Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/01/2016 – Stephen Bishop

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/01/2016 – Stephen Bishop

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Stephen Bishop

Recorded 07-31-2016 – Release Date 08-01-2016

Production Number #1872

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Adam opens the show to a reference to their upcoming guest’s famous lyrics, funny choice. BB has the ‘I Consider Myself a Nerd” clip as today’s #TopDrop as Adam welcomes him and Gina to the show.

Adam praises ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ and Stephen’s role in it during one of the vignettes, Adam is praising the film and explains how it’s an early example of the Zucker and Abrahams formula, Adam says Stephen was also the guy playing the guitar that gets smashed in ‘Animal House’ in the infamous scene with John Belushi.

Adam brings up the tweets he’s been getting about them banning temporary license plate in California, BB asks about it and they’re all speculating on it.


Gary has the details on their new plan/scam and Adam is talking about the giant fire still raging, the Big sur Blaze and the water dumping planes borrowed from Canada and he says they have tons of energy to put into place new laws like this license plate thing to generate revenue but are completely lethargic to the non-sexy and often boring things California needs like firefighting aircraft.

BB and Adam agree the notion of borrowing anything from Canada is unappealing as Americans.

BB is now telling them about Christie’s car getting sideswiped in a parking lot, a kind stranger witnessed and left her a note telling her to contact them to get the information on the other driver, very cool!


Gary has a picture that BB gave him of the car after some bodywork, the car was sideswiped and looked like hell, BB has a picture of the Prius parked in a handicapped spot, Adam says you can mitigate a lot of the damage and horror of the paint damage with a rag, some wax, rubbing compound and effort.

BB wants to know what to do, people are telling him to file a police report, he says he shared it on social media and BB shares how he wants to avoid the process.

Adam jokes about the Liberty mutual insurance commercials again, he says he knows Christie did her homework on the cam timing of the car.


Gina says if this happens in California the point goes on your license, not on them, what!?

BB says it’s a leased car and they will get dinged for it when they turn it back in, Adam says you have to sometimes worry about going down a path and getting involved with a process or a crazy person, he has a “drives to your house and stabs you” extreme example and then jumps back from there.


Adam says he would recommend a mobile repair shop, he says he recommends that BB contact them and offer them the opportunity to be a human being, they chose not to be one that day, give them one more chance, Adam is so damn fair.

BB says this is a very measured response and Adam acknowledges it often doesn’t work out but at least give them a chance, Adam shares with BB how the newest wrinkle is them painting the cars while doing the mobile body work, that was not done when BB was last seeking them out.

Adam is talking about the “Happy Dance” teenage girl element of all media and advertising now, BB talks about an insurance guy that called him last year, he rudely told the person that his ideal relationship with them is to never speak, no accidents, no conversations, interesting.


Adam says he’s never heard a political convention where feelings were discussed more than any other issue or real world fact.

Adam is bringing up the clip from a commercial he saw, a Subaru spot that said “Love it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru” and he brings up their rally racing history and impressive automotive achievements.

Adam doesn’t want a Porsche made with Love, he shows them the Mr. Majestyk commercial he’s shown them before and presents a 1968 GTO commercial where people are performing a hate crime on the vehicle to prove how tough it is.


Adam says he wants a fucking plane that drops water, he doesn’t want love.

Adam talks about the oncoming “purge” in response to Mayor Garcetti’s shut the light campaign.

Adam is now talking about the over/under on liking things and knowing information, he says this is the ranch generation, ranch was salad dressing to his generation.


Adam jokes about an Ensure flavored with Ranch, BB shares his opinion on ‘Cool Ranch’ Doritos and the role they played in Adam’s idea about this generation.


Adam is now doing an Audible Live Read

Adam clips the iPhone earbuds and uses only one ear, therefore you can hear all the talking and not miss an oncoming truck heading for you edition.


BB is asking Adam about his notepad, he’s making a cut list and BB is sorry he asked, Adam is now sharing something Tom Johnson his first boss in Chatsworth who told him “Quantity, Width, Length” rule for a “cut list” before milling your material.

Adam is now talking about the bad drawers form his current home and how he douched it all out and put the better action in all of the new cabinets, Gina wants to fix her own old shitty kitchen and bathroom drawers that are hard to pull open.

Adam says it will always be this kind of wood on wood crime, he brings up ball turret gunners in WWII, rolling around in their own sphere, all of that technology that predates his kitchen somehow.


Gina talks about spending the morning at Children’s Hospital L.A., she brought earbuds for the older kids and she’s telling people to give their money to the Children’s hospital, Adam needs a fire fighting plane first, you don’t want the kids to burn up do you?


Nerd Walking

Caelan went to Comic-Con with his dad, Adam doesn’t get going to conventions for things you can’t use or consume, just to see them, he says his car show trips have ramifications beyond just looking.

Caelan confirms that Bill Paxton is a great guy, how cool!


1st Question “Who is Conor McGregor?”

The guy thinks he’s a Highlander.


2nd Question “What does IPA stand for?”

Why wouldn’t nerds know this? Adam says no and they all make their guesses.

This guy isn’t a Carolla fan and he sounds like an idiot.


3rd Question “When it comes to cars what does OEM stand for”

This nerd gets it right.


4th Question “Porter-Cable makes what kind of products?”

Adam says does not know. The nerd knows it!


5th Question “How long is each quarter in a football game?”

Now a three-way tie


6th Question “Best Star Wars Drone, BB-8, R2D2 or C-3PO”

Adam has to ask “is it/that me?” after he takes the win.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Scariest guys in the world are the guys sporting ass-crack for days prowling your daughter’s drawer edition.


They head to break


They’re back from break with Stephen Bishop making his ACS debut, no relation to the baldest one.

Adam compliments is youthful looks and compliments his new album, Adam is bringing up ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ and he says he can quote the movie line and verse and he comments on seeing the same movie 200 times, he asks about ‘Animal House’ and becoming the comedy music guy.

Stephen is quizzing Adam about his joke from the movie, they play the clip and he realizes the woman said the line.


Adam is talking about the 1971 Los Angeles Earthquake and Adam is commenting on Oakwood the private school that as 100 yards away from North Hollywood High.

Adam says he always felt bad for the Oakwood kids who were heading east after school, a cavalcade of scary dudes walking around the area.

Caelan went to that school and confirms how scary it was, couldn’t even frequent the Taco Bell freely, Adam mentions Dean Devlin and they go back to Stephen’s career.


Adam is now praising John Belushi’s work in ‘Animal House’ and how nuanced it was, Stephen is telling them about writing for ‘Tootsie’ and other films.

Adam brings up the eras of Gregory Hines and Mikael Baryshnikov, Stephen has an anecdote about John Belushi sharing his fandom for Eric Clapton and he says he gave John a bad Acid trip by telling him that Eric wasn’t that responsive to his fandom and the message he sent.

Adam jokes about finding out that Graham Parker hates Mr. Birchum while he was on Mushrooms and how he would react to that, BB has a killer Graham Parker impression and one liner, gold!


Adam is asking Stephen about Barbara Streisand and working with her, Adam gets him to explain how it all came to be, he recounts the mansion with Jon Peters and her look at the time with curly hair.

Adam asks if he has heard she was tough to work with, he has and they move on.

Stephen has a funny story and he’s going with it, impromptu tangent and he says a guy from the crowd was shouting “get with it Steve” asking him to play some hits “Get Wit’ It Steve!” and he explains how the guy thought they had chemistry.


The guy insisted upon going fishing with him the next day, Adam is saying that some people don’t have the part of their brain that allows them to see how they’re affecting others.

Stephen asks Adam if he has any chambered liens for hecklers, Adam does not and they move on after Stephen quotes a few old lines.

Gina’s News

1st Story is on the controversy over Donald Trump’s comments about the Khan family, Gina has the clips and Adam loves that Trump pisses everyone off and he’s got a funny one liner, BB’s reaction is wonderful.


2nd Story is on Luke Aikins world record breaking freefall without a parachute, Adam is now riffing about someone trying to best the old record from 8k feet where the previous “pussy” jumped from, Gary has the details and reveals this was the first attempt without a chute from any feet.

Adam talks about the possible reasoning for someone breaking the record with such an extreme height, Gina has the details on the 2012 and 2014 world records with jumps from the stratosphere.

Adam says the guy got his wish for the 2014 record, Adam thinks the woman who went over Niagara Falls in a pickle barrel is the most extreme stunt, not knowing when you are going to meet the insane drop.

Adam is commenting on the barrel that they’re looking at.


Adam says women should get a little more credit for this accomplishment, Gary has the details on the next person who tried it and their injuries.


3rd Story is on the release of John Hinckley Jr., Gina has all of the details of his release, Stephen brings up a stack of Jodie Foster movies he has to blow through.

Adam feels differently about this guy vs. someone like the Manson murderers, Adam is now riffing about Tex Watson trying to reason with Charles Manson about delaying the plan so they could get more group blowjobs from runaways.

BB is now stepping in as Tex as Adam plays Charles Manson, solid scene “we don’t like grocers” and BB is struggling to find the funny, Stephen chimes in and Adam is back to the one-man scene and playing Tex who is not done fucking runaways, he doesn’t want to start the race war.


Adam says if he can tell a woman to pick up a knife and stab a pregnant stranger what is off the table, Drew is in studio talking about having dinner with Sharon Tate’s sister last night.

Drew has some of the details about her work as an advocate for victim’s family’s rights.

Adam is going off on his take on the death penalty and desire to just kill these people after Drew suggests his opinions are perhaps close to Sharon’s sister who he met last night at said Dinner party.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


4th Story is on some space junk that was spotted in the atmosphere, some material from a Chinese satellite and Adam asks if it falls to earth and lands in the same net that caught Luke Aikins.

Adam talks about his dog needing a velvety lawn, the only place good enough for his asshole, nothing dirty or dusty, Adam has to dump shit in other people’s trash and find places to hide it, if the can has been emptied he doesn’t want to have them pull it back to their house with a bag of shit sinking up their driveway.

Adam is now arguing the various points about leaving a tied off bag of shit, Gary is on mic and confirms that BB is in the minority on this one as he disagrees with Adam about stashing shit in a can, Adam says they will get a hot back of shit in their face, he would rather toss the shit onto an embankment, what’s the harm in Adam’s plan.


Dawson is now talking about pretending to pick up dog waste to please bystanders, using a plastic bag and some mimicry.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a TrackR Live Read

The last thing Adam ever lost was his virginity, his wife stashed his keys in her purse edition

A ‘No Country for Old Men’ reference with metal detector impression from Adam, solid!


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.

Stephen has his own cruise in march, Adam says this is a boat, not a gay thing! – Comedy Gold!