Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2014 – The Hold Steady and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2014 – The Hold Steady and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest The Hold Steady and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-30-2014 – Release Date 07-31-2014

Production Number #1386

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Adam has an amazon banner intro and a little response about the media statements made about him, Adam is saying that last he checked, if they want to drop the case they can do so.

Adam welcomes Matt Atchity back to the show and BB plays a #TopDrop from Jim Florentine as requested by the awesome Joel from twitter.

Adam is bringing up the stack of Saint Archer beer that was left at the warehouse for him, Adam is going slowly through the chain of events.


Adam is doing a weird “Acting” bit about being hurt and offended by something that befell his beer, Adam is describing encountering Matt Fondiler, asking about his missing Beer-amid.

Adam is on a “shame on me!” tangent trying to get to what happened to his beer, at the hands of his lackeys.

Adam opened the fridge and saw a 12 pack of the IPA and through it was sweet, Adam is doing the fake crying and is still prolonging this riff.


“Shame on ME MATT ATCHITY!” – Adam

Adam is back to how he still wasn’t onto anything, joking about working with Jules (Jools/Jewels) Dash and Adam is joking about how when he or she sits down the scarves cover him or her like an uncircumcised penis.

BB is now listing the only times he’s seen Adam get this emotional, when Lynette’s best friend passed away, Philip The Juggler and the time he announced his own brain cancer.


Adam says he spooked to “M’Fer” and was told that some of Adam’s ex friends took some beer home, Gary took a case, and MF’er took a case.

Dawson only took a 12 pack and Adam jokes about him being a fucking alcoholic and what that means he took the least, Jeff argues about his carbon footprint when it comes to beer.

Caelan also took half a case and Alison sells him down the river.


“Are you black youth and am I a Korean liquor store owner?” – Adam

Adam gets a great reaction to that bit, Adam is getting the grand total and asking if they brought horses and wagons to carry it all out.

Adam says something is going to have to be done with this.


Adam says let’s be honest Jeff got there too late, Dawson is now describing the scene as he approached.

Adam finds out that the MF’er stole the first case, Matt is now on mic and explains that he took a case for Adam, despite it being at his home.

BB is now bringing up “12 Years a Slave” and Alison wants to know if BB suggesting rape or assault, Adam says they are all dead to him and BB wants fans to tweet suggestions.


Adam wants to talk to all of their parents and is now riffing a “your liver and I are very disappointed” angle and BB is asking Adam about the case and a half bold move.

Adam is comparing that to the guy who tries to steal an ATM from the wall of a bank.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed and he’s got a funny Mistress Joke bit in the middle of it.

Adam works Gary and his mattress and his stash of “ill-gotten” beer into the live read, pretty good!


Rotten or Fresh – 1980’s Movies with questionable music

1st Movie Footloose (1984)

Adam reveals he’s never see the full movie


2nd Movie Risky Business (1983)

Adam hates the song “Old Time Rock and Roll” and prefers the Seger song “Get Out OF Denver” and now BB is revealing his “that guy” hat for this game and Alison calls him out on doing that thing again.

Adam is asking Alison if she is writing these down, she’s proving it.

Adam is pointing out how Shawshank is only 91, 98 with audiences, this movie is 98 with critics and now Adam is explaining how that some asswipe will always tarnish a score.


BB is now asking about the reviews and Matt is once again explaining that it’s not an average score and Adam says it’s the same standard for all films.

Matt has an explanation for depth in cinema and Adam says that if you can’t handle Shawshank you shouldn’t review movies, Adam is now explaining it for him.

Adam explains that people who can’t handle certain movies or themes shouldn’t be working in film criticism, he has some funny alternate job options.


3rd Movie Flashdance (1983)

BB has never seen it, Adam is breaking down the plot and Adam laments missing 1980’s snob from the films of that era.


4th Movie Rocky III (1982)

Matt mixes up the rocky movies, Alison interrupts Adam as she thinks he’s going to reveal his score, Adam gets it dead nuts on.


5th Movie Ghostbusters (1984)

Adam is explaining how the Bar-Kays: “Soul finger” sounds more like the titular song that the Huey Lewis song, Adam mentions Ivan Reitman explaining how much money Huey one off of that lawsuit.

Matt is bringing up the oral history of the making of the film that was in Entertainment Weekly, Adam is now announcing the score.

BB won by a single point, Alison podiumed.


Matt is bringing up the comments he got from Carolla fans while at Comic-Con doing interviews for Rotten Tomatoes.

Adam is now feeling sympathy for the people in these movies who now have to go trot in front of these nerds, Adam is riffing about Lee Marvin being dragged to Comic-Con and how this would be a “7 whore trip” and jokes about them measuring payment in whores and scotch.

Matt says that Wesley Snipes was super cool to talk to at the Expendables 3 panel, Adam is now sharing his theory on Wesley being an earner and despite owing the tax man he should have been on the outside earning his repayments.


Adam is now contrasting this to the case of the murder of Dominque Dunne and how her murderer served about the same amount of time as Wesley.

Adam is now bringing up how he’s put 10 million into the system, we’re plus 10 million from Wesley, he comes from nothing, had he been like his parents, he would have put maybe 250k over his life.

BB has a nice point about us being up 10+ million, Matt is now explaining how it’s worse than it seems, he sent 14 million in bills of exchange, and Adam is reading the details.


Adam has a nice “Yeah but Still” and says he could’ve been doing Blade 4 and we could just take his paycheck, Adam and Alison agree this is just punitive and is making some great points.

Matt brings up Nic Cage and his era of shitty movies to pay off his taxes, Adam is explaining how the ledger works for him, and you are either contributing or dragging your feet on the metaphorical bicycle.

Adam says when we are pissed about owning money, it’s much different than murder, punish in the way that benefits us all, just resolve the debt.


BB brings up “CarollaStan” Adam’s country where the people who stole his beer would have their hands cut off and be covered in molasses on an ant hill.

BB sums up Adam’s point, the money is flowing the wrong way.


Adam is doing a live read for Simply Safe. Adam works Gary’s multiple fridges into he read and I think BB says “We get it” and now Adam is giving plugs and heading to break.


They’re back from break with “The Hold Steady” making their ACS debut.

Adam tells them what a fan David Wild is of their work and brings up their song featured in “Game of Thrones” and they’re explaining how they performed a rock version of a song composed by the show for them to record.

Adam is now giving his heroin analogy for the show, Alison is commenting on the long break in period for the show and Adam is lamenting all of the downsides of watching serialized television.


One of the guys is arguing for the show, Alison is weighing in and Adam says there has never been a better time to be stuck on a tour bus, never more content at your disposal.


BB also doesn’t watch it, Alison stopped after two super boring episodes and Adam says he loves the satisfaction of not getting bummed out about a show not ending right.

Adam is now suing the ending of “Lost” and Alison is bringing up the upsetting episode of “The Leftovers” from this past week that might have left many people shaky.

Adam is teasing a song off the album, Adam is giving out the plugs for the guys.


Adam is now asking them about life on the road and how they can turn it into the norm, Adam is explaining how he fucks himself up by returning between shows, Alison has a nice “SEE!” as one of the guys seems to be confirming one of her long held arguments about the short turnarounds being detrimental to them while traveling.

Adam is now asking for the song “Spinners” as they pot it up without him introducing it, BB says they’re drunk in the control room, mocking them.

They’re now playing the song off the CD.


Alison’s News

1st Story Her top story is about the terrible drought in Los Angeles and the water main loss at UCLA in comparison, the total water waste is estimated at 20 million gallons.

Adam is now bringing up his history with drought awareness campaigns and how he has always used his same amounts of water.

Adam is joking about the first rain and how the newscasters will come on warning people not to waste water, Adam says people should be default in the “don’t waste water” mode.


Adam is bringing up busted sprinklers and host connections, how people don’t notice to turn the hose off even though they turned it on, despite the no drip system.

BB is now chiming in and Alison has some Lie deposits in her showerhead, they tell her how to remove it with her finger thanks to the rubber tips.

Alison is reading about the damage and Adam has a theory about how long it will take based on motivation, payment and incentive.


BB asks them about the approved water days and Alison has a hilarious one liner, Adam is now praising cactus and tells them about his full AstroTurf backyard.

Grass like that in Palm Springs is not supposed to be there, it takes a lot of artificial intervention to maintain it.

Adam is saying that his AstroTurf is the lawn equivalent of a solar panel and that they have super long stuff for people with low self-esteem, BB is now joining him for a great improv.


They’re killing it riffing about pooping on grass, Adam has a funny riff and he’s now explainnig how he saw his gardener playing with a soccer ball bouncing on his knee.

Adam is saying he has yet to broach the subject with the gardener about adjusting the bill despite reducing the work by more than 50%, Adam is the only one who will bring that up.


Adam is now doing a live read or legal zoom.


2nd Story Is on a bill to label meat country of origin, she’s explaining the reasoning and Adam has a killer riff about wanting to know the meat’s sign, he jokes that he only eats certain signs, gold.

Adam is now joking about the Big Meat Lobby meeting the Big Swinging Black Caucus.

BB is now giving his take and Alison is sharing hers too.


3rd Story Is on Vin Scully signing a contract extension for his 66th season, Adam is now giving his take on calling someone the best at calling a baseball game, he’s doing an impression.

BB is now sharing he’s also not a huge Vin Scully fan, BB is giving his take and Adam is now comparing the speed of Hockey and Football to explain the lack of effort required to describe what’s going on.

Adam is now polling everyone if they know a single Jew who likes the Dodger dog, Matt Fondiler is shitting on Adam’s point, Adam is asking everyone and on some killer riffs with brutal sarcasm.


BB is in the mix playing both sides of the argument.

Adam mentions that Caelan was born out here and doesn’t know who Vin Scully is, Adam says don’t give him that bullshit “I wasn’t born yet” answer.

BB is asking if he knows who Tommy Lasorda is and now Adam is listing of some names, having a funny obscure name first that BB only appreciates.


Adam says people are now vastly more compartmentalized now and don’t know general things, they only their favorite stuff, the iPod and earbuds generation.

Alison even seems to know more than Caelan and Adam jokes about him dragging his ass back to their house to get his stolen beer back.


4th story is on the massive amount of adults now living at home with their parents, vastly increased from the last figures measured in 2006.

Adam is now giving an example, he’s bringing up one of his nephews who didn’t yet have his driver’s license at 16.

Adam is sharing how he was trying to prepare him to drive his car so he could get drunk, the classic story that everyone has so quickly forgotten from when Lynette and the kids were out of town.


The guys are now asking about status and why kids aren’t excited like they once were for this kind of stuff, Adam is commenting on the homogenized nature of life, the millionaires in polo shirts and cargo shorts effect as it were.

The guys are asking Adam about the Tesla.

Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam says there is too much shit in a kid’s life today, they cannot have a relationship with any one thing like kids from previous generations.

Adam is waxing poetic on the bygone impotence of “your bicycle” and he’s now extrapolating that to the modern car and how people don’t get physical with their new cars like they once did.

Adam can’t see big picture where life will be with this next generation and he’s bringing up his kids trophies and ribbons for shit he didn’t do or barely won.


Adam is mocking his home run ball from T ball, BB has a funny comment and now Adam is further describing this event.

BB has an even funnier “hear that collectors” line telling people to go look for Adam’s 35yr old baseball.


Adam is doing a live read for Go to Meeting.

Adam is wrapping up the show mocking the staff for pilfering beer and explaining the delay in retuning signed book covers, cool your jests bro!