Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2015 – Michelle Beadle and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2015 – Michelle Beadle and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michelle Beadle and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-29-2015 – Release Date 07-30-2015

Production Number #1627

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Adam opens the show with Matt Atchity sitting in, an official count of all of his appearances will be completed soon, and he might have the #2nd most ACS appearances behind David Wild.

Dawson and Lynch have a funny fart intro, Adam says this is his 3rd podcast today and he’ll be doing one more after this.

Adam is talking about the Rotten Tomatoes Game, Adam asks for some heat in his cans after BB plays his drops too loudly and Dawson did them a courtesy adjustment.


Adam is talking about BB and his trivia/game prowess and how much effort and pride he takes in it, Adam jokes about him only having this.

Adam says this is him letting his primitive instincts out and fulfilling some bygone genetic agenda via trivia.

Gina asks BB about bar trivia and he tells the story of beating 3 teams singlehanded, Adam likes this is as it’s a game open to everyone, his son could play this game as he’s not poisoned with any opinions nor sentiment for these movies.


Adam is asking both guys for a thumbnail review of the new Mission Impossible.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

BB has a dark “impurities joke that cracks Gina up, pretty good


Adam is being sarcastic about Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle in the new ‘Mission Impossible’ movie, Adam talks about Tom’s T-1000/Robert Patrick run and his theory on how he was taught it by a “running coach” and now Matt is breaking down the movie, he thinks it’s great.

Adam wants a ranking for the Mission Impossible movies, Adam is asking Gary to now go to and tally up the movies.

Adam thanks Ryan and Shawn from Q Sushi who are ‘Road Hard’ donors and invited Adam and his wife to their place, Adam is praising the restaurant and describing the high end food in great detail.


Adam explains their “no soy sauce policy” and shares how he’s learned that not all successful people are smug/evil assholes like in 80’s movies and as his parents described.

Adam is describing his first girlfriend and her rich attorney father, he was waiting for him to whip out the checkbook to get rid of him, sadly Gordon never got the checkbook out, and instead he just used the stink eye.

Adam doesn’t tell them about meeting him again years later after a show during a meet and greet.


Gina is now reading the scores for the Mission Impossible movies, BB just got burned by the very thing Adam talked about, him being partial to that first movie made him misjudge the score.

Adam is talking about Stephen Baldwin being top billed in ‘The Usual Suspects’ and is trying to figure out if that was a point in time where Stephen had more success and was more famous than the rest of the now very high profile cast.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Boner offer edition


They are now going over the credits for ‘The Usual Suspects’ and they’re trying to figure out if this is alphabetical or based off negotiations.

They’re all weighing in, BB has a hunch about the suspects being listed first and then in order of appearance as Adam brought up as a possible alternate explanation but that doesn’t seem to be it.

Matt and BB both do another lap on this and Adam is still going to believe that Stephen was the biggest star in the movie.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Cast of Mission Impossible edition

1st Movie ‘Cocktail’ (1988)

They’re all weighing in on the movie and the aesthetic, Gina is asking if there was another major player in the cast, Adam references the movie ‘FX’.

They react to the low 5% score, Adam says it’s hard to tell the difference between a 35 and 5, below 50% it’s anyone’s guess.

Adam treats this movie like a ‘Berlin’ song and it reminds him of a time, he explains why he will watch this movie, the time travel element.


2nd Movie ‘The Bourne Legacy’ (2012)

Adam reveals he’s never seen the 2nd nor 3rd entries, he doesn’t think, he likes the 1st movie.

Adam gets burned on the guessing, in part due to BB with some misdirection.


3rd Movie ‘The Edge’ (1997)

Adam loves this movie, he remembers it well.

Adam is describing the genre, comparing it to the movie ‘The Grey’ and Matt breaks down the plot for Gina, and Adam is going with a modest 71%.

Adam thinks the 60% is a little low, BB hasn’t seen it either.


4th Movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994)

Adam declares everyone loves this movie, he’s sharing how he wants to see everything Quentin Tarantino has to offer, he’s always excited for his latest project, how he felt about a less insane Oliver Stone.

Adam says 96% and Gina goes with the same score, she thought of it too.

Adam jokes about a new rule that would save his ass.


5th Movie ‘Hercules’ (2014)

Adam is sharing his resistance to mythical movies, he doesn’t like the dipped in Jizz quality of these films and the medium to super homoerotic nature and aesthetics.

Adam is trying to recall the other movies of the genre, he seems to be thinking of ‘Clash of The Titans’ but also notes ‘John Carter’.

Adam is taking this loss and saying there is no winner this game, it’s a garbage round.

BB lost the least, he just won the hundred meter dash with a time over 3min, BB still takes the win, like he would.


Adam is sharing how someone emailed Gary a picture of a guy walking into Starbucks with a bag of dog poop, BB jokes about having me check the archives to find out if Adam has ever talked about dogs and dog pooping re: polite society.

Adam and BB have a killer David Wild one liner and follow up.

Adam is talking about dogs didn’t show up places when you were a kid, not to stores nor restaurants.


Adam is commenting on the loud noise outside, Adam says there is going to be 3k times more dogshit in public due to the increased dog presence.

Adam is now asking for a judgment call from all of the people, BB suggests he flush the shit.

Gary says the trash can out the front door, Adam is commenting on people carrying sacks of shit around with them, Adam is asking Gary to go over his favorite tweets and reaffirms he’s not a germaphobia.

Adam shares what’s vexing him in life, he explains he was tweeted a link with an article confirming his theories on germs and cleanliness.


Gina is now reading the article about not showering as often, Adam is mocking the people who “gross out on him” after he tells them about showering less than daily, Adam jokes about not intending to butt fuck them later, so why the gagging in response to your assumptions about his personal hygiene.

Adam is commenting on the supreme narcissists who get bent out of shape about you using their trashcan to toss your dog waste.

Adam is talking about a place like Runyon Canyon and how if you were the house closes to the mouth of the trail you would be overloaded with strangers dog shit and Gatorade bottles.


Gina asks Adam about people sorting through his trash, he describes a dude who picks apart the garbage and leaves more room in the cans for him.

Adam is saying it might be an easier life if he just got himself a job, being your own boss of digging through Adam’s trashcan is not even close to working at a Starbucks and getting AC all day.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Panther, he wants to know if Adam’s an organ donor and if not why.

Adam explains he signed up when he first got his license and no longer visits the DMV, he likes the new weird era of doing that stuff electronically and by mail.

Adam is now polling everyone else in the studio, Matt has a funny line about nobody wanting his organs, and BB explains why he’s not.

Adam has a funny riff about cadaver tissue being used for penis enlargement, funny riff with some great one liners.


Adam is doing a Mile IQ Live Read


They’re now watching the ‘Man Show’ bit where they learned about penis enlargement, Gina thinks that’s the genesis of how Adam came up with his penis measurement method.

Adam jokes about the “once around the balls” modification you can make, measure with yarn.

Adam plugs the website for Matt and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Michelle Beadle making her ACS debut, they play a clip from the episode of ‘Take a Knee’ with Mike August.

Adam comments on team sports, Adam plugs Michelle’s show and praises all of the women who work on camera at ESPN.

Adam is talking about how you can trace the evolution of female sports reporters to that of MMA.


Adam is joking about ex playmates mixing up player’s names in the bygone era of female sports reporters.

Adam is asking Michelle about her family, Adam is remarking on the lack of square footage and what it does to a relationship.

Michelle shares her opinion of life in Texas, accurate and considerate.


Adam is asking her about her work with the Spurs mascot, Adam didn’t know they had a Coyote mascot, she comments on the bizarre Spurs logo that’s not essentially attached to anything.

Adam is bringing up his idea for quizzing fans of teams about the meaning of the teams names, Adam is talking to her about her internship that lead to her career.


Adam is defending internships and working for free, she tells Adam she was interning from 1999 onward, and Adam is asking her about the amount of time she put in for free.

Adam thinks she learned a ton and lost a meager 900$ at most, she talks about ways she could make money in production if she needed it.

Adam is talking about how not getting paid gets you the opportunity to try out a variety of different jobs for different departments.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Gina’s News

Adam is asking her about getting banned from the big Pacquiáo vs. Mayweather fight, she explains how she was vocal about her feelings regarding Floyd and how she ended up without the credentials to enter the venue along with some other critical reporters.

Gina has an insightful question about Mayweather’s role in the production.

Michelle has a funny question/one liner about the song.


1st Story is on the Cecil the lion killing, Gina plays a clip of Jimmy Kimmel Live where he goes off on the guy.

Adam doesn’t get it, he’s fine with hunting for sustenance and accidentally riffs up a hilarious podcast idea ‘Thinning the Heard’ with Joe Rogan where they talk about his hunting.

Adams says it’s much worse to abandon your kids than to hunt and kill a lion, Adam wants an order of operations for shaming and hating people, start with the worst offenders with the biggest effect then work our way to these guys, much like his stance on critiquing America for minor injustices while genocide goes on across the globe.


Gina has the details of the hunt, Adam says he ate a cow yesterday and Adam explains that this does suck but while this was going on 7 kids were shot in Baltimore, which sucks too/more?

Gina comments on what Adam dubs the slightly insane attachment people have to animals, Adam asks why people are going on twitter to say terrible shit about this guy.


Adam says this guy isn’t even on his shit list due to his tax generation alone, Adam shares his stance on approaching crossbow wielding foes.

Adam says he would much rather spend time with the hunter rather than the person who left the lion stuffed animal out.

Adam is down with the disapproval, he just doesn’t like the outrage.


Adam explains his take on killing for food and the stored outrage in humans that gets let out for things like this.

Adam says be outraged about Bill Cosby, not this.

Gina explains her take on big game hunting and taxidermy, Adam doesn’t get quilting, Adam says life is filled with shit he doesn’t know, like nor get.


Michelle is sharing an anecdote from a fishing trip where she learned a lesson and Adam riffs about the creepy captain of the ship.


2nd Story is on the first female NFL coach, Gina has her full history and plays a clip from ESPN where she explains what she offers to the team.

Adam is explaining how he used to work at a boxing gym, he name drops some old fighters he worked with, Adam was better at teaching boxing than he was at boxing, while they were the opposite.

Adam is having Gary set up a picture of Mike Weaver, Gina asks about his muscles.


Adam says you might be better off with a female coach, or a coach with limited game experience or talent.

Gina asks if Michelle thinks she’ll get the respect from the team, she’s got a very educated and insightful response.

Adam is talking about people getting over the package fairly early if you bring the talent required for the gig.


Adam is doing a ‘Rick and Morty’ season 2 Live Read



3rd Story is on the prison seamstress pleading guilty in her role in the escape earlier this year, Gina quotes her statement.

Adam says she doesn’t need to serve a second for him, she’s already served it and suffered it in response to her appearance and the public reaction to her.

Gina and Michelle both have interesting responses and BB is now asking about the seamstress on staff, hilarious “get your jumpsuit monogrammed” reply where he riffs about suede patches, gold!


Gina is clarifying the woman’s role and Adam is now bringing up the society we’re living in, Adam is commenting on the two prisoners and the prisons guard, breaking down the reaction to her vs. the lion hunting tax paying dentist.

Adam doesn’t want to go to the retard square dance, just because the tards are dancing he will never be so fucking dumb to be more upset at an animal killer over someone who dismembers humans.

Adam says this outrage would do nothing to help him, Adam says she’s been so shamed and that her husband has been cuckolded but good.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Burger King app Live Read


Adam plugs the upcoming live show, he says that Howie Mandel will get drunk on Mangria and teases how wonderful it will be to experience.

Adam gives out the remaining plugs and wraps up the show, very fun episode and I hope Michelle comes back again.