Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 259

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 259

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-28-2015 – Release Date 07-30-2015

Production Number #259 – The Syndrome

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew says he’s trying to recover from being yelled at, Adam addresses “The Syndrome” at play, the same think Dr. Bruce has but in a milder form.

Adam is now continuing his argument about ID and what Dr. Drew uses for airport security.

Adam is breaking down Dr. Bruce’s syndrome and how he doesn’t know he’s alive unless Adam is yelling at him.


Adam says that Bruce needs to be yelled at, like a battered woman seeking to recreate the trauma of her past, Drew is connecting this to Bruce and his family of origin.

Drew says Adam needs to yell while these people need him to yell at them, Adam says he doesn’t yell at Mark Geragos and says you can measure his yelling by the order of biggest fuck ups.

Adam talks about what a klutz does or doesn’t do, Adam is talking about shedding foam rubber that’s desecrating Adam’s console due to his mic wrestling.


Drew says he should get his OCD treated when it only negatively effects Adam, Adam asks if he and Drew were both pilots and he told him not to touch the yoke of the plane while they’re landing.

Adam is having Drew close his eyes, he’s walking him through the process.

Adam is now going beat by beat for the landing, they’re on final approach and Adam is taking off the autopilot, Adam is telling Drew to treat the mic stand like said yoke.


Adam is now talking him out of his therapeutic hypnosis session.

Drew says he’s needs a catcher’s mitt or some mittens to break his habit.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam misses actually driving and felling the road, his luxury boxes have been too cushy and removed for too long.


#ADSLOTJ Lord of the Jungle, Drew he bought a bidet toilet seat, Adam says the Japanese least need their assholes clean, among all of the hairiest and grossest people on earth, they’re the least in need of a watery cleaning.

Armenians need bidets riff.

Adam talks about the Japanese inventing this, Drew brings up Adam’s “peanut butter in shag carpet” wiping procedure/analogy.


Drew the LOTJ is now joining them telling them about this item, a gift from his wife along with some Indian Food.

“So we feel like we’re shitting on Indians” – Adam on the name of the color used for the toilet seat.

Drew recalls the story of Adam discovering Christopher Lowell while on the road with Adam.


Drew is now asking Adam about the pull out lower freezer being the ultimate sign of wealth and position, Adam likes the notion of this toilet seat.

Adam is looking at a photo of Christopher and asks Gary to find a clip.

Adam likes the idea that this toilet seat comes with a remote and the seal logo.

“If cousin Sal got ahold of your ass remote!” – Adam


Adam is now asking him about his cheaper model without the remote, Adam jokes about the reaction he had to the first time he experienced these seats at the Rihga Royal Hotel being greater than he had to having his kids.

Adam says when you want to test a toilet seat you go hard and you go Indian.

Drew is asking about the cars being tested ahead of release by various foreign manufacturers.


Adam tells caller Drew that his lady hit this gift out of the anus park.


Drew is doing a live read for for Bulletproof Coffee

Drew is praising Dave Asprey and explains his whole story to Adam


Adam riffs about ‘The Daily Grind’ for the gathering spot on a shitty fictitious sitcom, their ‘Central Perk’ unaware it’s been used already.

Adam is talking about the guy who came up with ‘Crave’ jerky and Adam is giving his take on entrepreneurs and gourmet products.

Dr. Drew asks Gary to book him for his podcast, he says his son swears by their protein bars.


They’re now watching Christopher Lowell.


1st Caller Paul, he’s calling with facts about German Beer.

He explains the beer purity law to Adam, Adam mentions his mom’s gift and the pictures of the house she just moved out of on the website.

Adam is walking Drew through the photos of his mom’s place, you can see them via the show page link above, yikes, 50 years of yikes.

Adam is back to how his mom views businessmen and people seeking profits.


Adam is commenting on his mom living in that place for 50 years, he talks about people grafting their own shortcomings onto successful people.

Paul has a killer “they can afford the Formaldehyde” one liner, good stuff!

Adam is commenting on how people like his mom and of her era view business and success.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Caller Jeremy, he just found out his wife of 15yrs has been unfaithful with 2 of his friends.

Drew is asking him about it and Jeremy shares how he reacted to discovering the infidelity, Adam asks him about combing through his wife’s phone.

Adam says he must have been getting clues and had feelings about something going on, Jeremy is telling them what his wife confessed to.

Adam asks about the kids, Jeremy found another guy she was cheating with who is married to one of her best friends.


Adam is asking if she has ceased this activity or she’s still going through with affairs.

Drew says that he’s out of his mind if they don’t see a professional, he brings up the possible addiction or trauma history at play, Adam says this can happen and he’s stepping in to tell him about how to get over things in life.

Adam says it’s hard and Drew says men have a thing about this, it’s encoded in our biology, Drew says the first part is the most difficult hurdle.


Adam comments on how less important this stuff becomes over time as testosterone declines and you age towards reproductive obsolesce.

Drew says this is why people shouldn’t get married right out of high school, Drew offers some practical advice and Jeremy shares his worries about therapy.

Jeremy is worried he will be blamed for her affairs, Adam says it might be some of his actions that caused her to cheat and step out on him.


Adam says why look back and punish yourself, he’s telling him how to move forward and let it leave his mind over time.

Adam is commenting on what men have, how they always want to fuck their wife’s hot friend, funny black belt finally getting to use their talents analogy.


Adam is doing a Therabreath Live Read

Stuff for adults


3rd Caller Jordan, he suffers from situational panic attacks and he describes it, Drew thinks this sounds more like claustrophobia, he asks how to get over this without medication.

Drew says a lot of things work for phobias and now he’s explaining how he could try some self-help books, Drew says they come on all of a sudden as Jordan described passing out upon take off of a flight.

Drew is describing the medical cause of these reactions, Adam says that someone could pop a pill to overcome these reactions.


4th Caller James, his wife has LCIS and Drew is breaking down what it is, he explains how it’s not cancer but what it means for someone with the diagnosis.

Adam is asking about DNA testing and the Angelina Jolie route of mastectomy to prevent cancer, he’s all for it and her choice, he thinks it’s the best path and explains how truly complicated this is.

Drew says this is good news and compares this to his own early prostate cancer diagnosis, Adam wishes him luck and they move on.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam has some plugs, Gary steps in and plugs the Mangria bar crawl, Drew shares that Susan is out scouting bars on the east coast.

Adam mentions his new show ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and wraps up the episode.