Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/03/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 166

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/03/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 166

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-29-2014 – Release Date 08-03-2014

Production Number #166

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This episode starts with a pre-recorded intro explaining that the first 15-25min had to be cut due to some ranting and screaming from Adam about a certain legal matter, I am not even trusted to hear it,  only people on staff who live in Los Angeles got to.

They promise to release it in a few months once it’s all died down.

Odd that they noticed this and cut this but didn’t bother to cut the blown intro from Adam on a recent episode.

“We’ll see if we can dig up that tape” – Adam. (another lost recording of Adam Carolla, maybe we can hear it too in 18 years)


Adam is now doing a live read for Tommy John Wear, he’s really emphatic about his love for their undergarments.


Drew is praising Chicago for their food, he was recently in town visiting his daughter who is studying at second city, and Drew was unable to get reservations at some overrated fancy place in the city.

Adam is now using the disparity of wealth in Los Angeles to explain why going to a fancy dinner comes with a guilt trip and some things you may not want to see en route.

Adam is now explaining his stance on women in comedy, Drew is telling Adam about his daughter’s second city experience.


Adam is now using the hiring process for a writer’s room and the quotas that must be filled for women writers, he’s using his own experience applying to be a firefighter to prove his point.

Adam goes in depth on the 6 year wait, a new detail emerges.

Adam is now asking Drew about his talent being thought of as given, and not due to training much like Dr. Drew’s own medical expertise.


Drew is now quoting an episode of “Louie” it’s overrated and Adam gives him a nice reaction despite leaving some things unsaid about the talent of Mr. C.K.

Drew is telling Adam that his daughter has to be asked back to “Second City” and Adam says that’s good, it’s how you earn integrity and a name.

Adam is telling them about when he was cut from the “Groundlings” and how he was too green when he was trying out.


1st Caller Chris, he works for Coca Cola and is currently working on his business degree, he’s complaining about being “denied” to managerial positions, despite not finishing his degree first.

Drew calls him on it and now Chris has a decent point about applying an education in the real world.

Adam is on a “30 is the new 40” explanation and shares that everyone now lives to 90 and has 15 careers, Adam is sharing the “50 year camping trip” advice he would give his kids for their 20s.


Adam says forget status and all that bullshit, just keep your head and down and learn as much as you can to ensure you have a successful “camping trip” and why you shouldn’t go after quick money like his peers.


2nd Caller Stephanie, she claims to be one of the few black listeners, there are many!

She is trying out online dating and the men she’s been meeting seem to be trapped in adolescence and Adam is using the reaction to “Man of Steel” to make a point about the infantilization of men.

Stephanie can’t find any podcast buddies in Florida.

Stephanie is divorced and has a child, she’s telling them about moving to Florida to follow her ex-husband, and Adam and Drew are joking about loser guys flocking to that state like a moth to the flame.


Adam and Drew are talking about his dad moving into his mom’s parent’s home after their separation and Drew is reacting to finding out that his dad had to traverse through Adam’s grandma’s bedroom like he hasn’t heard it before.


3rd Caller Chad, he’s expecting his first child with his wife.

He has scientologist cousins who refuse to vaccinate their kids and they’re trying to figure out how to broach that subject with the parents of the non-vaccinated kids.

Adam wants to know when it’s healthy to let the kids hang out with the unvaccinated kids, Drew vaccinates the shit out of his kid and they’re both singing the praises.

Adam has a “smallpox vaccine = full-tard” explanation for the superstitious natives we live amongst and Drew is now bringing up how people don’t study or learn.


Adam says he doesn’t study and knows nothing but he’s vaccinating regardless, Drew misquotes the “tragedy/incident” statistic saying.

Adam is now bringing up how he plays the odds and thinks of things that are obvious, he uses the statistics to learn, he’s using seatbelt us as an analogy.

Adam says he hates when people make a choice but then blame others for their choice, Adam and Drew agree that these people who “kick you in the shin, ask what as that for when you punch them in the arm” are the ones at fault.


Adam says we all set out own divining rod, set it to fair and then when unreasonable people come at you they can’t win if you set your divining rod towards reasonable.

Adam is explaining that if you do that you can sleep like a baby and you’re set on reasonable, people will look at you like a monster despite whatever the problem is bring their choice.

Adam has a hilarious quote about what the cousins will say about Chad, saying that they will report that they were called a witch and he threw a punch at them, Drew agrees and shares the fake disbelief liars like his cousins will presumably try.


Adam is doing a live read for the Amazon patent troll fund, he’s wrapping up the show.