Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/03/2016 – Heather McDonald and Ted Balaker

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/03/2016 – Heather McDonald and Ted Balaker

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Heather McDonald and Ted Balaker

Recorded 08-02-2016 – Release Date 08-03-2016

Production Number #1875

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Adam opens the show to a “fun for the whole family” intro, hinting about this being a clean episode?

Adam welcomes Gina and BB to the show, BB has a solid drop choice from Heather’s last visit for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam wanted to watch Heather’s new documentary ‘Can We Take a Joke’ but he couldn’t get the screener to play, Adam talks about not needing passwords for his life and he promises not to get give any details away re: “login” and password for the movie.


Adam says the passwords with case sensitivity to recognize failed attempts as correct entries, he wants a forgiving security system and wishes he could check “not a password guy” on his license, he chooses to write his ATM pin on his card, he doesn’t lock his phone etc.

Adam talks about needing to make a flight and heading to the airport and his logic about the time he leaves, he compares that to his thinking about the odds of him losing his wallet and the risk of the pin being present.

Adam didn’t know how to hit and underscore key, everyone is holding in their mockery as he can’t type and Gary quotes Adam with his difficulties, Gary asks Adam if he knows how to copy and paste on his computer.


Adam says probably not, he tries things 3-4 times and after they seem like a huge hassle he gives up like when he shows up at a red carpet event and is told he’s in the stand and repeat line only to be shooed away by a guy with a clipboard and then get a frantic phone call after he leaves and follows that guy’s instructions/direction.

They’re now playing a clip from ‘Can We Take a joke’ featuring Adam Carolla, talking about the ACS with Gavin Newsom.

Solid clip, well-structured with a fair point and Adam discussing the NPR interview that was never posted after they attempted a “gotcha” moment on air with him using an ACS clip with Jo Koy.


Adam is now joking about people commenting on things in the news that don’t have anything to do with you, Adam and BB have a funny back and forth.


Adam talks about the legalization of marijuana and Gina has a solid “pipe down” retort, Adam name drops The Brian Lehrer Show and the lies about why they “lost” the episode, Adam is ranting about the logic and facts surrounding the failed attempt to make Adam look foolish.

BB says it’s only ethical and honorable to release the tape, Adam says if they had edited that you they would look worse than just not airing it.

Gina references the history about Ben Affleck’s family being slave owners editing out of the show about his ancestry and the controversy that caused.


Adam is talking about the new cottage industry of whacking up clips of people they disagree with to then perform “gotcha” retorts over to their audience.

Adam is mocking the Huffington Post and their dissection of the clips that would require one to hear the truth, but they willingly edit into something else anyway or in spite of the truth to get some web clicks.

Gary now talks about the ‘Women Aren’t Funny” misquote and how that got around and got some mouse clicks, he suggests that Brian very well was trying to get the same level of attention for his own attempt to entrap Adam into a lie that could then be used to get traffic.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Billy, he compliments BB’s recent performance and Adam jokes about him hosting another podcast and bringing it over to Carolla Digital.

Billy says he was actually in studio for the Gavin Newsom taping and it ranks up there in his top ten most awkward moments of his life, Gary gets on mic and they mention the CHP.

Billy wants to know of if things were going to go down in a bar fight scenario ala ‘Road House’ who would Adam want backing him up, he immediately tosses Caelan to the wolves and they move on, holy shit!


2nd Caller Chris, he tells Adam about Ralphie May and his appearance on Jeff Ross’s ‘Roast Battle’ where past ACS guest Mike Lawrence worked Ralphie’s weight and family abandoning him into the roast.

Adam says the lesser known guys can shine and excel known comedians, Chris is trying to sharing the details but he gets talked over and Adam talks about Jeff Ross and other comedians being very sensitive people, not thin skinned, very sincere and kind.

Adam is talking about Jeff projecting the hardcore comedy and abuse into the world to avoid it, as BB sums it up, Adam says it’s akin to therapists and their backgrounds or cops who could’ve gone either way.


Adam thinks if you took most of the top guys known for roasting or even someone Like Howard Stern, they’re all sensitive people.

BB brings up Gilbert Gottfried, Adam works Seth MacFarlane into it and he says Ralphie is a sensitive dude and they move on.


3rd Caller Tom, he’s in the middle of a 10-hour road trip and wants a Pandora suggestion.


Adam stops him to do a Reverie Bed Live Read

Sleep is a performance enhancing experience edition


Adam asks him about his favorite artists, Adam is not great on the computer and says he’s not a computer expert, he mentions some of his favorite artists and is trying to figure out if he’s using the Pandora “stations” to get further suggestions form their algorithm.

Adam is now riffing about ‘The Talking Heads’ and they play some ‘Pulled up’ and Adam gives them some points for rawness, for owning it, anything but a copout when it comes to an artistic endeavor.

Adam says he does like some ‘Talking Head’s and moves on.


Adam is now doing a Castrol Live Read

Smaller Hamster on a wheel that spins faster, causes friction edition


The Rotten Tomatoes Game – Mike Dawson Supremacy Edition

Actos from ‘Suicide Squad’ edition

1st Movie ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ (1993)

Adam hasn’t seen all of it but does recall seeing parts of it and it being Will Smith’s breakout role, BB quotes Phil Rosenthal’s “This is a Play!” and Gina gets it dead nuts on with a perfect guess.


2nd Movie ‘Madea Goes to Jail’ (2009)

Adam is telling BB to see the first Madea movie to confuse people you speak with, Adam is now riffing about Tyler Perry not pushing the movement along for black people and stereotypes, this is cringeworthily horribly written stuff.

Adam is sharing Lynette’s reaction to the horrible direction and quality along with ridiculous writing.

Adam is now breaking down scenes from ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ and Gary gets him the info, it was from 2005.

Adam mocks his appearances on Oprah and this character not being a positive role model for black people.


Everyone weighs in and Adam jokes about Madea following the same trajectory as Jim Varney’s Ernest from 20 years earlier.

Dawson has the results and they move on.


3rd Movie ‘The Thin Red Line’ (1998)

Dawson barely recalls him from this movie, BB hated the movie and Adam is saying it could be 74% and BB goes with 93%, Adam was closest.


4th Movie ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ (2013)

Adam is riffing about 2007’s ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ and the way cops were only around when they could be a hindrance to the main characters, never there to help, it was a movie where it seemed like Bruce Willis and Justin Long.

Adam is now making his guess and Gina loses some of her steam by going too high, Adam jokes about adding 8 points for another new made-up rule to steal a win.


5th Movie ‘Wanted’ (2008)

Adam is joking about the magical loom in the movie, hilarious descriptions from BB and Adam says he doesn’t like when they mix and match action movies with fantastical type movies.

BB and Gary both think Adam will love it and Adam is still getting over the heartbreak of Chris Laxamana hating ‘Red Dawn’ and they all make their guesses.

Gina hates everyone, BB is way too happy with his yelling, Adam is trying to chime in.

BB takes the win, Adam is second and Gina loses big time after dominating early.


BB now mentions Michael who is watching from the greenroom, he gives a quick tidbit on the guy and dedicates the win to him and his struggle with a brain tumor.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Dawson says it has glass breaking detection, Adam says he found out the hard way when he broke his bong edition

They head to break


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail, Jason wants him to come over and play some baseball darts at his house, Adam says he brings that up because they put the useless game on the back of every dart board.

Adam welcomes Heather McDonald back to the show, this is her 4th appearance on the show.

She was previously on ACS #1647, then ACS #1731, ACS #1819.


Adam is talking to her about the new documentary and her upcoming live dates, he welcomes Ted to the show and they get into the movie, it’s his baby/project.

Adam asks about women and doing things last minute or as favors like this movie, the hair and the makeup must be a huge factor that he doesn’t have to deal with as a man, a man wearing the same shirt 40% of the time.

Heather says she does her own hair and makeup, she can do a blow out, lashes etc.

She says for other women it’s a huge deal and explains why one might want to learn to do it themselves.


Adam talks about criticizing comedians, it’s akin to shutting down a haunted house, in the context of Halloween you need a haunted house.

Heather is talking about her advice to people who might be too sensitive for live comedy, Ted has a story of someone yelling “I’m offended!” to Nick DiPaolo when he was seeing him live.


Adam doesn’t know if he’s ever been offended and he talks about the impulse after seeing your ex with her new beau, the adult in us comes out and stops us as we don’t want to look like that kind of person.

It will make you look weak, sad and pathetic and not like an adult.

Heather talks about seeing older men in the audience looking at her with an angry face, then to only learn they just have an old angry face but loved her set, or someone who gets up might have a leg issue or need to use the rest room, it’s not always about the comedian.


Ted talks about the “outrage model” that went after Adam in response to the Gavin Newsom ACS episode, Adam says now Racist is used to end arguments like buck tooth or fat ass was used 20 years ago.

Heather says fat-ass is the new taboo word and Adam is back to the Gavin Newsom interview and his white privilege lie he tried to flip the script on Adam with, please you fucking hypocrite.

Heather is defending Adam’s facts and Adam, is back to how Gavin brought up the topics they were discussing, Adam has a great medical doctor analogy.


Adam says he was attempting to address the two groups and the subjects Gavin brought up, Adam calls Gavin a quack and says he lies, he doesn’t care, he just wants their vote, if they die he only cares if they were able to vote first, that would be better for him.

Heather is now sharing how she does an impression of his step daughter’s mother who has a thick Asian accent, is Heather not supposed to be accurate in her impression, is she supposed to lie?

Adam is now bringing up the ‘Women’s Suffrage’ bit from ‘The Man Show’ which Adman calls the first bit they filmed for the show.


Adam is now playing the clip to highlight the cunt who took it upon herself to standup for those not as smart as her, to blowhard and be the white savior.

Adam is commenting on his “what are you from Cameroon!?” joke from the bit after the entitled woman brought up ethnicity.

Heather thinks female comedians can get away with more, Adam talks about the trickle down of comedy topic privilege.

BB asks how Donald Trump is able to gain popularity after his controversy du jour, Adam says he is being put up to push back against the PC stuff.


Heather is now sharing her husband’s complaints about having to wait for 4 minutes to use a bathroom now that there aren’t men’s rooms in many places that have unisex lavatories.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam has a husband rebuttal and he describes the horrific troughs in men’s bathrooms at stadiums, he is suggesting women could gang up and lose their dignity and privacy to forego the long lines, Adam calls it ‘The Daisy Pit’ and says it’s only for #1, obviously. Women sitting back to back urinating at the same time.

Adam is further describing the men’s urinal troughs and grossing out Heather and Gina who are thinking about foamy piss.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on an American Airlines Pilot who was captured on film taking down an angry drunk airline passenger, Gina plays the clip of him being arrested.

Adam is now asking for ‘Archie Bell & The Drells’ song ‘Tighten Up’ and they have some funny fake confusion, Gary asks what song (real confusion?)

Adam wants his heavyweight status on his license, he talks about the bit he filmed that never aired for his Speed Channel Car Show, Adam talks about seeing a motorcycle speeding up on him after a douchey maneuver on the road recently.


Adam is telling Heather about the bit that never aired and the producers who ruined it, Adam is asking Dawson if he could handle three shots while on a flight, he could be trusted in that man’s shoes.

Heather has an anecdote about a drunk woman and Gina brings up Lynette who was thrown off a plane for being the object of affection of a drunk stranger who couldn’t shut up and stop trying to hassle her.

Heather has another take and Adam is saying that this guy in the clip was blacked out, Dawson is now ready to mash up this guy’s

Tighten Up’ with the song.


Adam is doing a Varidesk Live Read

What you miss about being outside working on a jobsite and none of the stuff you don’t


Dawson is now attempting a live mashup of the song and the Facebook video, tighten up!

It’s working well, nice timing.

Adam jokes about going through life with these insane references and people just staring at him with blank faces, they wrap the news and BB plays the drop of Gary saying Adam Carolla is a racist.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.

BB plays the clip of Heather imitation her step-daughter’s mother, Dawson has a “Gina still has a job in the mornings closer and says “we love you Gina” and the show wraps for reals tho!