Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/07/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 167

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/07/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 167

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 08-05-2014 – Release Date 08-06-2014

Production Number #167

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This episode starts without any censorship and Brian Koppelman joining them in studio, Brian is explaining his history with the ACS and fandom of Adam and Drew.

Brian and his writing partner we’re on ACS #1215 from November of last year after Brian had called in during an episode with Larry Miller, I assumes on ACS #1140 for Larry’s long awaited return to the show after his accident.

Adam is now going off on Dr. Drew for texting and talking at the same time, referencing something off air from before recording, he’s now bringing up the schedule he accommodates Drew with so he can be bicoastal and travel for work.


Adam says they don’t usually have guests on the A&D show, I was actually the first guest on episode #9, I will always be there first guest on what is essentially Loveline 2.0, try and steal that assholes.

Adam is explaining the confusion of Brian being in the studio and Chris forgetting to tell him if he was coming on, Drew asked if Brian would be joining them and Adam was also confused.

Brian told Drew he was going to be guesting on the show today, Brian is explaining the history of his booking and Drew says he must witness a fight to truly be indoctrinated.


Adam is explaining why his brain needs context and how he was with “all these asswipes” last night and they forgot to give him the rundown.

This is just like the Mike Schmidt booking where everyone let Adam believe it was the baseball player, the former 3rd baseman and not the comedian, so he only got 27min on air of a nearly 2hr ACS episode, nice work producers!

Brian is now explaining how he volunteered himself for a booking, now Adam is asking to explain what is going on and Brian is filling them in on how he emailed Chris all the details of the reasoning for his booking.


They’re now talking about Brian’s sister Jenny Hutt and how she used to host the HLN show with Drew, Adam is bringing up the “you didn’t tell me 6 months ago” reactive memory he has when people claim to have previously informed him of things.

Adam says in terms of shows he’s done, he puts them in the hopper of “I don’t need this information” and forgets being a guest on things, it’s not personal about Jenny.


Brian is waxing poetic about repurposing brain space and laments his knowledge of band member names, Adam is bringing up the “Learn how to swim at the YMCA” jingle and how he still has it memorized, he’s reciting it in a sing songy way.

Drew is bringing up how someone brought up them guesting on “The Magic Hour” and Keenan Ivory Wayans show, Adam is sharing how he knew that Keenan was done.

Adam is explaining how he wasn’t rolling the teleprompter he was doing the show, they were on air.


Adam is talking about doing a test show for The Magic Hour and now Drew is mixing up some details.

Adam is bringing up guesting on “Donny and Marie” and how they had to wait for Pamela Anderson to show up and Adam is sharing the “Heckle and Jeckle” anecdote from VIBE and how Pamela then showed up late for the MTV Loveline show and Adam had a meltdown telling them to tape without her.

Adam is bringing up how Pam is perpetually late and how it’s because nobody says a word to her, they enable her and he recounts his shitty publicist not being willing to step in, Adam has a hilarious Dick Clark calling her a cunt scenario.


Brian is telling them about seeing Mike Birbiglia live and the opening bit was about people being late, some stragglers joined them late and were met with some questions.

Drew reminds Adam they didn’t like guests on Loveline, Brian is joking about how abundantly clear they’ve made that for him.

Adam is back to Pamela Anderson and her bullshit and Brian is asking about Drew’s patterns of behavior and is bringing up Drew’s HLN show and he’s telling Drew he must know how bankrupt some of the panelists are.


Drew uses a big word and Adam mistakes it for marrying animals, hilarious one liner!

Brian says that with Drew not being actively skeptical on that show and holding the people on the show accountable, Adam thanks Brian and Drew is confused and now giving his “bullshit answer” and now brain is further waxing poetic on how Drew is not using his interrogation skills on the show and how they tried that but the ratings tanked in response.


Adam is explaining that Drew’s a people pleaser and has been forced into the same space of “I don’t want to get shit” that makes him act wildly outraged so he can ensure people don’t give him a hard time, no sliding scale of outrage.

Adam is further talking about Drew’s mantle of “Mr. Congeniality” and how he refuses to give it up, the opposite of Howard Stern, Adam says that Drew is stuck in the middle and can’t push out into the deeper water, Adam compliments his mental picture painting abilities.

Adam is bringing up Drew’s interests and knowledge.

“By The Way the Shark has Styrofoam teeth” – Adam on the metaphorical fear of negativity that’s harmless when all is said and done.


Drew is bringing up his world and how the teeth are real, Adam objects and Drew brings up “Trust Me I’m Lying” and how bullshit leads to him getting shit from his professional ethics committee and how he doesn’t like having to fly to Philadelphia to battle this shit.

Brian is saying that Drew is making a huge leap to the worst scenario, he does catastrophize and Brian is offering some advice for how he can change the whole network.


Drew is now doing a live read for E-Voice


Brian is bringing up how everything is about a stasis of fear, people retreat to their safe spots, Drew is bringing up the “moment” and how a novel relationship changes how one can see themselves and now Brian is bringing up people who have no insight into their own being.

Brian is bringing up Adam’s shark like ability to note things and keep progressing but not letting it change his affect or behavior.

Adam says you don’t have to be great every day, just for certain moments, first dates, job interviews.


Adam is bringing up the Loveline run through he taped with Drew after returning from NYC and how he knew he had to “show up” for that, he says that on episode #149 he might not have shown up, that would be from April 1996, sadly missing from the archive.

Adam is bringing up doing Kevin and Bean weekly for “This Week in Rage” and Drew jumps in to finish Adam’s sentence, Adam wants to know why he must jump ahead.

Drew is defending himself and saying he’s participating, Adam says no, he’s wrapping it up, why the impulse to finish other people’s stories.


They’re now arguing even more about Drew just doing that and Brian is now trying to chime in at Adam’s behest, they’re all talking over each other, clusterfuck!

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Gary is shaking his head, he says he feels Adam’s pain and sympathizes with him, Drew is now sharing how he can’t stand seeing a movie with someone who doesn’t know all of the plot twists he knows from already seeing it.

Drew is unsure where it comes from, Adam says it’s not a light place, it’s a dark place.


Brian is bringing up his listening while walking through central park, how nice!

Adam is back to the early K&B bits he used to phone in and would read his “script” a million times out loud before calling in, he knew that if he shitted up the show he wouldn’t be back, no room for C graded performances.

Adam says now he just looks at his computer list of topics and decided to pick 3, then just glances at the beats.


Brian is now sharing how he does 6 second screenwriting Vine videos, Brian is sharing his theory on being a dreamer and overcoming obstacles with hard work and great difficulty, Adam is waxing poetic about realistic dreams and how reality is somewhere in between of the obese woman who wants to be a runway model.

Adam brings up comedic power rankings, Adam says that The Deaf Frat Guy is funnier than Jay Leno but that doesn’t mean shit, it’s about getting the rubber to road, Jay gets more HP to the rear wheels and performs and works harder.

Drew says something confusing about Leno then says “his son” does he mean Brian’s? WTF?


Drew is talking about his kids, Brian just cleared it up, and it was his son Drew was referring to.

Brian says that his son took up Brazilian Jujitsu and how they made him stick with it to learn how to grind, Drew describes a brick wall that wen to infinity, his education and work to becoming who he is today.

Adam is bringing up Drew’s inability to surf despite his physique and athleticism and he’s using making a documentary to make a point.


Adam says it’s not the cycle of poverty, it’s the cycle of inexperience, everything gets easier and it all becomes “why not” and Adam just signed on to do his 4th book, he thought it would be very easy to knock this one out after the first 3.

Brian has some really eloquent advice for achievement.


Adam is now doing a live read for Tommy John Wear, he brings up how people mock him for saying “underpants” he uses filling station, pop and references his PF Flyers, like he’s from the fucking Sandlot.

Adam is now saying the patent trolls hate it and hate us, we’re winning!

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the first of 3 shows recorded today, they will be dropping to 1 show per week for the next few weeks, heads up!