Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2014 – William Shatner

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2014 – William Shatner

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Guest William Shatner

Recorded 07-28-2014 – Release Date 08-04-2014

Production Number #1383

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Adam is welcoming William Shatner to the show with a special one on one interview, Adam is explaining to William how the show works and Adam explains why he says “show” instead of podcast.

Adam is now explaining what a podcast is to William, he’s asking about how it all works.

Adam now uses Toast and Bread to make his analogy, which comes up again on ACS #1387 and Adam brings up how when “made in Japan” was once thought of as a joke.


William explains how Mr. Honda came to the United States and was inspired by our view of their products to revolutionize an entire counties industries.

Adam wraps up the podcast talk and plugs doing William’s show, brown bag wine tasting show and is now complimenting him on being so nimble and lucid at 83 years old.

Adam is now explaining when he first became impressed with Bill, it was an induction for someone at the Kodak Theater, perhaps George Lucas and he compliments Bill’s comedy chops.


Adam is asking William how he perceives his own perception from the public regarding his acting abilities and talent level, he is now sharing how views himself.

Adam is getting Bill to go in depth on his sad upbringing and self-pity he felt while all alone and having no friends.

Adam compliments his looks, talent and athleticism and why he feels that way, William is now bringing up how he never wanted to look back at “Star Trek” and now does and realizes how good looking he was.


Adam says he’s had this same conversation about himself, he says he was never a matinee idol and goes back and looks at pics from him at 27 looking pretty good with his shirt off in some swim trunks.

Adam is getting to William’s family of origin and his 77 year career as an actor, Adam is waxing poetic about “Taking the job” and not having a map for a career.

William is now explaining how you must be subject to the “whims of fate” and go with the flow in this business and in life, take the opportunity that’s offered and operate on that basis.


William’s phone goes off and Adam has a killer Leonard Nimoy comment.

Adam is telling William about his 2nd feature film “Road Hard” and how people that view him as a clod, William is asking Adam if he’s cruel and Adam tells him how is exceedingly fair and how he is fine with being stern with those that cross the line.

Adam says that if comes down to a coin toss you’re going to win it every time, William is asking great follow up questions.

Adam is now explaining how one could piss him off by taking both pieces of a hypothetical sandwich and William brings up a hungry kid Adam didn’t know about.


William is back to Adam’s eyes and how much fun it would be to cast him as a villain and how he could play both parts of that sandwich.

Adam is now commenting on the career he’s carved out for himself and how it might not be ideal but he has more in the tank.

Adam is commenting on William’s 2nd career act and how he’s aged into more respect, he’s bringing up franchise movies and if you still feel like an actor while caught up in some series.


Adam has a variety is the spice of show business and William is bringing up the two documentaries he’s worked on, one he’s done “Chaos on the Bridge” and how was able to interview all the participants still living from Star Trek TOS.

Adam tells William about the documentary he just finished about Paul Newman and is racing history.


Adam is now doing a live read for Blue Apron and William is selling the shit out of it, Adam jokes about Olga being his nanny.


William is sharing his love of racing with Adam, Adam tells him about winning the Toyota Grand Prix two years in a row, as a celeb then as a pro.

Adam is sharing how he got into Newman’s racing history and he brings up Willie T. Ribbs.

William is telling them about getting into movies at the tail end of the studio era, he explains he never met Paul, he missed him and Brando by a year or so.


William wishes he met both men, he wishes he called Newman and said hello, telling him he wished to meet him.

Adam is commenting on how sad it is to not take opportunity, to not reach out, more people are open to a relationship than not, take your shot!

William is echoing his point and they’re being quite profound.


Adam is bringing up being asked for photo ops and the “I’m sorry to bother you” he gets, he’s asking William about being hassled in public, he’s sharing how he tries to be polite but people will overstep if he gives in too much.

William Shatner is plugging his “Man O War” comics and taking credit for thinking up “Motion Comics” nope, Adam is now sharing his theory on life, if you do 50 pushups every day you can do it forever.

William is bringing up how he was asked to do a reality show for DIY, it was a show about his house being remodeled and his acceptance with the changes.


William is now explaining who Colonel Lankershim is and is further explaining how he would have never done a reality show nor remodeled the house but it was totally fascinating and worthwhile.

Adam says he feels like he’s grafting all of his shit onto William and is bringing up how people keep asking him to do projects and why he can’t turn them down, it’s just enough in the distance.

Adam is waxing poetic about the lack of a “retirement age” in showbiz.


William is now sharing the advice from his business manager “don’t own anything that eats while you sleep” and he’s proclaiming himself one of the top Reiner’s in the country and how he has to work out to keep riding his beloved horses.

“I Want to Ride until I Die” – William getting very gangster rap with it and not even knowing it.

Adam explains why he never gets fat, he always has to be on camera and goes without, he’s using the racing cars that were built for Paul and how small the cars, he tell William about having to cut the steering column and trying to fit into these tiny cockpits.


Adam is now doing a live read or Tommy John Wear.


Adam is now waxing poetic on humans and motivation, how the same person can be the most lethargic or the most overachieving human to exist.


Adam is doing a live read for Nature Box, solid conversational read!

“Stay Strong like Billy Shat” – Adam

Adam invites him back for a follow up, please do!

Killer guest!


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