Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/05/2014 – Steve Hofstetter and John Popper

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/05/2014 – Steve Hofstetter and John Popper

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Steve Hofstetter and John Popper

Recorded 08-04-2014 – Release Date 08-05-2014

Production Number #1388

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Adam is opening the show to a clever topical movie themed intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB plays the #TopDrop and claims it was requested by one of the dozens of misspelled Jules Dash accounts on twitter.

Adam is now addressing the latest development with the patent troll case and he is now telling them how this stuff works and explaining how our legal system as BB puts it, seems like extortion.

Adam is now bringing up they tried to bleed money out with a “meter on your ass” and Adam is saying the problem is that we’ve now all donated cash and we’re splitting the bill 10k ways, as opposed to coming after just Adam.


Adam says the stick wielder now has a pencil in place of his stick to beat you, we spread out the cost, the hurt they can inflict on Adam.

Adam brings up the press release from the patent trolls, is this the same shit Adam talked about on AD #166 that was censored?

Adam says there are no compromises and they will not quit until it’s dropped, Adam is not getting into the details he’s not allowed to discuss regarding the terms and conditions of their offer to drop the suit, Marc Maron was able to discuss these details on the intro for his episode #520, if you can stomach the mouth noises from his nicotine lozenge that was quite bad on that episode.


Adam says there is now extra cash, if there is will go to the EFF, or the march of dimes or the brain tumor walk, BB getting in on that cash for his charity huh?

Adam says that eventually he will bringing in the numbers and share all of the details he can, much like the social security statements and BB mentions his book to bring up how steadfast Adam is when it comes to the facts.

Alison calls him out for bringing up his book, gold!


Adam says it’s not “Nothing Personal” we’re doing battle with, it’s the government because people will always come along and try to snake money, Alison has an excellent “bug up your butt” analogy and Adam doesn’t bother to spell out his point, this could be seen at hypocrisy about his take on personal responsibility, but it’s not, he’s just not clarifying that in the moment.

Adam has Gary on mic to explain that the patent office has until April 2015 to review the patent despite the case still going forward.

Alison says it’s so seemingly crooked and corrupt, Adam tells them that he can’t get a stay on the trial until after the patent is reviewed.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Adam explains that John Popper is calling in soon and he recently talked to him off air, Adam brings up the pilfered beer from last week.

Adam references that as his “Crystal naught” and jokes about not having many days to celebrate as an atheist, BB has him clarify he meant “observe” and now Alison is bringing up how beautiful “Crystal naught” sounds.

BB remembers Teresa’s first entry in to “Sounds better than it is” on the old morning show.


Adam is bringing up how his wife says “You scare me” and he says no he doesn’t, fear gets things done and he brings up Dr. Drew’s lame riff about Gary, Chris and Matt being in fear of him.

Adam says forget about scared, when you’re scared you wouldn’t take beer, you wouldn’t do this to David Letterman, which would be a very bad day for you.

Hilarious “Craig Ferguson’s Haggis” one liner from BB and now Adam is changing that to “Craig Kilborn’s basketball shoes” and Adam wants them to bring this up to Dr. Drew on air.


Adam wants to know who is bringing it back, he thought about that going to bed and he’s now telling Dawson to hold off on the point shitting, Adam doesn’t want any info.

Adam is now taking bets from the gang about who brought some back, Alison is writing down her answer and BB brings up Gary and Caelan living together.

Adam is now introducing a Dick Banks (Rich Banks) song and Alison is now saying that it’s like Mike Lynch has his hands in this game, it seems deceptive and tricky.


Adam is now listing off the “Usual Suspects” of the shop and everyone is weighing in, Alison thinks Gary and Matt both brought beer back.

Adam brings up the two cases that Chris Maxipada ordered from “Saint Archer” to make up for the stolen beer, he’s now talking to Dawson and telling him not to pout, he’s is bummed out and Adam can pick up on it.

He’s explaining how he brought a backup 6 pack for Adam, Adam now feels bad and is taking a pause to talk to John.


John Popper is now returning to the show for his 4th visit.

Adam is plugging how great John Popper’s live version of “Look Around” was on stage at his “Cinco De Mangria” party and he’s bringing up how he plays that for the kids nonstop.

Adam is bringing up how you know John is a nice guy and politely tells his guitarist that he had the chords backwards, he’s commenting on the friendly tone he used for telling him.


Adam explains that he wanted to use one of John’s song for his new movie and asks if he had a chance to see the file yet, he has not as he’s still moving.

Adam is now asking John about “Uncle Cracker” and says that he remembers “Sugar Ray” and “Smash Mouth” all being very nice guys, from their Classic Loveline visits.

Adam is commenting on men aging into peace, away from the testosterone tropes and all getting along, Adam wants to know if John likes headlining and he shares the “dream spot” and now Adam is bringing up the Dodger Celebrity Softball game and how it differs when you play it before the game vs. after the game when everyone is filing out.


Adam is now bringing up his trip to the red rocks, he’s actually been twice, one time we went and didn’t leave the car, Adam, August, Name Redacted and myself.

The 2nd time he went was after his follow up trip to Denver after visiting the Coors plant, followed up with a visit by friend of the show and genius photographer Rod Tanaka.

John tells them about a guy who took acid and jumped at the red rocks and they couldn’t identify him because of his lack of a face, don’t take LSD at the red rocks.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up with John, Adam pledges to do his best to see the show live on August 12th.


BB has a great callback to Adam and the “Dicky Barrett” text message and now Adam is taking it back to the stolen beer, Gary is on mic killing it with Danish humor regarding Chris and his appetite.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie bed and sharing how wonderful it is, finally be that winner sitting up watching TV while the wife is asleep beside you.

Alison is now giving her final answer about each guy on staff, Adam calls back his “HIV positive” comment about Jeff and his Beer positive status for being the only guy to bring in way more beer than he’s ever drank at the shop.

Adam is now announcing the one individual who brought the beer back, that person was Mike Altier and Adam is explaining that he brought back the entire case, Adam calls him a hero.


Adam says everything is noted for him, he notices when you take the beer and when you bring it back, Adam gave him two six packs back in return.

Adam just wants to know if this is the behavior of people who are frightened and Alison along with BB are now weighing in.

Adam says that he doesn’t care and comments on how interesting it is that Alison and BB were so far off the mark.


“Hooray for Baldywood”

BB saw “Guardians of the Galaxy” made by James Gunn the 6 time legendary guest of the ACS, BB calls him “our own” and Adam says this was co-written by James, nope he did the final draft, the woman who is taking credit in the media didn’t contribute one bit to his script, he’s too classy to say that.

BB explains how he only reviews movies in his approved genres, he doesn’t like horror movies so he doesn’t review them, interesting.

BB reveals he’s never seen James other films the fun and solid “Slither” and the amazing “Super” and now BB is saying he loved this movie, he says it’s perfect and he nailed the tone.


Adam is commenting on the box office records and how James will still be coming back to the show despite his newfound success, Adam is sharing how he pledged to return to the show because we were with him since the beginning.

BB calls this a legitimate comedy and says the funniest movie he’s seen this summer, Alison jokes about bonding over cute animal pictures and Adam says now they’re going to be raccoons, they are, for the past two years! He’s right!

Adam is now bringing up summers where the funniest movie released is not a straight comedy, like 1994 and “Pulp Fiction”


Adam says he feels like he’s laughed out loud at “Goodfellas” more than he has at many straight comedies and BB brings up Chris Pratt being in the two funniest and best movies of the summer.

BB salts Vin Diesel’s game, saying he only says a couple words, like he phoned it in, James Says that Vin was the best performer he’s worked with and brought something nobody else could, he also did some of the mocap work.

BB is praising Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, the role I tried to get Adam and audition for before asking for a “Commander Nebula” in joke to connect the Disney and Marvel universes, they instead went with another marvel in joke for the closing credits that I will not spoil, voiced by a certain Classic Loveline regular too!


BB mocks Adam’s performance as a doughnut in “Wreck it Ralph” and Alison brings up Adam’s role as a taxicab in “Wizards of Waverly Place” and Adam shares he’s never seen but got to watch it with his daughter, I guess he never showed them “Buzz Light-year of Star Command” a huge missed opportunity, Adam did like 90 episodes!

BB can’t wait to see it again.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock ultimate Plus, Alison is now joining him for some details about data breaches.

Adam brings up all the old automotive crimes and the detachable faceplates, removable stereo units and notes in car windows about stereos already being stolen.

Adam is now lamenting limousines with removable faceplates that then land in his daiquiri.


Adam is now going to break.


They’re back from break with Steve Hofstetter making his return to the ACS for his 2nd visit, he’s in “Road Hard” and a new TV show.

Adam is doing a plug for “Laughs” Steve’s new show and how it works.

Adam is bringing up Byron Allen and his show “Comics Unleashed” and brings up “Dat Phan” and calls him Dat Nguyen which BB enjoys due to his NFL knowledge and Adam brings up his time on the show, they have a copy of it at the warehouse, along with Adam’s wizard’s episode and his entire run on Buzz Light-year.


Steve is sharing his role on the show.

Steve is telling them about a bad open mic where the comic blamed the crowd after not having any material, Adam is bringing up how some cultures have a sense of entitlement and expect “something to happen” for them despite no preparation, mostly white people!

Adam is bringing up a seamless Magician performance vs. standup and how people react to both, thinking they could do the comedy, Steve has a Jerry Seinfeld quote and Alison asks how people get on the show, he’s explaining the submission process and lack of a barrier to entry.


Adam is bringing up how Mike August will watch sets for comics who want to get on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Adam brings up note sessions with comedians and how it’s kind of a fruitless endeavor and only can further hurt someone’s skill.

Adam says it’s like a blowjob, just give a BJ, Adam doesn’t want to be coaching someone up the whole time and jokes about a Mentos being added to the mix.

Adam brings up Guardians of the Galaxy and the idea of giving notes to James Gunn on his nearly perfect film.


Adam is explaining that they are now listening to the score for his film and trying to lock the final edit, Adam often doesn’t have notes for their music and says he looked at 7 scenes and had 0 notes for 4 of them.

Adam explains his lesson he learned about notes, he’s bringing up the Man Show field piece director that Adam liked, Daniel thought they could do better and Adam gave his logic about having a good 7 in the hand over a 9 ½ in the bush they might not find.

Adam says he directs all of the bits when they go out and do them and Pete, ironically directed Daniel’s favorite bit from the previous year and how they spent a year trying to find a better candidate, different for the sake of being different.


Adam jokes about makeup for TV and Steve needing it to not read as “clear” and he shares what the executives told him about his show.


Alison’s News

1st Story Her top story is on the Chinese Earthquake that caused massive damage, Adam is now commenting on the unreinforced masonry and the lack of rebar and building codes that result in more damage and devastation.

Adam is now using matzah (Matzo) to make an analogy and has a funny joke asking if Steve and Alison have them in their pockets and jokes about BB having some red vines and now Adam is using the Matzo bread and the vines to explain how rebar reinforces concrete.

Adam is surprised that Matzo (Matzo) has a breakable and non-breakable side, Steve is explaining it.


Adam is now explaining how they do preventive work on buildings in Los Angeles and Adam says he doesn’t need province anymore, he’ll do the math.

Alison is bringing up Daniel’s fear of bricks when it comes to home options, Alison knows it’s usually a façade, Adam cites his earthquake rehab work and the chimney that fell off his parents’ house in 1972 and how it was replaced with plywood.

Steve is telling them about his house that was moved, he’s asking if it’s safe for an earthquake, Alison explains that BB and his wife sleep under a giant mirror on the wall, Steve thinks it’s on the ceiling and BB brings up how he dove over his wife during the earthquake to protect her.


3rd Story Is on the 94 million dollar record for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and she calls him the next Steven Spielberg.

Steve wants to know if his next movie isn’t as big as this will he get more tries before he gets put in “Director Jail” and jokes about asking M. Knight Shyamalan about this.

Adam is now using Kevin Smith and his “Jay and Silent Bob” characters to make a point, he’s talking about his first movie “Clerks” and how he hasn’t done much since that which Adam enjoys and he’s talking about his mileage out of that first movie.


BB cites Clint Eastwood movies and Adam says he makes a good one then a bad one, then a good one etc.

Adam says if you make a good movie you get to coast to a stop and how most movies that are considered flops still make over 100 million in the end.

Adam thinks you get 3 turds, Adam tells Steve he get not mulligans and Alison says Adam says that like Steve is already done, it’s a foregone conclusion.


Adam is bringing up the Matthew Broderick sitcom that was passed on after 10 years of development and Adam says that TV is like the position of Head Coach, if you ain’t winning you’re gone!

Adam is using Mike Singletary and his short run to prove his point, BB is now shitting on the point a bit with some facts about his time spent as head coach.

Alison has a great point about the time spent behind the scenes and Adam is joking about Mike’s full size cross and joking about it being a fire hazard and Adam brings up all the former stars from TV show vanish in the wake of the next Honey Boo Boo.


Adam is now doing a live read for and has an unusual read for it, just not his usual beats.


4th Story is on the new Tara Reid fragrance “Shark by Tara” and she describes the scent and Alison is mention her appearance on the as yet unaired episode she guested on.

Adam is riffing about it smelling like dorsal fin and Adam is saying that sharks are the animal that we fear and talk up and isn’t sure how true it is, he’s bringing up sharks and the idea of them not sleeping and people using that metaphor.

Adam has a great spent tampon in Shamu’s tank riff, Steve says it’s the worst mutant power and Alison brings up people who harm sharks more than they harm us.


Adam is tired of being lumped into the “We” of people who harm things, he says fuck humans they’re awful and he’s reading about how sharks can’t stop suddenly nor swim backwards, Adam is saying that many sharks most want to stop before biting a dude on a surfboard but not being able, how sad and funny.

Steve has a solid college one liner than inspires Adam to share a story of watching the last 2 minutes of a catfish episode and it was a chick pretending to be a dude.

Adam is now asking Steve if he’s calling him a liar and joking about the “checkup” with the people after the catfish scenario and Adam is bringing up how the woman said she was still talking to the woman lying about being a man.

Adam is now riffing on the flexibility of women’s sexuality and wishes he could do that, flip on a dime like a crescent wrench of a cock that can adapt to any bolt on the fly.

Alison is sharing a recent story about a person who had a sex change and met someone, Adam is bringing up the marriages that survive gender reassignment and Alison shares how a lesbian couple dealt with a sec change issue in college.


Alison wants to know what kind of men they would be attracted to, Alison says an androgynous woman and Adam says that no man ever says “John Belushi” in reply to this question, the “chickiest dude” not a manly man.

Adam says that a facsimile of a female with a penis and Adam is now saying you should answer the question of being gay, who would you be attracted to?

Alison now has Adam and Steve on an “I just fucked Justin Bieber” riff and now they’re doing the improve scene, this is great!


“Is he tight” – Adam, he’s killing it with a Wizards of Waverly Place reference to boot, Adam is now asking if they would let Joe Montana fuck them, BB says yes.

BB wants to know if we could all agree on Ryan Gosling and Adam is picking the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he’s committing to whole hog, Adam says he’s fucking one dude an Steve has a killer “smell what he’s cooking” reference.

Now BB and Adam are doing a scene where Adam is gay with Dwayne, this is great!


Adam blew Dwayne while he told him about the runway scene in “Fast and Furious 6” and Adam jokes about his smell of coconut oil and PABA, Adam jokes about nicknaming Dwayne’s cock “D-Rod” and Alison has a killer reaction and BB has a funny comedic reaction that’s over the top.

BB is killing it with his alternating between awesome and that’s fucking gross, this is ACE AWARDS 2014 material.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for E-Voice.


Adam is now giving out some plugs, including for Alison Rosen’s latest episode with Matt Braunger, the guy who Adam doesn’t know hates him, and this is now the 3rd guy Adam has had to promote on Alison’s show that has said vile things about him.

I wonder how Alison would feel if the situation was reversed.

Adam is now giving out some more plugs, for BB and his brain tumor walk and Steve’s now show.