Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/29/2013 – Paul Scheer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/29/2013 – Paul Scheer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Scheer

Recorded 07-28-2013 – Release Date 07-29-2013

Production Number #1130

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Adam is opening the show with an excited tone in his voice after a week off from the main show, BB has his own requested #TopDrop and has a nice back and forth with A-Rose about it.

Adam is teasing the Hooray For BaldyWood later in the show and what induced a yawn from Mike August, wha, wha, what!?

Adam and Matt are now teasing their odyssey that closed out their east coast trip.


Adam is now getting right into it and bringing up Andy Kindler’s latest “State Of The Industry” speech at the 2013 Montreal for Just for Laughs.

Adam is now critiquing an article written about the speech that described Adam in less than ideal terms, Adam is now asking how much of yourself you’re allowed to insert into news reporting.

Adam is now quoting the Hitler and Nazi barbs used against him, Adam is taking it with a flattering grain of salt, much like what he told Andy when he guested on the show last August and previously in 2010 too.


Adam is now quoting his “everyone should be more like the Jews” ideology and how it’s not necessarily in line with Hitler’s new world order.

Adam is now explaining why he’s flattered, how you can’t call him short when he’s 6’2” and being called a Nazi or a hack doesn’t feel like anything because they hold no truth, wow this is some super enlightened way of thinking, my mind is blown!

Adam is now having Gary fetch the rest of the article, where the woman who wrote it seems to emphasize nobody in the crowd was disagreeing, Adam and BB are embracing the “roast” element while mocking the “reporters” insane angle.


Alison is now reading the article written by the sad moronic woman, BB has a great reply towards Adam.

Adam is now giving his reply to the potential industry while his kids hold their ears in the next room, Adam is telling the industry to go fuck themselves as he rides away on his pirate ship.

This is so amazing, YES! Adam is killing it, and now Alison is reading the rest of the quotes about the spirit of the room while Andy wad giving his speech.


Adam has some very interesting comments and revelations he’s relaying about Bob Sharp and his relationship to Paul Newman, wow.

Adam is now getting to “The Odyssey” as mentioned on the most recent “Ace on the House” podcast.

Adam is now explaining the pictures you can see on the website from the Lime rock raceway.


Adam is now sharing his idea about August driving like he hates gas and all other people, Adam is explaining how it was too late for Adam to drive the car when they showed up out Bob’s track.

Adam is back to the history between Bob and Paul and their 20 years of travelling the country together as a race team, even the “salad dressing days” as BB puts it.

Adam is sharing how broken down Matt Fondiler was, beet red and sweating profusely, Adam is describing it as a cardiac event.


Matt is now on mic, he’s explaining how he was punked into thinking he would be attending a fancy dinner in NYC and only brought dress shoes.

Adam is calling him “weird kind of penis red” BB seems to get a kick out of it and Adam is now at the point when they wrapped the interview with an Andy driving Mike August.

Alison is getting Adam to share what kind of rental they were driving, a Buick Envoy and Adam is describing the conversation he was having with Mike August that one only has with Mike August.


Adam is now describing the dueling Soca vs. Peter Cetera car to car battle they had with the south American rave going on next door.

Adam is sharing the low man on the totem pole move they pulled on Matt regarding him returning the rental car while they planned to try to delay the flight somehow(bad plan!).

The flight was delayed and they couldn’t reach Matt due to the dying cell phone he was using all day to navigate them, I’ve been in his shoes a few times, this is glorious!


Adam is sharing how he tried to get into one of the lounges he has access to due to his status and ticket, he’s mocking the woman who didn’t know where the lounge was and seemed to think it was before security.

Adam is now describing the curried fish entrée that was perfect after a long hot Connecticut day, August ate half the pot while telling Adam how horrible it was with every bite.

This is reminiscent of Adam’s early 2000 “Can I get a fucking cheeseburger!?” rant at Kimmel’s annual holiday fish fry.


Adam is now at the point of Matt finally arriving right as they heard one of the strangest announcements they’ve ever heard.

They were told they might get a “push off” if everyone boarded the plane now, Adam is describing it as weird an unprofessional, it’s actually part of the industry, while waiting on ATC decisions.

Alison is wondering if anyone balked at the idea of boarding the plane for risk of being stuck on the plane for the entire delay, Adam is describing the guy who trying to convince the whole group to walk off the flight to get a free voucher and hotel stay.


Natalia and Sonny are now in studio hanging with pops, BB has a nice bit of appreciation for Sonny’s newfound swagger, Natalia has a couple good one liners roasting Adam, Olga, Lynette and Sonny, comedy gold!

Sonny’s reactions are priceless, BB seems to be loving it and Natalia is dropping more comedy science, great punch line!

Sonny seems to know the amount of ringtone sales, down to the penny, wow!


Adam is having Sonny give a few variants of his famous ringtone “That’s Just a Waste of My Time”, the kid has it!


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB is reviewing “The Wolverine” in front of the kids despite his best efforts to not have them present, Adam is overriding him and BB is laying a nice bit of censorship in, very thoughtful BB.

Adam is explaining that former Loveline guest James Mangold directed the movie and the rest of his directorial work.

BB is breaking down the confusing plot and informing Adam that Hugh Jackman was shirtless for large portions of the movie.


BB is making a point about actors abusing roids and how it’s got to be a story waiting to break, much like in sports.

Adam is telling the gang about seeing “Identity Thief” on the plane, mocking the premise and early scene where Jason Bateman’s life falls apart and nobody listens to him, the “There’s nothing we can really do” reply.

BB is discrediting the premise that sets the film in motion and Adam is mocking the idea, Alison has a nice mention of Paul to move the segment along.


BB is asking the kids what their favorite movies are, Despicable Me 2 and Adam is now mocking the Disney teen beach musicals and Lego animated series that both kids enjoy and he’s had to sit through.


Paul is now making his debut on the ACS format, he was on ACP 100 and ACP 325 the old format both appearances with his Human Giant partner Rob Huebel.

Paul is telling the gang about “Hell Baby” and the experience taking it to the Sundance film festival.

Adam is now asking Paul some of his all-time favorite crappy movies, he’s citing “Old Dogs” and Adam is plugging his podcast “How Did This Get Made”.


Paul is now breaking down the plot of “Old Dogs” complete with human puppet suit, Adam is telling Paul about his category of movies where they came up with the title before the premise.

Adam is asking Paul about some of the worst/most cliché scenes in crappy movies.

Adam is bringing up the scene in “Gremlins” where Phoebe Cates describes the death of her father, as famously deconstructed in December of 2008 on the KLSX version of the ACS.


They’re now playing the scene, Adam is mocking the scene as it plays out, he even has a nice Easter bunny one liner that echoes the President’s Day scene from “Gremlins 2: the New Batch” where they mocked their own melodrama from part one.

Adam is now calling for a documentary just about that scene, BB wants to know why they haven’t had Adam on “How Did This Get Made” and Adam just offered to guest, nice work Bryan!




Alison’s News

Her top story is on Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager quitting due to the latest scandal.

Adam is now joking about what he came up with Dr. Drew during their podcast, where Anthony corrects everyone about the pronunciation of his last name.

He’s now sharing his Monica Chugscock variant for Monica Lewinski, comedy gold!


Alison has a great unintentional quote about going back and forth in her opinion of the man, BB get that drop! GET IT!

Adam is now sharing his theory on how the government now just kind of runs itself almost in spite of the politicians or without their involvement, he’s citing Villaretardo and his crappy work ethic.

Paul is now sharing his take on the former Mayor, quoting something he said to open a speech.


Adam is sharing his take on competency and decision making in light of this behavior, contrasting it to the pre- modern technology era of JFK.

Adam is now bringing up Mary K. Laterno and her husband, he’s citing her husband who had to relocate to Alaska to escape the humiliation factor.

Paul just brought up the “Grape Stomp Lady” and now Adam is joking about the next guy who had sex with her who wanted that same reaction, hilarious!


Alison is telling the gang about appearing on “Geraldo” to discuss the Anthony Weiner scandal, they’re now discussing his deleted tweet and Adam feels like he’s been annoying people for a long time despite Alison not thinking he was almost 70.

Adam is telling the gang about Geraldo asking him about doing DWTS and how his wife forbid him from taking part due to being a “passionate, passionate man” much like Dr. Drew.

Alison is now describing her very interesting panel, where two other panelists denied the truth of the reasons they were booked, great Marion Berry discussion.


Adam is now breaking down how society no longer cares about “back in the day” or people’s lives that they’re just interested in the truth, that the public doesn’t like being yanked around.

Adam and Paul are now riffing about Anthony just admitting his vice, now Adam is cutting a “The More You Know” PSA as Anthony Wiener, gold!

Paul is now going to do a version of Marion Berry cutting his own crack related PSA, Adam is now jumping in as his great phantom engineer character, love it!


Alison doesn’t get why the wives of politicians always stay, Adam is calling it partly a business decision and is making a lot of sense.

Paul is citing Maria Shriver bailing right as his scandal hit the news.


2nd story is on the death of radio personality David “Kidd” Kraddick.

Alison is sharing the early speculation on the cause of death, Paul has an interesting though about the children that might have been witness and BB is telling Adam about his wife being a listener while she lives in Texas.

Adam is now reading the details about Maria Shriver hiring her attorney before the scandal broke, Paul is now sharing a story he heard about Arnold on set cheating on his wife that has stuck with him since he was a kid.


Adam is sharing the details of the San Diego politician who is now in trouble and Adam wants the odds on how often grabbing a woman turns into a consensual sexual experience.

Paul is now quoting Clarence Thomas and his pubic hair on a coke attempt to turn his coworker on, Adam has some killer quotes describing these encounters.

Adam is now describing his belly bongos and other rough affection he shares with Molly to make a point about men thinking women want to be grabbed, nice dog and cat’s analogy.


3rd story is on the death of JJ Cale, Alison is explaining his importance to the music industry.

Adam is now explaining why he hates the song “Cocaine” and citing how he brought it up in his book along with how it should be retitled “Ether Rag”.

Adam is now commenting on how odd it was they could play an homage to booger sugar on the radio, just 10yrs after Ed Sullivan was censoring Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison.


Adam is doing some live reads, giving plugs and sharing the Lavar Burton phone call where he called to settle Adam’s hash at the “Man Show”, Adam is mistaking his anger for a comment and nor for the Man Show mention.

Adam is now wrapping the show with a final plug for Alison’s show along with his live show with Jay Mohr, Paul is getting a plug in for his Adult Swim Series.