Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2013 – LL Cool J, Dave Dameshek, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2013 – LL Cool J, Dave Dameshek, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest LL Cool J, Dave Dameshek, and David Wild

Recorded 07-29-2013 – Release Date 07-30-2013

Production Number #1131

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Adam is opening the show with the great Dave Dameshek in studio FOR THE ENTIRE EPISODE (YES!), BB has an excellent #TopDrop where Mike Dawson is reading some quotes about Adam.

Adam is now telling the gang about his trip to Vancouver for the live show along with Mangria tasting, he’s describing the “Wearing way too much silver guy” who occupied the seat next to him on his flight home.

Adam is now using the “turquoise guy” to make a point about the douche factor of both fashion choices, Adam’s further describing his flight home sitting next to “The Silver Samurai”.


Dameshek is now making a point that echoes Adam’s take on guys who cultivate a look having the pressure to maintain it, Adam has a great topper about being in the presence of Howard twice in the past 10 days.

BB is now telling the gang about seeing the documentary “The Other F Word” about punk rockers who have now aged into fatherhood, Adam is telling BB how he was just talking about it.

Adam is telling the gang about Howard remarking on Adam’s lack of a look and Adam is explaining how he also tried to not have a smell, Dameshek has a great quote to close it.


Adam is telling the gang about sending his uneaten dessert back to Economy class for Mike August, BB has a great descriptor for the action and Adam is joking about his vague single instruction.

Alison is now asking Adam about the details regarding Mike August and his first witnessed yawn, Adam is now sharing it less than spectacular fashion, he actually uses “blah, blah, blah”.

Adam and Alison are now joking about Mike’s violent sneeze that frightens people around him, hilarious quotes from Ace!


Whoa Dameshek just put two and two together and about Mike and his comedic resemblance to K.D. Lang and her song “Constant Craving” being a perfect connection to Mike’s unrelenting appetite for free food, genius Dave!

Adam is back to the trip, he’s telling them about landing in Vancouver and how they took a ferry to the island, they sold out of all the Mangria, all 14 cases, more than was consumed at all of the 2-3 Day Wine Riot tasting parties, holy shit!

Adam is telling the gang about 30 cases being consumed at the venue of just over 750 attendees, he’s citing the Canadian love of booze and making a point about it even dwarfs Minnesota.

Adam is sharing what he was told about the drinking age and liquor laws from province to province.


Adam says he signed 250 bottles and never read the back while doing it, he’s now sharing the photo a fan took that features the French label where they misspelled Adam’s name on his own wine bottle.

A total of 28k cases of wine are going to be sold in Canada featuring Adam’s name misspelled, Get On It Canadian fans, these will be collectors’ items, Dave just echoed my sentiment as I typed it.

BB is now joking about Adam calling Canada out on its collective alcoholism and spelling abilities, comedy gold BB!


Assistant Producer Gary is now on mic to explain to Adam, his name is actually correctly spelled in two places on the bottle, Adam is giving his take on misspelling in a greeting card, BB is disagreeing and Adam almost has a Hiroshima logic to his argument, complete with “all right then shut up”.

Adam is telling the gang about Jimmy Kimmel sending him a picture of a club sandwich from Italy as he was leaving for Vancouver.

Adam is telling the gang about Caroline’s and their version of the Club Sandwich, Dameshek is right in line with Adam giving his take on “Our Take on a Classic”.


Alison has a killer bleu cheese one liner, whoa!

Adam is now talking about beet salad and how it’s now being dominated by goat cheese on most menus, Adam is having Alison read the description of the Club Sandwich and she’s agreeing with Adam pre-emptively.

Adam is now praising the work of a Jewish deli and how they don’t fuck around with crazy ingredients in their traditional deli food, such as coleslaw.


Dave is now wondering why Chinese Food Restaurants even need menus since they’re so similar from location to location, Adam is sharing a short version of the “House of Nan King” story with Jimmy Kimmel, the “You eat Here Before?” story.

I like this story almost as much as the “He Say His Name Was Bobby” Chinese takeout story, Adam is now having the gang set up a long table with 3 chairs in their mind to set up a bizarre scene.

Adam is telling the gang about eating with Mike Lynch and Mike August only to be joined by a random diner, much like the BBQ employee from the story he told last week.


Dave has an excellent “whaaa?” and Adam is now working up what BB calls “quite a scenario” to ask if anyone of the gang would consider doing what the other diners did to him in this story.

Dave has a nice reference to the great “Big Night” he beat BB to the punch with that one.

Adam is telling the gang about working on the Paul Newman documentary and how Bob Sharp told them about needing a private room in the back to dine with Paul while on the road.


Adam just came up with “What Would Frank Sinatra Do?” as the antithitis of what these diners did to Adam, and BB is now filling Adam in that he’s right in multiple ways as Frank liked the opposite kind of dining attention when compared to Paul Newman, nice BB!

Adam is now asking what to refer to LL Cool J as, Dave has a funny Jimbo reply.

David Wild is now entering the studio for his 42nd appearance if memory serves, LL is now on the line making his ACS debut.


Adam and LL have a confusing “Hard Work” misunderstanding, Adam is now joking about LL Cool J and David rocking the same physique.

Adam is now getting LL Cool J to give his “journey” starting in NYC

Adam is asking LL Cool J about his work ethic and LL just dropped Adam’s key reference “Little Lord Fauntleroy”, holy Great Magnet!


Adam is asking LL about follow through and sharing how he’s been thinking about it in regards to his own children and what they’ll need to succeed in life.

LL is telling Adam about dropping out of high school and going back for his GED after he started Def Jam records at 16, Adam has a great joke about the likelihood of rap careers for high school drop outs.

LL is telling the gang about giving back to young people and Adam is now asking him about his daily routine including workout.


David now bringing up LL’s break in and Adam forgot about it, Adam is now asking LL/Todd about watching the Super bowl in Miami in 1999, they pulled up next to LL Cool J driving a convertible Bentley with the stereo blasting.

LL is now confirming he was the guy to pull up next to them and it’s not just possibly racist assumption as Adam puts it, Adam is now plugging the “Do Something Awards”.

David is plugging an iTunes album for Todd and other artists.


Dave has a great question for LL citing some his classic lyrics, he wants to know if LL has eaten any peaches in 2013, Adam faux compliments Dave, perhaps not getting the full reference or just not finding the results fruitful.

Adam is now asking how anyone can dislike someone like LL, he’s using Kimmel’s motor complete with intelligence to explain why he achieves so much in life.

Adam is now describing the “motor” behind LL and his crazy work ethic, he says he wants that for his kids and David is now sharing an anecdote to further explain how great LL/Todd is, Adam is now calling him “The Black Chris Carolla”.


David is now sharing some untold details of LL’s rough childhood and Dameshek is making a point about undeserved self-esteem to echo Adam’s sentiments on the topic.

Adam is now bringing up his kids including Sonny’s claims about his speed even in the face of consequences, he’s using the kids different ability levels with stand up to further his point.

Alison has a great anti-comedy one liner that David spells out with an Andy Kindler retort, Adam says “don’t even get me started”.


Adam is now asking David about the controversial Rolling Stone cover, David is sharing his take and explaining he expressed his own displeasure on twitter, very insightful.




They’re back from break and Adam is responding to a listener voicemail about modern art, hilarious bird shit joke and intelligent “I suspect you can’t do art” test idea from Adam, where all abstract artists must prove they can first do the compulsories like in figure skating.

Hilarious basket of fruit and topless black woman riding a panther comments from Ace.

Adam and Dave are now commenting on how “The Shining” is the best example of delayed gratification, he’s contrasting the need for fast editing in modern cinema and more importantly making a point about society.


Adam is using his trusty foreplay analogy complete with “dick through a mail slot”, this is classic Aceman!

Adam, Dave and BB are discussing some things BB recalls from the documentary “Room 237” about the shining, Adam is very curious and Baldy is doing a solid job.

Adam’s got a killer reply about the family that was killed so a director could prove something to a writer is one of the funniest low key replies in the show’s history.


They are going in depth on the shining, this wonderful!


Creep of the Week

“I’ll Talk, I’ll do this I’ll do that” – Dave

“Older Bald Black Guys sweating their ass off week” – Adam describing the NFL event Dameshek was just promoting, he’s telling Adam about the later timeslot improvement.

Adam has a hilarious riff about gold attire and he’s now referencing the list of things they want to have happen and experience before they die, he’s adding one to the list with a nice back up from BB.


Dave is telling Adam he needs to hook up with Charles Barkley while wrapping up his plug for his excellent NFL podcast.

Dave is telling the gang about his experience at the airport where he had to be patted down after a body scan due to his sweat stains, great drop work from BB and Alison’s reactions are perfect.

Dave is now bringing up the underside of the tongue and calling for it to be the next plastic surgery craze, great self-deprecating comedy from Dave.


Adam and Alison are in unison gleefully telling Dave about “Gleeking”, BB is stepping in to explain it like he’s Mr. Wizard and Dave now seems to know what is but perhaps by another regional term.

Adam is now going in depth with how he could never gleek intentionally, he’s asking about Gleek etiquette when you accidentally hit someone in their drink, shirt face or hair.

Adam is back to shouting eagle and mouth projectiles, he’s now describing the societal move required in his head and asking everyone’s take. Dave is bringing up Ray and Chris and their shenanigans, in particular the “Jacuzzi Water Gun”.


Dameshek is explaining how exciting August is due to NFL training and preseason football.

Dave is connecting preseason football to civil war reenactments and Adam has a killer Mellow Yellow one liner in reply to Dave’s solid point/partial metaphor.

Adam is telling the gang about his buddy and “Ace on the House” Co-star trying out for indoor football and BB jumps in with a great save naming the team “The Avengers”.


Dave is closing out the segment and Adam just ordered him to hang out, this is an all Dameshek Episode

Adam is doing a great live read for Legal Zoom, complete with Davey Jones locker humor and funny back and forth with DD.

Adam has a plug for his show coming up with Jay Mohr at the Wiltern theater, there are still seats available and Superfan Giovanni is going to try to be there, if you see me say Hi!

Bills Simmons will also be there, but not doing a Basic Cable Classics on Karate Kid III as he finds it to be fucked out at this point, he wants Tango and Cash and Adam may go along with it.


Alison’s News

Her Top Story is about now listening to the podcast I host #Classic Loveline, she’s got some great follow up for episode #99 with Susan Pinsky and of Course Dr. Drew.

Adam is bringing up how profoundly flattered he by people finding and consuming the Classic Loveline I and my archivist peers have shared online since the late 90’s.

Adam is going super in depth on how bizarre the Official and fan Loveline archives are for him, that they exist, whoa, we have profoundly flattered him.


Alison is now sharing her take on another episode with Rikki Rachtman where Adam’s “Spidey Sense” revealed itself very early into the show’s run.

Adam is now explaining how the dimmed lights and focus on voices created and almost seiance like atmosphere/experience.

This is so amazing, I’m smiling ear to ear, Adam is really waxing poetic on the part of the brain that the voices awoke in him and Drew, Alison has a killer one liner, love me some A-Rose!


Adam is now sharing how their bogus detectors developed over the years as they got more finely tuned and could pick up on “hollow” empty shells of words, like Jordanna Brewster’s acting according to Ace, great Fast and Furious references to boot.

Alison is now complimenting Adam on Sonny’s acting abilities as demonstrated on yesterday’s ACS, BB has two of them to share with Dave Dameshek who seems to enjoy them.

Dave is now sharing his own story about his daughter, gold!


2nd story is on the Pope’s recent remarks about gay people bring integrated into society

Adam is now on a funny riff in reply, mocking the language and what it sounds like, Adam is now sharing his take on the ever shrinking and almost non replenishing group that gets upset about what the pope says.

Alison seems to agree and Adam says it never feels impactful to anyone he knows personally, he’s comparing it to #Classic Loveline guest “Jaguares” and BB just killed it with great joke.


Alison is now clarifying the statements were about gay priests and is chagrinned, Adam wants to know if she’s going to yack and is now remarking on how he hasn’t seen anyone “boot” in a long time and what it means about not witnessing it for a number of years.

I know of some yacking around Adam that he didn’t witness, both events from his Malibu Charity events 4 year apart, Adam is now riffing about his nude eating disorder, Dameshek has a wonderful follow up question delivery and nice giggles.

Dawson is now on mic sharing an anecdote from over the weekend to make a point about the circle he runs in.


BB is now commenting on how he’s never vomited from drinking, whoa BB Revelations!

He’s attributing it to his iron stomach and explaining he never got sick from chemo either, Alison is getting him to clarify and he’s got a dark twist “what if” reply.

Adam is now on his riff about never having practical advice conversations with his parents, about drinking, zits and many other topics.


He’s doing the “you want some old man, let’s roll, lets tumble!” version, gold.

They’re now discussing the wide range of reactions their kids could have to alcohol and how it could affect their lives, he’s got a great point about the number of people who’ve been killed just because they’re shitty drunks.


3rd story is on giant raid on pimps that were advertising underage girls online.

Alison is explaining the details of the story, Adam has a great joke about the DEBS that were rescued.

Adam is now sharing his expert Loveline take on how this cycle of abuse and victimization leads to this news story.


Adam is now sharing how his buddy Chris made out with the neighbor gals at his apartment complex, he’s saying he’s now going to apologize to Sonny for the stable family and large house, so he can’t experience the apartment life of screwed up daughters.

Adam’s stories about Chris and the apartment complex are dead on.

Adam is now sharing his Adam and Drew show riffing about bringing back shame and the stocks, he’s now sharing how much farting would happen in that guys face if Jimmy and Cousin Sal were living alongside him.


Alison has a great point about the horrible smells of an ancient fart, Adam is now demanding a good picture of someone in the stocks.

Adam is now declaring the stocks are made for farting and Alison just proclaimed it a potential Nancy Sinatra song, mind blowingly hilarious!

Adam’s riffing about Jimmy commuting to blast gas in the face of people locked in the stocks, Adam is now sharing how he would knock 40min off the sentence for each fart, benevolent Aceman!

They’re back to the new story, Adam is now walking through their possible difficult reintegration into normal life, Alison is now jumping in to clarify and confirm.

Adam is now pondering the impossible price tag of trying to “take care of these people as a society” and Dave is taking it to the charmed reality of “Pretty Woman”.

Dave is now asking what the message to young women “Grease” is trying to deliver.

“There’s nothing like secondhand Smoke and Camel Toe to turn a guy on” – Adam on Grease.


Alison is wrapping the news to her wonderful new drop, Adam is now doing a funny delivery and Dave has a funny perplexed reaction.

Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings along with BB and Mike Dawson, Dawson fumbles a bit and Adam has a perfectly timed joke, Gary’s insane laughter is glorious, great, great one time only bit of comedy, I love this show!


Adam is now giving the appropriate plug, but stopping to announce Yakov Smirnoff at Amalfi this week and Dameshek almost can’t believe it, holy shit!

Adam’s wanted to meet him since Jr. High, going to be great!

Fund anything is about to crack 1 million for “Road Hard” and it’s still climbing.


Adam is now wrapping the show with a nice long plug for Dave Dameshek.