Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 630

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 630

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-20-2017 – Release Date 07-24-2017

Production Number #630 – Phallisee

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Adam opens the show with the regular “Get It On” and “We Love That About You” intro, Drew compliments Adam’s tone and energy, saying he feels like he’s pushing into a good feeling, asking if that’s accurate.

Adam explains he’s on the last day of a home remodel, he shares how from time to time Lynette will comment on a color he picked out or a choice for design but won’t contribute or go with him to pick things out.

Drew is putting himself in Lynette’s shoes explains how he is asked his opinion and then overruled and ignored, he doesn’t care for that role, maybe Lynette feels the same way.


Adam is now riffing about “Phallisee” in place of fallacy, he explains the recockulous nature of Drew’s argument and gets to how he runs all ideas and choices by others, he hates that he has to defend himself against the claims he’s some kind of tyrant who controls everything.

Adam asks where that part comes from, that presumption about him being a tyrant, Gary says BB is a main source for that opinion and perspective, Adam tells Drew is hasn’t gotten worse, he’s just naturally disagrees.

Adam says when it comes to picking out a design, all he does is put it up to a vote, Chris is on mic and brings up how they sampled Mangria and Endless Rant.


Adam says Drew screws this up the most by immediately playing the role of the person Adam is bringing up, Drew immediately disagrees and says he does it for the sake of conversation, Drew now reiterates what he said to Adam.

Adam says there is no such thing as “no good” when it comes to preferences in curtains and paint shades, Drew says he prefers to recuse himself and then he gets pushback when he tries to contribute.

Adam says the people are just not interested and calls Drew an idiot.


Season 2 of Leah Remini: Scientology and the AftermathDrew loves new episodes and binge-watching Edition


Adam reminds Gary about the NPI: Narcissistic Personality Index test and Gary suggests they take it live on air, Drew takes back all of the kind things he said about Adam’s attitude today.

Drew brings up Scientology and Adam says his sensitivity level is off the charts and brings up his reactions to shitty comments.

Drew says seeing a negative comment or review on Amazon for their book would drive him insane, ruining his day.


Adam is now talking about reviews and creating content, he says first you must have high quality content, that will help things along then it becomes about topicality.

Adam says if you look at 1-star reviews for ‘The 24-Hour War’ they’re all about him being biased towards Ford, Drew asks if that doesn’t piss Adam off, that he’s beholden to a critique based in fallacy.

Adam explains why it only bothers him so much, using WWII to make a point and he says that in a sea of 5-star reviews people can tell what the limited 1-star reviews are about.


Adam brings up the bogus reviews for ‘The Hammer’ and the claims of sexism and racism in the film, it’s inaccurate reporting, preconceived notions forced onto reality to make a point.

Drew keeps saying fake news, he explains that saying “don’t take the mace off the keychain’ is anyway about sex or sexist, is a logical fallacy.


Adam is now telling Drew about ‘Me So Hungry’ and the fake controversy being stirred up by The Huffington Post.

Adam is now explaining how they found this is offensive to Asians, skipping past the reality of the restaurant name being based off the ‘2 Live Crew’ song ‘Me So Horny’ and jumping to Asian sex workers as portrayed in ‘Full Metal Jacket.’

Adam is now asking Drew where the thinks the restaurateurs got their business name, he asks Chris if this is a “stupid or liar” situation, Chris says he’s too bummed out to decide.


Drew makes a point about intellectuals loving to create these constructs, triumph!

Drew says ideological structures triumphing over people brings great glee to so called intellectuals.

Adam is further explaining he believes they got their name from the ‘2 Live Crew’ song and puts himself in the shoes of the people who opened this business who can’t defend themselves.


Adam says nobody gives a shit about this chick’s writing and Chris says there is no integrity behind it, Gary agrees and calls it ridiculous.

Adam is defending the time he dressed up as Mr. T for Halloween and he says being a fan isn’t an attack on someone or their culture, Drew says it’s handball against curtains (drapes) and he says he uses the term “tilting at windmills” and Adam is now back to how nobody is listening to the bullshit from this article.

Adam quotes Dave Dameshek and says this reporter is “just making pages” and explains the meaning behind it, he uses ‘Peanuts’ comic strips for his analogy to mock this kind of soulless work, done to meet a quota instead of creating art or actually reporting on something.


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Adam says he loves this bullshit as it only increases the tune out factor, he then jokes about being able to hide in plain sight implying he’s a racist.

Gary is now on mic reading more from the article and Adam is telling Drew to shut up when he tries to defend cultural appropriation and Adam asks him about scientology and how they’ve been fucking with him.

Gary reads the “who are white” portion which leads to a great point from Adam about the open and obvious racism and hatred aimed at white people in today’s media and how obvious and gross it is, if the same behavior was exhibited by a white person it wouldn’t fly

Drew is now talking about the strange attacks in the print media he got after the infamous Scientology letter incident from Classic Loveline in 1997.


Adam says it was 20yrs ago and Drew says the attacks started about 10 years ago, Drew brings up fake news again and Adam says anyone in the media knows it’s been going on for 20 years.

Adam cites the “Carolla-Ectomy” that Comedy Central supposedly performed according to Entertainment Weekly and the “Ching Chong” incident from the KLSX morning show.

Adam teases the NPI Test for Tomorrow’s episode and gives out the closing plugs, wrapping up the show. Drew says he’s working on a new podcast with Ami Horowitz and the end the episode.