Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2015 – Asif Kapadia and Mark Geragos

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2015 – Asif Kapadia and Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Asif Kapadia and Mark Geragos

Recorded 07-30-2015 – Release Date 07-31-2015

Production Number #1628

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Adam opens the show to a funny and topical Cecil the Lion intro and thanks the fans for spreading the show, BB plays a clip of yesterday’s guest for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam explains that he interviewed Asif Kapadia back on 07/28 for a one on one and then riffs about missing the use of “London Town” and references a Dire Straits song.

Adam is talking about Mark Geragos and his motor/grit and is trying to explain the unexplainable regarding someone who is engaged and present and could succeed in any field if they chose to.


Adam is doing a Game of War Live Read


Adam talks about the now regular segment “Pick Your Plaintiff” from his new show with Mark ‘Reasonable Doubt’ available via the show page link above.

Adam talks about the motivation for the hypothetical cases, Gina asks how long they’ve known each other and Adam reveals that he and Drew are old pals and he met him via Drew many years ago.

Adam is talking about the answer of “it’s worth what someone will pay for it” and Gina has a dentist themed one.


#LOTJ Lord of the Jungle

Diane, she is the winner and Gina has a funny “how far underground” question, Adam is demanding to know why the calls are so much worse today than they were 20yrs ago.

Adam reveals she bought one of the classy globe/bars he is now talking about Peter Sellers and one of his all-time funniest pratfalls.

Adam is asking for the clip of Peter Sellers leaning on a globe from one of the ‘Pink Panther’ movies.


Adam asks about how the bar works and then where this would rank in terms of signs of addiction if we asked Dr. Drew.

She tells them about her boyfriend Brock and Adam gets her to confirm his sexual prowess, funny riff.


Adam is now sharing the new Rich Banks song about Lynette Carolla being removed from the Southwest flight, Adam is now explaining why he believes her and how he interrogated her about the incident, he believes that she was trying to relax.


Adam is talking about the incident and the gill net policy of kicking everyone off the plane.


They’re now playing the new song, it’s pretty great!

Adam is now asking what if this was someone without the option of Lynette, without the means to get by after being thrown off a plane.

Adam is now on a hilarious Armenian genocide riff, about how after so much time discussing a genocide it’s probably a genocide.


Adam shares his take on Amy and how he didn’t tell his opinion on the running time to Asif.

Adam is now throwing it to the interview from 07/28.

Adam is congratulating Asif about his fantastic work, he’s asking him how ‘Amy’ came about and why he chose that topic next after ‘Senna’.


Adam is talking about how Asif can tell a great story via documentary and he’s now trusted with any topic, racing to the tragic short life of a pop star.

Asif is going in depth in his reply.

Adam says this is why he likes amateur night at the strip club, Adam is talking about Asif not being a gearhead nor into the music scene and how that might benefit him in telling a story, not getting lost in the technical aspects.


Asif is once again going very in depth in his reply, he’s sharing his take on Amy and her depression.

Adam plugs the movie and website.

Adam says it’s sad what we do and explains how we write people off and sum them up via their image or media presence.


Adam is sharing the powerful use of Amy’s lyrics in the movie along with the footage of her dad telling her not to go to rehab.

Asif is commenting on Amy’s struggle and even takes it to an entry from her diary.

Adam is talking about song ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ and how he misunderstood the song when it first came out in 1984.


Adam says he had no idea about the political prisoner element to his favorite song of the summer of 84 and once again takes it back to Asif using Amy’s lyrics in his new documentary.

Adam is praising ‘Senna’ and explains how watchable the documentary is, he isn’t sure what makes a movie watchable, regardless of good or bad a movie can be something that encourages multiple viewings.

Adam asks Asif what he meant by his own film being watchable, he defines it with ease and now Adam is doing another lap with him on how he hit the movie out of the park.


Adam new that ‘Senna’ was a great story and the pressure was on Asif to fuck it up, it was waiting to be told.

Asif is telling Adam about ‘Senna’ and how the audience “rides” along with him throughout his life, Adam comments on the perfect foil/villain of the movie and how he even resembles a rat.

Adam takes it back to ‘Amy’ and says it’s a new world of documentaries, saying there is enough existing footage of most people now to make a doc simply out of existing material.


Adam thinks it’s a new world order of documentary filmmaking, Asif is talking about the existing footage and the transition from film to digital for ‘Senna’ and now Adam asks him about how Amy’s father feels about his portrayal in the film.

Asif explains his take on it and now Adam is talking about the “old souls” element to all of the people who passed away at 27.

Senna says they were simply their age at that time and it’s too tragic, they were too young.


Adam asks Asif what’s next, he shares his challenge of finding a new subject and Adam says that after both of these documentaries he has his pick of the litter when it comes to stories of basically any genre.

Adam plugs the movie and wraps up the phoner.

Asif compliments ‘Winning’ and Adam shares his struggle to do something more with the movie than just a series of talking heads.


Adam is now doing a Thera Breath Live Read

Gets rid of all the fun/sin breath


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he wants to know if Adam got a pass to sleep with any woman in the world who he would pick, he picks Babs (Barbara Streisand) and airs his beef with James Brolin.

Adam is killing it, he confirms no Josh beef, just James, and he just wants to pull one over on old James.

Adam has been biding his time since James on the series ‘Hotel’ and Gina asks how much Mangria it will take to make this happen.


Adam is now using this to get back in the Hollywood good graces, he jokes about the “back channel” with BB in a great turn of phrase.

Adam takes it back to Matt, disappointed Matt.

Adam says his dick would smell like money for days after the encounter.


2nd Caller Sean, shares a story of his wife “the keeper” who wouldn’t let him leave the house in shitty pants.

He wants Adam’s take on the back door dealings of the world (one world government types), Adam says he doesn’t spend a lot of calories worrying about the things he cannot effect.

Adam is talking about the teams on ‘The Apprentice’ and how he has so much content coming into his inbox he can’t review the stuff in the outbox.

They’re now quizzing him about this conspiracy theory.


Adam is sharing his effort to name their team ‘The Honey Badgers’ over the dumb choice they went with, Adam mocks his team and their lack of a sense of humor.

Adam mocks Lou Farrago, complete with impression.


Adam is doing a Kredit Karma Live Read


They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Mark Geragos making his 10th appearance on the show, funny ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro that Mark asks if they’ve ever got a Cease and Desist on that.

Adam is now plugging Mark’s restaurant and brings up the last time they spoke on episode #2 of Reasonable Doubt.

Mark is giving his take on the leaked deposition.


Mark is giving his take on the two way street of he/she and fucking attorneys.

Adam gives his take on the deposition process and how it’s akin to camping, Mark agrees and adds to it, Mark is now talking about legal liability and sharing his take on what he would do as an attorney.

Mark is walking them through the details of the deposition and sealed files in exchange for settlements.

Adam asks about temporary gag orders and why they would be used instead of long-term options.


Adam is asking about the statute of limitations and cites the Nicole Brown Simpson domestic abuse leading up to her murder.

Adam talks about Phil Spector, Marks walks them through that case and his various legal team members including the wife of Dr. Michael Baden who Adam has great affinity for.

Adam is asking what Phil got sentenced with, Mark explains the differences in degrees for murder charges.


Mark says that Phil will die in prison based on the length of his sentence and his advanced age.


Adam asks for a picture of the leader of ‘Help!… It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!’ and compares Phil’s haircut to said leader character.


Pick Your Plaintiff

1st PYP North Hollywood Shootout, Mark reveals that he represented the mother of the two gunman in a different case regarding senior abuse allegations.

Adam is now recalling the details of the horrific shootout and the previous arrest when they were caught in the possession of guns and police scanners.

Mark talks about attorney’s fees and mentions a now illegal billing maneuver that was used, wow.

Mark is full of very interesting information.


2nd PYP Hypothetical Costco manager sexual harassment case.


3rd PYP urine in the guacamole or racially charged language in the termination of an employee via email.

Adam asks what someone could get from urine soaked guacamole.


Adam is doing a Nature Box Live Read

No urine in their guacamole.


4th PYP Patron trampled by crowd after a sports event lets our or Patron assaulted by athlete he insulted and harassed.

Mark is going in depth on how women can react to other women while serving on juries and Adam floats his idea about Hillary Clinton’s possible downfall being women voters who react with “Female Chimpanzee shunning behaviors” and now Mark is talking about their new podcast ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and he wants to know why it’s listed as “comedy” and Adam explains that someone (me) figured out how the iTunes metrics work and how the comedy category gets far more traffic than the others, like 100 to 1.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam talks about his movie winning and Mark compliments and says it was a lock for Sundance, he explains the Jules Dash idea.

Adam is explaining how the cool guy comedy club shuns him due to that bogus interview/quote regarding women in comedy.

Mark is really going in depth on this and Adam is dead on with his theory, I listen to 200+ podcasts, most of them comedy and you can tell who is and who isn’t biased against him and it fits the exact mold of what he’s talking about.


Adam is now asking for the Salon article that refers to him as a ‘Human Disaster’ and Gina’s reaction along with Mark’s is pretty great.

Adam talks about being called a homophobe and a racist, he wants to know if he can go after a publication for calling him racist and homophobic, he says this is making him less employable and effecting his income, that’s true.

Adam has a great point and he explains why his movie didn’t get into Sundance, Adam has a killer ‘Simba the lion’ one liner and Adam says they have now diluted the terms racist and homophobe by over using them for people already supportive of equality and on your side, your allies.

They wrap the show to the new drop of Adam quoting the “Human Disaster” line.