Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/07/2015 – Bryan Cranston

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/07/2015 – Bryan Cranston

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bryan Cranston

Recorded 08-04-2015 – Release Date 08-07-2015

Production Number #1636

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Pre-Recorded intro with Mazda and Game of War ads

Adam opens the show with Bryan making his 8th appearance on the show, he is often featured in “best of” content for the show so it seems he appears more than he actually has.

They’re talking about Bryan’s new pilot for Amazon with Giovanni Ribisi, it leads them to a tangent about the changing business model of television and Adam uses a GM vs. Japanese car analogy for the differences.


Bryan is telling them about seeing the pilot for ‘Mad Men’ and being sold on working on a show on AMC, Adam is sharing the “it’s got to be really good” rule of creating content in a world with unlimited content creation opportunities.

Adam is talking about why he loves Bryan so much, he wants to chalk it up to him becoming successful later in his career.

Bryan shares a Chinese saying that is a curse, wishing early success on someone in anticipation they’ll blow it.


Adam was watching ‘Godzilla’ and shares how Bryan is able to add weight to a big budget special effects movie, he asks about him being authentic and in touch with his realistic emotions for such scenes.

Adam is joking about Bryan being the ultimate actor, Bryan explains how he was able to get out of two tickets while speeding in New Mexico.

Adam is sharing his “celebrity/hot chick” theory that he just confirmed.


Adam is talking about the hierarchy in Hollywood, he says Bryan doesn’t possess that gene, he wants to know if he feels pressure to not let people steamroll him into being too nice and giving too much of himself.

Bryan comments on coming from a similar place as Adam and Adam even references his Charles Manson story as first told on this show before it was told on other podcasts.

Adam talks about Bryan being able to do anything he wants, he comments on his talent.


Bryan says there is a healthy dose of luck involved in every career, Adam is sharing how he wants his kids to feel unlucky.

Adam is steering away from the luck topic and asking him about how he landed the role of Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad’ and how an episode of ‘The X Files’ lead to the show.

Bryan is walking them through all of the random events that segregated non-randomly yet lined up for him to leverage one offer against another and take the show/content he felt drawn to over ‘Nurses’.


Bryan compliments ‘Road Hard’ and Adam’s boner in the movie after they riff on a similar topic, Adam is telling Bryan how pumped his kids are to be on a fake poster with Bryan.

Adam asks Bryan how much of his writing has improved after being exposed to all of the oodles of great dialogue he recited on ‘Breaking Bad’ and Bryan explains how his bar has been raised.

Adam is asking him about ‘Argo’ and now they’re going in depth on Adam’s “stew” metaphor for filmmaking and the outcome of the process being independent of the quality ingredients/talent involved.

They’re both making excellent points and Bryan comes of great as per usual.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

“Is That Legal?” – Bryan


Bryan is now telling Adam about his new Amazon pilot ‘Sneaky Pete’ and Adam asks if he’s acting along with producing and writing for it.


Audience Questions

#1 “Are You In Contact with Aaron Paul?”


#2 “Possibility for a Walter White Cameo on ‘Better Caul Saul’?”


Adam ask about the gratitude Bryan feels for ‘Breaking Bad’.


#3 Bryan’s role in ‘That Thing You Do’

Adam is waxing poetic on his small role in the movie, complimenting his work in it and acting as a bad actor.

Bryan shares what Tom Hanks taught him about acting and success, Adam is commenting on the seeming comfort in your own skin that benefits Bryan finding such success and fame later in his career.

Adam on meet and greets, “just one more” photo ops from fans, how he fucks with the big fan who is too shy to come up and say hello, Adam hugs them and just gets into it.


Adam brings up his dad Jim Carolla and how Cranston’s talent is so immense he had to explain that he wrote all of the hilarious jokes he was delivering in the Fund Anything video he did for ‘Road Hard’.

Bryan is gifting Adam some ‘Heisenberg’ Vodka.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock


Adam does a little “yes and” with Bryan after he jokes about Adam doing the voice of Dawson, Adam explains that Mindy Sterling loved him when she was his ‘Groundlings’ teacher and that was a problem as he was on her radar.

He’s now going super in depth on the time he is USC sweetheart, his first major girlfriend broke things off permanently between shows and then Mindy told the entire class.

Adam is talking about going back to tape The ‘Groundlings’ TV show for FX and how he saw all of the guys who made it into the company as “making it” despite him being on TV, this is about Michael McDonald as was discussed on one of his previous visits.


Adam takes it back to the Albuquerque question and Bryan is telling them about Zachary Levi and a new series he’s working on.

Bryan explains how he used the bang your mother joke for someone who asked him about visiting Albuquerque.

Adam is bringing up people who declare “we gotta talk” or do the “you don’t remember me do you?” move.

Adam says it’s how people take control of you for a moment.

Adam and Bryan are having a nice exchange about this move and repeating it.

Ada, is bringing up Dr. Drew trying to get off the phone with his wife or with patients, he talks about taking the phone and yelling at one of his patients for Drew.


Adam is doing a Zip recruiter Live Read


Adam is having Gary ask a fan question, he wants to know his favorite for the Emmy’s this year, Adam brings up Bob Odenkirk.

Gary asks which episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ was the most fun to shoot, Bryan references Adam’s time on ‘Dancing with the stars’ and brings up the train hijacking episode.

Adam is predicting the next cool hipster dog of tomorrow he p[lugs Bryan’s projects and wraps up the show, he promises to give Bryan a copy of ‘The Hammer’ as he’s never seen it, he will respect Adam as an actor after seeing that one, that’s for sure.

Solid episode.