Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 165

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 165

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-29-2014 – Release Date 07-31-2014

Production Number #165

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Adam is opening the show MAN, funny man intro.

Drew says that he was just fighting with Adam and he scared him, Drew is suggesting that Adam scares people and Adam says that we’re all tired of that jag it’s played out.

Drew is now clarifying and Adam is telling Drew that almost everyone on staff has their Amazon banner redirected to the Patent Troll defense fund, Drew is reading into what shows are refusing to participate and Gary has a knowing contribution changing the subject.


Adam is now explaining how he likes to check the numbers and popularity, he seems to think that 10min podcasts are more popular than 5hr shows, he’s wrong.

This is old world podcast listening data, Stern gets more listeners than any podcast for 4hrs or more per day.

Adam is bringing up Francis Bacon and Adam has a funny “Larry Bacos” reply and now they’re talking about objective reality and the denial by most people of it.


Adam is bringing up the NPR interview that was shelved, Adam is explaining how he was able to discern what was going on based on John Waters interview’s recording date vs. airdate.

Apples to Apples, Adam is bringing up data about guests and appearances, Adam says they are looking for change and what moves the needle.

Drew is once again bringing up the car, the electric car.


He’s clarifying his point and yelling “I KNOW THAT!” and now Adam is stepping in to back him up.

“There are no free lunches in transportation” – Adam

Drew is recommending the books “The Quest” and “Perfect Power” and he’s explaining how we spend too much to create non efficient energy.


Adam is now arguing a fair point about a stepping stone era of progress that might be uncomfortable, much like growing a business.

Adam is now bringing up how people in America are the biggest whiners about things that never come to pass, but have no interest in real issues that revolve around coal mines, tunnel collapse, black lung, 2nd hand lung disease etc.

Adam says he didn’t know how prophetic he was when he said “In 50 Years We’ll all be Chicks” and is now explaining how men are wired vs. chicks.


Adam is explaining how women will say “1 body is 1 body too many” and he’s trying to explain how it works, he’s citing WWII and the pragmatism of knowing that people will die in order to preserve order on the globe.

Adam is now going in depth on coal vs. nuclear and Drew is bringing up some fine points, Adam says that everything is politicized now.

Adam is bringing up the European Union interview related discussion he heard on Dennis Prager earlier in the day, Adam is now saying that France is “Valhalla” for the liberals and now he’s talking about the catacombs and Drew has never walked through them.


Adam was making a joke and Drew went past it and now Adam is explaining what the catacombs are and how Drew mixed up the ones in Rome and now Gary is chiming in saying they’re both pretty well known.

Gary is now searching to see which one comes up first, Gary is explaining how it works and that the first specific one is about Paris, thus making Adam right, nice read Gary.

Drew is now off mic reading the screen up close and screaming back at Adam, Adam is now clarifying their argument and they are doing another lap.


Drew does a live read.

Adam is giving out some plugs and they’re talking about how fired up Drew is and he’s commenting on how Adam is now staying closer to home and Adam is telling him about the overwhelming feeling of dread.

Adam is now explaining they only go to the east coast when it freezes over and he’s now explaining how his hectic weeks go down, Adam is giving a plea for people using the amazon link to fight the patent trolls.


Adam is explaining how finding out he doesn’t have to go anywhere makes the week more enjoyable and he explains that’s why light at the end of the tunnel means so much to people.


Adam is has a “threw my back out” caused by an injured right knee analogy for how him working every weekend and comes home to be extra pissed about the little things that crush him when he’s burning the candle at both ends.

Adam is telling Drew about how he is much more interested in being satisfied than happy, Drew is now trying to help define what happy means, Drew says it’s not euphoria, that’s a transient element of life and it doesn’t connect to happiness.

Adam is suggesting weekend dinners as a nice special occasion that he looks forward to, since it happens so rarely.


Adam is bringing up what he was doing yesterday while hanging with the kids out back in the pool, they tried to pitch him on a trampoline castle.

Adam is explaining how he told Natalia that they only used their “Air Hockey Table” 3 times and how Natalia blew him off by saying it’s for special occasions, it was sitting under the back yard, it’s from this past Christmas.

Drew is telling Adam about humans getting used to certain things, Adam is saying that there is a constant deprived 8 year old in all of us people that is begging for someone to take care of us, to feed us and entertain us.


Adam has a hilarious “Mini Maxipada” addition and is now describing the voice in all of us that lets off the hook and tries to make us give in to the instant gratification instead of what’s overall more satisfying.

Drew is saying that what ultimately becomes pursued is a “good life” which may not have a lot of euphoria of possibly never going after temptations and immediate gratification.

Drew is getting philosophical and they both agree that “the good life” is not a good life, he’s using playing catch with his son to make a point about getting up to do things he doesn’t feel motivated to do but are more rewarding than he could imagine.


Adam is sharing how he was on a lunch run to get some healthy juice and found the shutdown establishment, he ran into an El Pollo Loco and was summoned by the siren song of chicken skin.

Adam was trying to lose weight and was tempted into getting a completely different meal than a carrot juice.


Drew is doing a live read.


1st Caller Brian, he has a question about nicotine and wonders if that Adam might have a daily withdrawal that leads to his “irritable nature” and Drew says that he’s having full blown alcohol withdrawal in the AM that overshadows that from happening.

Adam is telling Drew about forgetting to have his nightly cigarette and how it’s become regressive for him, 10 years ago it was progressive.

Drew is bringing up the new formula of Mangria and their new vintner who has created a better formula, unbelievably smooth “reverse osmosis” he says and how it has no kick, unlike the previous variety.


2nd Caller Aaron, he wants to know about the ketogenic diet and Drew is weighing with a wise statement about it not being a healthy sustained way to keep living.

Drew is plugging a podcast about how to maintain brain health while on a diet like that, Adam wants to know how is it that dieticians were so far off the mike for so long until recently.

Adam is bringing up the lies he was told growing up and how pasta was praised over meat, Drew is now giving healthy eating advice and how you can overdo fruits while trying to maintain balance in your diet.


3rd Caller Joe, he wants to know about prolonging his time during intercourse, Drew says that some women are flattered by and Adam jokes about avoiding hitting women in the hair.

They’re giving the various techniques that can be used to make this a non-issue.

Adam is thanking the fans and wrapping up the show.