Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/28/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/28/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 07-27-2014 – Release Date 07-28-2014

Production Number #1382

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Adam is opening the show to another song lyric joke intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, Adam is giving out the plugs for some live shows and Mangria Signings.

Adam is now telling the audience about the 2950 books he probably has left with a nice assist from BB, Alison is asking about the address to send it in, she’s been getting tweets apparently.

Adam is telling the audience about the Amazon bookmark to help combat the patent trolls, BB plays a Brad Williams #TopDrop and they’re all commenting on it, Adam says he’s like a boat horn.


Adam is telling them about his rope skiing platform and how he brought it to the studio as he hasn’t had time to head home during the day.

Adam is telling them about the test screenings from “Road Hard” and Adam explains that Gary had to sit on the stairs to watch and explains the natures of these tests.

Alison has a great point about Adam taking it to the masses to decide the movie’s fate and final cut and he’s explaining himself nicely, not hypocrisy.


Adam is explaining how one interacts with the audience and slides in and out without anyone noticing them, as not to taint their reaction.

Gary is giving his take, he says it looks great and confirms Alison hasn’t been cut out, Adam is back to the jump rope story and his “move” and he’s sharing how Chris Maxipada reacted in disbelief and now Alison is explaining the nature of Chris’s freak-out.

Adam explains his “two throwing stars” definition for the jump rope to counter how Alison described it and she brings up Adam’s cold “who cares” reaction to the notion of putting out one of his lackeys eyeballs, Adam jokes about hiring someone better to come in for 19$ an hour, holy shit not bad!


Adam explains that Mike Altier filmed Adam’s awesome move and now you can see it via the show page link above.

If you would like to hear more of this story you must check out ARIYNBF 296: Dawson Plays the Animal Name Game, Adam Hurls a Jump Rope, Chris and Alison Can’t Sleep

They’re now playing the video and Adam explains how he was able to wedge the rope in between both cushions and Adam is joking about forgetting to snap into his pose, Adam says he has the “I should’ve been good at something” feeling.


Adam says he would’ve been great as a circus performer and BB has a funny addition to the idea.

Adam is telling the audience that plastic is better than rope or leather jump ropes and he’s advising you how to get the right length, foot to titties.

Alison has a funny old lady saggy boob joke that Adam and BB roll with.


Adam is bringing up the Sugar Ray Robinson documentary/bio he was watching over the weekend, Adam is bringing up how Robinson was the first Sugar Ray and had one of the best runs in all of boxing, and he’s now citing his crazy impressive record in the ring.

Adam is now playing a clip from the documentary where Sugar Ray had dreamed that he was going to kill a man in the ring and actually did, it’s a chilling recount of the man’s premonition and hesitance to fight.

Adam is now commenting on the answer from the man and explaining how he didn’t like punching people and he’s bringing up the grand jury investigation.


Adam is now quoting the “When he signed the contract” reply from Sugar Ray and what a badass answer that was to give on the stand.

They’re now riffing about the priest they brought in to council him and convince him to fight despite his promotion and better judgment.

Adam is now joking about the bygone era of priest being a viable job and now Alison has a funny “Sopranos” reference.


Adam is bringing up Matt Fondiler’s 50/50 Coke vs. Pepsi preference, I share the man’s opinion and Adam is asking who else likes them the same.

Adam is bringing up the time that Jimmy Kimmel spit Pepsi into his face when he thought he was drinking coke, Adam is now bringing up Matt’s answer and says he’s easy and how most people should be.

Adam is saying you shouldn’t be taking super strong stances about dumb things, Alison has a great point about him not being a sports fan and Adam says it’s the opposite of narcissism, to not get worked up about nothing.

This is high praise for the great Porcelain Punisher.


Adam is now bringing up how restaurants have to declare a master from “big soda” and how Jimmy would be bummed out if the restaurant served Pepsi in lieu of coke.

Alison is bringing up that she found out her husband Daniel doesn’t like cashews, he finds the abundance of them in mixed nut bowls “annoying” and Adam is now taking her side.

Adam is now saying that broken cashews are not as good when broken or in shards, Adam is using the cashew pieces vs. whole cashews and he calls it the boomerang of nuts, he tells her to get an annulment.


BB brings up Walnuts and says they suffer the least from being broken, Adam jokes about you choking and dying if you put a whole walnut on your sundae.

Adam is now countering Daniel’s argument about cashews being absent from most popular desserts.


Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings and Bald is joining him.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw the great documentary “Code Black” and he explains the setting along with info about the doctor who made it.

Adam is sharing how he’s spent some time in the LA County E.R. and he’s now making a point about the wealth inequality in California.

Adam is making a point about the distance between the very rich and almost 3rd world conditions.


Adam is now bringing the HBO Autopsy episode where a man kept his mummified wife and installed a replacement vaginal canal after preserving her remains.

Alison and BB are shocked and now BB is explaining more about the doc including a funny “Mary Jane” bit and now Adam is defending the doctors.

Adam has a hilarious riff about not mocking professionals for not knowing about dumb pop culture nonsense, hilarious Justin Bieber riff.


Alison has a funny “Mummy with the vaginal canal” reply and Adam shuts her down with a funny comment about that being medical.

Adam is now bringing up the “Yoo Hoo come on fellas” incident in NYC when Dr. Drew wanted to help some women he thought were in danger, Adam had to tell him they were prostitutes, he was oblivious.

BB is bringing up the great moments captured in the doc, he’s bringing up the peeing in the yard scene and the gangbanger covering his penis moment.

They’re now wrapping up the segment.


Adam is bringing up how he thought about the dishwasher theory form 2 weeks ago, Adam and Sonny couldn’t tell if the dishes were even clean after Sonny went to empty it recently.

Adam is bringing up the mobile dishwasher they had at his mom’s house and what a pile of shit it was and BB asks if this was a sign of status as it seems so useless.


Tales from the Cheap

Adam is now bringing up money and how it brings out the weirdness in everyone, he’s saying if you want to send people into a tailspin just say you have a ton of money and don’t want to pay more.

Alison is now giving her take and explaining how some people might react to Adam’s take on the emotion that gets mixed into the symbolism of money.

Adam says your relationship with money should be like your relationship with restaurants, Alison is clarifying his point and Adam says people should have a pragmatic relationship with money.


Alison is explaining how she had a dilemma of not being able to pay rent and an underlying fear that it could happen again, she’s asking Adam if he feels like he could ever end up back into the poverty he spent more than half of his life living.

Adam explains the volatility of his business and he tells people to take a look at their own history, how many have had to “worst case scenario it” and he’s offering a pragmatist take on measuring the odds.

BB is bringing up his own meager existence post-college and how he knows he could worst case scenario survive that way again.


1st Caller Dylan says Adam is making too much sense, how nice!

He’s telling them about his sister who reuses fountain cups and steals soda, Adam is saying “Don’t go into save a nickel mode, go into make a buck mode” and explains it in full.

Adam has a sports metaphor and Alison has a funny Rotten Tomatoes game reference and 69 joke, Adam adds an ok closer to it.

Adam is asking Dylan about money and he has a great “evolution” of behavior point that echoes Adam’s sentiment about the energy that surrounds money.


Adam says accept reality on realities terms.


2nd Caller Justin had an aunt that would give coupons as a Christmas present and how she would offer to do dishes to save money on a bill at the local pizzeria.

Justin works for an orchestra, the John F. Kennedy center and actually met Joshua Bell, the recently references millionaire Stradivarius owner.

Adam is now riffing about Justin being like the conductor would look over his shoulder, citing “King Kong” and BB wants to know how important a conductor is for live music.

They’re all riffing about the conductor speeding up the orchestra and now they’re consulting Justin and Alison was right.


3rd Caller Paxton, 15 from Seattle, rad!

Adam is asking him about the Paxton supercharger and wants to know what he was named after, Paxton says his dad is bad with condiments and peanut butter.

He’s telling them about his dad scraping a container clean after pulling it from the trash, Adam is now bringing up the jumbo containers and how they should come with a little zephyr/dingy that comes along with container so you can swap it out.

BB says Zodiac raft, Adam says it’s the one sandwich worth of condiment left over and says it’s the person who encounters that last vile of peanut butter to swap it out and put it back.


Alison is bringing up the mayonnaise container rim that gets on your hand, Adam is now riffing a jizz mistaken scenario with a mailman, hilarious reaction form Alison.


4th Caller McKenzie, she has kind words for BB’s book.

She’s telling them about her mom having her swim in office park fountains to steal change, Adam is asking her what her mom’s deal was.

Adam is commenting on how money is tossed around a lot more than it was in the past, citing take a penny and leave a penny trays.

Adam ponders if it’s due to the evolution of ATM’s in our society and how they’ve become commonplace, BB is offering up some solid insights too.


Adam talks about leaving cash and change on his bureau and how tempting it would be to “slide a five” yet his kids don’t care about it, BB jokes about Sonny eyeballing the cash.

BB and Alison both have anecdotes and Adam has a killer “star date” joke.

Adam says that the two things banned from his dad’s wallet were cash and pictures of his kids, Adam is checking up on how McKenzie’s doing in life, she’s telling him about her 30hr 50min therapy sessions in Michigan.

Alison has a therapist who only gives 45min, when did it change she asks.


Adam is using the ¾ plywood analogy for life and things getting reduced all around us, to save total cash on producing slightly less volume.

Adam is further using building materials to make his point and temporary sales taxes that never seem to vanish after the public forgets they exist.

Alison sums it up and Adam says everything is going that way, BB uses airplane seats and Adam brings up the fatter people angle affecting it and Adam is bringing up he 1960’s Pan Am photo he was sent on twitter.


Adam is bringing up a recent flight on an unnamed airline where the very specific flight attendant’s rear end couldn’t get passed the eats and would bump into every row, I was on a flight with the very same attendant at a different time, he’s correct.

They’re looking at the photo and Alison can’t believe it, Adam is telling people to image how this happens, 3/8th of an inch off every seat equals how much extra income over the life of an aircraft.

They’re now wrapping up the bit and Adam has a killer one liner about wet change.


Adam is doing a live read for Tommy John T- shirts and underwear, Adam is explaining the quality of the materials they use and how he ordered Matt Fondiler to change out all of his drawers and drawers in them too it seems.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on a spelling error on a Jersey for Troy Tulowitzki, Alison is explaining the details and Adam is now sharing how he is going to use misspelled T- Shirt incidents to gather up dead beats dads and shitty parents, much like free cock fights at Raiders Stadium.

Adam is predicting lawsuits about the misspelling and people playing victim and wants to know about the people in their 40’s who have the kind of time to make money of misprinted jerseys.

Adam is bringing up his misspelled Toyota Grand Prix car model and plaque and the other one with two different spellings, correct and wrong on the same car.


BB is bringing up his childhood Baseball cards and the one year that Fleer released a bunch of flawed cards, including the “fuck face” bat card.

Adam is now commenting on the idea of making something “viral” and Alison joins him, BB is sharing the conspiracy theory about the misprinted cards.

Alison finally saw Jurassic Park, she enjoyed it and says the first half hour she was distracted by Laura Dern’s high wasted pants and a possible tweet.


Adam says that Jeff Goldblum was it his most quintessential self in that movie, Alison wants to know if they write the stuttering into the script and Alison is bringing up the Farrah Fawcett pose he pulls while injured in one scene.

Alison wants to know about the sequels and BB tells her that number 2 is good and 3 crap, most people see it the other way around.

Adam is marveling at Chris Pratt now rising through the ranks of leading men, He’s citing the idea of him evolving from the chubby guy on Parks and Recreation, Adam says that momentum begets momentum and Alison has an interesting insight and question about how he perceives his recent meteoric rise.


Adam is now bringing up the people who get commercial jobs due to momentum and BB thinks that the woman they’re looking at is the same as the “” woman he sees in ads.

Adam is commenting on seeing actors in multiple commercials and being thrown by it.

Alison has an interesting good agent plus a glut of auditions theory and Adam says that our society responds to personal momentum in a deep visceral way.


Adam is using animal magnetism of Lotharios to contrast how people react to others.

“Riding high off the” – Adam

Adam is further commenting on the animal nature of humanity and the desire to be hitched to a winner, BB and Alison have great contributions and BB is bringing up Orlando Bloom and Sam Worthington’s meteoric rise and flood in the market place to make his point.


Adam is now using Cousin Sal’s love of the of the “Dallas Cowboys” to prove a point and using Big Tad’s love of the “Bulls” to prove a point about people and how most humans are “frontrunners” and often times aren’t aware of their bias.

BB is bringing up his father’s love for teams due to their successes in the past, despite his lack of a connection to them or their city.

Cardinals in baseball and Miami Dolphins in football, Alison knew that Dan Marino was the most famous Miami QB despite never winning a ring.


Alison wants to know if you can fake momentum and he says no, we like you less and uses men and women dating to make a point.

Alison immediately sees his point and thinks of an example that seems to creep her out, Fake momentum turns women off.

Alison is now sharing the memory, the arrogant non charming way a man approached her and Adam is now joking about Matt Fondiler being said douche guy.

Alison wraps up the news.


Adam is joking about Chris Pratt doing the next reboot of “Knight Rider” and Adam mentions Danny McBride’s involvement, as Kit?

Adam is now mocking “The Foot Fist Way” and BB even says it’s not great, Adam is mocking “The Land of the Lost” and what a bad idea it was to remake.

Either nobody knows it or does know it and hates it, BB predicts the new Knight Rider will be a tongue in cheek version, not a straight reboot.


Adam is doing a live read for Legal Zoom, with a hilarious fountain change and sister’s cups call back.

Adam is wrapping up the show with a reminder about the new Amazon banner they have for the Patent troll defense fund and an in depth “well I love golf” plug for Alison’s show and BB closes it with the NYC “come on fellas” drop of Adam impersonating the women of the night who hollered at him and Dr. Drew during one of their NYC excursions.