Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2013 – Paul Mecurio, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2013 – Paul Mecurio, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Mecurio, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Recorded 07-20-2013 – Release Date 07-25-2013

Production Number #1128

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Adam is opening the show live from night #3 at Caroline’s with Paul Mecurio making his ACS debut.

Adam is sharing the two breakthrough moments walking through NYC that made him further fall in love with it, he’s citing the cop who appeared to be propping up a building with his intense lean.

Adam is sharing the contrast of Los Angeles where you cannot jaywalk in front of a cop, he’s citing the San Antonio officer who wouldn’t give Adam a ticket but delivered an “Oh Come On!” in protest.


Adam is joking about Mike August being like a shark and not noticing anything, Alison is now telling Adam about Mike’s impromptu iced coffee preparation from Adam, hilarious Iced Tea joke!

Adam is now sharing the white buffalo/unicorn he spotted of a young Asian girl show shouted dick at motorist, Paul is sharing his own anecdote with involving a dude sans pants who couldn’t get a cab to pick him up.

Adam is telling the gang about using the treadmill in the workout center, he was reading the list of prohibited items and activities, great Fondue Pot joke.


Adam is now recounting how he was wiping down the treadmill and doesn’t get the people who don’t clean up after themselves, Paul’s admitting to being one of those people and Adam is now asking him what’s up.

Adam just declared the workout room should be like camping, leave no footprint behind when done and is explaining how he only sweated on one side of his body.

Adam is recounting their trip to the Hungarian restaurant and is now sharing the too good to believe it’s not staged photo of Matt Fondiler biting into some food that is too hot.


Adam is explaining his efforts to get a bowl of goulash, akin to his 50/50 Shawarma plate story from Zankou Chicken circa 2003 Loveline.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia NYC Edition

Adam is filling a very curious Paul in on why he uses the name Pete for this game, hilarious comedy about the name Adam uses with prostitutes.

Adam is now sharing how he actually did use Jimmy’s name for hotel room bookings back when Adam was better known.

Adam’s sharing the story of the time he called back a young lady who left him an “I want to party with you tonight” voicemail, the “Hey it’s Adam, lets party!” story, gold!


1st Description “A Dry British Butler”

Great “Stu TiVo” one liner from Ace.

2nd Description “A New York Lawyer and his Violinist Girlfriend buy a…”

3rd Description “An Undercover FBI Agent uses the…”


4th Description “A produce Supplier finds love…”

Holy Shit is right Mike Dawson, wow!

5th Description “Suspended from the police force a Harlem cop enlists a shop keeper”

6th Description “Adopted as a baby as one of Santa’s Elves”

7th Description “Once Again left behind by his family”

8th Description “A Blind ex Colonel”

9th Description “A Man Still Grieving the Loss of His Family on September 11th reunites with his college”

“Yes, I didn’t even see that piece of shit, that’s it I fucking won, it’s a slaughter, we’re enacting the Slaughter Rule” – Adam Carolla


That might have been my all-time favorite round of this game, Adam is now explaining his best single effort when he guessed “A Knife Salesman” for “The Fan”.

Alison is even impressed with Adam’s initial answer to the first description.

Adam is telling the gang about Bryan Cranston being nominated for another Emmy.



Adam is now showing the “Fund Anything” video to the crowd, this time with better audio.

They’re now discussing Bryan and his immense talent, Adam is describing the outtakes and the filming process.

BB just mentioned that Paul won an Emmy award for his work writing on the Daily Show, Adam is now quizzing him about it and the experience.


Paul is telling the gang about working on the show back when the Monica Lewinski scandal was in full effect in comparison to now.

An audience member is remarking on Paul opening the Colbert Report, Adam has a killer one liner mocking the multiple conversations.

Paul is going very in depth and finishing his anecdote, interesting. Adam is giving his take on Monica’s early 2000’s media tour and refusal to discuss the scandal.

Paul is sharing another anecdote about another awards dinner.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the problem of chickens being dropped off at Animal Shelters around the country, Adam is asking why the hipsters don’t just eat the chicken’s, killer Santeria joke and one liner follow up from Alison.

Alison just declared Geese the assholes of the bird world and Adam is calling them the new face of terrorism, good stuff.

Paul wants to gather a gander of geese and shit all over them to punish them, Alison tops it with a great joke that everyone seems to sleep on or miss.


Adam is now on a killer “bring out at a basket of dwarfs and dipping sauce” riff, Paul is joining him and Adam is giving his take on fish eating other fish.

This is gold, now the audience is interrupting Paul and Adam is telling the gang about catching a 55lb fish while in Mexico with Jimmy Kimmel in 2004, he’s describing his fish being beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Adam says he doesn’t like fishing and Alison is now explaining that she went once as a kid and describing a photo of her crying next to their catch.


Adam is now asking the gang if they’ve ever left at a dawn departure for an all-day fishing trip, Adam is describing Kimmel’s sea sickness and constant efforts to overcome it.

Adam is explaining how Jimmy and Adam stayed up all night and arrived at 03:15am in San Pedro and decided to kill 2hrs eating breakfast.

Adam is describing his kind efforts to rally Jimmy who was far too sick to fish, Paul is sharing his own anecdote of sea sickness.


Alison wants to know if Adam has ever been whale watching and he reveals he did go as a kid and now Adam is asking what makes whales so special, hilarious riff!

Adam is calling Pandas the Victoria’s Secret models of the forest, he’s mocking their sitting habits and inability to “take a knee”.

Alison is bringing up the beaded seat covers and Adam is now calling back his moms shag carpet steering wheel cover, Adam is describing the shag carpet toilet seat covers.


Adam is telling the gang about growing up in a house with a padded toilet seat, the vapor lock separation and now they’re all discussing various aspects of the toilet.

Paul is telling them about his buddy who has a 5k dollar toilet complete with bidet and self-cleaning seat.

Adam, Alison and Paul all agree adults who refer to


2nd Story is list of the most misquoted songs from Spotify.

Adam is sharing his few fucks up including BTO, Alison is sharing one her friend screwed up and she’s now describing “Blinded by the light” and Adam is explaining it.

Alison is listing some of the other common mix ups, including “Rock the Cat Box”.

Alison is now singing the “Golden Girls” theme song and they’re having a back and forth with another audience member.


3rd Story is on some people who got a bag full of cash instead of their order and promptly returned it.

Paul has a great question about why the money was an in paper bag, Alison has a killer quesadilla joke and Adam tops it with a painfully funny truth about being employed at a Taco Bell in Michigan.

Adam is sharing why he loves Taco Bell and how a crew of 8 guy’s food will only cost him a small amount of money, Adam wants to know how their business model works.

Alison is sharing an anecdote of eating a baked soy snack and remarking on how she’s never been fooled by baked food over fried, Adam agrees.


4th Story is on PayPal accidentally adding over a quadrillion dollars to his account, Alison is sharing her own experience with banking errors.

Paul’s sharing a joke about prostitution and rape, Adam is now sharing his “Rape is not a sexual crime” riff from Classic Loveline that Dr. Drew is always floored by.

BB is defending the woman from the McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit, he’s seen the documentary about the case and knows how badly the woman suffered.

They’re interacting with another audience member asking the cost to change a timing belt, Adam is mocking the type of cars he probably works on.


5th Story is on Starbucks being sued for discriminating against deaf people.

Alison is reading the details and Adam is breaking out his own variation of the DFG voice, he’ citing his connecting to Lou Ferrigno as permission to use the voice.

Alison is telling the audience and Paul about Adam’s heroic wood conservation via his returning of his stirrer stick to the main supply, I’ve actually seen him do it while we were in Denver.


Alison is throwing Adam under the TP bus and now he’s telling the audience only God and Simon Cowell can judge him.


6th Story is on the reopening of Cirque du Soleil KÀ after the death of one of the performers.

Alison is reading the details and Adam is blaming the escalation of entertainment/excitement for these dangerous circumstances.

Adam’s now contrasting the interest of kids today vs. during his youth to explain how high the bar is now set for novelty and excitement.

Adam is citing the X-Games and has a great Mad Max one liner that Paul brings into the real world, Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is giving plugs for Paul and his podcast on, he’s telling Adam he did an interview with Paul McCartney, he also did one with Westwood one and Podcastone founder Norm Pattiz.

Paul is now telling the gang about running into McCartney backstage at the Colbert Report.

Paul is going in depth on his experience meeting, booking and interviewing Paul, interesting, hilarious one liner from Adam mocking Paul handing his number to Mr. McCartney, great John Travolta one liner to boot.


Adam’s doing a live read while Paul get his voicemail from Paul McCartney ready, Adam is telling Paul about having a blocked number and how he gets the neutral voice from people he calls.

Paul plays the message but has to redo it, some nice anger towards Adam and now it plays properly, Adam is wrapping the show.