Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/29/2014 – Mike Lawrence and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/29/2014 – Mike Lawrence and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mike Lawrence and Jo Koy

Recorded 07-28-2014 – Release Date 07-29-2014

Production Number #1384

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Adam is opening the show with Jo Koy in studio, Mike Lawrence is coming in for his 3rd appearance and Dawson has a rare flub of sorts.

Adam is plugging the live shows and the patent troll fund via click through bookmark, Alison has an update on the cashew situation with her husband, now quoting him accusing her of being stuck in the Yummy phase.

Alison almost called Adam to talk about it after this came up last time, Adam jokes about the hot mixed nuts that Jo enjoys from truck stops, Adam says most truckers just fuck the bags.


Adam calls Jo, Joy and he gets pissed, Adam doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal and is advocating for calling him that instead.

BB has a nice Harland Williams #TopDrop and Adam gives the plugs for Joy.

BB has a funny callback mocking Joy and he doesn’t seem to appreciate it but he has killer replies.


Adam is now bringing up the Blue Whales photographed via satellite in shipping lanes and he’s marveling at the United States obsessing over whales despite the problems we face today.

Adam is riffing about the whale reparations we’ve all put in and Adam is saying on his death bed it will be all “gay whales who want to get married and smoke cannabis and the worries about the secondhand smoke coming from his cannabis” killer riff.

This is already Ace Awards 2014 material.


Adam is now explaining his thought about the shipping lanes and the whales, Adam is now asking for the comparison in size between the largest whale and a giant container ship.

They’re all looking at a photo of a ship and Adam is mocking the intelligence of whales while calling into question their ability to understand a container ship.

Adam is joking about a whale convention, Alison knows it well “Whale-Con” and now he’s riffing about the whales wondering why we don’t kill a container ship and use it’s blubber instead, Alison suggest the whales seeing the container ship as god.

Adam is now riffing that, the whale rapture is them being murdered at sea, holy shit!


Adam is now asking why they can’t get out of the way something the size of the Chrysler building and Alison agrees with Adam that the whales must know of the approaching ships.

BB thinks they must know the ships are non-organic material, Adam explains to him why that’s impossible and they once again call him Joy while BB mentions that Jo just the movie “Lucy” and Alison is now arguing for human intelligence Uber Alles.

Adam snaps at Jo and Alison is now reiterating Adam’s question, this is gold!


Jo brings up Sharks mistaking surfers for food, BB insists they must know it’s not animal and BB brings up Submarines, Adam jokes about whales trying to fuck submarines.

Adam has a great 200 foot Shaq analogy for comparison, Adam doesn’t need answers, and he just poses questions.

Alison brings up the woman who guested on the show and kept saying “aquaria” and now Jo is riffing about Sushi using some accents and mispronunciation tricks.


Adam is now bringing up Green Peace and Jo is rolling with it, Adam is now riffing in favor moving past harpooning whales and the wide discrepancy in Japanese culture, super high tech in most arenas and very “old world” in other, like whaling.

Adam wants to know if they’re incredibly advanced or not, he’s got a funny Hayden Panettiere reference and is standing in favor of the “Rainbow Warrior” and now Adam is wondering if the Japanese can’t synthesize whale.

Alison has a great “I can’t believe it’s not butter” one liner and BB even gives her mad props on air, Jo is now working pussy into the riff and Adam has a funny “but it tast…” reply, Alison picks up on it, nice!


They’re now riffing about lanterns and things running off of whale blubber, Jo closes out the riff with some more accent work.


Adam is doing another “let it change your life, vibrating bed” with “unbereavable” from both Adam and Jo for Reverie Bed, gold!

This live read is hilarious!


Adam is now asking Jo Koy about something, he’s telling them about taping a show with William Shatner where the sample wine and how Matt Fondiler entered the room to tell him about the hotel suite he found for 271 a night, Adam had to correct Matt’s fuck up because another person was there to witness it.

Adam wants to know if everyone else would correct them anyway or clear the record so the other person isn’t then wondering if they need to jump in.

BB wants to know what could be gained, Adam says people are assholes and is now giving some examples of people who mock you for misspeaking, hilarious “Movrie” mispronunciation riff, comedy gold!


BB has an example of his sarcastic reply and Alison is the first one to mock him, Adam quickly follows, good stuff.

Jo is now bringing up people who bullshit about items on clearance racks who then try to manipulate cheaper prices, Adam is now riffing a Lexus sale example of this with Jo.

Adam is now getting the gang to all weigh in, Alison is sharing how she would resolve it after the person left.


Jo is confused and now Adam is further explaining his point, Adam is now telling Jo about a “Brown Sugar” video that was made from the bit on the ACS.

Jo is bringing up the “Black Lab” cartoon and now Adam is sharing how he was wondering what else they might be able to do with brown sugar.

Jo is now in character as “Brown Sugar” and Adam is the straight man and has a hilarious pronunciation of “Delicious” as mandated by B.S. and Adam is complimenting him and his ilk.


Adam is doing a “one of the good ones” type element and Jo says that white sugar has little dicks, Alison is losing it.

Adam is telling him to chill, he’s going nuts and Adam tells him he lives under the sink for a reason, not in the pantry, he’s explaining why again, he’s not looking for trouble, the neighborhood is set in its ways.

They let “wheat germ” in and they fit in quite nicely, Adam is bringing up pineapple upside down cake and says it’s time for a change, maybe white sugar can take over, just to mix it up.


Adam brings up “Sweet and low” and Brown Sugar calls him cancer causing motherfucker, BB is now in the mix and B.S. is arguing not to be replaced, Adam wants to have him just take the weekend off.

Adam is telling him to talk to the cleanser and talk to the ant cleaner, Adam tells him not to anger “RAID” and he better hope he doesn’t hear him, this is ACE AWARDS 2014 MATERIAL, like this first 40min of show, holy shit!


Adam is joking about Dole’s calves and how huge they are, Brown sugar says he’s almost black, the biggest Asian he’s ever seen.

Adam is now asking him what it’s like when they turn the garbage disposal on, hilarious replies from B.S., Jo is fucking on fire, wow!

Adam is telling Brown Sugar to stop talking about his dick and he keeps bringing up his sack of tollhouse morsels aka kids and unpaid loans, Adam tells him to stop talking about his dick and how it might be holding him back.


Adam is joking about farting around baking soda, once again the defense of him being in the pantry, Aunt Jemima was initially just put in the pantry to “help” and Adam says Baking Soda is great to fart around, a fart buddy.

Adam is now complimenting the intense social commentary presented in that riff, wow!

Adam is now asking Pineapple upside down cake to his list of items like fish and chips he never eats but loves every time, Alison says the cafeteria from the 1950’s.


Adam is binging up the pot of Irish stew made for him while they were on the road last week.

Adam is telling them about this hero who brought it for him and how he devoured it over two days, Adam is bringing up Lynette’s curiosity about where he got the food and why.

Lynette gives her take on the lasted “For Crying Out Loud” and Adam is now giving a poll of the crew to see who likes Pineapple upside down cake, everyone wants to know how Adam knew Dawson wouldn’t like it and why he asked him first, Alison presents the idea.


Adam is now saying that out of 8 people 7 like it very much and he asks that the last time any of them had it was and over/under of 7 years.

Dawson now shits on Adam’s point entering and leaving buy saying the last time was a year ago, Jo says he was in the hospital last time.

BB thinks decades ago, Adam says that homemade whip cream on top of the pineapple upside down cake and he does the great “Unberievable” callback and now they’re bringing up tuna casserole and chicken pot pie.


Adam is now doing a Tommy John live read and Gary is on mic giving his take, BB is about to try his bag of goodies and Alison is jealous.


Jo is in the mix and now Adam is saying that there are two things that drive him nuts in life, the bit where Anderson would say that Adam only likes BB because he’s a brownnoser and how Anderson only does that to fuck with him, BB confirms it.

Adam says the other thing he hates is the implication he bans comedians from the show because he’s intimidated by them, Bald Bryan is telling them about guesting on G.I.O. Get It On Episode 261 where we dispelled the myth of Adam interfering or knowing about any booking.

BB says it’s a very “perceived” thing by some people, Adam tries to use Jo Koy as an example to disprove it but Jo was only on the KLSX ACS uncredited then didn’t come on the podcast until ACS #1064 after his personal star had risen, totally a coincidence but also proves that Adam isn’t really aware of who was on when, he just feels like they’re a “friend of the show.”

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from Break and Mike Lawrence is joining them for his first in studio appearance after appearing live at Amalfi and here in Chicago.

Adam is now asking Mike about his mom and her work in standup, Mike does a solid impression of that noise Marc Maron makes when not laughing but saying “ha” and now Adam is clarifying the term “opening” in opening act.

Adam is joking about his relationship with his mother and his own comedy, in comparison to Mike and his mother and now Adam is bringing up who is very sensitive in comedy, saying Jeffery Ross is far more sensitive than most of the guys he went to high school with despite his profession.


Mike is telling them about his father’s alcoholism and how he now drinks again but doesn’t have the trouble he had when Mike was young.

Mike had a horrific story of the hospital he was born in and his dad’s addiction, Adam is now bringing up the idea of pointing out that people fuck things up because they’re ‘stoned and how they deny it.

Adam is now telling them about going to Denny’s at 6am and would see people going in there to catch a buzz at 6am before work.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Alison’s News

1st Story She was driving down forest lawn drive and saw a cop pulled over by the flower guys shaking them down, she’s explaining the cop was talking to the “undocumented citizens” who hang out and sell flowers along the road side, for people heading to the cemetery presumably.

Adam is explaining how the cop parks his black motorcycle in a driveway and saw a stop sign wedged in his bike faring and how he would hold his stop sign up to take away his one piece of work, he can now just hold his stop sign and pull over multiple people, like catching fish.

Adam explains his original complaint to Mike and he’s got a funny riff saying it’s like a “speed bump of sadness” before entering the cemetery.


Adam is telling them about the unlicensed street dogs being sold to the visitors at the staples center on the grounds of the staples center.

Mike and Alison have some funny comments and now Adam is trying to figure out what the flowers are for and Mike suggest they just sell and steal the same flowers back to people.

Adam is now critiquing the guys who send flowers to the work place, the wife is my best friend guys and the people who share a diner booth.

Adam and Mike are explaining why this can only backfire for everyone else, Alison is now sharing her own experience confirming their theory.


Adam is now telling them about getting pulled over, he says he hasn’t been pulled over in 7 years, the last time I recall was in 2006 when he was driving the Subaru Legacy sedan for Road and Track (?) on the KLSX morning show and he was so amazed he couldn’t make the tires break traction.

I think that was on the morning of July 28th 2006, holy shit I’m impressed I know that.

Adam is now explaining how he avoids getting pulled over, using his rear view mirrors and radar detector, he says he fucked up with the car full of his family.


Adam decided to go straight on through to the 118 and tried to avoid studio city and pulled a last minute decision and sped past a cop.

Adam says he was doing 80mph in a car that tops out at 177 and the most dangerous part was him pulling Adam over, that’s dangerous.

Adam is now bringing up the logic of someone pulling you over and he’s telling the audience they can see the picture at the show page link above.


Adam says he had his license and registration out waiting for him, Adam was agreeable and was asked if he had a reason why he sped, Adam told him it’s his fault and Alison wants to know if he wanted to lose it.

Adam says he knew this cop wasn’t laying in wait, he wasn’t a ticket writing machine, Adam just slid in front of this guy, presenting him an easy target and Adam chose to kill him with kindness.

Adam says you don’t want him to walk back to the car thinking “what a prick!” you want him feeling bad about writing you a ticket, Adam says no excuses and not to push back, Adam outsmarted him and was told how to get back on the freeway and explained this to his kids, showing them how to get out of tickets, their only chance to avoid it.


Adam started thinking of it in a more global way, he’s bringing up the angry tweets he gets from fans declaring they quit listening and liking him, Mike is telling them about a guy who unfollowed him on Christmas and Adam has a fucking Jews joke.

Mike is telling them about his fans and has a great point about hero worship and uses Comic-Con to prove his point, using the creator of Green Lantern vs. Ryan Reynolds and popularity.

Mike brought but Jason Momoa and now he’s telling them about doing an interview with Neil Adams, the greatest living Batman Artist to some, others would argue Jim Lee.


Adam is now brining up Carter Lay and the expensive race shoes and how he was tweeted by him about bringing it up on air.

Adam apologized to Carter and was met with a super cool reply, Adam is saying that means that Carter is the opposite of a douchebag, because he replied that way.

Adam has a great “ridges have ruffle” and Alison has a great “I’m a cunt and an asshole” drop for BB explaining how she slides backwards when trying to embrace Adam’s way of defusing these things.

Mike has a great anecdote about getting tweeted at by women with kids with cleft palates after telling a killer Lion King joke and now Adam is sharing how these people like to paint themselves as open minded comedy champions before telling you what you need to censor.


Alison is bringing up the internet troll factor, Mike says over 20k tweets and under 50 followers is the way to weed out accounts and people who don’t matter.

Adam says he’s never blocked a single user and he thinks it gives them power, he’s right.

Alison is telling him about the new mute ability in twitter, Adam says he doesn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction.


Mike has a killer one liner and he’s bringing up his hatred for the movie “Man Of Steel” and BB agrees with him, Mike is using this as an example of a waste of time and how he feels better that he doesn’t have to deal with this guy.

Adam wants to know how important it is to hear what everyone says, Alison says she gets lots of political shit, for her comments on air and how she gets targeted for being left wing.

Adam asks how long muting has been around and Gary gets on mic to explain.


Mike jokes about the prayers to god being like a massive twitter account, BB has a point about not tuning out people who disagree with you and Alison explains its pure vitriol, not healthy debate.

Adam is trying to be very open and Mike has a funny point and says faggot, now he’s telling Adam about listing tour dates and how people will often reply asking about when he’s coming to town.

Adam brings up the “when you coming back” tweets he gets after just performing in a city.


2nd Story Is on the Consumer Points rating for the best burger chain, the Habit one In and Out is #2.

Adam is saying it’s almost impossible to fuck up and he’s bringing up the Jack in the box commercials that seem like overkill, it looks weird and not appetizing.

Mike calls it “fat science” and Adam wants to know when people grew tired of a good burger and is mocking the synthetic sauces and Mike bringing up Pizza Hut stuffed crust.

BB wants to know the rest of the top 5, Adam says Carls Jr. is his favorite of the bunch.


Mike brings up his time working at McDonalds and Adam shares his horror of working the grill, he has a great anecdote about telling a joke on stage about it and the funny heckle from the crowd in reply.

Adam is now riffing about not associating color and another “the Jews” joke.

Adam has a funny “My mom is a comedian” joke mocking Mike and Mike jokes about her only getting him hired at McDonalds, that’s how great her career was.


Adam is bringing up how cleaning carpets feels like being punished, he’s explaining how it wasn’t all semen in the carpet in reply to Mike.

Alison is now wrapping up the news to her “Basic Bitch” drop from the cashew update, Adam wants a hamburger and pineapple upside down cake.

Adam was tweeted about passion fruit inside of hand soap.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.

Adam is wrapping up the show, giving out the plugs and the usual.