Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/02/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 260

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/02/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 260

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-28-2015 – Release Date 08-02-2015

Production Number #260 – Caulk

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Adam is opening the show with a “busy trained professional” intro for Dr. Drew, Adam has two thoughts, one about his kids and the other is on caulking.

Adam is telling Drew about his guy Rob’s request for caulking, he needed some from the shop for Adam’s house.

Adam describes the 3 shitty rolls of caulk he found. Adam shares his buy 5 of everything idea.

Adam has a killer “too salty” half reply to the notion of using brown caulk.


Adam is breaking down his numbered Tupperware idea, where you can have embossed containers that match with numbers to easily identify.

Adam is now advising that people number their own and trying to figure out how long it would last, Adam is trying to make a point about the precious time of your life and how you don’t want to waste 17 months of your life doing nothing walking in circles looking for keys and struggling with lids.

Adam is explaining his “I never want to do this again” feelings about wasting his life, he comments on how everyone else is not bothered by this stuff and Drew is asking what Adam is really getting at.


Drew says most people are too focused on the present and can’t possibly think this way.


Drew is doing a Therabreath Live Read

Adam is theorizing what attracts him to the racecar world, he likes how the cars are all dialed in for each guy, earplugs reminders and such.

Unique to each racer and Drew is asking Adam if he has a checklist like an airline pilot, he says he is now implementing one after years of mistakes during his races.

Adam says it’s only a pain in the ass for the 10min you’re labeling stuff, then it’s a time saver for life, Adam talks about how his son was in pajamas from sun up to sundown on Sunday and he didn’t care.

Adam says he doesn’t worry about his kids, he comments on how good they are and his son’s shorts he’s overgrown.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Live Read

The Russians gave Ray’s identity back, the only known case, I said Good Day! Edition


Drew is sharing his feelings about the fallout after the Ben Shapiro booking on his HLN show and then the subsequent call in on the ADS.

Adam is having Drew explain the events and Adam talks about the things that are now political statements that weren’t 20 years ago like Adam’s “parents and family” take on improving society.

Drew is walking through the events and Adam says that Ben probably overreacted and Drew is explaining how confusing it was for him and he’s airing his grievances about how it was covered during his phoner with Adam.


Adam is talking about how if this was reversed it would result in an arrest at the very least, Drew is talking about the culture of various television networks and nobody tells you what to say but TVLand won’t be airing ‘Orange Is The New Black’ for example.

Adam says the reason people haven’t approached him is because he falls in line with the network, Adam is now getting back to Drew’s belief that there is a culture but no edicts from the higher ups about content.

Adam has a Bill O’Reilly example and brings up how Drew treats his children and how it doesn’t translate into his comments on his TV show.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam is asking Chris if he’s ready for the upcoming free food at the gala event that goes along with the races.

Adam is now telling Drew about the Rolex cup and wants the fastest lap times from last year.

Drew plugs a podcast guest scheduled for late October, Gary reminds him it’s a ways out.


1st Caller Matt, he tells Drew about his tweet in the support for him and Adam tells Drew to stop reading all of those tweets.

Adam is now using a genetic brain disorder to make a point about asking for functional MRI exams for people who might be troubled and want to undergo surgery due to their condition rather than gender identity.

Adam is making a great point about not being able to make sane people act insane, funny self-satisfied sniff and Drew mentions Therabreath, too early.


Adam takes it back to Matt, he wants to know what item under 100$ has the most positive impact on his life, Adam says a good cordless drill.

Adam is now saying you could also just use his buy 5 of everything idea so you never have to search for tweezers nor hair goo.


Drew is doing a Betterment Live Read

“Investing made better bitch!” – Drew


Adam is now going over the fastest lap times and telling Gary about his new car he’ll be driving, Adam thinks he might be able to get a 1:35 lap time.


2nd Caller Tim, he shares his concerns about relationships and explains how he lost his virginity with a much older woman.

Adam is now sharing his “did you beat off to it” theory for prosecuting these cases.

He’s doing a back and forth with Tim, Adam rests his case.


Adam has a funny victim of arson riff, asking would you masturbate to that memory.

Adam rests his case again.

Tim is telling them about drinking before he slept with her and Drew is now asking him the questions that would reveal sex addiction, he recommends the center for healthy sex website and says he might just have an intimacy issue.


Adam is joking about Drew about trying to resist milf BJ;’s when he was 17.


3rd Caller Hunter, he wants Drew’s opinion on treatments’ for PTSD.

Drew tells Adam about Jason Ellis using MDMA therapy to overcome his sexual abuse form his father.

Drew has some insight for Hunter and then the caller asks Adam about his take on the situations overseas.

Adam is now sharing some logic from Dennis Prager about the recognition of evil, Adam says we need to get on the same page with the labeling and categorization before we can start to progress.


Adam is now explaining the true definition of narcissism, explaining that these people presume people are genially good and think the way they think and their violence must be motivated by a legitimate reason.

Adam has a smart “honest cop with a gun” take on sane nations having nuclear weapons.


Drew is transitioning Adam to a Live Read

Fat man and Little Boy edition.

Adam is sharing how mark Geragos actually pronounces his last name and makes note he should change how he pronounces it out of respect.