Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/06/2015 – Michael Kosta

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/06/2015 – Michael Kosta

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael Kosta

Recorded 08-05-2015 – Release Date 08-06-2015

Production Number #1637

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Adam opens the show with a thanks for telling a friend intro and Michael Kosta is in studio making his ACS debut, he comments on his producer for his new show Joel McHale, BB plays a great series of classic McHale drops from the KLSX show.

Adam was watching ‘Montage of Heck’ and comments on how thin skinned Kurt Cobain was, Adam has a funny one liner about what he would’ve done if he were alive today in the world of twitter.

Michael shares his own online trolling and harassment experiences.


Adam talks about doing live stage shows and how he can’t simply mail it in, he needs to bring it and get his shit together when performing live.

Michael is commenting on that Adam tries to plug the show, BB brings up shitty websites and clickbait, Michael is telling them about the show.

Adam calls him a younger Joel McHale, Adam says if you took Ben Shapiro and a photo of Michael you might be able to see their each other’s doppelganger.


Adam comments on the controversy with Ben and the transgendered woman on Drew’s show and how it’s the worst time in history to comment on things and how easy it is to put your foot in your mouth.

Michael has an analogy and Adam is now switching it up and has a jumbo jet into the side of a volcano, Michael tells them about his past in professional tennis.

Michael describes is first match and Gina brings up ‘Seven Day of Hell’ and Adam goes in depth on his feelings about saying he recommends a little weed along with the movie.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is asking Gary about getting pulled over for using his dealer/paper plate on the back of his BMW today, Adam is clarifying what he means by “dealer plate’ and Adam is talking about lack aesthetics of a car with a front license plate.

Adam talks about the engineering of a car’s shape and how dumb it is to be forced to put a shitty belt buckle on the front.

Adam is now ranting about his idea for driving without a front plate, he’s in opposition to the cops raping citizens.

Adam is recommending radar detectors, in particular the Valentine brand.


Adam is sharing how radar detectors benefit a driver, he says the 14 dollar one should be good enough but the 300$ models are superior.

Adam and Michael are riffing about seagulls, Adam says that seagulls are drunk and full of themselves and that’s why they get eaten? Hilarious Gronkowski comparison.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he wants to know what’s worse people driving slowly in left lanes and keeping pace with the car in the right lane or being trapped behind the person with a ton of items at the grocery store when you only have a single item.

Adam of course goes with the shitty driver who refuses to move past the motorist next to them and brings up the inherent danger in keeping exact pace with a car 18 inches away from you.

Adam comments on how people tell him that Paris Hilton planned on her sex tape being leaked, he’s not so sure it was that calculated.


Adam is talking about flashing headlights to alert the motorist in front of you refusing to follow the rules of the road.

Adam is getting everyone to weigh in on this, BB is chiming and they move on.


2nd Caller Bret, he’s calling from Michigan and they talk about that for a short while, he’s asking about cutting in front of other drivers when merging and Adam shares his wishes for a “platinum club” sticker for being in such a high tax bracket.

Adam is now further riffing about seagulls, the sassy seagulls, too full of themselves and sassy.

The Russian and Chinese seagulls are on alert, watching their ass, Adam’s dog Molly would be sweeping in
North Korea as she would know the stakes, of her possibly becoming steaks.


Adam is now asking Gary to find out if the seagulls overseas are as sassy as ours.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


3rd Caller Michael he wants to know about turning ‘not Taco Bell Material’ into a series on Netflix, Adam says it would be nice if once in a while someone asked him to develop something.

They’re now riffing about tennis shorts and the era of the short shorts being the same era where the most amount of spare balls were stored in pockets, then in effect making the shorts even short shortier.


4th Caller JJ he wants to know if they’ve tried to book Trump on the ACS, Adam says he thinks they could setup a phoner at some point.

Adam is now riffing about respectful unicorns and centaurs and they go to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Lenny Kravitz wardrobe malfunction that revealed his penis and piercing, Adam is now asking for the pic to discuss his cock.

They’re trying to figure out if it is or is not pierced, Adam doesn’t think that’s a piercing spot.

Adam talks about Lenny not wearing underwear in order to be prepared at any time like a firefighter, ready to go at any point, but for BJ’s.

Michael is weighing in and Adam is now joking about his sack smelling like fired hell in cotton shorts, he thinks the leather must make the sack smell far worse.


Adam says you’re sweating your ass off under the leather and Adam is now asking Gina about Lenny’s dick, Adam is explaining gym dick to Gina.

How the sky is not always the limit, she realizes he means that Lenny might be a shower and not a grower.

Michael is talking about the penis forcing him to keep looking at it and Adam says it’s the only time he’s seen flaccid black penis, he’s forgetting the time he played in celebrity baseball with Dennis Haysbert and another gent, he’s purposely not mentioning a guy with a not so great gym dick standing next to Dennis. Adam has revealed the not so well hung guy’s name in every previous telling until this one, interesting change.


Gina is sharing a story she was told about Don Knotts having a huge dong, Adam is sharing his theory on goofy dudes having the biggest penises.

Adam thinks Jim Varney was hung like a black rhino and why the Ichabod Crane’s of the world need the giant dongs to overcome their other shortcomings.

They’re all discussing the term Chod, which has several meanings and Adam brings up the Choda, Hispanic origins he was familiar with from high school.


Gina reads the definition, Adam wants the definition of a Choada.

Adam says he’s covered under the cock clause, Adam is commenting on the Urban Dictionary entries he has and tells Michael about Behymen.


2nd Story is on Kelly Osbourne’s appearance on ‘The View’, Adam riffs about Whoopi being unable to be moved from the set due to her IV drip and other medical assistance.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Gina is playing the clip of Kelly on ‘The View’ and now Gina tells Adam about a supercut of Whoopi on ‘The View’ and now Adam is commenting on this, Michael says people overreacted.

Adam is defending Kelly and her comments, explaining the obvious context.

Adam says he loves the moment when someone is catching themselves.


3rd Story is on the Lexus hover board, Gina has all of the details of it and they’re watching the video you can see via the show page above.

Adam likes the part where they’re going across the water.

Adam says this is too little too late for him, we’re way passed hovercraft grocery getter time in his opinion, he’s now commenting on the flight times between continents now vs. 40yrs ago and references the new Airbus patent for a new form of aircraft that utilizes 3 types of engines to propel it much faster than an airplane.

Adam is bringing up the concord and contrasting that to the air travel industry today.

Adam is explaining why the change and that the industry now caters to the lowest common denominator.


4th Story is on the unfortunate fate of ‘Hitchbot’ and Gina fills Adam in on all of the details, Adam jokes about Stockholm vs. South Philly and says they should have started with Seattle and Portland.

BB has a killer one liner.

Adam says we’re well past the days of leaving out all the Halloween candy in a plastic half pumpkin asking kids to take only one.

He riffs about them shitting in it.


Adam is now doing a True Car Live Read

Michael only buys American and BB plays the “hey nice cock” drop from Michael.

Adam is now asking Gary why they’re plugging sold out dates.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, he was a great guest.