Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/27/2015 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/27/2015 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina and Bryan

Recorded 07-26-2015 – Release Date 07-27-2015

Production Number #1624

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Adam opens the show to a funny “he actually made it” intro and Adam comments on the technical problems as BB plays his #TopDrop.

Adam is explaining that they have a bunch of cheesecake, he encouraged everyone to get a piece and Dr. Bruce showed up behind her declaring some of the slices are over 3k calories.

Adam told Bruce to shut up so Gina wouldn’t forego the slice, Adam wanted him to have some decorum so Gina could enjoy her slice.


Gina explains her POV, she gave it to her boyfriend, Gina appreciated that Adam stepped in and explains why she didn’t eat it.

Adam says that everyone understands the caloric element of cheesecake, you’re a doctor and skinny as fucking shit, aimed at Bruce of course.

Adam has a not to diminish/Adolph Hitler follow up.


Adam is now talking about click bait with BB, Adam says he gets tweeted links and he’s commenting on a recent “5 foods to never eat” link he clicked on.

Adam is mocking the verbose bullshit, Adam is breaking down the horrible writing and Orange Juice was the first one they started with, Adam comments on Mike August’s 50/50 Orange Juice/Cranberry juice drink of choice.

Adam is going over the “wheels up” travel time for the show at the Cash Creek Casino.


Chris is on mic sharing how Mike August planned for him to be picked up, Adam is now breaking down the plan and how they’ve done these trips 51 times before.

Adam is having Chris further explain the chain of events and Adam is explaining how he even busted Chris with his own recollection of the events.


Adam is bringing up the nonstop drought and almond farming talk going on in the local California news, Adam mentions the endless fields of almonds they saw.

Adam is bringing up the space shuttle vs. state to state gambling rules.


Adam is on an anti-lottery rant worked into the idiocy of CA gambling laws.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Adam is asking Chris what he was playing, Chris is now describing the bizarre game.

Adam is saying this was just essentially craps, Adam wonders if the powers that be do this shit like an evil stepdad exerting his authority re: belt loops.

“Crouton aren’t dice” – Adam on the invention of this fake craps game.


Gina brings up the riverboat casinos and Adam is commenting on the California casinos, which just shuttled more business towards Vegas.

Adam says he’s weakest in the morning when it comes to snack foods and he says he would have a nice cheese Danish each morning if he could.

Adam says he was handed an individual apple pie slice, he handed it to the nice woman who was escorting them around, and he had her put it aside for some fat security guard but then came back to the hotel to find it waiting for him, how nice!


Adam is explaining he’s wired to trust and how he and Drew would eat all of the snacks sent into Loveline, Adam explains he drank a full bottle of some dude’s homemade Mangria variant before they were manufacturing their own.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read



Q and Ace

1st Caller TJ, he comments on a recent Classic Loveline episode and the gambling they used to do on calls, Adam is now explaining the vocal changes caused by childhood abuse.

Adam brings up Marilyn Monroe, he cites the ‘Veal or Venison’ stuff and the low battery chirps that would go off in the background quite frequently.

Adam talks about the Juggalos again after TJ’s closing line, Adam is trying to figure out if he’s the same guy from the last week and shares his distaste for Faygo pop.


2nd Caller Toni, she wants to know about speeding tickets when going with the flow of traffic, Adam is making a point about the cars of 1973 vs. today.

Adam asks them to think of ‘The Safety Within’ and Adam brings up his mom’s purchases of retread tires, joking she would request pre-chewed steak.

Adam is sharing the story of his sister’s favorite cup, the graduated urine cylinder.


Adam is explaining how his mom wouldn’t be able to swerve in her dodge dart at 47 or her VW square back vs. him or his wife at 95mph in her car.

Adam says you can feel it in your ass, regarding when tires are breaking loose and even quotes Paul Newman.

Adam is really crushing this and he says she should say that it’s safer to go with the flow than to slowdown, Gina and BB both weigh in.


Adam tells Travis to call back in some other time, he doesn’t even pot him up.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw the documentary ‘Amy’ and Adam seems to be quite familiar, BB emphasizes how the director is the same guy who made Adam’s favorite ‘Senna’ and now Adam is commenting on the doc, he must’ve seen it too.

Adam says he liked it but it was about 30min too long, it was well done but it hit the same beats with her friends too many times.

He thinks 95min or 1hr and 40min might be better and comments on Christie’s cookies, he likes 5 and thinks too many more might make him lose his appreciation for them.


Adam brings up ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ and even more modern era of documentaries where they just have HD footage of most of your life.

BB is commenting on the cool moment with her family backstage, agrees it’s a little too long and they wrap up the segment.


Adam is doing a plug for the Mangria bar crawl.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the end of Hulkamania, the parting of ways between The WWE and Hulk Hogan.

Adam is explaining how if someone said to you that there would be a bootleg sextapes of Hulk, BB does an impression and they abandon the riff.

Gina is now doing an impression of Hulk’s daughter and quotes her comments/poem about this controversy.


Adam is recommending the documentary ’12 O’clock Boys’ and is now commenting on the guys of Hulk’s age and how N bombs are part of their life, Adam has a “grandfathered in” rule for racist terminology.

Adam says there is now doubt in his mind that Vince himself hasn’t dropped an N Bomb, Adam comments on Hulk’s son and the guy he killed with his insanely super powered Supra.

Adam thinks perhaps this might be some cosmic payback from the Great Magnet.


2nd Story is on a hotel fire in Las Vegas, Adam asks if his wife filmed this footage.

Adam is now suggesting PSA’s to tell people to film things in landscape mode, Adam thinks the freeway signs with this info would actually do a lot of good as opposed to “click it or ticket”.


3rd Story is on the Orange County Fair, Adam is asking her about the entertainment and she’s telling them about the various bizarre food items.

Adam responds to deep fried pizza, he thinks that a good slice of pizza is good enough.

Adam is lamenting the caloric future for his children, hilarious leather face reference while screaming for his kids to get out.


Adam is commenting on the bygone era of caloric intake, Gina tried a caviar topped deep fried Twinkie, she described it.


Adam is now doing an Live Read

“I just do a little boo-boop” – Adam on adding MCT oil to his coffee without measuring it.


4th Story is on a hotel in Tokyo’s advertisement for sake pools, Adam riffs about Godzilla taking out the sake pools first.

Adam comments on the American lifestyle finally coming for them, they’ve awoken the 500lb sleeping giant and are asking for man boobs.


5th Story is on Spelman College severing all ties with Bill Cosby, Adam is commenting on honorary degrees and reveals he would accept one and is a hypocrite.

BB brings up Dr. Dave Dameshek and his mustard degree, Gary gets on mic to reaffirm it.


6th Story is on some fireworks that were thrown on homeless people, Adam is now describing the exploding lemon he rolled into his buddy’s studio.

Gina has the details on the perpetrators.

Adam is commenting on how Lynette photographs extremely well and he ends up looking like a down syndrome guy, Adam wants this guy from the news story photographed with him at all times to make him look skinny.

Adam talks about the fire extinguisher hijinks him and his pals used to engage in, even Jimmy Kimmel.


Gina is now showing them something, she has a photo of herself with Fabio.

Adam riffs about him eating the occasional seal.


Adam is now asking about the romance novels, he wonders why they couldn’t find a new method after he booked 50-60 of them.

Adam says they should have just got some well-built college kid for cheap.

Gina wraps the news after confirming Fabio’s animal magnetism and charm.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.