Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2013 – Dave Attell, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/24/2013 – Dave Attell, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Attell, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Recorded 07-19-2013 – Release Date 07-24-2013

Production Number #1127

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Adam is opening the show sarcastically asking for more high fives from drunken sweaty people, Dave is making his 4th appearance on the podcast and is proclaiming Adam picked the absolute worst time to visit NYC.

Adam is joking about the local news “beat the heat” on location pieces, Adam is joking about pets and elderly being lumped in together when they describe who suffers most.

Adam is now calling for training seminars to prepare young people for heat waves, Adam has a killer one liner about old people dying during heat waves, doing what they loved, gold!


Alison wants to know if Adam ever loses anything in context of the conversation and he’s now sharing the softball mitt his maid hid underneath the diaper genie, hilarious reaction from Adam about the maid not knowing what it was.

Solid Mink Oil follow up from Aceman and now Dave is sharing how his housekeeper moved his lube supply near his spices in the kitchen.

Adam is now sharing the Jimmy Kimmel Clorox Wipe story, he’s not emphasizing that the container was conveniently left out near the baby wipe supply usually went.


Adam is polling everyone on whether or not they now use the wet wipes in place of toilet paper, Adam is lamenting not being able to get out a single wipe at a time and is demanding a better hopper.

Adam is now ranting against “Bid Ass-Wipe” and their intentional design trying to dry out the wet wipes so you have to buy more.

Alison is having Adam give full detail on his current wiping process, Adam’s commenting on the wide range of residue left by his asshole after confirming he uses toilet paper then a wipe, hilarious pocket square joke!


BB keeps playing the Lynn and Alex “Next!” drop in an attempt to steer the show but everyone else is fully invested in this riff.

Adam is quoting his famous peanut butter/carpet ass hair comparison and Alison’s genuine reaction is priceless!

Alison is now sharing her take from the flight where she was in coach when Adam and BB we’re somehow in 1st class together.


Alison just invented a new game “Who Do You Follow” where you have to pick the person to follow into a restroom when you have two choices and can’t tell who did more damage.

Adam is now telling the gang about his shit combine, where he clocks people in the bathroom trying to detect what they’re doing.

Adam just invented “Justin Bea Arthur” and Adam is sharing how sad it is that people would choose to follow a good looking person into the restroom over an unattractive person.


Dave just gave Adam 20$ towards “Road Hard” and now Adam is explaining the cast to Dave, I’m surprised he wasn’t offered a part.

Adam is now suggesting a countdown for Honey Boo Boo entering porn in reply to Dave’s extended riff on the show and her family.

Alison has a great reply that even Dave has to comment on, Alison wants to know how Lynette feels about Adam playing a divorced variant of himself in “Road Hard”.


Adam is explaining why his wife is good and bad based on her not doing what he wants her to do but also not getting up in his grill.

Adam is explaining why he was able to buy the house he shared with Lynette without consulting her, citing his expertise and expense.

They’re now looking at his house and the exotic paint shades, Adam has a killer reply to Dave’s question about his drug cartel affiliation, comedy gold!


Adam is sharing the story of how he had to argue to acquire his period correct paint scheme for his outdoor pool.

Adam is telling the gang about the egg shaped floating device his grandparents used to have in their above ground “pond”.

Adam is taking it back to “Dave’s Old Porn” and how he’s been meaning to get back to the topic, he’s now asking what’s sadder, 70yr old porn star or fat guy riding bicycle built for 2 alone or guy in wheelchair crossing the intersection to use his feet to peddle himself backwards.

Adam is now describing the premise of Dave’s show and how his episode turned out, instead of being taped with Christy Canyon or Minka he got stuck with an older lady from a different era than his own wheelhouse.


Dave has stumbled onto the topics of Peep Shows and presumes Adam has never been to one, Adam’s now explaining the absurdity of him ever travelling to NYC and how he did visit one upon finally arriving for a Kevin and Bean Radio show trip with Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is sharing why they travelled with needle nose pliers and giving his most in depth explanation of the peep show experience he’s told in quite some time.

BB is asking if they can bring up how drunk the NYC audiences have been getting, Adam and Dave are taking it back to the story and recording “Dave’s Old Porn” and now Dave is sharing how Adam had the funniest joke of the show.


Adam is now quizzing an audience member on his black eye, Dave is now mocking his reply and Alison was correct he had it before the last show.

Alison has a funny reaction to his pride at being employed by a grocery store in their dairy department, Adam is Lactose Tolerant and wants to start a dialogue.

They’re now quizzing him about his profession and Adam has a serious yogurt question for the man.


Adam is now commenting on the country of Grease falling apart while they’re variety of food products have never been more universally popular, the Greek yogurt riff of 2013.

Adam is now asking the audience member about probiotics and Alison is right there backing him up.

The delightful drunken grocer just revealed he’s Turkish and has now lead to a great riff about the concept of Turkey not apologizing for the Armenian Genocide.

Adam is now joking about how every country should apologize upon request in order smooth things over, good stuff.


Adam is joking about people “Taking to the streets” while discussing the riots in Egypt, hilarious riff.

What Can’t Adam Complain About

BB has a funny list of the rejected topics, including a nude self portrait of Adam.


1st Topic, Aaron wants Adam to complain about Day Drinking.

Adam was doing some Day Drinking today and went to a multiplex where he answered questions for various liquor buyers and distributors.

Adam, Matt and their sales associate all decided to order some booze and Adam was carded when he left his ID at the hotel.


Adam is breaking down this encounter and how unbelievable it was, Adam’s response to the guy telling him they were on camera is pretty great.

Adam is describing his efforts to have Mike August order his beer for him and has a crazy Tarzan style “What Are We Doing!” in response to this scenario.

They’re back to the topic of “Day Drinking” to close it out.


2nd Topic Free brisket, Ivan brought some BBQ and Adam is now joking about the way to kill Mike August in response to Ivan showing up with a kilo of Barbecue, wow!

Dave is joking about the sad Jewish brisket he grew up on in comparison to the BBQ variety.

Adam is now explaining the thing about brisket that pisses him off, he’s connecting it to his mom’s no fly zone of food that tasted good, he’s connecting it to raw peanut butter and sprouted bread.


Alison’s News

Great out of context drop variation of the theme, nice work BB.

Alison’s top story if about “The Vegan Sell-Out List”, Alison is reading an example and Adam declares our forefathers would never stop vomiting.

Adam is joking along with Dave about going gluten free and shitting blood, hilarious Iroquois Indian comment from the Aceman.

They’re now on a Toxin tangent and Adam is commenting on the pseudoscience that pisses Dr. Drew off.


An Audience member is curious what Mangria is and now Adam is letting them try it while only mildly mocking them in response.


2nd story is on the top baby names and Adam has a great John Stamos interruption.

Django attracts Adam’s attention and he’s now calling for everything to be broken down by race, Alison is explaining that people are naming their kids after movies.

Adam is not a fan of the list of boy’s names, including Declan and Atticus.


Adam is doing the 23 and Me personal DNA kit, Dave can’t believe it’s a real sponsor and Adam is explaining the services the company provides while admiring some double D’s.

Adam has a hilarious “I’ll Kill Your Family If It Does” one liner to the large breasted audience member, this live read is comedy gold!


3rd story is on a judge who found himself in contempt of court after his own cell phone went off, funny reactions from Dave, Alison and Adam.

Alison is now explaining the details and Adam is trying to decide whether or not he likes that guy who reports himself comparing him to a “chocoholic”.

Adam and Dave have an excellent back and forth about drunk late night feline confessions, Adam is apologizing to the audience member with the boobs, offering another hit of Mangria along with “Celebrity Spittle” his new show on GSN.


Adam is doing a live read, giving the plugs and wrapping the show.