Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/23/2015 – Martin Short, Brad Thor, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/23/2015 – Martin Short, Brad Thor, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Martin Short, Brad Thor, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-22-2015 – Release Date 07-23-2015

Production Number #1622

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio, he thanks everyone for making it possible for Adam to not need to have a real job.

Matt tells Adam that a lot of love went into the theme of the game today, Adam reveals an early title for ‘The Hammer’ was ‘Southpaw’ like the new movie.

Adam is talking about the WAZE app, Gina is now acting as someone interviewing Adam over the phone while he’s driving, asking him about the Newman documentary.


Adam is replying and they’re doing a flawless reenactment of what this is like as Adam describes it, Adam is talking about VP Biden shutting down the city and the roads while visiting, Adam once again reminds the audience of his idea for the Air force one party.

Adam on pulling the presidential fleet into a hanger with some famous dude’s exotic car collection, Matt has a funny idea of Adam becoming president solely via this fundraising methodology.

Adam is commenting on the president touring after natural disasters and suggests how they could actually get to some repair work and Gary is now on mic updating the gang on his tour, he went to a laundromat on Tujunga.


Adam thinks it might be the same one where he locked himself in a dryer with his buddied on the outside, Adam is sharing how horrific this experience would be and he thinks being beheaded would be much simpler.

Adam is now riffing about the relative problems of ISIS and dogs on planes.

Adam is sharing all of the details and has Matt reflect on his days in fraternity to make sense of the dumb dude behavior at play.


BB is now sharing the story of his frat and “road runs” and now Adam is sharing how Snake and Ray used to play backgammon and how the loser had to strip nude.

Gary has more info on the laundromat the Vice Presidents visited, Adam is now explaining how his misery experience of working for minimum wage when working at McDonalds, it’s an entry level job.

Adam is asking about the Martin Short phoner, he’s asking if there is any other comedian who is connected to more greatness than him, more beloved than him.

Adam is trying to clarify is his question and Matt is trying to step in for the assist.


Martin Short is now making his ACS debut, Adam has never spoken to him on Loveline (that we know of, seems unlikely) nor on his TV shows or the radio variant of the ACS from 2006 – 2009.

This seems to be the first time they’re speaking on air, Adam is now immediately launching into the Skip E. Lowe story as referenced on the ACS #1451 from last year.

Martin confirms that Skip was at least partial inspiration for Jiminy Glick, Martin is now telling them about the show.


Adam is sharing his theory on Steve Martin being a human savant that could excel in any field, he could be the world’s greatest attorney if he cared to try it.

Martin says he agrees and Steve is amazing.

Adam asks Martin about losing his wife to cancer, he says that his new book is the first place he addresses his feelings about it publicly.


Adam is asking Martin about his parents deaths when he was a younger man, Adam is sharing how he always hopes that people’s parents live long enough to see them succeed or achieve, specializing in show business.

Adam is once again plugging Martin’s book and he’s riffing up a storm, Adam invites him to the studio next time he’s around, he seems to be into it.

Adam is recalling the only other time they spoke, he believes Martin was in character and made up and they were in a parking lot and he wraps up with Martin.


Adam and Gary are doing a Game of War Live Read


Adam is now looking at Gina’s Mensa card, Adam is commenting on the dudes with ralphs cards hanging from their key chains and he says you should hang your Mensa card from your keychain instead.

Adam is trying to give advice to increase the likelihood of a BJ.

Adam and Gary are plugging the next Mangria bar crawl.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Monte, he wants to know if Adam has noticed the changes in pedestrian’s actions at intersections in recent time.

Adam is commenting on a recent ‘Real Sports’ about cyclists and Adam is describing the two bad notions of car, bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Adam is joking about Matt crying and watching sports, hilarious!


Adam is commenting on participation trophies and how he even understood at age 7 which trophies has the real value.

Adam comments on his son and his podium for participating in track, he’s on a serving tray he’s so low to the ground.

Adam is sharing some data from research on rats.


Adam is now addressing the modern day narcissism plaguing society and the constant texting habits of most people.

They’re all commenting on NYC, Adam doesn’t like the sense of entitlement and Gina has some solid logic about the assumption that everyone else is 100% doing their best while you’re oblivious to your own safety.

Adam and BB are riffing up a storm, this is hilarious!

Adam is commenting on the lack of helmets on cyclists today, Adam is asking if we need helmets or the stupid people that the helmets are protecting.


Adam is commenting on Copenhagen and Gary has some facts about they solved a traffic problem.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


2nd Caller Michael, he wants to know if Adam is scared that his first book’s title is coming to fruition sooner than 50 years from now.

He praises Adam’s books and has kind words for the gang after asking about Bill Simmons on the podcast, Gina informs Adam that Bill’s deal is up and he will be free to come guest after September.

He wants to know about buying a car, Adam is joking about bicycling in Bakersfield and what that probably means about you (you’re homeless).


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Boxing Movies Edition

Adam and Matt talk about the new film ‘Southpaw’ and its mediocre score on Rotten Tomatoes, Matt says it’s not great.

He says it’s very melodramatic, Gary updates them that it’s up to 52%


1st Movie ‘Rocky’ (1976)

Adam shares how this film could never have 100% due to the abundance of reviews.

BB shares his take on the film’s pacing and how it doesn’t hold up when compared to the other films in the series.


2nd Movie ‘Raging Bull’ (1980)

Adam loves this movie and the humor in the film, the part where Jake is yelling at his wife and then asks her what she’s looking at.

They’re all guessing.

Matt says the only negative review they have for this film is from Variety when the film first came out.


3rd Movie ‘Grudge Match’ (2013)

Adam is commenting on movies like this where if someone mentions that it’s funny and how you invalidate your following opinions on film.

Gary is updating them on the other movies the now deceased critic reviewed, he liked ‘3 Ninjas’ what?


4th Movie ‘Play it to the Bone’ (1999)

Adam has a crazy reaction to the 11%.


5th Movie ‘Cinderella Man’ (2005)

Gina has a funny “you need to hang yourself” line for BB and his one point loss.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam is saying goodbye to Matt and they head to break


They’re back from break.

They return to a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and welcomes Brad back to the show, he was on once before for ACS #1122 in 2013, Adam comments that he resides on a Greek aisle, Gina has been there and loves it and has a huge reaction to finding out.


Adam is mocking the bio and he says it’s now just a vacation spot, he’s explaining how he found Greece while touring as a young man.

Adam is asking Brad about his take on Greece, he explains how socialism fails and Adam is now commenting on the berlin wall.

Adam is asking why socialism is even up for debate in the modern era, Adam is explaining how human nature effects ideology and Brad has some interesting takes on all of Adam’s questions.


Adam is commenting on one of his books being optioned for movie starring Ronda Rousey, Adam says that Ronda is not going to be beat by anyone else and she also won’t beat herself, she’s unlike anyone else who is the best in their athletic field.

Adam is asking him for the some of the broad strokes of the project.

Adam is asking him about the screenplay, he’s sympathetic to the difficulty in adapting a 400 page book but does think the screenplay needs another pass.


BB asks about ‘The Mist’ and how Stephen King felt about the ending of the movie, Brad spoils the ending that Frank Darobont came up with.

He gives his take on ‘Bag of Bones’ the movie and the book.

Adam brings up Zola Budd and Brad is now telling them about his other book to movie developments, he explains how they’re raising their own funding and hiring their own directors and screenwriters.


Gina’s News


Adam is doing a Mile IQ app Live Read


1st Story is on the leaked transcripts from his deposition and the settlement money that he now wants returned, Adam says that all he should do now is beg the public for sympathy by bringing up the tragic end to his late son.

On Adam’s now podcast with Mark Geragos ‘Reasonable Doubt’ they cover this exact topic in the premier episode.

Adam is describing the horrible execution of if Bill’s son and he says that cosmically Bill was punished already.


Adam is commenting on how he would like to have his wife hang out with Camille Cosby, he’s riffing about how Geragos’ wife or Drew’s wife make his wife ask about them not owning property or other high Falutin things, Camille would make her feel better for not being married to an alleged rapist.

Adam is now riffing up a storm, BB and Gina are chiming in and Adam is now talking about the Oscar Pistorius case, he’s still riffing, this is great!


2nd Story is on Judd Apatow’s standup set on Monday Night’s ‘Tonight Show’ and Gina plays a clip.

Adam gives his take on the set and Gina has some more quotes from it.

Adam is commenting on the way people think they recognize you, he’s bringing up the drunk people who approach him or the “birthday” chicks.


3rd Story is on a performance from Corey Feldman at an AAA baseball park for the State College Spikes.

They’re all weighing in, funny lines from everybody even Brad.

Adam is commenting.


4th Story is on the sentencing for Doug Hughes who was a guest on ACS #1563

Adam is going off on Gyrocopters and how they fascinate him, Adam references ‘Road Warrior’.


5th Story is on a guy who won the lottery after being hit by lightning as a young man, Gina explains the insane odds of this happening and Adam wants to know why he’s sharing his money with his pal.

Adam is commenting on lottery ticket office pools and how horrible of an idea it seems to be.

Adam is mocking lottery commercials, Adam is doing some live commentary over the spot.


Adam is telling the loser to have fun wasting their money, Adam says it’s pure, full tard gambling.

Adam mentions Elon Musk and lottery tickets, BB asks if Adam thinks he’s ever bought one and he says no, smart people don’t think that way.

Gina moves and Adam takes it back to the way he would feel like a loser if he had all of his possession after winning the lottery.

Adam is mocking the tips and tricks for picking lottery numbers, the retarded numerology.


Gina brings up the show ‘The Lottery ruined my life’ and they’re all commenting on it and Brad has some insight about the home makeover shows and the tax issues for the families.

Gina wraps the news and never gully gets to that 6th story that Adam interrupted.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.