Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2016 – Steven Bochco

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2016 – Steven Bochco

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Steven Bochco

Recorded 08-03-2016 – Release Date 08-04-2016

Production Number #1876

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Adam opens the show to a funny “real inspiration of Doogie Howser M.D.” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is now putting a challenge out there for the audience and the gang.

Adam is welcoming everyone to the show, BB has the drop of Gary saying “Adam Carolla is a racist” as today’s #TopDrop and Adam references Billy Mays.

Adam says the new idea is “Does it exist and how does it work” where people suggest things that might already exist and then describe how they might work if they do exist or could.


Adam is back to the dog shit argument and immediately gets on BB’s case, BB is defensive and mocks the notion of using someone else’s trashcan for a week of possibly leaking and stinging up their driveway.

BB says Nick came in and pissed him off with the ultimate “best cure to hangover is to not drink” style comment.

Adam is breaking down the poll that the was worded poorly and posted by the Adam Carolla Show staff without telling the fans on the show, so of course the haters voted against Adam.


Adam is now explaining what easements between properties are for the people out of state who might be unfamiliar.

Adam is now finding out about the poorly worded poll, Gina reads the tweet.

Gary steps in and says Nick purposely misspelled easement due to the character limit, BB says this is Adam’s “yeah but still” and he’s being defiant with his tone and insistence that dog shit in his trash can is “great” and he says he doesn’t have an emotional attachment to his trashcan, implying Adam does.


Adam says he was watching Sonny collecting all of Phil’s poop, Adam is mocking BB’s utopia with everyone’s trashcan filled with fresh dog shit, he wants there to be something else that exists to decompose dog poop.

Some place, some device, a composter of sorts, no plastic liner etc.

Adam describes what this thing looks like if it exists, he asks them if they think such a device does exist, Gina brings up agricultural uses and BB is trying to present a theory of some kind and Adam lets him release it.


BB shares how they have one made and designed for babies, he thinks it does exist and Adam asks him how it works, Gina says no.

BB says “breeders” and Adam has a great “straight people?” reply, he jokes about the poop being formed into hard candy.

Adam says he doesn’t know how much Phil weighs as he can’t life him once he hit over 100 lbs., Adam is now finding out that such devices do exist.


Gary has the details and explains how it works, Adam is dead on with this and he says he’s all in, Gary is sharing he details, Adam asks if Phil can fit in the compost tub, he will pull a ‘Cool Hand Luke’ on him, he’ll be eating eggs while serving his time.

Adam jokes about having Ray run into it by faking an air raid, telling him it’s a shelter, ha-ha!

Adam asks fans to contribute but not give anything lame like a clothes hamper.


Adam says Phil has taken to wedge himself between the headboard and Adam’s pillow, he comments on the crate training, he likes a dog that sleeps on the bed, why not, it’s fun!


Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam has a picture of Phil who wedged himself, he’s all of 100 lbs. and he’s forced Adam to the very corner, he likes pushing up against him but he just keeps taking land.

Adam brings up the time he shared a bed with Ray who was suffering from ringworm during his bachelor party weekend.

Adam says there is nothing in it for Ray to roll over and take more space, it’s an intrinsic statement about his personality and benefits him in no possible way.


Adam is asking Gina about the end of her morning show with Mark Thompson, she is explaining how the station told them the morning show was being discontinued.

Adam and Gina both praise Mark, they were then told the radio show was ending in 3 days, not two weeks as they were first told.


Gina talks about the emotional show where they broke the news to the audience, Adam is sharing how he’s getting old and he’s artificially packing time on events, he states that the death of Michael Jackson coincided with time speeding up for him.

Gina shares how she ended up the new host of the show, it will be a music based program.

Adam is now saying that he imagens the people who sign up for focus groups and how a focused group “universal pizza” would come out, nobody would enjoy it.


Adam is now riffing about the horrible ingredients, cat food and liverwurst included.

BB’s hilarious “fancy feast” comment leads to Adam talking about the Jimmy (sprinkles) and Giblet stuffed crust.

Hilarious “friendly fella” description of the Jewish guy in the focus group.


Adam wants the details on the packaged deviled ham of his childhood, from what he has dubbed “The Sizzlean Era” and Gary has the info, it’s underwood deviled ham, it was a weird meat paste, ala cream cheese not akin to Spam.

Gina’s reaction is gold; Adam is now riffing about the pizza by committee that could never work.

Adam says they’re going wedge shaped, he’s riffing about the results and has a funny “New York, New York” joke followed up with a Hymie town comment, holy shit!


Adam says comfort food is good due to nostalgia, not due to the quality, he says dumb people like Joan Jett and Steve Miller, recognizing something doesn’t mean you like it or enjoy it.

Adam brings up the confusion element that is part of testing movies and shows, people will find something to be confused about if asked, it’s a horrible way to figure out what is good and what is not good.

Adam asks Gina about what they’re going to need to do per hour, 18-20 minutes of content per hour she estimates.


Adam talks about doing Dan Patrick’s show and how far away the facility is, way past LAX and they want him there around 5 A.M.


Gina shares her reaction to finding out about Mark, the freeway came to a dead stop and all the lanes were blocked, she says she went sideway and got off a freeway by using the freeway onramp.

Adam recalls his infamous “Silver Prius!” from 2004 LoveLine


Where he snaked down a freeway backwards and narrowly escaped a now hopefully dead gray haired old fuck who was trying to force him to stay put like a citizen’s arrest, asswipe!


BB and Adam give Gina congratulations and Adam asks if Mark is retiring now or what he’s looking at doing, Gina says he wants to do some podcasts and wants to talk to Adam.


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Go full synthetic and you no longer need to get the oil changed edition


Adam welcomes Steven to the show and plugs his book, he explains how truth is the total defense.

Adam brings up the book writing process and how the editor calls with an attorney and asks what is true vs. untrue and helps ensure you don’t get sued for what you wrote.

Adam is asking Steven about his early work as a young writer, crafting unused pilots into feature length movies to resell overseas.


Adam recalls the show ‘Name of the Game’ that Steven worked on, Adam recalls it was a mystery crime series of some kind.

Adam says he feels like writing was treated more like a trade back then, less of an artistic endeavor.

Steven says ‘Hill Street Blues’ was a cultural water mark and people weren’t embarrassed to watch TV nor use the term art when discussing it.


Adam says back in the day acting was acting, you were projecting to the back of the room and over the top which then led way to method acting and Brando etc.


Adam is explaining made up movie to Steven.


Made Up Movie – T.V. Show edition

1st MUTV Keith with “Sweet Relief” and he attempts to produce the show too, telling them too much, classic rookie mistake.

Adam says coincidentally it is a dating show, he’s riffing up a crazy plot that’s off the charts hilarious and insane, Steven comes in with a urologist idea, Adam cast Sophia Vergara who can’t examine patients as she’s too hot and they all get boners, Steven says it’s too blue for him and his classic TV standards.

Adam is getting into cliché territory and BB tells Steven to mind his business and let them riff the best idea.

They just cast Neil Patrick Harris as the doctor along with Ed Asner, Gina just had him on the morning show so she can confirm he’s still mortal in reply to an inquisitive Adam.


2nd MUTV Cameron he has the title “Feeling Spree” and Adam says he could do 12 minutes setting up an elaborate scenario only for Steven to shit on it or they can just let Steven tackle it.

Steven takes it another medical direction, BB casts Rhea Pearlman and Danny DeVito in a divorcee’s massage therapist office.

Adam casts Jon Cryer and John Larroquette in the series, BB is really in the mix, almost too much but not quite yet.

Adam goes back to Cameron and they wrap up.


3rd MUTV Robert, he has congratulations across the board and suggests “Faith Based” and Gina pitches a Faith Hill sitcom, Adam suggests Faith Ford.

Adam has a preacher who wants to be a country singer, hilarious details about the church bringing in little Chinese kids.

Adam on the plucky 12-year-old exchange student who lives with the couple and is trying to get a handle on American lingo and slang.

4th MUTV Bob, Adam jokes about filming on location and he suggests ‘Bottoms Up’ and Steven has a “throw them back” line that makes Adam think of a sports bar.

Steven pitches it as a titty bar, Adam says it’s a male variant, a Schlong bar.

Adam says a couple of undercover cop’s ala ‘Cops and Donuts’ and his other long time riffed buddy cop cliché idea.


Adam is now pitching a crossover with “Faith Based” and they wrap it up, Adam promises a “feel alike” (sound-alike) soundtrack and they tease the news.


Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam asks Steven for a favorite TV show, he asks Adam which kid he loves more and Adam quickly says the boy, then jokes about it being a trick question he didn’t understand.

Gina asks him about the L.A. Law reboot, she asks about a glance at Corbin Bernsen and you can practically hear Adam think of the legendary L.A. Dodger Celebrity baseball game shower story, where Corbin was in let’s say “stark contrast” to their teammate Dennis Haysbert, he doesn’t mention it, Gina would have a field day with it though.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the baby that interrupted the Donald Trump speech, Gina has the clip and they are providing some commentary over it.

BB says he’s the best thing to ever happen to politics, Adam says the whole thing about Trump is you can’t bite on every trump hook that falls in the lake, this is a non-story.

Adam says that he will put Trump up there with Black Lives Matters, there are enough instances but we can’t focus on nor include every time some black person charges at a cop with a machete, that’s not this.


2nd Story is on Andrew Luck’s hygiene from some comments made by his former teammate Matt Hasselbeck, Gina asks if he’s attractive and Adam says he’s built like an Adonis, BB has some extended mouth noises trying to lead Adam to the truth that he doesn’t’ find him attractive, weird and not as funny as he probably hoped, it was almost that out loud thinking noise thing he does that’s annoying 70% of the time.


They are doing another 2-3 laps on Andrew Luck’s physique and looks, Steven even says it’s like they’re obsessed and then has a swing and a miss with a “what’s in your wallet” line.


3rd Story is on conversion therapy being outlawed in Seattle, the 3rd American city to ban the practice.

Gina has the details and clearly supports the decisions, they talk about Doogie and BB says the most outlandish part of the show ‘Doogie Howser M.D.’ was that he nailed the journal entries without any typos.

Adam brings up ‘Hill Street Blues’ and Ed Marinaro, another ball player who is actually easy on the eyes, Gina asks about him being an actor, hilarious reply from Adam mocking her question.


4th Story is on Draymond Green’s snapchatted dick pic, Gina calls it impressive and Adam says it’s nice for him to have some groin related trauma, revenge a dish best served cold.

Adam asks why you would send the pic, what is this supposed to do, arouse the woman, Gina agrees and further describes the dick.

Adam jokes about hanging a cat off his cock, and Gina says that women show their friends and laugh about them.


Adam asks what the best dick pic penis size is, Gina shares how her gay friends used to use piles of quarters for scale.

Adam is joking about a ruler, hilarious question for Gary to look up if one exists.

Adam is sharing his modality for measuring the penis to Steven, he shares how one uses string to measure penis length, one around the balls.


5th Story is on a Satan Club opening in schools across the country, Gina has the details on the strategies.

Adam uses the generic name for satanic people “fat chicks who were molested” and Gina further describes what the church of Satan is actually about.

Adam is not wired for artificial parity just because, Adam says that all of this stuff has lost its edge, biker gangs, wiccans and Satanists too.

Adam says the only fun part of the satanic cults is wearing the goat’s head and dancing around, hilarious!

Adam wants biker gangs to terrorize towns in lieu of toys for tots and Satanists to murder people ritualistically.

“wiccans you should be all constructing a voodoo doll of me and poking it with needles to get me to shut up” – Adam


6th Story is on a Fly Boarder who became an unlikely fire extinguisher over the weekend, she has the details and they talk about it over the footage of the fly boarding activity.

Adam is describing this activity and he knows that Ray or one of his buddies would have turned off the water spout to let Adam fall into the blazing fire, wow!

Adam is talking about the simple acts of decency in our society are clearly not dead, hilarious fly boarding joke.


Life Lock Live Read

Fly Lock Edition


Gary informs Adam they are about 10k for the fly boards, Adam is saying there is a rich white celebrity that doesn’t have a fly board, rolling with the crowd sourcing suggestion.

Gina has some Sarah McLachlan and BB has some world’s smallest violin style music.

Adam says the stairs and the fake deck on the outdoor pool is the most depressing part of above ground pools and he tells them about recording AOTH: Some People Call It Progress earlier in the day.

Do not miss that episode of Ace on the House, it’s hilarious and he even shares a few quotes from what he told the caller about lowering his house, gold!


Adam is telling Gina about the above ground pool he swam in as a kid, Gina reveals that Randy Wang is trying to get her to get into his above aground pool and she didn’t believe him about the filtration system, Adam says it’s safe and just an expose version of a pool.


7th Story is on a dangerous game becoming popular in East Hampton New York, Adam recalls the movie ‘The Program’ along with BB and they talk about the scene being removed from the film after the lawsuit where someone was killed attempting it.

Adam asks what the plan is and Gina says it’s akin to human ‘Frogger’ and Adam says the worst case scenario is the drunk driver with the .97 who has this “done to him” and ends up behind bars for something caused by the dead person.

Adam is sharing how he got up to a higher level of inebriation when he was doing the Car Show on Speed, he was over 0.14 very quick and was driving fine, Steven ask if he’s drunk now and he’s struggling with speech and word finding, BB isn’t helping and now everyone is quiet.


8th Story is a top 20 list for the most frequently stolen cars, Adam asks Steven what he drives “a big old foreign sedan” and Adam brings up the most recent CarCast with Henrik Fisker.

CarCast S:8 Ep:30

Adam shares the details of the doomed Fisker Karma and where the rights are now, very interesting, listen to that episode it’s great!

Gina wraps the news to a drop of her saying “yeahhhh a little bit of a butter face” and Adam asks Gary to put a poll out there to find out if butter faces are more of an issue for men vs. women.

BB and Gina both weigh in, Gary defends Vinnie from ‘Jersey Shore’ he’s the “different one” and Adam goes into a live read.


SimpliSafe Live Read

Dawson can’t put holes in his walls edition


Adam plugs Steven’s book and wraps up the episode. Gary updates them on the cruise which will have Endless Rant IPA available to everyone on board.

BB plays the “Penis is a dish best served cold” drop from Adam talking about Draymond Green’s payback for his multiple dick and balls assaults on the court last season/his entire life and career.