Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2017 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2017 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina and Bryan

Recorded 07-23-2017 – Release Date 07-24-2017

Production Number #2123

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Adam opens the show to a “partially recovered narcissist” intro courtesy of Dr. Drew, Mike Lynch and Mike Dawson.

Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has a killer “Me So Talky” #TopDrop from ACS #2122, Adam talks about taping Jay Leno’s garage and the impressive crew of mostly hot chicks he has working for his series.

Adam describes how he brought his dog Phil and he was splayed out getting petted and affection while on his back from the female crew members.


Adam is now explaining the premise of his episode of Jay Leno’s garage, Adam will be comparing his track times in Newman’s car to Paul Newman’s times on the same track in the same car.

Adam is talking about testifying before congress and his limited expectations for the event, he talks about the scheduling and how he is going to Sonoma and then straight to DC, he can’t afford to take time to enjoy his life nor smell the roses.

Adam is sharing how he was tweeted a PSA aimed at reducing traffic and how he thinks this one might actually get some results, some traction with motorists, BB guesses it’s from Canada almost stepping on Adam’s reveal.


Adam is calling back the PSA’s that ran during Loveline and were focused on water skiing safety tips from the likes of Peter Graves.

Adam is asking the gang about the number of PSA’s that have changed their behavior and back up beepers on trucks that alerted them to a moving vehicle, how many have you heard vs. how many have been useful.

Adam brings up traffic reports and BB chimes in as well, Adam says the backup beeps are 0 for millions of beeps heard.


Adam is referencing a PSA with wrestler Roman Reigns that both him and BB have seen, it’s set in an unfurnished house and has a strange reaction from the mail carrier in the PSA who witnesses Roman playing with a young kid, presumably his daughter.

Adam shares the PSA featuring real surveillance footage of people walking while texting and getting injured, that closes with a woman being hit while texting and driving, Adam says it made him think about it the dangers and he immediately knew it must be foreign as people in Los Angeles are too rock dumb to come up with it.

Adam is sharing his ability to profile and cites Matt Fondiler wearing his dad’s shoes and explains this PSA was from South Africa, Adam asks why everyone is smarter than the people of California, BB sighs and gives some input about acting smart and putting intelligence to use.


Adam says that he thinks the PSA’s are a smokescreen like a poor person getting a $100 manicure to give the appearance of not being impoverished, CA wants people to think it’s got so few problems they use the PSA’s to lie to the public.


23 and MeThe entire staff has their DNA kits and will be trying it out Edition


Gina is bringing up the planes that landed in Newfoundland, that doubled the populace of the town while the people were stranded as all flights were grounded after 9/11.

Gina shares how the story had been adapted into a big Broadway musical and she further explains the situation and series of events.

Adam asks when the Tony’s are held and passes the test of proving his heterosexuality by not knowing they were held last month.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Carrie (Kerry?) she’s wanting some ideas for where to spread her dad’s ashes in Los Angeles, Gina asks why L.A. and Adam jokes about using his pool.

Adam asks if this is a new thing, spreading some of the ashes instead of all of them at once, Adam thinks it used to be a one dump chump kind of deal, Gina references two pump chumps (premature ejaculators) and Adam takes it back to the caller asking her about the ashes and the plan.

She explains that her father’s ashes were turned into glass stones and Adam asks about her father, what kind of guy was he.


Carrie explains how her dad liked campy movies and she cites ‘Tremors’ and Adam is now telling her about wrist rockets, she wants her to fire one at the click it or ticket freeway sign, have it exploded in his memory.

Adam has some great mouth based Foley work while imitating the sign blowing up, BB has his own idea and suggests the end of route 66, send him off the end of the pier.

Gina suggests she bury the stones atop the graves of a famous person at the Hollywood forever cemetery, Adam talks about how when women love their dad’s it’s better for society, when women loved deceased dad’s it’s better for the living.


2nd Caller Jeff, he works for amazon and wants to tell them about the leadership principles that the company requires of their staff.

Jeff suggests Adam institute them at Carolla Digital, Adam mocks his sister for saying “no shit Dick Tracy” and he comments on how simple it is to assess the approach and attitude of staff members, using punctuality to make his point.

Jeff is now reading some of the various company leadership principals, BB jokes about them giving this test to interns and Jeff reveals they actually do.

Adam doesn’t know what “demanding excellence” even means, either you get it done or you don’t.


Jeff is now reading more of the principals, Adam asks Jeff how long he’s been with Amazon, he says he loves it and moved up from San Diego to take the gig.

Adam asks him what he likes the most about the work environment, Jeff is now singing the praises of the company and BB steps in to mention how diverse the company is.

Adam is sharing how Mike August told him about the Kirkland Car, coming from Costco, Adam thinks Kirkland should just export Kirkland the city so other places can be less miserable, I love it when he talks about Kirkland (my home town) and they all look at the Kirkland car.


Adam is now explaining that in this new world you must refresh and invigorate, Adam explains how Amazon affiliate linking was the first main source of income for the podcast network, aside from the DVD sets I created that is.

Jeff is now talking about tax and how the states reacted to amazon shopping in reply to Adam’s query about the buzz that they were going to shutdown amazon in California over state taxes.

Adam is now talking about how taxes create a system where people must get around them, he cites Bryan Cranston and ‘Breaking Bad’ filming out of state to save money.


SimpliSafePut a case on your phone, what about your home? Adam coughs mid read Edition


Adam is now sharing what happened to him in Irwindale, he explains he was standing in the infield with Matt D’Andria talking to Ken Block of Gymkhana and DC Shoes fame, they were recording CarCast #927 and Adam now wants to know the total view count for his Gymkhana videos.

Gary says it’s 300 million and is now firing up the San Francisco one that Ken said was his favorite of the bunch.

Adam shares how Matt D’Andria asked about getting a ride in the golf cart from a guy working for the event, but was told no as only the teamsters can drive people, Ken’s assistant piped up and claimed the same thing happened to him.


Adam is now ranting about union rules preventing people from getting transported by anyone but the union driver, the least head working people at any taping or event.

BB is reacting to the video of Ken going through his hometown, I’ve never heard BB react this way to driving before, BB is really excited about the shutdown streets across the bay area for this event.

Gina asks about the car he’s operating and if anyone can get anything close to it as a stock vehicle, BB has a killer “they know what he’ll do” one liner about Ken getting his hands on a golf cart.


Adam is now setting up the results for the pubic hair poll and the NPI test they all took.


3rd Caller Jamie, he’s been listening to the show for about 4 years and wants to know more about how Adam got into boxing, Adam explains he joined the Montoya gym at 19, he explains how dingy it was and explains how they had a folding table with milk containers and Sunny D bottles filled with water that people used communally.

Adam further describes the conditions that resulted in him getting face happies (herpes) without bringing up that part of the unsanitary workout conditions.

Adam is now back to how he started training boxing and met very cool people, he had never spoke to airline pilots or an editor of a major newspaper, Adam realized he had more in common with these guys than his loser buddies, it was his first source of validation from smart people.


Adam shares how he built a Gym for Bruce in Pasadena and was then allowed to teach there after it was completed, it led him out of his poverty and life in the blue-collar world.

Adam talks about seeing in the kitchen of a restaurant or a guy on the side of the road with a jackhammer, when you’re on that side of the glass it’s very isolated and lonesome, like the hot chick in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ being stared at by inmates.

Adam explains how removed he felt from society and normal things that people do, it was a them and us mentality that left him feeling left out.


Adam is now talking about the people who get skipped over, the guy in black slacks coming back from his serving job that you never speak to etc.

Adam is now talking about their friend Janie who invite him and his friends to her country club, Adam shares how he would spend so much time making up stories and imagining what went on to allow other people to have so much while he had nothing.

Adam says these rich people would start telling you stories, matter of fact, stating they studied abroad or have traveled overseas, it all sounded like fiction to him and he couldn’t imagine what it really entailed.

Adam says it’s about breaking through from one side of the glass to the other, Adam makes a point about information being the missing link in socioeconomic classes, it’s the information that keeps the have nots downtrodden.


Adam talks about watching ‘Dynasty’ with Ray and how finding out that he wasn’t that so far removed from the people he thought were above them, Adam shares the impoverished brainwashing people like his parents would spew.

Adam is citing the discrepancies between the lives of the wealthy and how his mom viewed them, Gina brings up the hypocrisy of his mom criticizing people for not earning their own wealth as she survived off of food stamps, great point and deliver from Gina!

BB shares his own feelings about bagging groceries for rich people and Adam is now talking about people giving up because the playing field isn’t level and how that only discourages people from trying.


Smart MouthDr. Drew loves this stuff because it’s science, whatever side of the glass Edition


4th Caller Mike, he’s telling them about launching a business and companion podcast, they publish content weekly and he wants to know if he’s on the right track.

Adam explains they got good numbers initially, but it was akin to having oil and no refinery, Adam is not a fan of plotting and he says you can’t dwell on things that don’t work.

Mike is trying to explain the product they sell, Gina makes a great point about this not sounding like a passion project, BB has a great Huell Howser drop.

Adam doesn’t have the answers and BB interrupts to suggest the podcast masterclass, Adam says public speaking is no longer the big phobia that it once was, citing answering machines and hearing your own voice and BB reveals his grandmother wouldn’t speak in home movies as she didn’t like her voice.


Adam doesn’t think his kids are going to have the fear of public speaking, what was a huge phobia is now part of social media and life.


Adam is setting up the pubic hair poll pt. 2

Adam is now reading the results, BB remarks on the “FULL BUSH” being capitalized, Adam wants a Mason Dixon line for ages, he makes a point about different eras.

Adam says some women don’t have good looking bald vagines (vulva), Gina reveals she had no idea that vaginas and vulva has such variation, Adam says adopt the most flattering hair style for your parts.

Adam is commenting on urinating outside, he brings up how getting caught taking a leak is far less embarrassing than being caught pooping, women can hide behind the lie of urinating when they might be pooping.


Adam always assumes women are just peeing when using the restroom, they default to pee.

Adam wants women to cross their feet when pooping, they get to know when men are pooping and it’s unfair, Gina suggests crossing feet while peeing as it’s not that easy to pose while pooping.

Adam shares his history of taking the NPI test with Dr. Drew, it goes back to Loveline and Gary sets up a clip form this week’s ADS where Dr. Drew breaks down the narcissistic personality index.


Adam is now reading about the test, he has Dawson read the results of the staff and Adam now explains he feels like he has low self-esteem and how hard it is to remove looking at yourself in the mirror from your own definition of narcissism.

Dawson has BB’s score of 4, he explains he took it again and tried to be more honest, he got a 7 on the 2nd try.

Gary is on mic and Adam asks about Dr. Drew getting a 6, he wants to share the information about abnormally low scores.


BB shares his thinking process and he says you shouldn’t confuse his smugness with narcissism, he’s quite adamant.

They play the clip of Dr. Drew saying that low score was also pathological, BB jokes about not wanting to know what that means.

Dawson shares Mike Lynch’s 10 and Chris Laxamana’s 11.


Dawson has Caelan’s score of 12 and Gary Patrick Smith’s 12, they must’ve made great roommates.

Dawson has Matt Fondiler’s score of 14 and Dylan’s 15.

Gina comes in with a score of 17, BB explains that Christie got a 14 and he thinks this test might be gender biased, Adam says that’s interesting and predicts that Drew would say that you liking comments on your looks is not necessarily a bad thing.


Dawson has the score of 21 for himself, the winner of the game Nick Davis got a 25.

Gina is laughing about his score and the conundrum that he presents.


LifeLockSmishing is a new thing that the kids are doing Edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the group of schools named with “Lynch” in their titles being renamed, Gina has the details about the Lynch family who donated the land for the schools.

Gina reads the logic from the people in charge, Adam feels like we’re going insane as a society.

Adam can’t think of any right-thinking person who would think this could have any effect on society or help anyone.


Adam jokes about Mike August wanting to tear down Mike Lynch’s home and how dissatisfying that was for him after Lynch redid the whole basement.

Adam says he knows that people think cuter names mean anything, he says no matter what someone will find something offensive in the names and this process will repeat over and over.

Adam is using the low-fat food that never satiates you in life to make a point about this being the empty calories of activism, no work is getting done and it’s a false sense of progress and effort.


Adam says actually donating, intervening and contributing changes things otherwise it’s just empty calories and doesn’t move the needle.

Gina says thanks for nothing to the family who gave all of the land, Adam says there should be a lawsuit and he jokes about Ray getting the cleaning deposit back on his late mother’s apartment, making a point about parents not owning land.

Adam says these people renaming these schools are arrogant and should take Dr. Drew’s NPI test, Adam says the name Lynch is fairly common and he says it’s a popular surname that can be explained to white kids who are bothered by it, this isn’t about black people nor upset black children, it’s poser white douchebags pretending to be offended for people they themselves don’t truly respect as equals.


BB makes a point about letting dumb win, he brings up the word niggardly and how it means cheap and has nothing to do with racism, he cites it being used on the senate floor.

Gary has the details of the event BB was describing and Gina brings up Owen Benjamin and his comedic argument for the use of “retarded” and it’s revealed he will be on the show next week promoting his own podcast ‘Why didn’t They Laugh’ which is a wonderful show.

Adam brings up the use of retarded when it comes to engine timing and seems disillusioned at the retards among us ruining everything with language and word policing.

BB asks how many lynchings took place in Oregon and Dawson has a great “Zeeerrrroooo” almost in unison with BB’s zero reply.


Adam is now bringing up ‘Freakonomics’ and how lynching was threatened more than practiced, Adam correctly thinks this is all a reaction to Trump and they find out there is one recorded lynching in the state of Oregon.


2nd Story is on Sean Spicer being replaced by Anthony Scaramucci, Gina has all of the details and Adam says both Sean and Anthony have the same look they had as kids, Adam can see how they would have looked as kids as adults.

Adam ponders who aged into a different look the most, BB brings up Bruce Jenner and they move on.


3rd Story is on a 32yr old who drowned in Florida and was filmed by local teens who laughed as he drowned and died.

Gina explains that the teens won’t face charges, Gina says she can’t watch it and Gary says he has seen it and they could have briskly walked to help him out.

Adam wants to know why the guy was swimming with a disability, Adam says he was distraught and Adam says he worries the most about these kinds of people, Adam uses a great crime of desperation analogy.


Adam says the people who commit crimes without clear motivation, who will jump in and beat on a stranger being beaten on a bus, that cruelty and lack of empathy, Adam thinks we’re breeding more and more of those people.

Adam says his friends would have never let someone take a beating or drown and die, Gina has some dark details from the video.


4th Story is on OJ’s job offer from Dennis Hof, BB jokes about him injecting his brand into a national story and jokes about them trying to find new whores if some of the women quit in reaction to OJ being hired.

BB and Gina conclude that maybe Dennis is a genius and they wrap the news.


True CarSometimes you wait and the car isn’t there, actual inventory Edition


Adam gives out the closing plugs and wraps up the show, solid ep indeed!