Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 163

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 163

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-22-2014 – Release Date 07-24-2014

Production Number #163

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Adam is opening the show with an update on the patent troll battle and the new Amazon link, after sharing how nice the book jacket SASE system is and Drew can’t speak, trying to work a plug in.

Adam is going further in depth on the legal defense battle, Adam says they’re at about 600k in bills and now 100k over the fan contributions.

Adam is explaining that Personal Audio is used to bulling people and they fucked with the wrong guy this time, Drew is saying that’s what’s wrong with our country as a whole, all of this rampant bullying system wide.


Adam is now screaming at Personal Audio, “were not rolling over, bitches!” and he’s telling them we got all day, going into the deep water to drown them, the boxing terms.

Adam is praising for their contribution to the legal defense fund and Adam is mentioning the other big podcasters joining them in this campaign.

Adam says now this won’t cost anyone a penny, free money towards the legal defense fund.


Drew is once again bringing up his idea for a new liberty party and Adam is asking for the companies that Personal Audio is going after.

Drew is saying this costs nobody a dime, it’s like casting a vote and Adam says he’s starting to enjoy this.

Adam is now telling the listeners who try to educate him about the libertarian party, he’s well aware but thinks they go too far.


Drew is now asking Adam to name one thing that the federal government does for him, Adam is trying to reply and Drew is shouting about half of his income being taken.

Adam is sharing how he doesn’t expect to collect anything, Adam is now asking Chris to list off the companies.

Gary is now reading them, he sounds bored oddly.

Adam is telling them not to be technically right, just to do good podcasting, he’s trying to contrast the big companies being sued alongside him.


Drew is now saying it’s insane that the federal government takes 35% of your salary for nothing, the illusion of defense.

Adam is now asking how people think this is going to work, it’s humans in charge of others money, Adam wants to know why we expect people to do the right thing when humans are wired to go for what feels the best in the moment.

Adam is waxing poetic on consequences and competition and how being in the government business results in no consequence.


Adam is bringing up the lights in his house and how much his utility bills would be for his family if they lived in Washington D.C.

Adam and Drew agree why not, why not waste when you’re not paying.

Drew is calling for people to gather and fight and regain our liberty and Drew praises Adam’s civil disobedience of running red turn arrows.


Adam is now arguing that his behaviors are a stepping stone towards virtue and he’s explaining what message it sends if enough people rise up with him.

Adam is telling Drew to be quiet so he can finish his point about the left throwing money at problems thinking that will work to improve things.

Adam is bringing up the clip of the recently suspended newscaster commenting on “anti-cop mentality” among inner city communities.


Adam is now mocking Drew for saying there is a better way to say the man’s point after they play the clip and Adam makes a point about the prophetic nature of the man’s reporting.

Adam is calling Drew racist assuming that black people need to be protecting, Adam is now using lung cancer and smokers to make a point about being a doctor and profiling for the health of those in question.

Adam just led Drew to a point of agreement and Drew is making a point about being careful with language and we need to stop engaging in “us, them” stuff.

Drew says singling out groups is only going to lead to more debate and divisive ranting, instead of healing and benefit.

Drew has a great point about not being in disagreement and now Adam is saying that Adam is saying he should only say in private to his wife at home, Drew is using front of the class as a metaphor for how people perceive shame.


Drew is asking about the Credence Clearwater note on the console.

They’re now mentioning some candidates for shitty songs that don’t end, they’re riffing about “Procol Harum.”


Adam and Drew are talking about long songs vs. shitty songs that don’t end, Adam is citing Rod Stewart’s “Passion” and now Gary is spelling “Procol Harum” for the guys.

Drew is telling them about seeing John Fogerty blow the roof off a recent concert that Adam couldn’t attend due to his life on the road.

Adam is now explaining the name of Procol Harum and Adam has a killer riff mocking Drew’s “butt why?” response like a grieving mother asking why her son was claimed in a school shooting.


Drew is now doing a live read for Bark Box.

Adam is now brining up how directional and finicky the mics they use are, Adam is transitioning to playing sports as youth and how it “took” for him and helped him take advice.

Adam is now using his partner Skip leaning in and his inability to adjust to advice, Adam says he loves the guy but that’s how he’s wired.


Adam is now telling Drew about how Dawson is wired and how the guests are when they can’t stay on mic, Adam is saying they didn’t play Pop Warner football and they can’t modify their actions on the fly.

Adam is now using the snap count at age 7 as a direct reason and metaphor for how they are able to improvise behavior and reactions.

Drew is now asking about the words that Adam mispronounces and he’s explaining how other’s roll words like the way “Hernia” is pronounced with a in front of it.


Adam doesn’t know how to read and just pronounce words bases on the cues of others, we’ve failed him again.

Adam is arguing that A should be used instead of a pronounced uh in front of a condition, Drew is further commenting on Adam’s inability to pronounce things.


Adam is now bringing up the “Shop Teacher Adam” bit directed by a terrible director, who happened to be female, Adam is saying how he has worked with several competent female directors, just not this one.

Adam is now bringing up a past director he worked with along with Dr. Drew and they’re in agreement of how they liked her direct nature and instruction.

Adam is now back to the bad director, the one for the Man Show wood shop bit, the story where Adam told the writer about her inability to work on mic, she later saw and heard it while cutting the footage.


Adam is now mocking Drew for mixing up the order of events, Adam is now doing another lap mocking Drew.

Adam is doing a live read for

Adam is telling us they’ll take calls on the next episode and jokes about the Thursday and Sunday release schedule for this show, following in the footsteps of Loveline, Adam promises to be nicer to Drew.


“I can be an asshole because I’m not an asshole” – Adam

Drew loses his shit and Adam tells them about knowing someone who worked with Rosie O’Donnell during her first daytime talk show.

Adam is explaining how an actual horrible out of control asshole operates behind the scenes, this idea echoes Adam’s I’m not a racist so I can risk making racial jokes theory.


Adam is asking for a Picture of Rosie, Adam mocks Gary the king of finding pictures and once again he nails it with his 2nd pick for a pic.

Drew is asking if she might argue that being miserable resulted in her acting out towards her staff, Adam is joking with Gary and Chris who get on mic with some killer off the cuff one liners.

Adam is now wrapping up the show joking about his un-fire-able staff, Adam is commenting on Chris eating free food, riding his motorized unicycle and “scanning chicks” to which Chris reacts nicely.