Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/26/3013 – Nikki Glaser, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/26/3013 – Nikki Glaser, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

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Guest Nikki Glaser, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Recorded 07-20-2013 – Release Date 07-26-2013

Production Number #1129

Show Page

Nikki is making her ACS debut and Adam is apologizing to the audience member he just shook hands with due to his freshly washed damp hands.

Adam is telling Alison about stepping into the shower thinking of Alison and he came up with “Junkie Brewster” great tie off with the purple bandanna joke.

Adam is proclaiming Nikki too good looking for comedy and wants to know how she got into it.


Adam is telling Nikki about getting his eyebrows waxed and what he doesn’t want to look like, BB is commenting on Nikki taking her compliment which she was aware of and already lamenting.

Adam is asking her about prom, he’s mocking her choice of going with another girl on a platonic “Hag” mission, playing off of men going stag.

Nikki is now breaking down her prom experience, great limo BJ and Zima comedy from the Aceman.


Alison is defending Nikki from the take of someone who was in a similar situation, Adam is now getting her to give him the beat by beat of the prom.

Adam is joking about “Prom Court” his new reality show where he judges formal wear.

Nikki is telling Adam about the coed sleep over, Adam and Alison seem surprised and Nikki’s explaining the cool parents would let that take place.


Adam is remarking on how the cool parents look from the vantage when you’re an adult looking back on their behavior.

Nikki is saying that was the first night she touched a penis and Adam is now getting her to elaborate.

Adam is now commenting on expensive aquariums are just signs of wealth and not really of much use, Alison is getting Adam to flesh out his idea.


Adam is telling Nikki about when Dr. Drew first told him about the consent laws in Los Angeles regarding alcohol and sex, Nikki has a great one liner that echoes Adam’s sentiment from way back in the day on #Classic Loveline.


Audience Questions

1st Question from Amy, She wants to know the biggest lie Adam ever told and if he got away with it.

Adam is sharing his “Jersey Observation” he’s now commenting on the combination of rust and overgrown weeds, Alison is appreciating the beauty of his description. Rust Meets Life – Adam

Adam has a great joke about a 5th show at Caroline’s and Adam is explaining his problem from his younger stages of life where he was unable to lie due to his horrible upbringing.


Alison is asking Adam if it takes self-esteem to lie and Adam is adamant in his reply that it does, BB seems to agree and now Adam is sharing the party bar in his house complete with a payphone.

Adam is sharing an anecdote of having a big party where the one guy Adam didn’t invite called mid party and the payphone ringing summoned Adam to answer it.

Adam is remarking on the foregone experience of happening upon a ringing payphone and how the odds were never in your favor.


Adam is discussing various phone moves, he’s now sharing how he leaves some burnt offering by mistake because he doesn’t want to flush mid phone call, Adam has just invited Alison to poop check all of his homes toilets.


2nd Question from Dan, He’s figured out why Korean’s can tend to be mean.

Adam is explaining how he came up with his theory about them as a people after he saw the large-scale Korean community reaction to the riots in Los Angeles from the early 1990’s.

Dan just told Adam’s it’s because they all have to serve in the military, Adam is now commenting on a photo from the L.A. Riots

Adam is back to the notion of nations giving apologies, he’s citing the recent request to get an apology from Japan, Dan has tons of info and BB has to mock him with a “Great Story” drop that Adam tops with a great Korean blood joke.


Adam has a killer Spiderman joke to describe the commuting style of the average Korean, Hilarious tar paper interior decoration comment, BB is in the mix along with Alison, good times!

Adam has a funny riff about guys named Todd that’s in line with his Classic Loveline riffs about it.


3rd Question who is more likely to kill Adam in his sleep out of his immediate family.

Adam is explaining the current status of poor Molly girl and now Alison and BB are joining Adam for a great improv bit.

Adam is predicting it will be Lynette due to her large cache of guns, he’s now describing her father’s dowry to him, a garbage bag full of guns and ammo.


Adam is now breaking down the “half Menendez” style death he’s heading for and now calling for clemency for the Menendez Brothers.

This is bizarre and hilarious, it’s in line with Adam’s theory about parents doing something horrifically wrong to become the target of such violence.

Adam is now ranking the likely candidates in order from most likely to least, Alison wants to know exactly how many guns he got in his Dowry, great Red Lobster one liner.


They’re all now quizzing Adam about his guns, BB wants to know if he has matching handguns to fire simultaneously, Adam is mocking his ability to reload a gun and work pump action firearms.

Adam’s mocking his ability to use another person’s gun to further joke about how he shitty he would be in an action movie gunfight scenario.


Gay Walking NYC

1st Question, what position does Derek Jeter play?

2nd Question, what was the name of Kurt Russell’s character from “Escape from New York”?

3rd Question, who did Joe Frazier fight in the “Fight of the Century” in MSG?

4th Question, who is the star of “Death Wish”?

5th Question, Joe Naismith was a player for what NYC franchise?

Adam just identified a bachelorette party in the crowd and now he’s got the bachelorette on mic, Adam has a great delivery in response to Adam asking what her fiancé does for a living, great rental car comedy.

Adam just discovered the bachelorette’s mother is in tow and Adam is now asking her about her clock for marriage vs. her husbands.

She’s not agreeing with Adam’s theory and now he’s comically yelling at her, gold! Adam is now sharing his theory as it usually applied to extended courtships/dating without a proposal.


Alison’s now doing a perfect improv recreation of these post Hawaiian vacation conversations with a couple where a proposal didn’t take place, they’ve done this before and it’s just as flawless this time.

Adam is now getting two other audience members on mic to confirm his theory, Adam’s going off on the super-cunts who can fill a woman’s head with a bunch of built up pressure and expectations that they don’t necessarily want.

Adam is now asking if he wants to propose live at Caroline’s, Adam is quizzing Marc on why he’s not proposing, great reply to his “we’re just not ready yet”.

Adam is remarking on the very situation he was describing happening right up in front of the stage.


6th Question, Gayest Broadway Show, Wicked, Mama Mia or Phantom of the Opera?



Alison’s News

Adam’s now telling an audience member she can’t just yell stuff out because she’s good looking.

Alison wants to ask the gang and the audience about someone in your life making you insecure about something you weren’t before self-conscious of.

Adam is reassuring her while explaining how he’s not sure if you’re supposed to point something out to someone, Alison and Nikki are both now giving their take.


BB is sharing the story of how he and his college roommates has to stage a deodorant intervention for their foreign exchange buddy from Italy.


Her top story is on the percentage of wives having extramarital affairs rising 40% in the past 2 decades.

Adam is declaring that these stats have risen with the tramp stamps, describing the women who behave like dudes and could be prone to adopting negative traits.

Alison is asking Adam about cheating when it comes to women vs. men and he seems to agree with her about the differences.


Hilarious Aquaman one liner from Adam while he’s in character as the angry woman freshly busted for cheating, arguing about the reason.

Adam is now delivering the same line of reasoning from his POV and now Alison is having Nikki weigh in with her take.

Adam is on an “In 50 Years We’ll Be chicks” tangent, lamenting the lack of fucking in the future.


2nd Story is on the website a website that helps women give up straightening their hair and embrace their natural look.

Adam is explaining why he relates and has a great joke mocking their heavy use of hairspray and the noxious fumes women absorb.

Adam is now calling for the Jewish community and black community to bond over their non-straight hair, Adam is sharing how his daughter is already becoming obsessed with the mirror and maintaining her appearance.


Alison is sharing an anecdote of not wearing makeup to the studio and Adam has a very sweet and true reply.

Adam is calling for true equality for men and women, he’s arguing against the wasted time, effort and money devoted to grooming to maintain a standard of beauty.

Nikki has a great point about Asian and Indian women excelling in different professions due to the time not wasted straightening their hair.


They’re now discussing the genitalia of different Asian cultures and the stereotypes regarding size and shape.

Alison wants to know the average amount of time Adam spends seeking out porn, he’s now breaking down the phone call every guy knows trying gauge where his significant other is in order to leave enough time to finish up.


3rd story is about the “Hyper Loop” invented by Elon Musk, Adam is joking about him not wasting a lot of time with his hairstyle.

Alison is now explaining the function of the technology and how it would work, Adam is comparing it to the pneumatic tube at the bank.

Adam wants to arrange a meeting of Elon and the Dyson Vacuum guy, along with their flunky brothers.


Adam has a great callback to the bachelorette’s fiancé during his “Go to Meeting” live read.


4th Story is a list of the top ways people injure their genitals.

Alison is now reading the list, bathroom falls and mishaps captures Adam’s attention.

Nikki was right about number 2 and Adam has no sympathy for guys who Manscape.

Adam and Alison are having a great back and forth about men riding women’s bikes and vice versa, comedy gold!


Adam is doing another live read, giving the plugs and wrapping the final show from Caroline’s until 2014.