Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2013 – John Salley

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/31/2013 – John Salley

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest John Salley

Recorded 07-30-2013 – Release Date 07-31-2013

Production Number #1132

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Adam is opening the show with a standard intro and BB has a classic Norm MacDonald #TopDrop.

Adam is telling the gang about doing a live streaming interview for Huffington post yesterday, he says it went great while addressing possible perceived hypocrisy.

Alison’s got a fair point and now Adam is citing his old argument about advertising #Classic Loveline on other radio stations as well as the KLSX ACS.


Adam is calling the difficulties he encounters with journalists, he’s calling it “reality show lying” and Alison is summing it up with an almost “hit whoring” style explanation.

Adam is sharing how they had to get into Adam’s history with Huffpo and his interview with Gavin Newsom.

Adam is now playing a clip from Huffpo Live, he’s asking when “Family and Education” became hate speech, in contrast to the reporter’s reaction to Adam’s cutting to the chase of society’s problems.


Alison is summing up Adam’s point and he totally agrees, he’s going back to his metabolism analogy and adding another layer to his POV.

Adam is now playing the rest of the interview, he’s got his tongue in his cheek while citing her salient points.

Adam is now joking about “The School to Prison Pipeline” and BB is asking Alison as a fellow Huffpo contributor, she’s quick to point out that the company has many writers and different points of view/branches.


Alison agrees that the reports is essentially making Adam’s point with her counter argument, Adam is now having them cue up the portion about drugs.

Adam is now joking about the people who think he needs to shut up but don’t offer any alternative answers, BB has an excellent one liner variant of what they want Adam to do, nice one BB!

“Don’t Call the Doctor a Racist” – Adam Carolla, Adam is now telling Alison about having some fun recording the Adam and Drew show earlier in the day, he’s got a kind nod to Alison for her praise of the #Classic Loveline Podcast I host on yesterday’s show.


Adam is now telling Alison what inspired todays one man improv, he’s sharing it with the gang and the audience as it especially cracked up the guys in the booth.

Adam is expressing how much he misses talking to screwed up young people, Alison is asking him about the young Ashley from the call and sharing her insight from years of pining after aloof/crappy guys.

BB wants to know if Drew is ever saddened by the endless stream of fucked up kids, Adam is now equating the way Drew thinks of his work to that of a garbage man and BB tosses some Sisyphus in to sum things up.


Listener Phone Calls

1st Question from Daniel, he’s 14 and Adam is having some fun mocking him being so young and listening to the show.

Adam’s sharing an anecdote of a good dad making a trek to see his daughter try out for the soccer team at Brown University, BB just revealed that nobody in the cast knows where it’s located and Adam has a great one liner.

Daniel is going to the live show in New Hampshire and wants to know what to expect, Adam just described the clip they just played as the show Daniel is too young to remember, essentially admitting its Adam and Drew Loveline 2.0.


Adam has a great fake ID/Mangria joke that Daniel rolls with and Adam’s now asking him about his grade and friends, BB and Alison are stepping in the mix to help explain how Daniel is entering the 10th grade at age 14.

Adam wants to know if any of his friends are into the podcast, Daniel is clearly “tuned in” unlike his classmates.

Great caller, solid comedy chops and not squirrelly. Adam is now bringing him back on the line and he confirms that Adam’s joke is correct and he actually does have a retainer.


Adam is now asking how often that comes up despite the unlikely odds and how when he blurts things out they often contain some particles of truth, whoa!

2nd Caller Dan, he’s telling Adam that his show turned him onto Draft Kings and wants to pay some of his winnings forward to the Fund Anything campaign.

Adam’s got a great hemorrhoid donut one liner to continue his John Edwards-esque host streak, good stuff!

Adam’s teasing the new additions to the Fund Anything campaign, he’s making note of the viewing party at Phil Rosenthal’s house complete with pizza from his personal oven, love that Phil Rosenthal!


3rd Caller Mike, He wants to know if Adam ever dated any women who had lots of tattoos and if he did, did he find them to be especially crazy.

Adam is now describing an ex who had the non-committal ankle tattoo, Adam’s describing it as the world’s smallest “we’re open” sign in front of your coffee shop.

Mike is sharing his experiences and Adam is now sharing one of the main impulses from abuse victims when it comes to reenacting pain via piercings. Adam is now offering up a great hypothetical question.

Adam’s now joking about a future president with full tattoo sleeves and now they’re all pondering who might have had a tattoo in the Whitehouse.


4th Question from Charles, he wants to know who would win a super fight between fiction Rocky opponents “Clubber Lang” and “Ivan Drago”.

Adam is now sharing what’s incredibly flawed about Rocky III in comparison to the other movies, he’s citing the speed advantage of Clubber and citing the running scene with Carl Weathers and how it then played out in the final fight between Stallone and Mr. T.

Adam is doing a great Apollo Creed impression with a great “black titties” one liner, BB is right in tow with a Carl Weathers drop.


Adam is now describing the electric foot pain one feels when taking hard blows to the head and how yelling “Come on!” is not an effective defense, Alison has a killer callback one liner referencing Carl’s impressive chest, holy shit!

BB is now bringing it back to Drago, citing the statistics of this fictional universe, impressive.

Alison is now asking about the Carl Weathers drop, mistaking it for Dr. Drew, BB is now sharing a secret about that drop and how it was delayed slightly due the dump delay building back up.


This Superfan has a better tidbit, Alison actually said this exact same thing back in September of last year with Frank Stallone guesting, BB explained the true origin then as well, I wonder if she didn’t remember.

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/19/2012 – Frank Stallone and Dave Dameshek


5th Question from Ryan, he’s not interested in dating women and wants to know if this due to his age, Adam is giving him some possibilities, his 280lb weight and quick mention of depression are clear indicators.

Adam is calling John Salley 6’13” akin to the infamous #Classic Loveline caller “I’m like 5’12”…”

Adam is now doing the podcast math, the evolution of his “radio math” he would perform to figure out the true weight of callers.

Adam has a great self-satisfied sniff to sum up his thoughts on people who are too preoccupied with the opposite sex, Alison has a great point on focusing on oneself to make a more desirable partner.


Adam is welcoming John to the show for his 3rd visit with a sweet intro about his legacy in the NBA, John was listening from the other room and is now confirming that he’s 7 feet like Adam joked about.

John hasn’t been on the show since December of 2009, almost a 4yr absence.

Salley is telling Adam about the success of Mangria in Detroit and Adam is now asking John about vegan wine and how it differs from standard wine.


John is very well versed and this sounds like an excellent product. Adam is telling John about expanding sales to Canada and now John is telling him how he needs to follow his lead.

Adam is now joking about John’s fictional sister Lavonia in reply to John’s explanation, Alison’s reaction is gold.

John is telling the gang about metaphorically fighting for Veganism with his eating habits and Adam is killing it with some fork stabbing comedy.


John is telling BB where to find his vegan wine and how it will soon be carried in Whole Foods, Adam and John are now getting in depth on the sales of his wine.

Adam is telling the gang about his experience at the Laker’s game with Podcast One CEO Norm Pattiz, he’s sharing the guy he ran into who was rocking a special ring for selling 5 million cases of Jack Daniels per year.

John is telling the gang about how P. Diddy was able to make his vodka the #1 selling brand, Adam is telling the gang about meeting with his people and now he’s admiring their smart business move bringing in P. Diddy to use his image to rescue a fledging grape vodka business.


John is now telling the gang about his podcast a sister show to my #Classic Loveline on

He’s telling Adam about interviewing Phil Jackson and it sounds extremely interesting, Adam is now asking John about the NBA and the in game trash talking.

John is citing Larry Bird as the worst “whisperer” and the time Dr. J punched him in the face, this is so fantastic. Adam is citing his long weekends with the “Boyd Brothers” to confirm John’s point about black culture.


John wants to know why it’s mostly white people who are upset with Paula Deen, he’s got an interesting point about the companies that fired her.

Adam is now explaining how people like to create distance between them and controversy, he’s calling it a form of mob mentality.

John is telling the gang about how we was booked on her show and he’s got a very sensible reaction, Adam is now connecting it back to his weekends with the Boyd brothers.


John is sharing his own similar tale and he’s further defending Paula Deen, John Salley the voice of reason and common sense.

Alison and Adam are now weighing in and Alison has a great point about white people condemning other white people while the minorities go about their lives unaffected.

John is walking Adam through his daily routine complete with blue weed and cashew cheese.


John is telling Adam about eating at vegan restaurants and BB is asking if Adam has ever been, it’s the 6yr anniversary of John’s life changing move to veganism.

Alison is getting John to elaborate on his conversion to veganism from being a lacto ovo vegetarian, This Superfan has actually discussed this very topic with Spider before a recording of his previous podcast “Spider and the Henchman” on Carolla Digital.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on a New York appeals court striking down the ban on large sugary sodas, Adam is torn because he likes the idea of caloric counts and discouraging information but also believes in personal responsibility.

Adam has a “fat will find a way” argument that touches on the futility of the drug war, Adam’s description of literal self-reflection is harrowing and painfully honest.

John is sharing an anecdote about his daughter and BB has a nice callback to the bad boy Pistons days, Adam has an almost Jamaican reggae artist joke about menstruation.


2nd story is on the birth of a baby Zonkey, Alison is explaining the husbandry behind the birth and Adam is calling the animal party one huge rape party.

Killer “Turf and Oates” one liner topped with a great series of descriptors about animal sex, “You never see them licking their hooves and rubbing their nipples” – Adam.

BB wants to know what the most chivalrous species of Animal is and Adam is citing the birds and their “death spirals” as well as the dumb animals that mate for life.


Adam is now riffing about the lack of options in the animal kingdom and Alison may have just revealed she’s a penguin bigot, nobody alert Andy Kindler.

Adam’s idea about “hot blonde. Latina and penguin chubby chasers”, John seems to be loving it and is sharing an article he read about lions in national geographic.


Adam is giving the plugs and wrapping the show.