has the Bet DSI odds for the election, Adam is back to Ben’s $4-dollar analogy earlier in the show, Adam is bringing up how he heard that Michael Phelps was going to be carrying the American flag, Adam marvels that he has 18 gold medals and Adam is asking how many you need, the same kinds of thoughts that other people have.

Adam then felt badly about not having 1 medal, he thinks the medal would mean more than him, Adam then analyzed the thought he had immediately, he is going over how he would talk Phelps out of the medal, but when neighbors started asking questions he would feel hollow, it doesn’t work to take achievements from those who earned them and redistribute them to those who haven’t, you can’t fool yourself.

Ben has a great point about welfare, he’s right in his presumption.


Adam is now talking about finding a middle ground between assisting people and hobbling them, he brings up the Summer school lunch trucks.

Ben agrees with Adam, he knew his mom was capable of heating up a skillet and cooking an egg, she chose to send him to school eat the free slop.

Ben says you need to graduate high school, get a job and avoid getting pregnant and having a kid.


Ben says nobody who is fantastic with money is permanently poor, Ben was cut off while giving a speech, they would prefer he not speak and tell the truth, for the kids to have more to eat than hurt the kid’s feelings by telling them that their parents are poor because they choose it, or chose it $15 years prior.

Adam says it’s all about time, he brings up the condescending “they don’t have time” excuse given for people who work full time jobs like all of us.

Adam is talking about the guys he used to install closets with had wives who would “bust off some cactus” from the hillside, they would cook it and prepare it for lunch, it cost nothing.


Adam would argue that the bond between the husband and wife grew stronger, Ben shares how he would struggle as a single father, he thanks god he has his wife and the support structure they have in place.

Ben says single motherhood is the greatest contributing factor to poverty, Adam asks why people don’t talk about this more and he says Ben is able to speak freely because he hardboard no ill will towards anyone, he says he doesn’t worry about sounding racist as he’s not racist.


Ben says Trump conflates political correctness and incorrectness, he is being a jackass half the time, he’s only saying useful stuff the other half, it’s not the same thing.

Gina has some comments on the clip of Ben they played earlier in the show, Ben says the conversation sort of dies after he makes his point.

Ben brings up “it’s my truth” and how it’s merely an opinion, it’s not based in fact.


Adam says getting Ben to admit that racism exists in some level in every facet of life will not improve things, Ben is making a point about institutional racism and he says he needs to see a racist to do something, he can’t hunt for ghosts and turn over rocks for the very few people who are actually racist out there.

Adam thinks it might be an argument/conversation tool, Adam says Ben is highly educated and highly Jewish.

Adam is sharing how the Jewish people he grew up with and how they were always the best people, they had life figured out in way his other peers did not.


Adam shares his love for his late grandfather Lotzi, he shares how periodically he would have more positive encounters with Jewish people, he’s getting to the political left in America abandoning Israel, Adam knows he asks him every time, he has him tease his answer.


SimpliSafe Live Read

Oh yeah the guy went to Harvard edition


Ben is telling Adam about Israel starting to win, they’re doing well while everyone else is doing poorly, Ben brings up the various philosophies that lead to this, the $4 vs. $1 gap as it were.

Adam jokes about Michael Phelps having $18 dollars while he has $1.

Adam brings up his mom’s well beaten drum that all wealth came from forcing someone else into poverty, a flawed non logic belief.


Adam is talking about doing Greg Fitzsimmons podcast and taping ACS #1877, he shares how he learned about welfare as a kid and how it’s methadone.


Adam is now sharing how his kid’s nanny insisted upon making her own daughter school lunch, Adam says he got into it with Fitzdog, he asked Adam how black people are going to make breakfast for their kids when they’re in jail.

Ben says abandoning a person you impregnate makes you a bad person, he has a point about marriage and the family unit.

Ben says he’s a deeply religious guy but he never gets involved in religious arguments, they’re not useful.


Adam wants all life’s problems to be like meeting with a nutrient, he shares how a plan of action could either make you more attractive or keep you from dying.

Adam is going over the realistic meal planning that this country needs to solve many of its issues.

Ben shares the “complaining conversation or solution conversation” rule he setup with his wife, he then extrapolates that to gay marriage, he says the government can’t confer dignity, they’ve never done that for him for his marriage, it’s a caste ID number system, the government that’s all it is.


Adam is giving out the plugs and he wraps up the show, Ben crushed it, his best appearance yet!

Adam has a plug for Lynette and the Endless Rant tasting in NYC coming up, BB has a funny quote of Adam talking about looking really good in a bikini naturally and knowing how to Chillax.