Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2015 – Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2015 – Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins

Recorded 08-03-2015 – Release Date 08-04-2015

Production Number #1631

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This show opens with a clip of ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’ from the ACS, pre or post recorded before the actual show begins.

The clips seem to all be from ACS #1573 from May of this year.


Adam does a Castrol not so live read


This is the 1st show recorded on Monday August 3rd, there were two episodes recorded previous to this last night, they will air soon.

Adam opens the show with him quoting Howard Stern re: podcasting as the #TopDrop and explains he finally got in touch with Brian Grazer and the communication was downgraded to an email, he says that Brian saw the Newman doc and seemed to enjoy it.

Adam talks about Niche casting and audiences and how a foodie podcast might get Jon Favreau before any other show, Adam talks about Tom Cruise.

BB saw the latest Mission Impossible.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Mission Impossible Rogue Nation’ and brings up Tom’s last movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and how it was a great overlooked movie.

Adam uses driving past a great restaurant as an analogy for not seeing a movie in the theater.

BB is now going over the violence in the film, he says it’s PG-13 for a reason and should be safe for Sonny.


BB is now breaking down the plot, claiming he didn’t seem to follow it but he gives away the final twist and says it doesn’t matter.

Gary is on mic talking about the movie and BB goes back to the plot of the film, breaking down almost the entire thing.

Adam is talking about how he would react as an opera house sniper, BB and Adam are now doing a too man snipers improv riff.

Adam is wrapping up his review and seems to be positive about the movie, BB brings up the “Bechdel Test” and explains it to Adam.


Adam is now talking to Gary about the love interests age in comparison to the male lead of the movie, Adam talks about the Ronda Rousey fight and how she dedicated it to Rowdy Roddy Piper and how she mentioned him and dedicated the fight to him which keeps his legacy alive past his death, just because he was nice to her.

Adam is talking about standup specials on cable.


Adam is doing a Live Read for the new Jerrod Carmichael show


Adam plugs the next Mangria bar crawl with his wife Lynette.

Adam talks about his new show with Mark Geragos and how wildly progressive he is while embracing a strong work ethic.

Adam says he should be in politics, Adam says that Bobcat and Barry are now joining them, Bobcat making his 5th appearance and Barry is making his ACS debut.


Adam is trying to recall any other docs made by Bobcat and he reveals he made a ‘Triumph of the Will’ compilation of Adam and Jimmy during the Man Show days, Adam says he’s never seen that in years and would love to see it again for an ego boost alone.

I would love to see this, it should be uploaded to YouTube!

Adam is talking about the recent documentary kick he’s been on and going in depth on the shift during Bobcat’s new movie, he talks about the twist as Barry arrives in the studio.


Adam is asking about the plot twist and if they should talk about that before people listening have a chance to see it, Adam is talking about guy from AOL and how he was almost a spokes model for the company.

Adam is talking about Barry’s childhood sexual abuse and rage at the church for what was done to him, Barry is explaining how he feels about it and answers Adam’s question if he thinks the rage would still be as intense without the abuse.

Adam compliments the way the film was put together and Bobcat compliments his cinematographer.


Adam shares how the revelation came out on stage, Adam is asking him about it and if he had planned to let it out then.

Barry is going in depth on how he ended up doing that on stage and he talks about the era, Bobcat shares how Steve Sweeney didn’t want to close after that.


Adam is now asking him about tracking down child predators and pornography on AOL in 1995, using their unmonitored chatrooms.

They’re talking about the dialup modem era, Bobcat has some interesting comments about the story and the movie.

Adam asks about the guys who were exchanging this stuff and if they’re still out there.


They’re talking about the evil cycle of abuse and victimization and how victims often become perpetrators, Adam has some heavy questions about the nuance involved in this stuff.

Adam is bringing up producer Angie from the KLSX days who didn’t like Rainier Cherries, Adam is connecting that to his “you’re into what you’re into” theory on sexual arousal and how the people into illegal material are more into their objects of desire than you are, as they go to such extreme lengths and ensure such extreme risk to experience it.

Adam has a killer ‘Pizza Hut’ hotdog in the crust analogy for Barry’s brain and intellect keeping him from turning into an abuser and continuing the chain.


Barry explains his empath nature and Adam wants to know if he was ever able to run down some of his abusers, and he wants to know about how his own sexuality was affected.


Adam goes to a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam is reaffirming this an important documentary and talks about great old footage and Adam is asking him about the old babysitter who abused him.

Barry explains how the guy died in prison for his 3rd term of raping children, Bobcat has a nice anecdote about something Barry told him.

Adam explains he used to talk about this on Loveline all of the time and explains the cycle of abuse and crimes, he contrasts this against something like burglary.


Adam jokes about pitching his movie idea ‘Pedoph Isle’ movie idea, Bobcat knows it well and they move past that hilarious comment.

Adam is now setting Bobcat up with a question about filmmaking and transitioning to a live read.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam shares his appreciation for the schedule of making a documentary film and Bobcat explains how quickly it all progressed and happened.

Adam is asking Bobcat about his upcoming movie ideas and he has some funny replies, Barry is now telling Adam about his luck with the ladies after his story came out.

Adam plugs the movie and compliments Bobcat for his craftsmanship, Adam wraps up the show.