Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/02/2016 – Wheeler Walker Jr. and Robert Mazur

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/02/2016 – Wheeler Walker Jr. and Robert Mazur

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Wheeler Walker Jr. and Robert Mazur

Recorded 08-01-2016 – Release Date 08-02-2016

Production Number #1874

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Adam opens the show to a funny “porn nickname” intro and BB has a solid “Show Me Your Nuts!” #TopDrop and Adam is immediately talking about what ab ad guy Pablo Escobar was, Adam is talking about clearing soccer fields as he explains why it’s such a popular sport.

Adam says when he hears Don King stomped a man to death he thinks of people hating Donald Trump and possibly viewing him as a worse guy than Don, Adam is talking about Pablo bringing down an entire plane to kill one guy.

Adam is saying he supposed they could do a machine pistol on the Vespa hit, but instead he used his confidant to kill a politician who wasn’t even on the plane after his security team flipped a coin according to Gary.


Adam says he just got back from the other office and he’s getting a lot of feedback about his movies now that they’re playing on airline inflight entertainment.

Adam says people have been asking him about selling movies to the airlines, Adam says that Nate Adams has just gotten off the line with the brokers who set up the film rights, Adam says he was told they play these for free for passengers.

Gary says that’s not true and everyone is now weighing in, the movies are not free in flight in 95% of cases, Nate was wrong. “that tastes like a Keebler elf died and is decomposing in your mouth along with a broken taco shell and the tears of the grieving family members of the Escobar flight” – Adam on fiesta mix.

Adam says he has a learning disability in that everyone that talks to him is retarded and misinforms him.


Adam is talking about international film sales and how brokers sell the rights overseas, Adam comments on the modern era of having 11 jobs instead of one career, making an independent film is analogous to modern life.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Robert Mazur the inspiration for the film ‘The Infiltrator’ and Adam says he saw about half of the movie before the screener crapped out, he brings up Bryan Cranston and his “real deal” talent that enables him to be gracious to everyone all of the time.

“nope he was douchey in the 90’s, I knew him!” – Adam joking about Bryan Cranston and his kindness


Adam is asking Robert about volunteering for long term undercover work, he shares how he was embedded in various locations and explains how he was able to use his assets and team to get things done.

Adam brings up ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ and jokes about knowing some Don Henley songs, where they spell it all out (drug smuggling) and Adam asks if Robert ever interacted with any of the characters from the Cocaine Cowboys scene.

Adam has a funny juice Cleanse joke in response to hearing about how Pablo would cleanse his crew, Robert tells them about a truck full of body parts left in a town by a cartel, letting the people know who owns them according to Robert.


Adam asks about drugs and the insane amount of profit margins, he wants to know how we’re ever going to keep drugs from coming in, he asks what is plan B.

Robert is bringing up the giant shipments, he says these organizations are working with terrorism and other areas of crime.

Robert has some real world stats about how the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington encourages lower cost high grade pot black-markets.


Robert has some details about the fines that are essentially slaps on the wrist and less than a 10% tax, Gina wants to know if Robert feels like he’s being listened to by the public and law enforcement.

Adam puts some words in Robert’s mouth and gets to the terrorist side of drug trafficking and smuggling, Adam is saying as long as there is a ton of money there will always be some criminal organizations profiting off of illegal narcotics.

Adam is sharing his preaching about family and education and he explains his kids won’t need to go out and get some money on the street corner as they will be able to get a gig as a page working for Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Adam asks Robert about the cartels and their connections to the terrorists and he asks about the terrorists coming over the border.


Adam brings up the two national political conventions where none of this stuff was mentioned, Robert talks about free trade and money laundering and the economic relationships between drug smuggling organizations and terrorist groups.

Robert brings up the book ‘A Line in the Sand’ and explains how the operation he works with is global and he says we need to focus on getting people medical attention and rehabilitation instead of prison.

Robert shares his fears regarding 40 foot containers in smuggling routes, Adam asks who the drug cartels would like to see in the white house, Robert says he can’t venture a guess.


Gina brings up the “Fast and The Furious” sting operation that went badly, Robert weighs in and Adam is now riffing about his dad being unable to follow him in traffic, a classic gripe about Jim, the man can’t drive well, even 20 years ago.

Adam is talking about being a carpenter after the 1994 Earthquake, he talks about replacing cinderblock walls with dog eared red wood fencing, he says he would show up at the Home Depot and the pile had been picked through, only the Peyronie’s disease looking shit pile wood would be left.

Adam asks if they agree that they should beef up the border and they wrap up with Robert.


Adam is now talking about being a clean needle guy, he sees both sides of the augment but the border part he doesn’t get, why is that even politicized.

Adam says this is just like a basic thing, as Costco controls their stores, why is that political.

Adam says the controlling part being argued against is insane to him, it’s a weird argument to make, he wants a locked down border, we can then talk about solutions for immigration problems and fix the system.


Gary is on the mic and he reads a quote from Donald Trump about Mexican immigrants, Adam is sharing how he talked to a Swedish guy about immigration, he told him about the money or a skillset requirement keeps them “us” and Adam says it sounds like the worst thing you can bring up but he gets it, everyone can agree we can get the border secured, Adam says we get into the stupid “not everyone” arguments and he asks how much Al Qaeda and ISIS laugh at us for this.


Adam is now playing some Wheeler Walker Jr. for the gang to get everyone coached up on who he is and his musical style, hilarious selection that’s also really good.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Liquid Titanium Technology edition

Gina has a question about a car surviving after not getting an oil change for 5 years, Adam has a Jim Fix analogy for how these can work out unconventionally just like Castrol’s oil.


Q and Ace

1st Facebook Streaming Question from Craig he wants more details on the cabinet ordeal that everyone who watched the stream got to overhear, Gary gets on mic to confirm he made sure everyone was aware they were being recorded and observed by the live audience.

Gina wants to know why he wasn’t curious about her and BB singing Peter Cetera pre-show, Adam is now going over how he replaced all of the action on his drawers and cabinets.

Another parent in the stands watching their kids play basketball asked him about installing new closets in his home and Adam talked his hear off to the point the guy had to insist they just watch the game, Adam references his history with ‘ABC Always Better Closets’ and he is now segueing back to the cabinets Craig was asking about.


Adam is telling them about the Confirmat screw confusion with Rob, he says he knew he had some of the screws and he drove over after the podcast and he pulled out “Two Sizes!!!” which would make for a killer drop, please BB!

Adam jokes about Lynette finding out about this and being pissed off about the specificities of the construction remodel, hilarious improv scene of Lynette assaulting him while spouting off on nails and what he chose to use because of Rob.

“then she’ll reach in her purse and grab a handful of Confirmat screws and throw them at me!” – Adam on Lynette and her construction know-how.


2nd Q from Steve, he wants Adam’s take on Flip-Flops, he says he knew them as Zories and “Jap Flaps” as a youth, he talks about doing some damage to his foot with the strap on his flops.

Adam talks about trying to move like a ninja while wearing said flops, he mentions that everyone kicks them off at the other shop and puts their feet up on the velour Sofa.

Adam asks why the bare feet on the sofa people sit on while eating lunch, Adam says the other part he enjoys is the non-adjustment when he walks in and observes them, nobody fears daddy anymore.

Adam talks about everyone under 30 being the most entitled furniture standing weirdo, Adam brings up the dickweed who had his waffle stomper on his sofa during the filming of ‘Road Hard’ and they move on thanks to Dawson, Adam tells the next guy Andrew to go over and yell at the chick at the other shop, he then clarifiers it’s not her fault.


3rd Q Andrew, he wants to know about hiring people for his business and what former football position is best for an employee.

Adam says long snappers are cut from a strong cloth, Hilarious one liner from BB as Adam addresses tooting his own former position horn.

Adam works the lack of damage angle; the long snappers won’t be punch drunk.

BB shares his own take and Adam predicts a doom scenario with an office shootout.


Adam heads to break


They’re back from break with Wheeler Walker Jr. making his ACS debut, he was previously on the show out of character as his other alias Ben Hoffman on ACS #1019 from 2013.

Adam is talking to Wheeler about his album that has taken the country market by storm, Wheeler says his dad fucking loves ‘The Hammer’ and he says his dad saw it while he was bedridden after a heart attack.

Adam is now riffing about this praise coming from artists of this level, hilarious song names dropped by Adam.


Adam is asking Wheeler about the freedom of owning his own music and Adam once again drops another song title.

Wheeler is sharing how he produced the album and paid for it out of pocket, he talks about the Spotify checks and royalty payments from digital platforms.

Adam says he lost money on ‘The Hammer’ and Wheeler is now setting up his ballad ‘Fuck You Bitch’ and plays it live for the audience.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live read

Mobile phone theft leads to identity theft, look at the DNC as a long form commercial for Life Lock edition

Adam tells Wheeler he can put down the guitar while they do the news but he doesn’t want to look unprofessional.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the dangerous conditions in Brazil for the Olympic Games, Adam jokes that this year a cockroach will win the Pentathlon and he argues that if you can’t handle the conditions then you aren’t Olympic material, the best athlete survives.

Adam is riffing about the dangers and Gina explains how this could lead to the Zika virus going global, citing something she read from a virologist.

Adam is now talking about the corruption behind the Olympic committees and Adam says we need to have a policy about poverty and Olympic games, you are off the list if half of your populace is in poverty and living in dangerous conditions.


Adam says nobody does haggard and beleaguered like a Russian woman, they do it quietly, a broken look and hilarious impression from Adam about being urinated on by rodents and eating rocks, holy shit!

Wheeler has a killer one liner.

Gina shares how badly she felt for the Paralympian, Adam asks Dawson about swimming in Rio, he shares how he reacted to swimming at the beach, not a river or a closed lake, the ocean!


Adam is talking about living in Southern California and picking a strategic middle city to be able to get around easier, he suggests they put the Olympics in the center of the globe or something like that, a more convenient half way point.

Wheeler is giving his take on the Olympic Games losing steam and his interest.

Gina has a clip from ‘Real Sports’ with the IOC demands for their staff members vs. what was provided for the athletes.

Adam is now reacting to the clip and Wheeler has a great one liner, BB plays the more you know drop and Adam is now pitching ‘AIDS Butler’ to Wheeler.

Adam tells Gary he will be fast about it, what?

Adam is now sharing the plot, he rarely talks about this sitcom pitch and the Viatical agreements that inspired the premise.


Wheeler wants to work on the soundtrack, Adam is now sharing how the old couple end up with the gay guy as a butler.

Wheeler is now pitching his movie idea ‘Viagroids’ where kids born from conception after a Viagra was taken, Adam says he loves it and references his other legendary fake movie pitches.

Adam wants a theme song ala ‘The Facts of Life’ and they’re riffing a new theme where Wheeler includes the line “didn’t use a rubber” and now they’re calling him “AIDS Guy” and this wonderful, hilarious!


Wheeler is crushing it and Adam is coaching him, trying to get him to clean it up a bit.

We got a strong start, everyone agrees and he asks if they can whip up a rhyme for ‘Viagroids’ for him and they agree to split the projects 50/50.

This is wonderful!

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

BB owned a truck for the entire time he knew him (Pre Tumor?)


BB comments on the “AIDS Guy” part and they all smooth it over and wrap up the show, legendary episode!