Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/26/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 258

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/26/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 258

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-20-2015 – Release Date 07-26-2015

Production Number #258 – Smartphones

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, Drew is talking about the radio prep his producer does with him for his KABC show.

Adam is asking him about the state of radio, Drew describes the new “business of hits” much like television.

Adam thinks something that’s been around for over 100yrs is not going to vanish within 7yrs, Drew asks if Adam thinks there will always be a place for live broadcasting.


Adam is now making a point about time shifting and people of the modern era needing on demand entertainment.

Adam is talking about radio DVR and says they need DVR’s in hotels, he thinks 100% of people who stay in hotels have DVR’s at home.

Adam says that travel would be 30% less traumatizing if he knew his shows would be waiting for him back in the hotel room after he gets back from his show.


Drew is doing an Uber Live read

Drew goes over the signup process and the car inspection, they talk about the mass events they do in parking lots for this.

Adam is commenting on the intern washing dishes, Adam noticed it.

Adam loves it when politicians try to lie and hide behind the cloak of safety to ban Uber, Adam is commenting on what 250k miles feels like on a car.

Adam is ranting about well-worn cabs, Adam says the left should hate Uber the most and argues they’re the biggest customers.


Adam is talking about the John Stossel piece he saw on ‘Whole Foods’ where they lost 30million in attorney’s fees fighting the “monopoly” charge from the federal government.

Adam says they gave up 32 stores after winning the first case under threat of another 100 million in losses.


Adam is now mocking the notion of claiming anyone has a monopoly on supermarkets.

Adam thinks it’s scary where the government is focusing their energies, he shares how the guy from Hardees explained they can open a restaurant in China or Russia almost instantly, while in California it’s much more complex.


Drew is doing a Betterment Live Read


1st Caller Meredith, Adam says we need to get Drew’s pad back for his mug, it’s making noise again.

Meredith is telling them about not being ready for a relationship due to her panic attacks, she thinks her therapist is too interested in who she’s dating.

Adam and Drew agree how important this is and Drew tells her not to fight her therapist on anything.


Drew asks her if she has any unresolved grief, Drew theorizes her dad must be dead for her to have this affect.

Adam is commenting on the world’s greatest dad badge he wants, he wants the badges sequential, Drew gets #2 and Adam is now telling him to lift his chin, calls him bucko and makes him realize he’s #2 out of the billions of dads.

They’re now breaking down her alcoholic mother and Adam tells her not to push back on the shrink, Adam references acupuncture and quotes Skip Bedell explaining how it fixed his arm.


Adam is now asking about the #ADSLOTJ winner who bought a mouthpiece for a Tuba, Adam references the time he dropped his dad’s mouthpiece out of a car window, Drew reacts like he doesn’t recall the story.



2nd Caller Kirk, he had a heart attack and wants some advice, Drew asks him if how much tissue was damaged and now is offering up all kinds of practical advice, Adam asks how much of this is histrionic, and he wants to know about the familial history.

Adam is explaining that Lynette opened the fridge and there was a 6 pack of German beer in his fridge from his mom.

Adam had to explain it and is now telling Drew about his mother who resembled elbow macaroni, one of the least virile people on the planet.


Adam is explaining that his mother explained the regulations regarding what goes into the beer in the United States and her claim about embalming fluid being included.

Adam doesn’t think there is any in for any of his favorite microbrews to start dumping formaldehyde into their delightful beverages.

Adam shares Lynette’s reaction about his mother still not knowing him enough to know he doesn’t care nor believe it.


Ben Shapiro is now joining them, Adam compliments him and asks him about the spirited debate on the HLN show.

Ben is giving his take on the incident, Adam is commenting on Drew rolling his eyes and he gives his take on twitter threats.

Ben is making a point and Adam steps in to clarify his position while declaring Drew as not the enemy.

Drew references the modern day McCarthyism and Adam once again brings up Spike Lee tweeting out the wrong home address for Zimmerman.


Adam has a hilarious “would Tom Selleck be employable?” question after making a point about a left wing media bias.

Drew is asking what the goal of the media actually is, Ben is weighing in.

Drew says he disagrees so strongly and tries to hit his points further.


Adam is making a point about ratings vs. breaking news.

Drew is adamantly defending CNN and now they’re watching a clip from Drew’s HLN show.

Adam says it’s a little more than Drew said, Adam said it was more a of mafia threat than a “hey listen” and Drew is explaining they are not having political discussion on his show, if someone told him that then they were wrong.


Ben asks how the clip caught on in the media, Drew is unaware and Ben seems to explain it.

Adam says that if the roles were reversed Ben would’ve been fired.

They wrap with Ben.


Adam is doing a Therabreath Live Read

Drew is asking Adam if he agrees with Donald Trump, Adam likes that he’s a loose cannon, he thinks it’s white people and George Lopez who are offended with him, Adam is making a point about cultural differences.


Drew is doing an AVG Live Read


3rd Caller Tera, she wants to know how to explain to her daughter that her father will be away in prison, Drew has a healthy explanation and Adam sums it up.

They wrap with Tera.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out he plugs.

Drew is literally walking out with 8 seconds left of the wrap up, Adam comments on it.