Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/29/2015 – Tara Reid, Anthony Ferrante, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/29/2015 – Tara Reid, Anthony Ferrante, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tara Reid, Anthony Ferrante, and David Wild

Recorded 07-28-2015 – Release Date 07-29-2015

Production Number #1626

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Adam opens the show to a funny diploma intro, BB plays some ‘Yolo Man’ as today’s #TopDrop from past guest Shaun White, Adam is telling the gang about the town of Yolo, David Wild has a Jew joke less than a minute into the show, BB comments on it.

David Wild is in studio with his 90th appearance.

Adam is telling them about his horrendous drive back from the gig in in Sacramento, he is describing the drivers where you speak about/to them as if they’re not in the car.

Adam is describing the limited amount of time they had to make the flight along with the condition of the car and the driver.


Adam is ranting about the Delta 88 and how not only the model but the manufacture no longer even exists, Adam further describes the condition of this Delta 88 next to them on the road.

Adam is talking about how shitty professional drivers are, Adam is refusing to blame uber like BB, Adam its 10min old and this is a historical issue.

Adam is further describing the drive through Yolo, Adam says there were no peanuts on this flight, just the pretzel sticks.


Adam is now giving a message to all of the cunts that call into Southwest and get the peanuts removed from the flights.

Adam is giving his usual rant about the lack of healthy ingredients in pretzel/snack mixes.

Adam says nothing is more satisfying than a stretchy ballpark pretzel, but as a dried snack pretzel is in the basement rankings.

Adam says pretzel sticks are somewhat insulting and is now getting to fiesta mix, he jokes about Carl Sagan reacting to fiesta mix at your house party, such a bizarre and hilarious reference and description.


Adam thinks modified cat turds would outsell fiesta/party mix and Adam is now describing what the MSG based seasoning tastes like to him.

Adam is describing the time he had the pilot come out and count the almonds in his fiesta mix, Adam is now back to his message to the cunts.

You can hear Jimmy Kimmel tell the story of Adam making the pilot count his nuts on this episode of Classic Loveline MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2000 – GUEST: NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Adam is making a point about crazy parental energy influencing allergies and sensitives, Adam wishes the crazy moms of the world good luck in raising their albino hemophiliacs.


Adam is now breaking down the logic of peanut allergies and arrant peanut dust, Adam wants to know the odds of someone having a reaction to airborne nut dust midflight.

BB wants to know if a surgical mask wouldn’t just take care of the risk, Adam is asking Maxipada about his bags of coffee that came back with them form the casino.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is asking Maxipada about his casino bucks, he loaded up on bags of coffee to go.

Adam says he’s going to wet his beak with some of the coffee, hilarious.

Adam is talking about the size and shape of the coffee and how that’s allowable on the flight but not the bottom of his water bottle he got before the security checkpoint.


Adam is now asking Chris to confirm the sighting of the nearby crazed driver in the Oldsmobile Delta 88, Chris says the driver didn’t acknowledge hearing Adam asks him to speed up.

“Man does this guy’s wife have a loose pussy” – Adam on his freedom to then speak as if the driver isn’t in the car after he ignores him for most of the drive.


Dawson has a movie trailer for a made up movie ‘Hurrigator’ and it’s pretty funny, nice.

“This guy dies!”

Dawson shares some other possible titles, Adam and Gina seem to enjoy this quite a bit.
Adam teases that one of his movie ideas is now coming to pass.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam is telling them about his script idea for ‘Navageddon’ is getting closer to reality, he’s now hitting the beats of his movie idea.


Dropping Names with David Wild

1st Name Norm MacDonald, Norman Mailer or Norman Reedus?

David saved one dude’s life, whom?

David shares the story, pretty good.


2nd Name David Byrne, David Bowie or David Lynch?

These are the weird Dave’s that David Knows.

David shares the story of his pig fetus gift, Adam would rather eat pig fetuses over pretzels, and Adam is now joking about a limp hair battle between Tom Petty and David Bowie.

David asks Adam for his take on Bowie, he says he does and has room for weirdness when you have talent.

David doesn’t have a 3rd one prepared but he’s going to whip one up after some brief plugs and discussion of best ‘Talking Heads’ songs between Adam and David.


3rd Name Mama Cass, Martha David or Natalie Merchant?

Adam says that Natalie is on the list of women that would be disgusted to have sex with him.

David shares the story of being lifted up by a female singer/songwriter.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ben, he thinks Adam must teach his son to break wind without breaking stride while walking, Adam is quizzing him on this technique.

Adam is explaining the way that you over emphasis how great someone was after an audition where you no they’re not getting the part is akin to this call, Adam apologizes for taking it and gives out the plugs for David and heads to break.


They’re back from break with Anthony and Tara are now in studio, Anthony is making his 3rd visit for the 3rd ‘Sharknado’ movie, he was first on ACS #1121 for the first movie, then again in 2014 on ACS #1378 and Tara is making her 2nd appearance after guesting on 1378 along with Anthony.

Adam welcomes them to the show with some discussion of famous scores, Adam recalls talking to Tara about some work being done on her house, and she says everything is good.

Adam is asking Anthony about the 3rd ‘Sharknado’ movie and he explains how they’ve gotten to the level where they can pretty much do whatever they want.


BB and Adam are offering some contributions and Anthony says they tried to get Adam a role in the movie, Adam is asking them about Tara living or dying in the franchise.

Anthony describes the insane situation for her and her character with Tara explaining the concept of fans being able to vote for her character’s fate going forward.

Adam is asking Tara about her 30yr career and what she’s going to do next, he asks the same question of Anthony and gets a lengthy reply about his increased amount of career options since the first movie.


Adam talks about the innate childhood curiosity regarding sharks, commenting on his son’s level of interest and how kids will seek this information out, he notes it’s not gender specific though it tends to more often be boys.


Gina’s News

Adam reveals that Bryan Cranston will be on the show next week.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam can’t believe that Tara doesn’t have a horror stories about her home remodeling, she refuses to admit any then Anthony spurs her to share a literal horror story regarding the ghost she believes lives in her home.


1st Story is on the 4 game suspension for Tom Brady being upheld by the NFL and the commissioner, Adam predicts that Belichick will win 3 out of 4 games anyway.

Adam is calling back to Tom’s season with a bum knee and the insane record they had.

BB is now asking for a picture of the backup QB for Tom, Adam is confident that this will all work out for the best.


2nd Story is on john Cena’s “for real” broken nose during Monday Night Raw, Gina has a clip of them broadcasting and describes the insane amount of blood.

Adam recalls John Cena coming on the KLSX radio show, Adam recalls his commitment to fuck a fat chick if the movie went to number #1.

Adam recalls seeing the movie with the lone super-hot chick who left halfway after 18min into the movie.


Adam wants to do a show titled “You’re hot what are you doing here!?” where attractive women are confronted about working lowly jobs instead of getting by on their beauty and increased options in life.


3rd Story is on Shia LaBeouf’s filmed argument with his girlfriend, Adam is commenting on how this is just part of being drunk and has a funny stolen decorative gourd example to make his point.

Gina has some footage of the argument with some contributions from German bystanders.

Adam doesn’t think this will propel Shia’s career, he wants to know how this video could help him.

Adam is sharing a funny Jan Michael Vincent scared straight program for actors, would you like this to be you in 3 years, funny idea.


Adam is describing the before and after of Jan Michael Vincent, he’s telling fans to go to the website and check out the side by side.


4th Story is on the end of the ban for openly gay Boy Scout troop leaders, Adam is now riffing about handkerchiefs attracting a certain type of gent.

Gina asks if Sonny is in the scouts and they’re all commenting on photos now for a moment.

Adam jokes about Sonny liking the outfits of different activities he then quits once his mom has bought all of the equipment and gear.


5th Story is on a NYC man who was arrested after driving his Ice Cream Truck while intoxicated, Adam is hesitant to go off on the unlicensed and makeshift ice cream vans of California.

Adam is now asking for Gary to find the picture of Adam’s kids outside of the Ice Cream van, Adam says that a shitty car selling food to kids must be illegal, he does this without permits but Joel McHale can’t install a pool for his kids.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


6th Story is on some bystanders who witnessed a woman sexting with another man while attending a game, Gina has all of the details.

Adam is now going off on his “does it make you money or does it make you happy” rule of thumb, he’s arguing against Schadenfreude and for people’s right to privacy and being a shitty person, Adam wants the tattle tales to be shamed.

Tara is offering up her own unique POV as someone being gossiped and shamed by media and tabloids, Gina shares her theory on how the celebrities in tabloid photos should get 75% of the revenue, she’s right.


Adam is commenting on how you can’t just use George Clooney to sell your watch, you can’t take a photo of George and just use that to sell your product without making a deal with him.

So funny that Adam picked that name and this topic, of all of the people.

Adam is making a point about people twisting up what he says on air and feeding it back to someone like his kids teacher, just to make them feel like shit.

Adam is delineating between celebrities and people not in the public eye, he breaks down the story of offending his son’s teacher and the aftermath he had to deal with because of the shitty tattle tale.


Tara is further describing her POV and how she’s shamed for trying to eat a burger, Adam further jokes about his deep concern for her and her hard life.


Adam and Tara are talking about the laws and rules for public figures and Tara has an emphatic take on this, Adam is joking with her about not being paid for press and promotional work.

Anthony and Gina both weigh in and Adam goes to a live read.


Adam is doing a Verengo Solar Live Read


7th Story is on a new study of body image issues among children, Adam is talking about the kids who diet and binge eat, he explains that just because someone in their life, or their parents suggest they eat less junk it doesn’t necessarily correlate to their eating disorder.

Gina shares how she never thought to hate her own body as a young person, it never even occurred to her.

Adam is talking about the unrealistic male physiques in media, everyone is a body builder now.


Tara gives her take and blames the media for influencing kids, Adam has a killer riff about a Popeye sized arm from beating off, and Gina wraps the news.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

Adam asks the guests for any “personal” plugs and Adam closes out the show to a perfect drop selection from BB, loose pussy on the driver’s wife, gold!