Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 381

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 381

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-24-2016 – Release Date 07-25-2016

Production Number #381 – Philly’s Done

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Adam opens the show with his standard intro, Dr. Drew is back in action and he tells Adam about his trip to everywhere but Europe, so they lied as a smokescreen huh?

Drew explains how his wife was able to get them around the world in business class by cashing in miles without spending a dime.

Adam is now describing his kids trip to a water park and he described his wife as being “in full freight” and shares how another parent, one of the kid’s mothers tried to school Lynette on her Groupon deal for the water park the kids were heading to.


Dr. Drew says the biggest lesson he learned about being in Asia is they don’t even consider if we exist on a daily basis, way more extreme than we ugly Americans are when it comes to being narcissistic and focused on ourselves.

Adam and Drew talk about the way climate change isn’t even considered over there, Adam connects it to the right and left political ideologies in America.

Adam brings up his trip to Europe and how narcissistic it would be for him to expect someone a bicycle in Amsterdam to be thinking about him when he would never think of that person or their existence.


Adam brings up Family and Education and Black Lives Matter, Drew says over there they can’t even understand what the fuck we’re talking about.

Drew has some shocking population stats on a town he passed through that was fairly new but busier than anywhere in America.

Adam is now on a “rope has been cut from the dock of life metaphor” asking how things could go any differently than they have.


Drew talks about how safe he felt in Sydney Australia, safer than in his own home town of Pasadena CA.

Drew says Sydney is socialist and not to kid yourself, Adam has an open minded “let’s explore” reaction and seems to be open to any good ideas.

Adam brings up President Obama and how he won’t address parents sticking around to raise their kids, Adam brings up his work on ‘Ace on The House’ and how they advise people to get rid of excess moisture and prevent mold.

Adam says it’s always people running around and trying to sop things up, the only way to really remedy the problem is to go outside and dig away and properly waterproof the home, instead of the maintenance required to upkeep it.


Adam is making a perfect analogy about the amount of work and effort it takes to maintain and clean up the problems rather than dig in and solve it before it happens, remedy it permanently.

Adam says he can’t implement any of his plans as nobody will even admit these are real problems.



Philly’s Done, he collapsed on a lawn near a leaky sprinkler edition

Adam is listening to ‘John Adams’ and now the book ‘Blink’ which Adam is telling Drew only affirms his theory on instinct and split second decisions.

Adam is on the jag about his mom and her wallpaper indecision, he doesn’t mention her but that was the first example he used 20 years ago.

“Audible you gotta do it otherwise you’re kind of an idiot” – Adam


Adam brings up Gay Marriage and how the perception has changed in just 10 year, he then gives Drew 20 years for the hell of it.

Adam says we have now put the pressure on so that a Republican candidate would need to be pro-gay marriage to be elected in today’s climate, the same progress could be done for parents, family and education when it pertains to deadbeat dads and abandoned children.


1st Caller Joe, he brings up his mother in law who has Fibromyalgia and was loaded to the gills with OxyContin about 5 years ago, he cites her childhood trauma.

Drew stops him and goes in depth on Fibromyalgia, he brings up sleep disturbances and how it can cause phantom pains and describes his own experiences with it.

Drew still has jetlag 72hrs after getting home, Adam tells him to stop being a puss and Drew empathically tells him he knew he would say that and his voice was running through his head.

Drew predicts how this woman’s life could be in danger on her OxyContin and Adam says it’s so weird to even think about abusing a kid once you become a parent.


Drew shares how Howard Stern talked about his parents scaring him as a child and it made him think of the fear placed into him by his own parents.

Adam is talking about the changes in society, from a child should be seen and not heard all the way up until now where his kids each have 300K set aside for college and are the primary focus of his life.

Adam says he never had a discussion with his parents about jobs, the economy or anything realistic he might need to deal with.


Drew wonders if the economy itself was to blame for their inaction and Adam is going over his parent’s lack of interest in his early jobs and the danger he was in.

Adam recalls his time living a house and how if someone could have cobbled together 12k for a down payment him and his buddies could have bought the house and he could have fixed it up and had the roommates pay his rent, setting him up for the future.



Drew quotes Chief Thunderbear edition

Drew didn’t have the MCT oil while he was on the road and his genetic testing has revealed he needs the healthy fats.


2nd Caller Raphael, he recommends ‘A People’s History of the United States’ and Drew has another example, Raphael is telling them about his experience on Effexor and Drew recalls speaking to him in the past and says he sounds better.

Raphael says he feels a rush like a stimulant effect, Drew says they can adjust the effects of it and Adam asks if he’s working, he tells them about playing 5 nights a week, he’s doing ok.

Raphael shares how he plays nightly with his local band in Texas, Adam asks him if he has too much down time and Adam says there are two camps for downtime.


Adam says there are two camps for downtime, either relaxing like his wife or turning on themselves and chewing at their own limbs like a dog.


Adam brings up comedians who get into mischief while on the road, Adam is now asking if creative people with moving brains are the ones more likely to react this way.

Adam says his jobsite buddies were cool with the floating a river in their downtime, they didn’t need to do anything else, they were simpler.


Life Lock

Adam buys all of his stuff online, he got his pool skimmer on the web edition


Adam gives out the plugs and Drew plugs his show ‘This Life’ and Adam says he saw Bob Forrest in a documentary.

Adam mentions the cruise.