Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/05/2016 – Steve Wilkos

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/05/2016 – Steve Wilkos

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Guest Steve Wilkos

Recorded 08-04-2016 – Release Date 08-05-2016

Production Number #1866

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Adam opens the show with a decent “guy with a Brillo interviews Mr. Clean” intro and BB has a drop from ‘Red Dawn’ as today’s #TopDrop and he teases the BaldyWood about the movie ‘Gleason’ and how it got a little dusty for him.

Adam says he had Lenny Dykstra in the studio and then Ryan Leaf right after, Adam is talking about Ryan being considered the biggest bust in NFL history.

Adam says it’s tough to only talk to Monica Lewinski about handbags, BB has a great incredulous deadpan reply that Adam takes seriously it seems, he clarifies needlessly.


Adam is now talking about Ryan being in the same draft as Peyton Manning and how awful that must have been for Ryan, Adam says it was akin to talking about the Fisker Karma yesterday.

Adam is now talking about Ryan’s honesty about sobriety and his lack of a brain in his NFL playing days when he entered the league.

Adam is talking about how Ryan bottomed out in life, Adam is sharing how he was the first guy to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, he was back in Montana on suicide watch, chained up a few years later.


BB brings up Ryan Leaf’s brain tumor and Adam shares how he asked Ryan about people that could have saved him from himself or gave him advice.

Adam is sharing how Ryan admitted he is considered the NFL’s biggest bust, he’s aware of the mantle he holds in pop culture/life.

The guys are talking about other NFL busts and Adam plugs the excellent Take a Knee, Bryan is bright red and screaming about the notion of Carson Palmer being a bust, Gary is on mic and explaining things, Ryan is on Take a Knee #90.


Adam is talking about how Ryan Leaf would go into open houses and steal drugs from the homes, nobody would catch him doing it.

Adam is joking about Ryan being contacted by the realtor who is shocked he’s suddenly not interested in living there when nobody was occupying the home.

Adam is sharing how Ryan waived his opportunities for Parole in order to stay locked up longer and force himself to stay clean.


Adam is talking about hot chicks and athletes lacking certain skillsets after what got them to the party dries up, people who haven’t been told no often in life, Adam contrasts Doug Flutie against Ryan and his confusion about not experiencing success.

Gary has a key tidbit about Ryan and Doug facing off, interesting.

Adam says Lenny Dykstra was the crazy TAK episode recorded prior to Ryan, Gary says it was a great morning and he sets up a clip from Lenny’s audiobook that he heard for the first time on the podcast and was none too pleased with the voice actor and his inflection.

TAK 089 – Lenny Dykstra Live Read


Adam makes a kissing/straw sucking sound before introducing the clip, Adam suggests Dawson record the next book for Lenny who wanted a manlier voice.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Keith, he moved to Texas and misses seeing Adam and the gang, Adam tells him about the upcoming Texas shows and car race he’s doing in town.

Keith asks about the progress on the KROQ movie and he shares the important step they just took; he mentions the other docs in various stages of production as well.

Adam brings up Dr. Drew and his old “someone should make a LoveLine movie” talk and how he would let any hobo pitch him on a hypothetical project.


BB asks Adam what it will be like being in a documentary he is also directing, Adam has a thoughtful answer and they move on.


2nd Caller Rich, he references the guy’s hot steaming takes on dog shit.

He says he’s seen people pick up their dog shit in a long back which then tie onto the leash and slide it down by the dog’s body.

Adam says he had the horrible experience recently, he was trying to get Phil to make pee-pees, he was told not to use poo-poos, as they mean the same thing to him and only confuse him.


Adam says Phil was pulling towards a well-manicured lawn after not crapping up the backyard he was in for the past 20 minutes, it was like out of a movie a wall of 40-year-old guys, like 11 white dudes walking towards him as Phil was trying to drop some soft serve deuce on the nice grass.

Instead Phil dropped one in the middle of the street, the white chick in the land rover was trying to run right and Adam was trying to get the back open, going for the wrong end and trying to do the finger fluff move like he’s rolling a joint only to try the other end and then double back, it never works the first time.


Adam could only bag it up, he couldn’t do much in the mop up department.

BB shares what his reaction would be, Gina says exactly what Adam was trying to avoid hearing and he says he thinks there are people just put on this earth to experience you in the hose situations where you want it the least.

Adam is sharing how he popped the door off one of the rooms in his apartment, he wanted to store it in his storage unit and didn’t want the nosey landlord to see him, hilarious nose from Adam exemplifying “why the fuck do I have to explain myself to you now, of all times, why now!” and they move on with a the more you know sound drop after Gina’s “yentas always show up like Ninjas” one liner which Adam tags nicely.


3rd Caller Cody, he’s going to a wedding where his ex-girlfriend will be as well, he wants to know his approach and how to conduct himself, does he take a date, does he go solo, what’s the move.

Cody talks about the ex’s current boyfriend who is not much to worry about, not a formidable opponent.

BB says take the hottest girl he can take or score a bridesmaid, Adam says the best part of aging and declining testosterone is not caring about this stuff.


Adam says he can feel free to enjoy the luxury of not caring as he heads into his 30’s.


Legal Zoom Live Read


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw the movie ‘Gleason’ and he brings up the back story on Steve Gleason and his significance to the NFL, BB sets up a clip from the New Orleans Saints return to the rebuilt Super Dome.

Adam talks about the statue of Steve and Adam says he was a special teams guy, overachiever, smaller white dude.

BB talks about Steve and Ryan possibly playing in Washington State at the same time and BB gives a quick recap of ALS and what it does to a person, BB says the documentary is about Steve’s post football life.


BB is going in depth on ALS stats and Adam busts out his old anti-Kevorkian/assisted suicide riff about a doctor snuffing the life out of your son at his first football physical, it’s a slippery slope.

BB has another clip from the movie and he talks about Steve’s wife and her role in the film and his life, he brings up his wife Christie and the similarities of their situation while being respectful of the differences in their conditions.

BB shares how Steve has chosen to live post diagnosis and talks about opening weeping throughout, he had a close cousin who died from ALS and this movie and this story hit home very hard for him, a very tough watch with an optimistic ending.

BB says it’s undeniably great and he highly recommends it, he shares the history of the director who has been on the show before, ACS #1424 – Clay Tweel and Luis Lopez the directors of ‘Print the Legend’, it turns out J. Clay Tweel directed ‘Gleason’ small documentary filmmaking world!


Adam talks about meeting the director of ‘King of Kong’ for lunch when they needed a sitcom show runner and they watched the movie the night before, he rants about people who don’t see your project before meeting with you to potentially work together creatively.

Gary gets on mic to repeat what BB just said, Gary didn’t hear him, that’s why it sounds insane.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Steve Wilkos making his ACS debut, Adam gives a thumbnail of Steve’s background and asks him about his feels about the black lives matter stuff and the latest police shootings.

Steve is very fair and Adam says highly agitated and a gun translates to more shootings and Adam asks him about carrying his gun off duty while on the job, someone laughs or coughs after he says “put one in my pants” when talking about carrying a piece.


Adam is asking Steve about the police training for shooting, he says he felt the standards were very low and they just pushed people on the street.

Adam brings up Inspector Clouseau and his Kato Fong that he had attack him to keep him on his toes and always prepared for action, BB brings up ‘The Green Hornet’ and that Kato before they find out they’re talking about two different Kato’s.

Adam is reminded of his hawthorn SWAT team tryouts, BB has a funny one liner about Adam’s performance and shooting accuracy.


Steve is sharing how he was walking out of the police station in 1994 and first got booked to work security for the program.

Steve shares the story of how he was mistaken for a gay man after sitting between fighting dudes on set, he delivers a key line that BB is going to make into a drop, you know it!

Adam is talking about how great Jerry Springer is, how politically active he is, how serious and kind he is etc., of course he was trying to steer the show to a socially conscious direction at first.


Steve says that after his first year of his show he didn’t want to do it anymore, then with the 2nd season they fired the producer and replaced him with his wife and Steve’s life improved drastically, now we’re heading into the 10th season.

Steve shares how he suffered insomnia during the first season of his show along with a Google alert that spooked him, Adam sets up the clip of him trying out for the SWAT team on ‘The Man Show’.

Adam marvels that the guy instructing him looks like Ron Livingston.


They’re now watching the clip and providing some light commentary, Adam can’t believe these guy let him even do this, he had never even fired a gun before.

Adam says he didn’t come from a gun family and was never excited about shooting nor that interested in doing it.

Adam is responding to his machine gun results, hilarious!

BB has a killer “you’re not every good of this” in character one liner as the guy instructing Adam, perhaps taking him too seriously, very funny BB!


Steve talks about working in TV and they both praise Jerry Springer, Steve says he worked with him doing security for over a decade and never saw him yell at anyone once, wow.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Clint Eastwood’s interview about today’s generation, she reads the quotes and they all talk about ‘Gran Torino’ which Gina says is one of her favorite movies.

BB praises it and the politically incorrect jags, Adam says he’s not an American Muscle guy so perhaps they should retitle it after one of his favorite cars.

Adam says Clint has F-U money and F-U Grim Reaper, he can’t spend all his cash, he can say what he wants.


Steve has a Norman Lear anecdote; he was being pitched an idea while at a dinner they were attending with him.

Adam comments on the Norman Lear episode of Take A knee.

TAK 002 – Norman Lear

Adam has a killer homo park callback, mocking Steve’s pronunciation of Humble Park.


2nd Story is on the negative reviews and reactions to ‘Suicide Squad’ and the possibly fake troll/viral marketing fake out petition to shutdown ‘Rotten Tomatoes’

Gary is on mic and explaining how this petition posits itself against the website and doesn’t seem to understand what an aggregator is.

Adam is now asking for a fair breakdown of the Marvel vs. DC movies and he wants to see what was reviewed what and why.


Adam wants an Apples to Apples comparison, Gary is giving more scores, he needs to see two highly rated movies that are both superior products but the DC movie has a lower score.

Gary proves its just nerd rage (if it’s real)


3rd Story is on the Boston Police Department’s new ice cream truck, Adam has a killer 64’ Impala one liner, BB has a nice deadbeat dad comment and Gina has some quotes from the police dept.

Steve talks about the cops wasting time working the ice cream truck, hilarious riff from Adam as the angry police captain threating to lift the guy’s shield for using the wrong cone, hilarious sampler cone in his boot like a derringer.

Adam is crushing this, this is Ace Awards material, if only it wasn’t as “stepped on” and tagged, leave him a little more room guys, this premise was too good to jump in on.


SimpliSafe Live Read

Steve used them for his house in Wisconsin edition


4th Story is on Sasha Obama’s morning job over the summer, Adam likes all that stuff but argues that dropping a kid off in the armored limo kind of ruins whatever you’re trying to instill.

Steve says the secret service guys have been spotted assisting her, Adam riffs about a fake business and possibly a town constructed under the Whitehouse to then do this instead of outside in the real world with bullet proofing and security.

Gina shares the details on Barbara Streisand’s’ alleged fake mall under her house, Gary says it’s real and exists and Gina tells them about the play about the mall “Buyer Cellar” and Adam thinks the Whitehouse fish restaurant would save money.


Adam is now simulating lollapalooza for the Malia Obama, Adam has a funny Spin Doctors reference, nice!


5th Story is on the aerial pest spraying they’ll be doing in Florida to prevent the spread of the Zika virus.

Adam is recalling them doing the same type of spraying in California, Adam has a nice reference and Gary has some details on the past spreading of pesticide in L.A. and Gina shares the details of the new Japanese mesh suit to prevent Zika virus.

Adam says Japan is always the tip of the spear with this kind of stuff, BB say the guys is wearing a condom and Adam doesn’t’ abide by this, he’s against all uniforms that don’t amplify the smell of a fart.


Adam is taking a philosophical stance against it, Steve references ‘Planet of the Apes’ and Adam is sharing his love for the movie and the 1960’s hot chick they cast as the woman Charlton Heston discovered/rescued/kidnapped in the movie.

Adam says the movie should have just been him fist pumping because she was smoking hot and couldn’t talk, right from his era he left form.

Adam is now marveling at her with Gina and BB, Adam is sharing how she shaved her legs with hot beeswax, heated by the sun’s rays.


Adam is now perfectly recalling the name of the kind female ape, Gary is on mic and he’s struggling to find the cast, Zira is the first name he reads.

Gary references Dana Gould and Adam has a biting “That’s what the computer is for” and they wrap the news, Adam mocks Gary and asks him what the key grip’s girlfriend was named at the time, making ap point about his first question being extremely reasonable in comparison, good sarcasm from Ace.


True Car Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show, Adam gives out some live dates and mentions Doug Benson guesting along with them for one of the dates.

BB wraps the show to Steve saying “Your son is gay” solid episode!