Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2015 – Dr. Bruce and Jeff Abraham

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2015 – Dr. Bruce and Jeff Abraham

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dr. Bruce and Jeff Abraham

Recorded 07-23-2015 – Release Date 07-24-2015

Production Number #1623

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Adam opens the show to an old lyrics intro courtesy of Dawson and Lynch, Adam welcomes Dr. Bruce back to the show and Jeff Abraham is sitting in with them making his ACS debut.

Adam comments on the sound issues, Dawson confirms they moved some stuff around.

Jeff is telling them about the origins of his company and how he was able to retire at 51.


Adam is commenting his kid’s absence and how much they’re missed when they’re actually gone, it’s boring without them.

“Are we supposed to talk now!?” – Adam to his wife in the absence of his kids while they’re away at camp and stuff.

Jeff is telling them about his education on the subject of Premature Ejaculation and Adam has some interesting points about how much this is reported by men, due to the stigma.


Jeff is now offering up some science and Gina has a funny “tell me about it” regarding the average time men last in bed.

Adam says that men are good for 5min, something is beeping in the studio, Bruce’s beeper?

Adam has some brief comments on it and jokes further about Bruce pulling rebar out of Mexicans.


Jeff is telling them about how he got involved with the product and brought in his girlfriend at the time, a financial analyst.

Adam is asking him about the spray and how it works.

He explains it doesn’t numb topically, it works with a unique pathway.


Adam is joking about having him invest in Mangria, it will also help slowdown ejaculation, they prefer not to call it ‘Mangria Cock Syndrome’ and Jeff is telling them about the insane offers they were getting for the product.

He explains how his friend and partner was killed by a guy who was intent on killing his old doctor, a different guy who died 2 years prior, this is horrible.

Adam reacts to Jeff’s take on “a better place” and the nonsense of that terminology.


Adam is commenting on the relativity of sadness based on your value to society, Adam does another lap with Jeff about this company and this product and the now deceased business partner.

Adam wraps up with Jeff and gives him a plug.

Jeff now drops some dates, Adam loves that.

Jeff has some kind words for the late Ron, Adam now has Dr. Bruce prepare his segment.


Health Watch with Dr. Bruce – BB tech difficulties, not on mic either.

Adam is riffing about his kids identifying as a succubus or Chupacabra when they grow up, Bruce talks about people identifying as vampires.


Adam and Gary are doing a Game of War Live Read

Adam is mocking the notion of young and hot vampire shows, he riffs about the cliché and Adam predicts a zombie apocalypse without anyone ever actually dying, just able bodied people living as zombies.

They head to break to let Charles attempt to shake some wires around to get BB’s sound fixed.


They’re back from break and BB tries to trip Bruce up by saying his song doesn’t work, not that funny.

Adam is joking about Bruce’s frames tonight, hilarious partridge family bus one liner.

Adam and Bruce are talking about the hostility towards women in gaming culture, they move on and Bruce is struggling to stay afloat.

Adam is ranting about people just doing what they’re told to do, Bruce is telling them about a female arousal meter and Adam has a funny joke about it.


Adam is going over this with Bruce and BB jumps in and Adam is asking for some specificity of what turns women on and off, Adam has a funny line about shit covered corpses in reply to the “no duh” example.

Adam jokes about the lack of anniversary cards with maggots and or shit on them.


Bruce is telling them about sexual risk taking for women, he has some new study.

Adam is commenting on how the airport bathroom is always destroyed or how someone treats a rental car is how women treat their vagina while on the road.

Gina has a funny one liner, Adam is talking about the cruise ships where guys get laid nonstop, and they’re now talking about Gina’s friend Tina.


Adam is asking Bruce about chest compressions.

Adam asks how dumb are human lungs that they can be restarted physically from outside the body.

Adam is talking about the timeframe for brain damage to occur and beefs up Bruce’s low number.


Adam and BB are talking about the movie cliché of someone being held under water, Adam talks about the super shitty scene from ‘Cutthroat Island’ and talks about the scene where people wake up on the beach.

Adam says nobody has passed out at sea and then awoken on a beach.

Bruce and Adam are talking about the human catapult use in old timey movie stunts.


Adam is remarking on Vin Diesel removing a bullet and doing the slight wince in reaction, the slight tough guy wince, like they have to take a shit.

Bruce is telling them about doing his own stiches.


#LOTJ Lord of the Jungle Rudy, he bought a pirate flag and 30ft pole.

Adam is asking him about Minneapolis turning into the new Austin, Adam wants to know about the new stadium they’re building.

Adam recalls the trip to Minneapolis with the incorrect start time, he shares how he first learned of Soca music which leads to other cultures trying to perfect desserts when nothing can to apple pie, complex metaphors and analogies mixed in with some classic riffs about food and music from other cultures.








Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he wants to know what Adam thinks about Blues Music, Adam says he can’t go super deep and can easily go to something like Robert Cray, he likes the musicianship of the Blues, he finds that lacking in reggae despite feeling like both genres are simply one perpetual song.

They watch the scene of Vin doing his own bullet removal, Andrew wants to know if Adam would ever attend the gathering of the Juggalos, Adam says he likes Shaggy and Violent J, he would be nervous but didn’t say he wouldn’t do it.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam will be in the upcoming Historics race, he has Gary look up of Mazda’s involved in the race.

BB is now playing some live Robert Cray, Adam is riffing up a storm over the music explaining why you’re dumb if you like Soca music.

Adam wants to scream at everyone that this music exists and could be played at sports bars over the modern pop music, BB seems to be enjoying this.


Adam is now telling them about the Mazda GTP cars, he explains the scary speeds of the GTP cars and Adam asks for a lap around the raceway.


Gina’s News

Adam is doing a Therabreath Live Read


1st Story is on Arsenal player being suspended after reacting to racism from Russian fans, Gina has a clip with just crowd noise.

Adam comments on what he was told about the Spanish fans and the bananas.

Adam is now showing them the footage of the Mazda GTP car.


2nd Story is on the first two leaks in the Ashley Madison hack, Adam says he works this stuff in a bit, reminding his wife she’s not married to that guy and he won’t be on any of these lists.

Gina has the details of the first leaked identity, Adam has a killer “Cumming in your hair” riff.

Adam says his #1 fantasy is not having people read his fantasies on the internet.


Gina has a clip from JKL where they ask kids the meaning of “adultery” and Adam says it’s officially on, Adam is now referencing the “Crystal Brain” argument with Gloria Allred, and Adam wants to hear it.

Adam says they’re going to trim up the clip from the 11/29/2006 KLSX ACS with Gloria’s phoner segment, they’re all talking about Michael Richards and his physical comedy.


3rd Story is on armadillo’s passing leprosy to humans, Gina is describing the horrible disease.

They’re now playing the “Crystal Brain” argument from the show from nearly 9 years ago.

Adam has a prognostication rant about knowing this won’t be helping Bill Cosby’s career.


Adam says hey Bruce you’re stupid then offers him 60$ to make him feel better, he makes a point about money being the least effective way to make amends.


4th Story is on Dennis Hof seeking a seat in local government, Adam has a killer he wants to rent the seat out for Asian business men to fuck prostitutes on.

Hilarious seat riff.

Adam is now looking at horseshoe crabs with the gang, he describing how ugly they ar.

Adam says they are the scariest animals with no teeth.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read

Adam needs to wrap due to Bryan’s schedule edition apparently


5th Story is on some lighting strikes at a beach in Florida, she has the details on the injured parties attending the nude beach.

Adam has a killer riff about lighting rods and unconscious black guys.

Adam is now mocking the people who claim that looking at strangers naked isn’t part of their nudism, Gina shares her appreciation for swimming nude.

Gina is now describing some adventuring she did, Adam is trying to recall if he would walk up the hill in front of behind Gina, and this is cool


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam plugs the new podcast with Mark Geragos ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and the upcoming Take a Knee with Mike August.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show

BB plays Adam’s new “let’s take this vagina out and trash it” drop.