Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2014 – Harland Williams, Chris Jericho, and Rich Ward

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2014 – Harland Williams, Chris Jericho, and Rich Ward

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Harland Williams, Chris Jericho, and Rich Ward

Recorded 07-24-2014 – Release Date 07-25-2014

Production Number #1381

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Adam is opening the show with some quick plugs for the upcoming live shows and Mangria Signings and Adam says that Personal Audio is about to get the pile driver and BB lists off some other wrestling moves with a funny “are we still doing that?” reply to himself.

Chris Jericho and Rich Ward are sitting in and BB opens the show to Greg Fitzsimmons impersonating Red Foxx as the #TopDrop, Chris is returning to the show, he was first on ACS #800.

Adam is now asking giving some plugs for Chris and his legacy and he’s asking Rich about his history in the music business.


Adam is asking him about musical aptitude and the luck of the draw of getting fame and fortune, Chris and Rich are both going in depth on their history with music, Chris is taking the lead telling them about his first band “Scimitar” and Adam is bringing up the Burton Cummings theater in Manitoba.

Chris has an anecdote about the sexiest man in Manitoba and Alison is unfamiliar with the man’s work, they’re all riffing on the man’s body of work and Adam is commenting on the white guy “Yeeeow!” as BB plays a music bed of “These Eyes” by The Guess Who.

Adam is now singing along to it, this is wonderful!


Alison notices that Gary is mouthing along to it as well and he gets on mic to share that he knows the song, just not as well as Adam.

Alison is now asking about Paul Stanley wearing a medallion/amulet paired with his outfit, Adam is further riffing about his belly hair.

They’re all joking about Paul’s muffin top of pubic hair.


Adam is asking Chris and Rich about bands that have style over substance, Adam asks if “Kiss” could be classified as that, Chris mentions Motley Crüe and Adam agrees with Rich that every band after 1992 is more style than substance.

Adam is joking about all of the songs from Winnipeg and The Guess Who being about very narrow themes, they’re now playing a music bed of “Undon” (She’s Come Undone) by The Guess Who and Adam is now selling the ending for the song, building it up for them.

They’re all talking about classic guitars and Chris has an anecdote about a band member in Buckcherry who brings his 1959 guitar on tour.

Alison brings up Josh Bell and his 3 million dollar Stradivarius that he didn’t play on ACS #743.


Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box.


Adam is asking Chris about his touring schedule with his band Fozzy and he’s asking him about defying the odds in one field and how it might open the doors for another unlikely profession.

Adam has a nice analogy of how age and a genetic hand lead to children adjusting their dreams as reality creeps in, Adam is using his son’s ambition and innocence about playing in the NBA being a possibility for him to make his point.

Chris is now sharing a personal anecdote in reply to Adam’s esoteric riff, they’re now playing a music bed of “Bye Bye Babe” by The Guess Who.


Adam is now bringing up the possibility of the “Bachman Brothers” hearing Burton Cummings laughter and thought up a “stuttering song”.

Adam is now Canadian music C.S.I.’ing the songs and they’re playing “Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by B.T.O. and now Adam is asking Chris about the best BTO song and they’re now playing “Let It Ride” and Chris is now comparing and contrasting the NFL vs. CFL half time shows.

Adam is now doing a live read for Reverie bed with a funny middle section setup for his mistress.


They’re now playing “Roll On Down The Highway” by BTO and Adam is commenting on this era of Rambling music.

Adam is mocking the look the attire among the bands and how high they were, Rich is sharing his Star Wars theory/analogy.

Adam is saying why he doesn’t like Anime porn is due to the lack of imperfections, Adam is sharing how he likes dimples and pock marks and wonders about the bad zit the lady must have had in high school, Alison is amazed that is what Adam thinks of when watching porn.


Adam is now using Uma Thurman’s nose and Chris has an interesting point about the name Gretzky and now Adam is bringing up people who fuck up song lyrics 20 years deep.


Adam is sharing the “Diamond highway” fuck up his friend mixed up and Chris is now sharing one of his own 2nd hand experiences witnessing someone mix up lyrics.

Adam is now bringing up his buddy Steve and the mix-up of “Taking Care of Pistons” and now Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up with Chris and Rich.

Adam is discussing how they went in depth on the band UFO while on Chris’s podcast “Talk Is Jericho” also on PodcastOne.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with Harland Williams making his 15 appearance, hilarious “Grrrrreeat” comedy and “taking some boners” mix-up.

Adam is bringing up Sam Rueben for a conversation at KTLA, Adam is now explaining who he is to Harland and remarking on how he is constantly shocked that Sam isn’t gay.

Alison is now asking him about that and Adam is riffing about how there are people you have decided are gay and how unfair that is to them.


Adam is telling them about talking to Jesse Ventura about “The Rusty Scupper” and how it sounds like and elderly Gay Bar.

Alison and Adam bring up the “blacksimile” incident with Samuel L. Jackson.

Harland has a “Skid mark Catfish” comment and a vaguely offensive “hi guy” voice in response to Adam riffing about people you assume are gay whether or not they are.


Adam is now sharing his “hit the Krispy Kreme or the Ballys” theory on gay guys, Alison has an anecdote about a trio from college and Harland is still doing the soft voice reply thing.

Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock.

Adam is asking Harland about his Fiero and he’s going in depth on the model and Adam is mocking the performance of the car, Alison has a funny “Spoiler Alert” column joke.


Harland is now explaining why he had the car and how it looked good, he was working a government job, was this the Canadian post gig where he saw photos of a suicide as discusses on Classic Loveline?

Adam is now asking Harland about the engine in the car, Harland is explaining how he views cars and how he first learned how to drive a stick shift.

Adam is asking Harland about his dad’s high-end position and Harland is once again telling Adam it was the same mail room job, Alison has a funny Tori Spelling joke.


Adam is bringing up the movie “King Ralph” as well as another untitled 1980’s movie and BB brings up “Dave” and now Adam is going in depth on the clichés of these types of movies, Alison has a comment on “Girls Deep” and Harland is now doing an impression.

Adam is asking Harland to play stereotypical gay man while he talks on air, Adam is laughing and Harland is happy about it and asking what’s different, he’s sharing why he was tickled by Chris Jericho and his knowledge of Burton Cummings.

BB is explaining the plot of “King Ralph” and Alison cites “Being There” as having a similar plot.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Harland sets up a home invasion story and makes everyone get very serious and now is telling them about his problem with moths.

Adam is now joining him and they’re riffing about moths, Adam jokes about moths being covered in their own weird black dust.

Adam has a funny AIDS quilt joke to Harland’s “Mothra” riff and now Adam is referencing Foot Locker and further riffing with Harland.


Adam is now ranting about moths being deterred by cedar wood and how that makes them assholes, he’s telling them about vacuuming them up and sucking them into the tank, he then uses tissue to block up the vacuum so they can’t escape.

Harland is losing his shit in the background and Alison is helping Adam further discuss the activities of moths, Adam is sharing his love of pie with Harland who brought up the subject.

Harland is mocking the idea of ala mode being used when you put ice cream on pie, Adam is telling Harland about his “Freedom Doors” and Alison is asking Harland if he isn’t pro-French being from Canada.


Alison has an ala carte side point and Adam mocks her with an excellent “crepe” joke and now Adam is riffing about people immigrating and keeping their culture, in particular Quebec.

Alison is bringing up the appearance of Gavin McInnes and she mistakes Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time for Gavin.

Harland gets serious and shares how Quebec sees their culture and now Adam is having him make funny noises asking how Quebecois view things, as moths then as gay people in agreement with Adam.

Adam is now joking about Claude vs. Cloud with Harland, his name for the gay character.



Alison’s News

1st Story Alison is sharing the plans for the new NYC high rise that feature a “poor door” for less wealthy tenants, she’s explaining how the plan was approved by the cities affordable housing benefits.

Adam is explaining that this is them trying to get around paying full price, this gets them tax breaks and Alison is now bringing up the car companies that have to create vehicles by the “CAFÉ” rules.

Adam is now explaining the average mileage fleet for MPG.

They’re all discussing the nature of this building and if it’s fair or not, Adam is saying it’s you artificially living in place you cannot afford and Harland is now pitching a sitcom scenario and Alison is commenting on it.


Adam is mocking the idea of rich people being born into it and the notion of white privilege leading him to digging ditches on a construction site.

Alison is giving her take on public housing being in the same building as wealthy residents and Adam is asking when it will be finished.

Adam and BB have a funny callback to the backdoor riff from earlier in the story.


2nd Story Is on a postal worker who freaked out in a hair salon, Alison is reading the details and now Adam is once again citing one of the interesting things that Dr. Drew shared with him in their broadcasting history.

Adam is bringing up the backup beepers on the trucks near his home, Adam is going in depth on what he explained to Drew and the point he made about never living in a place where the postman beat the garbage man.

Adam is now dreaming up some utopia where the mail shows up first thing in the A.M. and garbage at the end of the evening, Harland has a funny point about mail just being garbage now.


Adam is now doing a legal zoom live read.


3rd Story Is about Crows ranking along with 7-10 year olds when it comes to water measuring tests, Harland is chiming in with crow noises and making it hard for Alison to report this story that combines two of Adam’s greatest ideas “Attack Crows” and “Penis Size ranking Windbreakers.”

Alison is trying to read the details of the study and Adam stops her and says that the point if they’re fucking smart, Adam wants to know how long he’s been screaming about this, 2005.

Adam is further explaining “Attack Crows” to Harland who won’t stop making voices and it’s impossible to hear what’s going on.

“Crows answer to no man!” – Alison


Adam is now back to the Attack Crows scenario and Adam is laughing at Harland’s bit, this must be an in person thing as it’s not translating fully.

Alison is now bringing “Grackles” into the mix and Adam is sharing how much “Attack Crows” would benefit his life, Alison is telling them about the crows recognizing their own names.

Adam is bringing up the cows attacking the researchers who would take the babies and how they have to wear disguises to avoid the crows taking vengeance on them.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read before Alison wraps up the news.

Adam is asking Claude if he prefers the Crow or the Grackle, he responds as Harland and Adam snaps at him for Claude to reply.

Adam has an update with Alison on the latest Vending Machine Goodies and Harland jumps in with some extra plugs.

Adam is wrapping up the show.